vera 22h
when he looks into your soul and professes his love, let him speak.
when he strokes your hair and calls you beautiful, let him speak.
when he looks at you with warms eyes and asks if you need anything, let him speak.

when the chorus of screams rains down on you, let it pour.
when your shoes wont slip on and the rain is destroying your psyche, let it tear away the pain he caused.
when the tears burn through your pores, let them cleanse your heart.

when youre pacing around the chilled night, let the cold sink into your bones. when his name flashes through your phone screen, let it ring until it dies. when the voices of your friends pick up and send you into a state of panic, let yourself remember their true love for you.

when the warmth of the mazda warms the tips of your fingers, let the hurt set in.
when your tears turn into uncontrollable sobs, let your peace be in the arms of your friends.
when you feel like the world is spinning off of its axis, let yourself breath.

when you feel the safety of anothers home, let your heart sink into the pillows.
when your body gives into the feeling of floating amongst clouds, let your mind escape the inevitable destruction.
when your friends begin patching wounds with stitches, let them help you.

when the anger becomes too much to bare, let yourself write this poem.
when your universe plummets to its knees before you, let yourself feel.
when you remember all the ones before, let yourself learn.

when you remember what he did, let yourself remember that you are worthy, you are incredible, you are beautiful and you will be loved.
- a summary of the day i lost myself
Julia Jan 8
did u hear
what the president did this year?
and do u fear
that the ending is drawing near?

twin towers
now a blanket of dust
dead flowers
on the graves of the just

how many more
will they send off to war
for the right to explore
oil on foreign shore?

i’m not down anymore

i’m making a change
taking it upon Myself to rearrange
and i know they’ll call me strange
but knowledge is the most valuable exchange

soon we will all agree
that **** cheney
his head in shame
they brought our soldiers home just to replace them with drones.
Sophia Jan 8
they scream in terror and oppress
they know not how much a mess
feeling cold and frightened only with
a purple charcoaled hyacinth

they burned in fires far away
they waste tomorrow and today
with nothing more than **** tales
of tears of blood and starving wails

they poured salt upon the wounds
of bleeding mothers and their wombs
with a childish knife of rusty black
they stole their lifeblood like a snack

they, vampiric victimed selves,
could not climb off of their shelves
of fear and hatred reigning high
like the quivering leaves of Apenine
RBWhite Jan 5
She destroyed the Blooming Flower of Fire,The only ***'s desire,
With her goals aimed to remain on the blood Throne,
And watch with new eyes a land made of thorns and holes,
Just like her own invading her soul,
But as she approched her lost love,
A profoundly cruel look took over her sight,
And cruxifiction teared down His cries,
She watched His skin fall, dreams and all,
After night gives up a New day, a new order will take place.
This is the 5th poem of my BLACKXPOETRY series that describes the path of a woman on her way to **** and subsequent rise to the depths of the Hellish Kingdom,Enjoy!
RBWhite Jan 2
She crossed a path,
A Land where she can't look back,
Her Fall Will be her Rise,
Through Storms and White Clouds,
The monstruous sound of Afterlife soars above ****'s Night,
She began in dark and will end in light,
Disaster turned order,
War became Peace,
Just as well,
Hate became Love,
And Death gave Birth.
This is the 4th poem of my BLACKXPOETRY series and it tells the story of a woman on her way to **** and her subsequent rise to the Hellish Kingdom,Enjoy ;)
RBWhite Jan 2
Down,down she goes,
To a cold **** she always wanted to know,
And she flies,with horns disrupting the Red Sky,
Passing through human skinned mountains,
Listening closely to the sirens of the desert,
They're pleading for peace,
For their only *** to appear,
And destroy the one with Eagle wings,
Horns made of the Saint's bones,
Eyes made from mistery and intensity,
To finally rise over her rage's claws
So then,The Giant Rose will bloom,
When the moon lurks dressing her sword,
No longer her World it is anymore,
But a dream she awoke when the kiss of death began.
This poem is the 3rd poem of the woman's journey to **** it belongs to my poem series BLACKXPOETRY,Enjoy!
RBWhite Jan 2
Woven in the dark,
She finds herself Incapable of shouting back at such a might,
Countless strives lead her down to His Kingdom of Lies,
She'll die an Eternal Night,
For what it has transpired back to her when her only Angel died,
Devils will reign and lovers remain,
After life and death,
Only her will pray in vain.
This poem is the 2nd of my Series of Poem BLACK X POETRY and it tells the story of a woman in her way to **** and her subsequent rise to the hellish Kingdom. Enjoy ;)
Deadwood Jawn Dec 2018
I see what you are doing, child..

Jawn.. No..
This is not right..
Oh.. No..
You're bleeding again..
Jawn, stop!

No.. The hurt..
The calamity..
I cannot keep it away.

It's coming!
Jawn, it's coming!
Lydia wants to tell me something..
Jules DelPercio Dec 2018
I dreamt of a dream last night.
It crinkled my nose and shattered my bones.

shivering, looking for you.

Terrified, I grab the phone that looks like a hero to me.

I dial your number so fast I could feel my fingers shaking.

And when you answered,
with your tired, low, raspy, voice,

I knew I had to open my heart a bit more
for you.
I will probably elaborate in this poem later on...
OpenWorldView Sep 2018
On the devil's back
I will harvest death.
Even he is not as lifeless
as my existence.

Evil, fear and terror
are the new allies
that stand by my side.

*** must cry.
Looking into my eyes
he will recognize himself
and burn the world to the ground.
Wrote that many years ago.
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