Sanny 15h

I am changing.
I'm not greatful nor have I gained wisdom from what happened to me.
But I am tougher, my barrier is stronger.
I know who I am, and I'm no longer afraid.
No more bullshit and lies.
I see through it all.
So take your best shot, I dare you.

Seema 2d

Left me, why?
Your love was a lie
From a distance
You waved me, a goodbye

You said sorry
Making another story
Smiling venomously
Said not to worry

This was the other day
When you came to say,
That you got a job
And you are going away

I would have forgiven you
If you were honest with me
But you changed my view
To see the ongoing reality

I am upset, I did cry
I am shattered and you know why
But I am not going to try
To get you back

You left me, I understand
And since you've moved on
I'll put my feelings to the end
And let my broken heart mend

I hope you don't cheat again
With whom your life has just begun
My life, consumed in unthinkable pain
The ink of my pen, now a pointless gun...


Seema 2d

A battle building within
Enforcing a war zone
With their spirit, their soul in
Simulating the sins unknown

Another person linked by mind
But they are what others define
As the sages of demonic kind
Of what they believe and refine

They say every human has a third eye
Located in the center of their forehead
But none to believe in the fact, why?
There is no evidence of such when people die

I guess it's the sixth and common sense
That is referred to as the third eye
Visually hidden but lays in the dense
A raider sense that acts like a spy

I keep away from such weird sages
As we all have a sense of awareness
It's good to read about them in pages
Then to be brainwashed to self unfairness...


The self proclaimed human gods.

Focused on the reflection,
You forget your outer perception.

Body dysmorphia,

True projection through hindsight reflection.

It amazes me how easily you lie
It  has become fluent to you
A second language you have perfected
Every word spoken with smooth deception
Were your lies so absolute that I fell for them
or was I to blind to notice the obvious?

Once he got what pleased him
I was left unveiling all the lies he told
Bothered by how I can be so naive
Seema 6d

Why should I try to lie about you and that guy.
It's shameful and awful that you have betrayed me for a while.
Time and again, you prime to frail my fragile brain.
You've tossed me without any cost, to be lost to another host.
In this bizarre looting world of wraths and stinky breaths.
You left me plotting and dealing my own scornful feelings.
Now that it's all over between you and him. You trying to intervene like a jhin.
Sometimes I feel you are a fish with spikey fins and hooded pins.
Do you do this for your internal wins? Or are you playing the game of sins...


multi syllabic rhyme
skyler 6d

i see nothing in myself
but empty eyes
and a broken shell
so when you say you love me
i think impossible
there's just no way in hell

Chér 6d

What a bullshit created by life
Given to the innocents that crave for true
Trapping those into the deep black hole
Called falsities and lies

I question over and over
If God really did create true friends
Or did He forget to do so

Emerald Sep 11

prey characteristic armaments
you're possessing mercantile predictability
as I lay in rose petaled bath water where records of
jazz tunes and the smell of chai lighten
charcoal compasses  
considerable yet restrained
to concomitant natural surge, my tongue
stepping away from fantasy land "steaming coffee in one of
you're comfy sweaters"
oh how much you love and love and love
but he was Zeus and I was withered into
ruinous systematic willingness
just how a loose hinge forbade reflect off my
red gold lingerie now rarely I step inside
caressing my own curves,
fathom pomegranate taste although
the stability I show is all a
little lie

- G

move on my fragile glass heart
Gabriela F Sep 8

Who could imagine that your pink lips would be so dark while you’re talking.

Who could imagine that the shine of your hair would blind me.

Who could imagine that the honey draining from your eyes would have such a bitter taste.

Who could imagine that your soft hand touch would scratch.

I certainly wouldn’t imagine that the person who I dared to trust the most would be the one to tear me apart.

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