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You tell me the world is rotten
and I turn my face away
you say it is hopeless
yet, I still manage to believe

older brother,
you can not smother the flame within me
it glows all the more brightly
day by day

little sister,
it is that hatred and jealousy
that will do you in
it is the real reason
that you are not free

sitting prostrate
in front of a dying fire
rubbing your hands for warmth
while your own light is choking
on fading embers.
Randy Johnson Jun 24
Somebody abandoned a cat in my neighborhood.
They no longer wanted her so they got rid of her for good.
At first, she'd come on my property for a few hours and then she would leave.
She would do this every so often but now a new home is what she has received.
She has decided to stay here for good, I now own this cat that was once a stray.
Somebody didn't want to own her anymore so they decided to throw her away.
She has no name, I haven't decided what to name her yet.
But she's not a stray anymore and she will be a great pet.
Zywa May 4
Is home a prison,

where you are dreaming all day –

of WorldWide Wonders?
“Wand'rin' Star” (1970, Lee Marvin)

Planetes asteres = wandering stars, planets

Collection "Passage Passion"
Zywa Mar 29
I can see myself,

from above: a dot, slowly –

moving to a goal?
“Het smelt” (“It melts”, 2016, Lize Spit)

Collection "Shelter"
Zywa Mar 1
With a seething hand, heaven shattered
the new city and the huge tower
The Hanging Gardens flew up

Chambers became airplanes
and carpets with set tables
landed far away in the long sea

A heavy rain
of rooms formed, with a splash
a sky-high mountain crest

The people from the Tower
spread out in fifty languages
fighting for borders

In reverse time, our world would
fly up in a nutshell, clot
together and land in Babel

Heaven would open
and the miracle would happen
that everyone understands the other
From Babel and Etemenanki to the Caucasus Mountains (from 562 BC back in time to 6100 BC)

Collection “From Sacred Scriptures”
ChinHooi Ng Jan 15
Little dog running hard
toward the parked cars
looking and sniffing
then rushes to the next one
eyes filled with anxiety
seeking the owner who abandoned it
big round eyes all teary
it must be thinking sadly
"if i get to become a human in the next life
i will do anything to be kind
adopt a cute puppy
and stay with it
until the end of time."
Zywa Dec 2020
It is uncertain

where you are, you just wander –

until you grasp this.
Collection "Foghorn"
alupa Nov 2020
I was sad.
So I walked the way that was still traced in my mind
Searching for security
Followed the path blindly, subconsciously
Searching for comfort
Only to find myself
In front of the reason for my sadness
In front of a stranger's house that once felt like home
Norman Crane Oct 2020
i'm but a stray dog
stealing scraps of life
from a bowl
that is your soul
Jenie Sep 2020
Pacing up and down I call for the gentle cat
food in hand and slippers on I walk to be kind
to the small black and brown looking lost
the young hungry female wandering our street

For a name and a home to our neighbours I chat
until petting hands to the child left behind
we offer warmth amidst the rising frost
a listening ear a cushion to lay on and food to eat
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