She loved him for as long as she remembered and for her it was true love: she dreaming about him while he dreams about someone else.

Honesty isn't always the best policy but if you think about it a lie is nothing short of cowardly.

Isolated by the Judge itself
I discover that silence is the loudest cry
and walking with this smile, is my favorite lie.

Colour seems dull and in black I find my light
for these moments linger in this vivid dusk,
Dawn drifts away farther in sight
and the ardent dark, becomes my husk.

Poem from my younger self. Days were dark back then.
Alan Crilley May 16

Might be triggering.

There's a glint in her eye, but she wants to die.
There's a smile on her face, that she learned to trace.
You can see scars on her wrist, but they're really on her heart;
from all the chances that she missed, she's now falling apart.

A relationship born in romance
Is fantasy, illusions, lies
Wonderful sweet nurturing
But as the years go by
Such expectations are unreal
Impossible to maintain
Romance tricks the mind and makes
One fall in love with acts, gestures
Not people, living beings

A relationship born of romance dies
To kindle love is not the same as
To spark ecstasy and fantasy
Eventually a rose a day
Becomes a high price to pay

Worst yet the man who runs away
Flees to Europe to find perfect love
And leaves behind the girl he should
Have been with
Because a perfect romance
Enticed him away from reality
And blinded him to what was
Right in front of him

Dharker May 7

Eyes see vividly
Words spoken soft to me
Feelings react unintentionally
Lies surface from what you speak
Lingers around to fill your greed

Silent sheep sleep
Among each other in peace
Good or Evil
It'll combined us so we're equal

Good eyes lie in silence
Evil sheep-vividly surface

Alan Crilley May 3

How do you know if it's all a lie?
How do you know when it's right to cry?
What if it's all a test -
to see how you act when you're not feeling your best?
How do you know if you've gone too far?
How do you know if it'll end with more than a scar?
What if it's not exactly a trap...
they just want to see if you snap.

bluevelvet May 2

It's okay to lie sometimes.

Like if I seen you kissing her again
and just the look on my face
has someone asking if I'm fine,
"Of course I am!"

Like if I found out you got married,
she was with child and brought
to life your dreams that I dreamt of
helping come true
I'd smile and could only say,
"I'm so happy for you!"

And when the day comes
and it finally sinks in that you
so easily forgot the boy that
could have loved you forever
I'll just type out an easy,

'Who are you again?'

Angie S May 2

5 lies I used to believe as a kid.
1) Santa Claus is real, and he visits every child’s home on Christmas Eve,
Delivering presents all around the world.
I guess he is real, though in my eyes he only comes to
One house and prefers Indian food to cookies.
2) Fast food is bad for you.
I mean, it’s definitely bad for your body,
But it is like a bowl of blended greens
For your soul.
It’s a spiritual experience to get your food through a window in a bag.
3) I’m not good at the flute.
See, one day in the 5th grade we played with some
Band instruments and got stickers if we did well.
I did not get the flute sticker and I supposed it was a
Sign from God telling me the flute life wasn’t my life.
I guess I forgot that effort builds talent,
And practice makes perfect; everyone has potential.
4) Everyone is as they seem.
I see all the colors in the human rainbow but underneath that layer
I guess some people hide behind brittle plastic.
I wonder how their blood flows through their veins,
And I wonder if their blood runs warm or if it’s a cold cry for help.
5) The world is innocent.
As a kid I thought the Earth loved everyone equally,
Like 1) Santa Claus is real and 2) Fast food is bad for you
But turns out that once you put on a few more years,
Grow a foot or two, gain some weight on you,
The world reveals itself to be a battlefield, and you realize the truth.
Things like 3) Everyone’s not good at something whether it’s
The flute or this constant battle for confidence against society.
Things like 4) Everyone has a plastic layer of some kind whether it
Conceals their vile warfare or thinly protects them from
3) The negative thoughts that tie people into knots.
These truths against these lies make me wonder if
1) Santa Claus ever really existed,
Even in the minds of children;
But between nice and naughty there may be hope yet
Before the Earth falls into coal.

innocence is so so fleeting in a world like ours.
this is a spoken word piece i performed on Apr. 21st. it got a lot of laughs at the beginning, which was perfect! i like how it's slightly personal, but more broad at the end.
Autumn Fyre May 2

When you start something
And you never quit
When you set a goal
And you work towards it
When you have a dream
But it’s counterfeit

When you try so hard
And you still fall down
When you get back up
And you look around
So you then realize
You’re in the background

When your eyes open
And you see the lie
When you feel so hurt
And you want to cry
When you be yourself
You suddenly fly!

Who cares if they hate
So filled with critique
You make no mistakes
Because you’re unique

I wrote this about a year ago. Originally it was supposed to be a song. Probably one of my best poems so far, though my english teacher had /nothing/ good to say about it.
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