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A M Ryder Apr 23
The past
always seems
To chase after us
When I choose to lie
I've learned to never
Let it go any further
If I know
I did something
That I'm accused of
I confess

I don't want to play
Cat and mouse
Delaying the inevitable
Is the worst game
You can play
And never win

If I did it
Then I did it
And that's all
There is to it
Ylzm Mar 29
in a land where four languages are official
a church was named only in three; for the fourth
is the language of a weak and fragile faith
whose edicts are above the law of the land,
and whereof knowing a church's name is temptation
and the tempter the sinner and the tempted sinless;
a rock is evil for stumbling the weak,
and if truth offends the truthsayer dies,
and the thief blameless for the rich flaunts his gold;
thus protected by an unsheathed ****** sword
a faith strengthened with every tempter's death
Into the long grass,
the long, long ponder
lost to breath and tears
lost to wonder
lost to the clear and present
or the hereafter
but there in the past
a cancer tumour twisted
all the slow growth
til the now,
this rotten gutted now
Daivik Mar 22
Is that beautiful life

Just a beautiful lie
WickedHope Mar 4
I don't lie
When I'm drunk
I can't
I can't lie
I forget how
I **** the consequences
The truth
Has so many consequences
When it follows
A lie
A white lie
Can still land
Like a falling star
Looking so pretty
Up in the sky
But crushing us all
When it lands
Knocked down
By the truth
Don't ask me
If I'm drinking
Because I'll say it
I'll say it
I'll say it
Quite un-prudely
And I'll laugh
Like it's funny
To hit you
With the two edged sword
Of reality
Not realizing
I'm gripping
The blade
With my own two
Coating us both
In enough
To honestly
Drown us
I don't lie
If I say it
Sweetly sober
We're spared the
Careless calamity coming out crass and crapulent colored lips
Tearing open
Naked truths
I can never
Anais Vionet Jan 26
I think of you often.
In the morning, late at night,
but those thoughts go unvoiced,
the mortal touch goes unfelt.

It’s easier to keep to myself,
to avert my gaze deliberately.
It’s safer to keep ravenous.
It’s simpler to bamboozle with silence.
BLT word of the day challenge: bamboozle: "to deceive, trick, or confuse."
Think of "WE", not just of "I"...
In this process of stating facts, you'll surely be questioned— "Why?"
Just stick to your point, what's the need to "justify"?
When they'll understand, they themselves will "identify" —
Truth was always there and it'll never "die"...
It may take some time but one day this truth will definitely conquer the kingdom of "lie' " !
Tried another flow of rhymes and some facts of this life...
Jme Love Dec 2021
Fear is a lie
Im afraid i love this ****
But love is an illusion
It cant be seen
Only felt
Afraid to live in fear
Afraid of the lie
But love
I love that ****
Broken Pieces Dec 2021
Why can't I find the right people?
It feels like I'm stuck in this loop.
Everyone always seems so evil,
My life is one big fluke.

Can't I just be alone for awhile?
I can't keep living like this.
Can't I just give up the smiles,
But life just makes me commit.
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