mrc 3h
i know that i'm worth more than my body
but holy hell
did you see that girl and they way they looked at her
i compared myself to her without giving it a second thought
and suddenly i'm fishing my sweater out of
my bag to cover up my arms and torso
i feel like jupiter compared to mars
i feel like my body parts expanded and i'm gonna be
floating around the room any second now
my father always told me that beauty was all
in the face but now i find myself wondering
if that was just a pretty little lie
Audora 1d
You think I'm oblivious.
You can lie all you want.
She drew her desires with an empty face
Pictures of him, day by day
Letting her heart beat at a steady pace,
Trying to make reasons for him to stay-

Over the weeks that felt years, she tried
To make his love for her abide
She wished she was enough by his side
But even love was used as a lie-

The first lie that my
mother fed to me still tastes
like expired love.

Of the haiku series
vi. flesh & sacrafices

© Copywrite Skaidrum
I desire
In a heat of summer

My triumphant return

From wild brush
Sudden wilderness
Harsh temperatures

The north
Or south
Anguished by gold

Needing a solid
Condemning love

Validating the truth
Of my delinquency
Letting death overcome life

He was so pretty
The scion
My child...

So pure
Like snow
With the name Napoleon

He was mine
My son
Natural blood

The rose so cold
Living in a spring of chill

Where is the love
We once shared?
It has to be rotting in the ground

All is gone
The money
My booze

I want more
Something substantial
Not hunger

Nor your whining
I hate
And fear the searing leach

That you have become
My bonus from life
Is this

An uncontrollable
Falling out

I revise
God's device
Informative drive

I have to run
To the bay

With torrential rain
Sudden winds
Hateful lies

I have no explanation
Her name is Betty
And contrary

To happy endings
With a tome of reality at ready
I contribute to life

By saying
I hate you
Sanny 6d
Along with the spring sun the memories of my long lost love arises.

The memory fragments are getting pieced back together.

I see him in strangers on the street,
looking for him though I know he's not here..

I know it's stupid, the person I miss no longer exists.

The harsh reality turned my dreams into nightmares.

His lies and deceptions are now haunting me in my sleep.

There's no place left for him and I to be.

Waking up, memories fresh, aching heart.

Lips longing for the bottle, like so many nights before.

Anything to drown the hope of something that'll never be.

And the pain of a time that was..
You lie to me just to use it!
You walk through me like I blew it!
You ask me, why do I change,
When I’ll lose it!
If you really meant it, you would show it! Not throw it, down the drain,
Like you did yesterday,
I’m going insane,
Like I’ve done everyday,
While you fuck with the fakes,
You’re becoming the same,
That’s not my name,
I won’t touch your shame,
You fuck with the game,
Of nothing to blame.
Your brain!

Is left in the dark and I’m not going back there.
I wish could lie but I promised I would swear.
That maybe,
I’m not meant for this...
And depression, doesn’t exist...
A blanket of mist,
You put on your lips...
I wish I had more patience...
nim Feb 15
lie after lie
tell 'em I'm fine
lie after lie
and they start to

lie after lie
and you start
to believe
lie after lie
but the blade
couldn't be tricked

lie after lie,
tell them you're fine
lie after lie,
glass is now
in your veins
lie after lie,
you tell yourself
"That's not deep enough."

lie after lie
rose petals on the floor
lie after lie
one poem burned down
lie after lie
your blue eyes staring
at the hole where
lie before lie
my heart used to be

lie after lie
and soon
you don't know,
lie after lie,
you're not fine

lie after lie,
and soon,
lie after lie,
it's not
a lie.
spiral-whirl Feb 15
sending shivers up our spine,
twisting our eyes to believe what we think,
unable to move because we have forgotten how,
staring at the thing outside the room,
the hands slowly slid inside the room,
wishing to horrify us more,
grabbing the knob to twist the door open,
the long creaking noise that makes us grab our covers,
the shadow looms over,
their voice was cracking and raspy,
"what do you fear, child?"
our words seem to be taken away from us,
we are helpless like a lamb when its getting preyed on,
the shadow only chuckles,
"you fear, fear itself."
you can't answer
no, you don't want to answer,
"how unfortunate for you child, for i am fear itself. "

the thing it was,
was my mind,
their was no shadow but only the thoughts that wash over me,
for our mind is fear itself
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