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I felt so truly disemboweled when
I was told that my little sister
Won't even be given the chance
At life or to explore the world
Never to laugh and smile or
Would never say my name half correctly
Can't help but feel like I was gutted
What a strange things?
Light shines through the crack of things are broken.
What a strange concept?
The most beautiful words are always flowed from the most broken soul.
What a strange concept?
There's a beauty in broken things even light has to be fractured to make colors.
*Broken is a temporary state for humans,
Broken never existed to begin with.
Hii guy it's my first poetry 💖
When I remember you
I think of footsteps in the hall
The sound of cutlery on glass
And the way you'd answer calls
When I remember you
I think of your coffee cup
Your filthy silver car
And your short sleeve button ups
When I remember you
I see your eyes crease when you smile
The redness of your cheeks
Your weekly coordinated style
When I remember you
I think of what could have been
If we had another chance
Would we walk away again?
I still remeber
that elegant curve,
On that beautiful frame.

I still remember,
How it made me feel.

shivers down the spine.

I still remember,
That elegant smile,
On that beautiful face.
A smile is the only jewellery you need.
Wear it everyday.
Too many nights I have lay here crying,
the tears pour down
and I can't tell if they're lying.
I feel an emptiness deep inside
knowing I should be doing alright.

There are days where I paint on a smile,
make it through the day
by laughing a little louder,
I know if I ever dare stop for a while
I will feel it in full force and I'll breakdown.

Too much noise filling my head all the time,
I try to scream
but it's buried deep inside.
I fear if I don't speak up soon
I'll be lost to the war no-one else can see.
Murky shades of grey cling to my skin
depression has me in it's embrace
it seeks out the corners of my mind
gripping me with talons sharp
and tortures me with feelings of worthlessness
making me so alone , useless and abandoned

No glorious sunsets here
the stunning colours i remember are long gone
stolen by the dark cloud that hangs over my head
creating gloom that makes it hard to see
following me everywhere

Until i see your face, your glorious smile
warms up my world flooding it with colour
pushing back the clouds and
allowing sunshine to return
bringing brilliance, light and
a sense of wonder and love

©️ L Conway 2020
Don’t know what I’m doing here.
You’re so far out my league, but
I saw you standing there
And I knew I had to speak.
I swear
I’m not usually this shy.

I’m not tryna be your guy.
The last one left you jaded.
I wanna make you smile
And maybe get faded.
I swear,
There’s something waiting for us tonight.
And I
Know I’ve been drinking
But I
Really have been thinking
Of you.
What I say is true,
I just wanna be in your world.
Lately I thought
The more I forced
A tug on my lips,
A glint in my eyes,
A light in my face
Like the flicker of flames
As they dance in the fire,
The easier it would be,
The more natural it would feel,
And maybe even some day
My mind would recall
How it felt to smile
And I would be able to
Do it for real.
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