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Simon Aug 1
A god is not dead! Only if it is optionable to be "open" to being dead! Then everything resets. Revealing what a god truly is about.
A god can't be dead... Only if it says that it is...dead!
Some days I feel like a Facade. Not a real person going through the day but a wall that was built to be the separation of the two things.

I don’t know what this wall is protecting or what lies the Facade is even telling. It all feels like I am not a person of true substance, just something waiting to reveal itself.

Hopefully it’s good.
Daa Rajab Jun 23
It might be said:

It really does wrench your insides
As the incandescent waters
Rushing down the narrow riverbank
Quicker than your trail of sight.
But it's just me again
And the dramatised plight
Paved into my heart.
I can definitely say that my emotions are dramatised at times.
Oh God, You hide Yourself in the world so well
that there's hardly anyone around who can tell.
People often ask Who, what or where You are
because it seems that You're so near, yet so far.
When You reveal Yourself to anyone someday
all their narrow limited mind is blown away.

They are then left speechless and in a state
of knowing nothing new according to fate.
Because all along You've been within them
whispering directions for those who'll stem;
and get to the source of that voice they hear
which rises from the heart and is very dear.
Written in 2019.
EP Robles Mar 14
"falling!" said the Star
"Oh wee!" sang the birds
"Despised!" cursed farmers
"By God!" screamed the children

and the rest of humanity moved along
just fine

:: 03.11.2020 ::
Only God is real, everything else is really a dream
of His creation, playing all the parts, it does seem.
What we are though He can reveal for us one day to see
as He’s the only One in the many and also eternally free.
From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
I am unhappy
Most likely depressed
Could be suicidal

Revealing my mind
With whiskey

Empty knowledge
Corrupted genes
Ingrained endgame

Have I met
My own
Sufficient end
We're lying, the shadows are casting

The time's unfolding, revealing all that it held too evident yet too concealed

The truth stands now, naked and sympathetically benign,

"Just a few dreams, a few more lies,
Is it too much that which we're asking?"

Indifferent, it's weaving finally

Unveiling, the permanence of the unsung darkness

Unveiling, the fleeting lustre, the pleasing ties.
Quite too often, life allows us to dream of the forbidden.
Steve Page Feb 28
Each line,
each sound enters a secret combination and swings wide a door of opportunity to me who follows
And as it appoaches it's close, the line turns and holds open that door, just for a few moments, before moving on,
and if you're quick enough, if you time it right, you who follow can take the weight without the skill needed to open it, and so you say your thanks
and then you too can pause as you look back and pass the weight , the opportunity onto a someone who follows on.

And so we follow, on to the turn of the next words of revelation,
timing and attention crucial to maintaining the flow of opportunity
until every now and then a mis-step necessitates a stretch, a reach and catch of the door, giving effort to reverse the swing and maintaining the offering of access
and in return we might receive a thank you from they who follow us.
And smiling, we follow on.
Ursula K le Guin: 'I see my job as holding doors open, opening windows, but who comes in and out the doors?'
Andra Sep 2019
he was always a mystery to me.
no matter how much i thought i could observe him from afar.

i know
his style
his gestures
the way he lights up a cigarette
how he argues
how he jokes around
i know the dimple in the corner of his mouth that appears when
he smiles.

i never had the courage to even hope of being next to him.
it's strange to work with someone you admire in a way
you don't even understand.
cause it was not a "fell in love" type of feeling, but more like a weird chemical reaction that was happening
within me.

and last night
i thought i was discovering him.
that i will get to discover him.
but he only left me with more mystery.
with every thing he showed me
everything he revealed to me:
the affection
the caress
the kisses
even that birthmark,
the more mysterious he would get.

today i discovered
how much he wants to be a father
how much he wants someone
how sensitive he is.

and i know i should not be sad thinking now, alone, about what happened
but i should be happy that the moment existed.
that for a few instants,
in the intimacy that we built together
he was mine only,
he gave himself to me entirely
and let a few masks fall.

"Coffee, yes?"

and now i ask you, stay!

but i'll pour another glass of waiting. this bar is never closing.
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