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T Detter 21m
How can you be happier when you're happy but not okay?

You're so content and so in awe of this new thing,
but when do you start to feel okay?

Smiles don't tell you how you feel.

Being happy and being okay seems like a good pair,
so why do they feel so far apart?

It's all so new.

You expect so much to change,
but it hardly does.

It's crazy that you're even part of this,
things like this never happen to you.

And it all seems so out of reach,
but here you are.

How did someone like you get so happy?

One thing still won't escape your mind,
how can you be happier when you're happy but not okay?

It's hard not to know what you're feeling,
and harder to ignore how you feel.
Daksh 2h
I don't remember when you left
But i do remember how you left.

Maybe it wasn't supposed to end
You were wrong.

The heart got back on its own.
I heard the cracks healing,
The smile emerging.

I heard you packing in my heart
And leaving, and you did left a hug.

We helped ourselves to get up.

And while you walked away I shed a tear
While holding our ring,
Our smiles were emerging.
as i bleed my heart out on this keyboard
you instantly flashed in my mind
my face in between your large hands
as you started to lean forward
making our forheads touch

i do not write for you,
i write about you
more importantly,
the little things you do
like how you rests your hand,
particularly your right hand on my thigh
or how you'd take mine
and press my palms against your chest
while whispering to me
how much they made your heart race

2:12 pm
imagine us
passing a crumpled note
back and forth
exchanging i love you's
i watch how a slow smile stretches across your lips

we're tangled in the sheets
strong arms wrapped around me
it certainly felt like home
your scent sinks deeper into my skin
i hope you don't see my hands
reaching out just to touch yours

i'm running out of words
i think you have given me enough to write about
that even flowers grew on paper
— bmva
c 16h
Are you smiling?
Or bearing your teeth?

When you laugh
Sometimes I wonder
If it’s with me
Or at me

You say you
Are too busy
That we wouldn’t work
But I call *******

If you really loved me
I wouldn’t be left
Your leash
ollie 17h
There is good in this world
Unfixed by a shout and justice
But maintained by mischief
There is a willingness to be kind if you can find those who possess it
Capture it if you can
It is hard to catch
But bright yellow
It is good
It exists in the smile of someone who cannot help themselves
The pain in your stomach after laughing too hard
It exists when bruised knuckles pick wildflowers
And those who have neither dance in the fields nonetheless
There is a good that exists in nothing but chocolate and inside jokes
There is a good that exists in whispering and a good in the power of a shout
If you can find it your life is all the better for it
There is a good in simplicity and a good in over complications
There is good in a quiet voice
And a murmur of refusal
A murmur of acknowledging
There is a good in her excitement
There is a good named the pitter patter of rain on the window
There is a good they know as dreamless sleep
It awaits
Grace 1d
The soles of my feet
Move with precision
Stepping surely and slowly
To the melody of life
Knowing where to go
And when to twirl
Where to add
A delicate flourish

As I curtsy
Bidding adieu to
My partner
My feet feel the ache
Of being stepped on
Too often

Another stranger
Brings me to dance
The soles of my feet
Dance with his
They spin and compliment
Each other
We end similarly
To our partners before
But everything is different
My feet are sore from dancing
The night away with
This other stranger
And my soul is filled
With a joy
That was long forgotten
Find the partner that dances with you to the melody of life
You smile, i smile
You cry, i cry
You get upset, i get upset
You get happy, i get happy
You loved me, i loved you

Then why is this
You left me, i can't let you go
I love how your smile shine like sunbeams.
A spellbound, like one of my sweetest dreams.

The rays touch my cold skin,
It brings warmth to my heart, it dwells within.

I love how your voice can be dark and bold.
Like how you smoothly take my hand for you to hold.

You are the Sun who is blazing and fiery at noon break.
My only heartbeat, my unrequited love but not a heartache.
Loving you can hurt a little while,
but you have become my happiness—
my biggest smile.

Missing you is like a burning flame.
I can be merry and weary every time I say your name.

You may be far, out of my reach, a heart that I cannot claim.
Always know that my love is real, it can wait, I will still love you the same.
i'm lay there by your side,
whispering sweet nothings in your ear as i run my fingers through your silk like hair.
i look at the time, then press my lips against your cheek.
you look down, giving me one of your heartwarming smiles.
i smile back as you wrap your arm around my waist, only to find myself curled up against your body once again, letting time slip through my fingertips.
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