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I look up at the sky
So blissful and dark
So clear
Filled with an ocean of stars


I'm comfortable

Not happy
Not pleased
But comfortable

Because I have a sliver of hope
That even tho you live thousands of miles away
You're looking at the same star I am
And smiling, the same way.
Free Verse
Brendann 11m
Your smile, a crescent moon
That gives me guidance at night

Your eyes, a forest
That I get lost in

You, an angel sent down from the heavens
To mend, heal, and protect me

My life is not complete
And nothing can compete
With the love, you give to me
Free Verse
Brett 1d
We are all immortal in our own time. Today I feel the warm caressing touch of life across my beleaguered face. Death does not escape me, but in this moment I am alive. One is immortal if one has yet to understand what it means to die.

So come sit with me and listen as life plucks on her string. Purchase a moment and together we wither. Time, good friends, the great veiled indominable figure. Our last breath denotes the bigger picture.
Cold day, rain outside
It's time for you to deeper slide
Under the sheets, curl up
Ease your brain, pillow hug
And when you want, I'll whisper in your ear
Make you smile, tell you everything you should hear
Let us use this cloudy day
To spend as much time together as we may
They see my anger
Fail to see my love underneath
They see me smile
Fail to see pain hidden behind
They construe my silence
An expression of annoyance
Fail to see the concerns underlying
They see my thoughts and expressions
Construe as creations of a cranky mind
Fail to see the limit is approaching the Divine
They see me roasting
popular figures
Construe me an arrogant person
Fail to see underlying reasons
Their fallacies, faulty preachings and hypocrisy
They consider me heretical
Fail to see me modern,
logical, reasonable and scientific tempered
LC Apr 29
two adjacent piano keys
yelled over each other
for a moving spotlight,
a crinkle of the eyes,
and a sweet, tender smile.
instead, their noise
made ears beg for peace
until eyes glanced away,
and they were left alone
with their discordant sounds.
#escapril day 28!
I hide my pain behind my smile
And truth behind the lies
And I save them for my monsters
Who come visit me at night
Because they see straight through my lies
And the hurt I try to hide
But they dont say anything
Instead they hold me till the light
SuperNova Apr 27
All my heart has to give
while it's beating like a clock,
to share its warmth for when you cry,

to make you bloom inside
your deep blue mind

All the strength I can muster
before I can't walk myself,
to bring you back from beside the cliff,

to route your daydreams
back home

All the time
I don't have to spare,
to lullaby the demons away

even if it means
I'll be burned by flame,

I'm not here to amend for my past neglect,
but I'm asking for a smile,
I am yet to respect
fariha Apr 27
her lips are red;
but overflowing,
barcodes on her wrists;
to scan self worth,
her hair is no longer long
nor smooth,
these purples and blues on her back;
has been a map of memories,
those crimson red nails
suits her the most,
that smile on her red lips,
oh so beautiful,
oh a beautiful wreck.
please do seek help if you are in a abusive are strong.very strong.
My Dear Poet Apr 26
I’m just a piece of paper
a smile hid within the white
I’m gleaming back at you
a simple sketch will bring to light
paint me and reveal me
use colours radiant and bright
and I’ll smile for you forever
just frame me for your delight
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