The smile which brings these crows to my face
Is owned by something else this day
A name, a name
A beautiful name
How it brings a smile to my face
A smile so loud, it would scare all other birds away
But not the crows feet in this place

*babbling* It' a miracle I could form a coherent sentence after discovering that. Hahahaha. It made me happy. (: (: (: (:

So, my hearts listening...
What is it you once said?
To the rhythm of the night sky glistening.
You had me in a gaze,
A lost boy with no haze...
A pep in my step as I made it through the days.
But, wait... Where did it go?
Pulled the viel back and now lies only show.
See, I'm an Angel and my words take flight.
I just put the music on and drift away every night.
Fly to you, fly to me...
Lost in a dream of what love could be.
Plenty of fish, so call me Ahab.
I got my pole and my box of tackle,
But everytime I speak your name it's like a shackle.
Pulling me down, so I can drown.
I like the pain... Keeps me humble.
Sit back and listen to rain and watch the weed tumble.
I don't expect to hear a sorry or receive a call...
Truth is, you should be happy, well, Hell... Shouldn't we all?

It's worn, but legible.

Going out with thy ecstatic rile,
Sun soaked cherubic smile,
You impale my ziel senile,
I slay a thousand miles
To meet ya' at Zion's isles....

I smile over the thought
of just doing your laundry.

I miss you.

stand against the sun
stretch towards its hopeful rays
and just feel its warmth

A happy haiku to hopefully brighten someone's day

Far is the temple....let's put smile on someone's face..

Making positive change/ putting the smile back in other's life is best worship....

If I told you my favorite colour was yellow would you believe me?
Even if I was smiling and bouncy and happy as could seem.
You would believe my lies in yellow that happiness in it beacuse i truly love brown but you would question it cause it's ugly and gross and not smiley and bouncy and happy as could be.
But separate brown take it apart peice by piece and see the colour it took to make brown see the yellow and greens the blues and reds the purples and orange and see all, all the effort put in to brown pick it apart and see that I do want you to pull me apart too,
see me like brown,
see what I took and place to make it me to make me seem happy as could be seem look at the yellow colour i say so I seem like me
My favorite colour is brown but you wouldn't believe me beacuse it's ugly and gross and doesn't seem happy as could be.

Star BG 3d

Networking in the maelstrom of my swirling path I footsteps,
I reach out.
Reach out with open heart to learn, grow and share light.
I network using the electrical bond of a smile.
I expand with a joined breath in meeting another co creator.
I dance feeling grateful in the life I lead.

StarBG © 2017

Playing with word networking got from a chat with Shanath
Star BG 3d

Share a smile and pass the love around.
Around and around and around
for it is inside a smile where the heart expands and the ocean of heartbeats join inside energies of love. Then we awake to have and experience endless possibilities, endless dreams.

inspired by a chat with Shanath

Why would I turn back
and smile,

if you left me out in the cold,
lost in the wild.

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