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Confession or discussion?
All I ever chose was confession
For the fact that I lied
That alone was a sin
And when I said ''I love you''
The greatess lie I ever told
But you said ''You can't live without me''
Then why accept his wedding ring?

I think we're all good liars in love
Most people lie a lot just in the name of love
Some people like a smog.
A lot of haze around them.
It's nothing you could understood. They strange and washed away. You couldn't realize who stand in front of you a haze or person.
No drop of true, all words is just a lie.
They live in ilussory world.
They live inside invented capsule. Behinde the haze is always lie. Their acts and words have not convention.
Amy Oct 7
I have looked into deep brown eyes
Oh, so pretty they seemed
But don’t be fooled!
The ugliness behind them was cloaked with deceitful beauty.
The eyes are the windows to the soul, people say. But unfortunately not everyone's soul is pure and good.
I keep on lying that I'm fine.
I keep on holding strong without.
I try to keep my eyes so dry.
To hold my feels inside me.
I keep on look in other side.
And looks like not notice that.
I keep on trying hurt my heart.
And fighting with myself about you.
But all this fake and farce.
Because I feel just emptiness without you.
Xaela San Oct 4
The mind
wants to
the truth


The heart
can't take
the pain
with it.
Anjali Oct 4
there was a smaller voice that said no
that i should have listened to
i wish i listened to
but i chose to believe the greater voice that said yes
because i thought
i had a perfect sense
of the right and wrong
because i trusted what i had been taught to trust
the "bright side"
"it'll be ok"
"things like this take time"
b s .
i  c a l l  b s .
when i look back to what i could have done
i now know
i should have listened to
that voice
I feel like I've been here before.
Not in this place,
But in this state of mind.
Who doesn't lie sometimes?
yes i write about you a lot
and no it’s not cause i miss you
maybe that was a lie.
but my life isn’t you it’s just
             second lie
i write about you because i know you
it’s easy to write about something you know inside & out and
back and forth
forwards and backwards
i write about you because your name is comfort
and I write about you because maybe I’m afraid of leaving the familiar
but who
              I’m w r i t i n g
and it’s not for you.
first poem I’ve ever wrote in this sort of style.. kind of digging it, kind of hating it, but I thought I should share this one. the concept of this poem came to me in the middle of class, i quickly grabbed a post-it note and wrote “i write about you because i’m an expert at it” and then i went home and wrote this.  my last poem didn’t get any comments or likes but it’s gotten about 30 views which makes me happy :).. as always constructive criticism is welcome and appreciated. thank you!
River Sep 25
is it wrong to believe every word
even though i know every word you speak
could very well just be
a trap
created to capture me?
newpoetica Sep 23
touch my thigh,
make me sigh,
as you ask why,
as i lie
and say "oh, nothing."
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