mjd 16h

My most frequent lie
is my answer to the question
Are you alright?
I say,
I'm fine.
But I am thinking,
I am losing my mind!
But you couldn't care less anyway.

Upon unspoken words,
I lie next to you.

Like a whispering wind,
I blow my kisses into your beam,
as I watch you devour my dreams.

Our love is like a beckon;
no ships will crash upon our shores,
as long as our moon shines brightly
from our lovers moor.  

© By Amanda D Shelton

Lie number one
She saw you first
I saw you first
I admired all your brilliance first
Buried the sentiment deep within
Along with any sympathy towards you
In order to devour the whole of your company
Without any regret, holding back my breath

Lie number two
I hate your goofiness
There's nothing that takes me faster to the moon
That your innocence and your pathetically bad jokes
Your smile is the contradiction of nonsenses
and fierce ideologies that find home at the back of my mind

Lie number three
You are an idiot
Maths and arguments are your playground
In the swings we go back and forth
Even when I tell you are wrong
You will always be Sir right
Rolling down the road we go
Difference being the ways we take
You roll with her
And I feel nothing but abandoned

Lie number four
I love to intimidate you
Call it cliche but in mocking you
I find the comfort of living within you
You'll never forget the bully that I am to you
When you were to reach your golden era
You'll go back to these years
And perhaps you'll see the irony in all of my doings

Lie number five
You are a blissful couple
The heavens know how much I've degenerate
All the events of your relationship
The way she handles you
Is a mockery to my face
You don't deserve it but you own it
As if everything that she gives to you
Were nothing less than treasures and gold

Her hostility is anonymous to my wishes
A few nights I've imagined filling her place
I've imagined your attentive gaze making love to my features
I've imagined your hands caressing timidly my own
I've imagined me being your number one fan
But the only place in the stadium of your heart
is already fill by her profane soul

So I think I've fallen in love, scratch that,  I am falling in love, I am not quite there, with someone I "shouldn't". It is strange because in some way I am forcing myself to love someone I know it would be best not to love. Isn't that confusing? That us human like to put burdens on ourselves just because.

The truth is…
              the real truth…?
                             Do people do that?

How’s my new dress?
                                             It makes you look fat.

Like my new do?
I paid quite a lot
                                             You got ripped off, dear,
                                               You might even sue.

How are you today?
Just a quick answer please
I don’t have the time
To hear of your bad knees.
                                              I’m doing fine, knowing
                                               You don’t want to hear
                                               My problems and stresses
                                               I won’t bend your ear.

A “white lie” is easier
Makes conversation go fast
Then again, you just never know
When you might hear the real truth
It could be quite a blow.
So beware

the truth is…

If you don’t want the real truth?
Perhaps you shouldn’t ask.

I don't usually write silly poems, but at a poetry gathering the challenge was to write a poem beginning with "the truth is" and the truth is I could not come up with anything serious that didn't also sound sappy, so I went for silly!
Nayana Nair Apr 20

I feel two lines etched on my face.

One longer than the other.

Feeling a little more colder

each time I step out.

They will lie there,

and dry there,

but never erased.

Nick Feetchi Apr 17

I was falling in love with you,
Until I was awakened by the sudden impact of your lie.

Wordsinalign Apr 14

Souls collapsed in a darkness that blanketed the starless sky,
Giving up on humans that sold us life’s biggest lie.
Everyone loved exploring the sun when it was out,
but when darkness settled in, their minds grew in doubt;
No one wants to swim the waves, when jaws came out to play.
Everyone falls in love with rainbows,
we are all colourblind that’s the way love goes.
Love left her once but she’d imagine it over and over again,
contaminated her brood and they declared her insane.
She scribbled a few tattoos that symbolised the love she has tasted,
but they only spoke half the story of her love gone wasted.
Dead clouds painted on a wall at night,
she illuminated flaws in the daylight.
Her darkness was worth exploring,
her tear-tainted eyes daren’t ignoring.
They spoke of her in past tense,
she wrote blurred lines in all defence.
With dry cheeks in the summer sun,
she cried blood until there was none.
Little cotton puffs painted in silver outline,
she smudged colours onto clouds that died in a line.
How it played out in real life versus how it danced in her head,
her love would never return back from the dead.


i'm not goddammit i didn't mean to
it was just easier to not say anything just go along just nod my head and i know this way i have lied the way my father and mother may and that i am not successful nor true to what i want or may want or definitely want
i didn't mean to lie why did i

Dreamer Apr 13

I hate nice girls. Just exchanging hello makes me nervous. Texting just even makes it worse. If i get a call then for the rest of the day i keep checking my phone history with a wide grin on my face. I know the truth, they're just being kind. Anyone kind to me is also kind to others. I resent everyone for getting that. If reality is cruel then lie is kindness, and so kindness itself is a lie. I'd always hold expectations that i'd always misunderstand and at some point i just stopped hoping. An experienced loner doesn't fall for the same trick twice. As a veteran on this battlefield of life, i'm an expert at loosing. That's why i'll always hate nice girls.

komal aggarwal Apr 13

Behold your beloved in your arms in such a way that she never wanted to get apart .
Love her like a way that she cannot betray .
Praise her gently , please her properly, Make her feel extra ordinary .
Sing it for her and charm her by all your efforts, cz all she needs is love from you the rest is dried like a glue ..

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