You lied to my ears and my heart listened.
Listened and believed my foolish heart. For it cared not for the reasoning of my head.
And you,
you lied to my meddlesome heart and stole it, right out from between my ribs and my eyes never saw it coming.
You lied to my heart, stole it and then broke it.
Broke it into pieces, and that I felt and that I saw.
Give me back my lied to, stolen, broken heart.
You give me back my motherfucking heart!.


I, me and myself alone
Have seen life upon bed of lies
Often wondering why to survive

Just thoughts

You realise
how damaged
you are
Only when
Every truth
They say
Seems like
A lie.

I Do Not feel like talking to anyone anymore. Seems like even the person i want to be with 24/7 is getting pissed off by me. I'm sorry for it.

No matter what we say
Truth is
We all lie

I was drowning
in tears of lies,
barely could breathe
in the air of reality

You spilled the ink
of hatred over
on our memories,

A feeling so surreal
To watch someone grieve for a lie,
And cry for a person who wasn’t real,
When it’s only a mask who’s died.
The truth is far more sinister,
And lacks the love you feel.
The prayers said by the minister
Won’t make it anymore real,
So wave and say goodbye.
The lie will live in your mind,
But that’s all it is...a lie,
And now it’s all left behind.

Luna Aria Nov 12

I LIE to everyone that I am WHOLE
I LIE to myself that I can do ANYTHING
I LIE every day  to feel that I BELONG
I LIE to my FAMILY that  I know everything
I LIE to protect my EGO
I LIE because I CAN

She Writes Nov 10

You lied when you said
You’d love me no matter
The thoughts in my head
The reality is sadder

You’re never there
When I need you the most
Less you could care
I live with a ghost

I’m at fault too
You’re Not the only to blame
I have a secret or two
You and I are one in the same

You’re a liar and I’m a cheat
At least we know where each other sleeps

Whitney Grey Nov 4

See hear & taste
what good senses to waste
We use our ears to listen to lies
& our eyes to become blind
We ignore what is important
& look at fraud
We taste the fear of love
& disobey the man above
How do we live like this
Nothing is how it should be
This is all we know
This is humanity

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