the thought
of my name
in your mouth
when I'm not around
weakens my knees

you told me
you decided
my laughter
is your favorite
thing about me
the way tears flow
from my eyes
from just the crack
of a smile

something I once hated
about myself
now becomes
my favorite as well
and I will cry
tears of joy
you step into the room
your thoughts will always drift to them.
you fingers will always gravitate to theirs,
and you will wonder how to take them.
you will revel in the sight of their hair
whipping past a corner, or
their lilting smile lingering on the
tips of their lips.
you will remember the memories you've made
sitting on a bench as the sun sets over the lake,
or driving past twelve, on a cold spring night.
to the flirtations, the tears, the confessions you've made,
and you'll feel all the love you have for them
resting in your heart like the coals of a dying fire;
waiting for a reminder of the heat of their emotion.
but now, even though you've been together
for months and months on end,
they're leaving.
you've missed them so much,
and yet you've never had them.
they've deserved a seat in your heart,
and yet you've never offered it to them.
you know what you have to say, to stay in their thoughts
and to remind them of the memories you’ve made.
and as those last moments arrive, you look into their eyes,
and you try to say those words,
but all that comes out is
"i'll miss you"

but you already have.
insignificant in the bigger picture, but the only thing on my mind as of now.
She was alone
Broken, powerless and weak
Her whole story could only be seen through her salty tear

But do not cry little girl
I am here to wipe away your tears
And to put a sweet smile on your face

I feel what you feel
You feel what I feel
Our hearts are one
And our love is real
Staring at the sky on this 4th of July,
remembering the time we watched the fireworks sitting upon the grass.
And we looked each other in the eyes;
it was one of those moments you couldn’t help but to smile.
And I took a deep sigh
right before your lips met with mine.

Such an intimate bliss
when you and I shared that first kiss.
While people celebrated their independence,
we celebrated a moment we felt would last forever.
And the music, the heat and the scent of your skin
made me feel like I was in the middle of a dream.

I was Mesmerized,
flying up high,
as the colors of the sky
reflected in your eyes.

And the night turned into sunlight
and there we were still sitting upon the grass,
laughing at how we lost track of time,
but still not moving from each other’s side.
And it’s amazing how after all this time,
tonight, here I am thinking about that 4th of July.
Written on July 4, 2015
Composition number: 514
Laura 2d
R is for the rough times we've pulled through.
O is for the ordinary days that you make extraordinary.
S is for the sure thing we've got going.
E is for every purely golden moment that we spend together.

Without you,
My life would be through.
I don't even know what I would do,
Without you.

Without your smile,
I would never go that extra mile.
The entire world would be black and vile,
Without your smile.

Without your love,
In the sky I would never see another dove.
There probably would be no "up-above,"
Without your love.

So here's a rose for you, my love.
It means more than I can say.
So make sure it does not shrivel or wilt,
As there is but one rose in the garden.

For a little bit of happiness,
I get a whole lot of depression.
Maybe if I accepted the sadness,
I could live a normal life, no question;
But the little bit of joy I get when I see her smile,
Leaves me to believe that life is, worthwhile.

It’s the tiniest bit of good,
And in return 3 days of bad;
But for just a little bit of time,
I truly am not sad.
For just a portion of a day,
I can smile again.
Just for a little bit of happiness…
The pain is just a shame.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
If love was tangible what would it be
Do you hear love in the beat of your lover’s heart
Do you see love in the smile of an innocent child
But what good is love if you have it not...if you know it not
You can merely hear can merely see it
But you feel it not
Still we hunger for love
Black or and night
Man or woman...young or old...we all run the race
Searching this whole my world or in yours
We keep searching for love
We search the depths of the ocean
The outer limits of the cosmos
We keep searching
Some say they have found love
But how great is love
How do you measure there a measure to love
And when you’ve reached the end of the road and your journey is complete
You find that you’ve been running at a losing streak
Your chasing race has been in vain
Then you look in the mirror and hear the voice of love say
Are you perhaps looking for me
I have been here inside of you all along
Love begins with you
Written by Sean Achilleos 2010©
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Ya Boi 4d
I fell in love with your eyes

Beautifully immaculate seas of pearly white contrasting in complete harmony with perfectly rounded island of rich mohagony

Glowing with a beautifully careless iridescence

Smiling up at me with love in their laughter

Filling my chest with a warm and familiar feeling

Leaving me entranced and wondering

How lucky I must be to have your eyes shining upon me

But you don’t bless me with light anymore

I abused my time in the sun and got burnt

Now my skies are grey with storms of uncertainty

But then again I fell in love with the sun

As has every man kissed by your light

So now I push through the harrowing darkness

Preparing and praying for my time in the sun

A time I see in silver linings

Now I know how to appreciate my sun

Now I know how to keep her shining upon me
uv 5d
My morning walks,
Comprises of
Colours and rocks,
Different people of all sorts,
Athletes and stars ,
Mama's with carts,
Models and aunties,
Talking about making tarts,
Buisness men, and old friends
Politicians and girl-friends.
Some walk backward,
Some march foward,
Some run and have fun,
Some also worship the sun.
There are chickens and kittens,
not wearing mittens
And all sorts of  things completely hidden
My morning walk,
Always does rock,
Sets me smiling around the clock.
Do you think you really know me?
What's behind that smile of mine?
Do you ever thought for a moment
What I hide behind that fake smile?

Did ever my true feelings reached you?
Did you ever understand me at all?
Did you tried to know my true self
Or how I felt playing the happy role?
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