a vast endless spool of grief
they lied
time does not bring relief






When I think too much, I break things down. And sometimes, I think it is better to leave it as it is.
weirdness today
zeebee 23h
is it a lie
if when you said it,
you thought it was true?
Eleanor 23h
I’m fine.
Really, I promise I’m okay,
See I’m smiling,
So please get on with your day.

I’m fine.
I can see the worry in your face,
See I’m smiling,
I’m really not your pity case.

I’m fine.
I’m really not that sad,
See I’m smiling,
So how can it be that bad.

I’m fine.
These are tears of happiness,
See I’m smiling,
I’m no damsel in distress.

I’m fine.
There’s no problem here,
See I’m smiling,
But I could disappear.

I’m fine?
I’m not sure anymore,
My head filling with doubt,
I am bruised inside and out,
I feel like I’m worth nothing,
And nothing anybody says,
Can get these stupid thoughts,
Out of my stupid head.

I’m not fine.
Not even okay,
Can someone help me please,
I can’t do this by myself,
I can’t get out of here alone,
I need a helping hand,
But I can’t ask for help.
I can’t scream!
I can’t shout!

See I’m smiling...
I’m fine.
You know I've found that mirrors lie
when they tell you bad things
Mine tells me every day
that I'll never amount to anything.
It tells me my nose is too big
to pull of this piercing that I have
My eyes are too close together
And if you split my face in half
there is no better side
because they're equally ugly and flawed
I can picture my mirror telling me this
and leaning back to guffaw

But he's just a liar
and I've come to realize that now
because it's all the good reasons
my face would stand out in a crowd.
I thought the pain would end when you left.
Instead, it intensified.
The moment you confessed,
I wish you had just lied.
Gray 6d
My anxiety holds me hostage in my own body
It covers my mouth with lies
And holds my hands down with worries
I deserve better I think.
BetTer PeoPle
Every time he opened his mouth,
it was either to kiss or to lie.
Eventually, I got sick of both.
clever 7d
i lock it down, can't let that go.
it can't hurt you if you just don't know.
things lose power when you say them out loud.
there are things i can't let go. guess i'm too proud.
Taylor 7d
Though you only mean to protect me
a lot of the time you do just the opposite.
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