Just cross the road,
At number twenty four
Lives this single man,
Who has me troubled for sure?

The other day,
As he climbed out of his car
He dropped what looked like,
A sample jar.
Haven’t quite worked out,
What he does for a living,
Possibly something in that pot,
He could be giving,

I said Sam,
What’s that?
There on the floor,
it just fell out,
From under,
Your door.

He said,
I get forty quid,
For giving a sample,
Providing in this pot,
That there is ample,

A sample!
I said!
Sam said guess.

Bodily fluids?
Sam replied yes,
Just doing my bit to support fellow man,
So that’s why I called him Sperm Donor Sam

Strange some people,
But it just goes to show!

Hard to believe you get!
Forty quid a go!


when it came to the tags had me stumped

And your smile
Oh, that smile
Radiant and illuminating
But I will never speak
Not a single word
Of the butterflies
And if I could -
Oh, the poetry
That would follow!
The endless words
Describing your utter perfection
In attempt to grasp
All of your wonder
And oh, how you smile
How I love when you smile

The water ripples,
The shore,
Like two lost lovers,

Those trees,
As they catch,
The breeze,
They dance together,
So gracefully,

Watching all this,
Is the peering sun,
Who can’t do nothing but blush,
It brings out,
A warming smile,
Created with the minimum of fuss!

JB x

It is heartwarming, being aware of all the stones, knowing they are getting heavy in your becoming-frail hands.
They are stones, no matter how beautiful they are and I carried them for a long while. But I have decided to let them down, one by one, until my hands soften, until my hands are again empty to welcome lightness, to welcome a soft cheek, soft hair, thick eyebrows. To draw the edges of lips, a jawline, an earlobe. To hold a nape, a chest and hands that, I believe, fit into mine.
They will become so light that I'll be able to close all the buttons on the back of my dress.

- LynnAA



What does she look like when you can't see her?

- LynnAA


After a long, dreadful winter
filled with sadness and despair,
it is quite nice to see the sun
and have it kiss your cheek
once more.
And awaking every morning
to the sound of small birds
singing out to you
has a way of putting a smile
to your face.
And the feeling of fresh air
filling your lungs with each breath
let's you know that good times
are coming your way.

originally written 1/25/17

loving him was
jumping into the ocean
head first
without any equipment.
at first the water was warm,
inviting, full of sweet smiles and kisses.
but then the current started to
pull you under,
the water turned cold and unforgiving.
you try to resist,
but all you are is
caught in a whirpool.
hauling you into the deepest shades of blue.

oni 5d

i saw you in a photograph
smiling like someone trying to be happy
i am not sorry for you

Dr zik 5d

I bow my head before You
When I face pangs of life
I feel You smiling.
I feel an ease.
I feel inner bliss

I slept with a beating heart
Woke to the same rhythm
Like African drums from far
I feel my soul cringe
My body leap with fear
I think death more often than not
There is an unsettling I cant explain

Sometimes the source of pain is clear
Other times too complex to  figure out
How my tongue no longer taste
My mind has gone numb
Life essence is lost
As the clarity of worthlessness is evident
Once I thought I was more than this
Now  I'm completely unsure...  

In the midst of it all I choose to smile
To raise my hope above  once again
I had to become sure of all I hoped for
I celebrate every day I wake up to
And above all celebrate me
All that I am and will be
I am valuable, I am priceless

Somedays are blue and gloomy.... U WILL SURVIVE
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