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Norman Crane Oct 10
i'm but a stray dog
stealing scraps of life
from a bowl
that is your soul
Jenie Sep 27
Pacing up and down I call for the gentle cat
food in hand and slippers on I walk to be kind
to the small black and brown looking lost
the young hungry female wandering our street

For a name and a home to our neighbours I chat
until petting hands to the child left behind
we offer warmth amidst the rising frost
a listening ear a cushion to lay on and food to eat
Never throw stones on stray animals
They are free citizens of the world
They never think bad of you
They never think to harm you
Food security is their only concern
Their tummies burn of hunger like your tummies
They are content with whatever and whenever they get
They prefer to sleep or die empty stomach
Rather than robbing anybody
They tolerate stoically
Man(kind)'s atrocities
If they block roadways or doorways
It's not their fault
They are free citizens of the world
It's your responsibility and duty to take care of their welfare
Never throw stones on stray animals
They are free citizens of the world
ShadowSpy Aug 17
We always think
Those who are alone
Deserve to be lonely
Yet everyday we witness
Sins above all
Everyday we witness
The world we have built
From the outcast
Trying to fit in
To the stray
Keeping their distance
We always think
They are the ones falling behind
But think again
Are they?
Kanika Chugh Jun 22
Drifted off into the space
for I was
adamant about my perception.
People abhorred
my placid nature
for my impressions created
a ripple effect in continuous motion.
Stray thoughts I possessed
something awoken yet under-acknowledged
the unseen beauty vanished into the deepest oceans.
Andrew Layman Apr 27
My life is on the tethered line
as I watch you go by
dirt caked, through dusty eyes
on those legs that have no restraints.

Those young ones leave the yard
and return to it without issue
I am amazed
there is nothing chained to them.

Why do I have chains...
What is my purpose...
Where is my master's presence...

These questions do little to give me warmth
as the earth gathers around me
and collects inside my nostrils.

I keep the seasons in my fur
And snow and leaves cover me
Like a ***** blanket.

Where is my kind master...
He brought me here
to share this life
then deserted me
just out of reach
I think of you as God
so please don't cast me aside.

I'll sit here as faithful servant
beside my empty bowl
and pray some more
for the master to return
when my tears turn to mud
I will know
that I have been on my leash
far too long.
BOUND TO NIRVANA'S GATE, Copyright © 2020 Andrew Layman, All Rights Reserved.
Amanda Apr 17
As the blame lies on the world
Stray light appears then quickly goes
Rung of trust on the ladder breaks
Feather falls and the truth shows
All it takes is one sign from the universe
Nathalie Dec 2019
I circled around
but I never left
I knew there
was something here
that had too much depth

We don't encounter
these mind, heart and soul
connections every day
that's why I'm still close
and here to stay

You might not be convinced
of it just yet, but I trust
you will one day
and you'll see the reason why
I never chose to stray

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