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I live alone, I live a lie
Awaiting the day I say goodbye
Whenever I turn around disaster strikes,
Pins and needles, knives and spikes.

Just when you think things couldn’t get worse
I’m smacked in the face with this curse
Whirled around till I’m miserable once more,
Shaken until my body collapses on the floor.

In my room I can escape
And mold my worries into shape
I cry in pain until I just can’t any more
And listen to music to ease the sore.

Knowing it will all come back again
Sunshine pierced by pouring rain
Like tears of sadness splashing down on joy
Emotions are unpredictable as a toy.

At its mercy like a puppet on a string
A trapped dove without wings
On my head, always alone
Maybe one day I can fly home.
Fly high looking down on this pain,
Maybe one day I’ll be happy again.
Unconditional love
Amazing journey above
Truth or Lie?
Or just one more catchphrase?
Freedom or the Cage
Freedom in a cage
Hard decision  
We have to make
Complexity and fluidity
Loving without condition
Behavior versus a feeling
No more restriction
No chains or anchors.
Spread your wings
Start to fly above
I have no idea why I´m writing it.
Beneath the layers of smiles,
deep down,
we hide our real selves.

From lie to lie,
from pretence to pretence,
we camouflage our reality
with the stylish masks we wear,
whilst the monster behind the mask chuckles
hoodwinking a whole generation!
electric birds paint trails of color over my head
as i lift my freckle stained face to the blanketed sky
I'm drawn to an addictive presence on the stage before me
my heartbeat drowns out the sounds
surrounding me pulsing through my veins
suddenly we are all on fire
i drop my jacket to the floor
can anyone else feel this?
is anyone else burning?

his fucking lips are against my neck and his nails are digging into the small of my back and every dream i have ever had turns into the color of his eyes

can no one else feel this?
im blind to everything but the forbidden fruits dangling from his heart
his one single glance wraps around my throat like a snake suffocating its prey
i don't know if it was the acid or the cocaine
but that beaten up boy
i am burned.
my guy pretty like a girl
electric soul, gentle touch
velvet skin, unfinished lunch
violets grow in the valleys of his ribcage
forget-me-nots blossom on her skin every night,
the places on her skin where his fingers last fell,
when the sun was alive
sunflowers hiding in her short blonde hair
daisies intertwined in moments shared
the boy wants to predict the weather
but in this garden of wild flowers
and wild thoughts
it never rains
the flowers keep on growing
occupying the holes in her chest
where there once was pain
his words as sweet as honeysuckle,
the soil
her blood as red as roses,
the rain
The truth
Can free your soul
Take back all the things
That your memories once stole

Unpack your demons
Let them disperse
Through thin air
Release of the curse

The truth
Can ignite a flame or two
Your worst nightmare
With a spectacular view

Forcing your hands
To carry the heat
Well maybe that's better
Than admitting defeat

Sometimes I lie a little
To make myself feel good
It puts a smile on my face
And that’s more than the truth could
Nyx 4d

Don't be fooled

By the smile that seems graced by the sun
The aurora around her glow with radiance and flare
Behind it she hides lies that will send you on the run
She's cunning, malevolent and bitter
She will not be outdone

Don't be fooled

She's warm and kind
Loving and affectionate
She walks on broken glass
Till her feet begin to bleed
She'll hold back the tears as the pain kicks in
But look within her eyes and they are as deadly as sin

Don't be fooled

She plays games with your mind
What's the truth? What's the lie?
Nobody knows the reality
As she is especially sly
Is she putting on an act
Await those to fall in
Or she simple alone
Faking that diabolical grin

Don't be fooled

Her reality is different from you and I
Mind a scatter, broke pieces they lay
Destroyed by self or others
We'll never know
As this place is secured away
Like the land underneath the snow

Don't be fooled

Warm hands and cold hearts
Wreak havoc together
Destined to heal others while tearing them apart
love her, hate her and everything inbetween
She will find your stitching and undo each and every seam

Don't be fooled

Each line holds some truths and fair few lies
But the talent of distinguish which is which
I've seen many people who have tried
The truth is that not even she knows herself
So how is it possible for anybody else to know her true self

Don't be fooled

I can hear her voice quietly
whispers falling to deaf ears
You are a fool
but there is nobody here
Arcassin B Sep 11
By Arcassin Burnham

Days like this , they got me wishin',
To be a witness,
Unholy to these intentions, their bad
You can't be , wrong all of the time, its
not my business,
Suspicious, is what you're being, we're
hiding secrets now ?
Is this it? Do we do all this for absolutely
There's something , you're not telling me,
You're hiding something,
Can't do this, it's eating at my brain like
through this , your eyes say it all, I can not
Do this.
I can not do this.

Burning all the pictures that you sent me.

I was completely a fool to love you.

I hope you have every bad thing coming.

I will remember not make the same mistake.

Riley June Sep 9
i try to fill the hole inside my chest with lies and pieces of memories,
maybe one day i won't feel so hollow and cold,
each day when i wake up i find there is another piece missing,
no matter how hard i try to hold everything together it eventually all comes crumbling down,
every ounce of my being fights to stay together while simultaneously tearing itself apart,
invite others to gaze upon the husk of a person you once were,
muffle your cries with a lump in your throat so people won't come looking,
expose the skin you paint daily with metal,
how many people actually know your truth,
your family lives in a state of oblivion that shields their eyes and mind,
one day the mask you wear will loosen and fall to the ground to shatter,
what will you do after you lose all your protection,
is a warrior worthy without their armor or are they just another person to be forgotten?
Amber Sep 7
living in this lie
even when i know the truth
i don’t want to wake up
to... this reality
keep me in this dream
no... nightmare
i don’t care
even if it was to live in this nightmare i am already living in
i don’t want to wake up
to more...
erm i don’t know what to write after that so to be continued?
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