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Sage D 6d
My love is a poison,
one you should not run from.
My love is a parasite,
one you should only accept.

I want to be by your side,
and for you to be by me always.
Standing behind you,
my arms trapping you in my embrace.

The air is chilling,
goosebumps are rising.
Your heart is racing,
my grip is tightening.

You can't leave me,
nor will I ever leave you.
You can try to run,
but I will always find you.

The figure in the shadows,
the feeling of being watched.
The alarm that soon appears,
is a beautiful look on you.

I know what you're scared of,
I use them to my advantage.
I know your secrets,
even the ones you never told.

I love you,
and the way you go crazy.
I love you,
and the way you scream.

You hate me though,
but that makes me love you more.
You call me terrible things,
and you're right about them.

I'm a parasite,
a virus that gets into your head.
Eating away all things sane,
until there's nothing left.

I, my dear,
am the embodiment of fear.
I'm back after a whole year basically. Hope this is good. I think it turned into an abusive relationship poem, that wasn't my intention.
I hate that there is always a question mark
What will the future hold? One day, will it all turn dark?
The thoughts in my head cause so much fear — like a circling shark
I'm still so afraid of losing you. I know we've come upon better times, I know we're the happiest we've ever been, but I'm still so terrified of losing you. I just wish I could break down and tell you how much I love you — I do love you. So, so much. I love you.
Bad Vibes Sep 19
I feel things fiercely. A whole new level of pain, sadness, and very occasionally joy. When my heart breaks, it falls from the top of a mountain to the deepest abyss of the earth. When I am hurt, I feel the pain of ten-thousand thorns piercing through my skin, a hundred poisonous snake bites, and 24 years of self deprecating thoughts all stirred into a single tear. Some might call it dramatic, but if they knew the impact it had on my thoughts, my smile,my whole life , they would eat those words as fast as they spit them out.

She's just being dramatic.

She's just too extreme.

She doesn't have control of her emotions.

You make it sound like I chose this, like I continue to choose this. When something "small" happens, like a friend not turning out to who you thought they were, or a moment not living up to its expectations, my whole world quakes. I cannot help it. I can't fix it. I didn't pick this. I didn't want to feel so impacted by the smallest movement. This is the way I was created and believe me, I am trying so hard to fix it - more than I could ever explain. The process of caring enough to fight instead of ending my life is something that might come easy for you, but takes a lot of convincing for me. Please try to understand. And if you don't, that's okay. I don't want to be here anyway.

she observes her setting for a while
she plans her points
she sets her anchors
she notices the challenges
she takes the risk
she starts building her web
she finds the center and waits

she is drawn in by the scent
she is drawn in by the light
she is drawn in by the beauty
she is drawn in by the safety
she is drawn in by the peace
she is drawn in by the similarity
she is drawn in by the difference

i am hence stuck in this sweet torture
i am content in my waiting
i am content in my trap

waiting for her to **** me dry
waiting for her to leave me high
waiting for her to make me cry

i sit waiting in terror.
i sit waiting for the transfer
i sit waiting for her power

a healthy trade
ones evil to be paid
for a heart that beats delay.
justification of sorts
a reward for her grit
chomping on a fresh bit
but now its time to relish in the play
this is only part one
just wait for it.
you'll get it one day.
everyone deserves to be loved, despite how scary that is to admit to one's self.
Mark Sep 10
Singing high to Fernando and dancing down low in Orlando  
When ecstasy suddenly turned to tragedy  
They were just out bopping, then he came out just popping  
The pulse was beating, while he was out cheating  
His wife new about his scouting  
But she never thought 'bout the victims  
That the families would be counting  
Forty nine were just out to dine and wine  
Fifty or so, still lying so low, feeling not so fine  
He tried to crawl out, just after his last shot  
Popo's saw him on the floor and said no more  
Put a bullet in his ***, the same place he liked it, that's for sure.
Randy Johnson Aug 30
In just a couple of minutes, I'm going to die.
You are probably curious so I'll tell you why.
A man has slapped a pair of handcuffs on my wrists.
He thinks I'm sleeping with his wife and he's ******.
But he has also crammed a stick of dynamite up my ****.
He lit the fuse because his wife turned out to be a ****.
But I'm not his wife's lover, he's punishing the wrong guy.
I'm about to be blown to kingdom come, I don't want to die.
But the dynamite didn't explode, it turned out to be a dud.
But he isn't done with me yet, he intends to spill my blood.
He just pulled out a knife and said that this is the end.
But his slutty wife just drove past with her boyfriend.
He has removed the cuffs and apologized because he was going to ****.
I just crammed a lit stick of dynamite up his *** to show him how it feels.
Slender fingers and tapered nails
They quietly draw a deadly ploy
To trap the gentle and well-bred
With drops of gore dripping down

The chilly night and hooting owls
A shadow swiftly crosses the road
And rushes to hide behind a tree
To hone its nails on a slab of stone
there’s a great terror in the universe
there’s a beast in the great terror of the universe
a beast is a beauty of a great terror
a beast is a beauty of a great terror in the universe
beauty is the beast,beauty is the great terror,beauty is the universe
beauty is the beast of a great terror
the eyes of the beast is the eyes of a great terror

the eyes of the beast is beauty of the beast
the eyes of the beast is the eyes of the beholder
the eyes of the beast is the beholder of the beast
the eyes is the beholder of a beast
the eyes is the beholder of a great terror
beholder is beholder of a beast
beholder is beholder of a great terror

beauty is the beholder of the universe
beauty is the beholder of a great terror
beauty is beauty in the eyes of the universe
beauty is beauty in the eyes of the beholder
beauty is beauty in the eyes of a great terror
the beholder of a beast is the beholder of a great terror
the beholder is the eyes of the beast
my writing is called philosophical writing. i only uses middle ages words,words liked gracious,extravaganza,etc... this poem is about there's a beast in the great terror of the universe. i don't add capitalization's on my writing.
Dominique Aug 1
The rich herbal infusion of your blood
It blots on paper, makes funny shapes,
You giggle-
Teabag skin stripped by a paperclip,
Torn so easily, it smells like rain
Like the first time your bare feet touched soil

You long to lick it,  
It's the liquified form of tension,
Some inner tangle propelled outwards,
Tempting, tempting,
Like stuffing a yarn doll with its own string;
The re-consumption is only natural,
But allow it still to flow-

It is water let loose from a dam or a hose
That's been blocked with moulding leaves
And now sprays fitfully just because it can,
A thousand explosives set loose
From their trembling captors.

By no means is it neat,
But the sieves of your veins have kept it
Fresh and scarlet with health,
So it isn't unpleasant to look at.

Drain it, let it pour like honey across the table
Where your family sits, silent and traumatised,
Watching the deluge do what it does best.

Pour them a cup of it to have with their slices
Of cake and biscuit crumbs on their plates;
Haemoglobin is good for the brain,
Gentle terror for the soul.
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