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Whenever I feel alone and lost...
I try to smile the most..!

I smile to hide the pain that I bear,
I smile to hide my eyes full of tears.
I smile to hide the truth that never lies,
I smile to hide my sufferings that continuously rise.

I smile, 'cause I know the cunning nature of this world,
I smile, 'cause I don't want my pain to be unfurled.
I smile, 'cause I don't want to show myself vulnerable,
I smile, 'cause in the crowd, I don't want to be uncomfortable.

I smile to put a smile on my loved ones' faces,
Amidst all the challenges, I smile to hide my every weakness.
I smile to look strong and hide my scared inner identity,
I smile to spread a little ray of humanity.

I don't want this world to make fun of my dream, suffering and pain...
That's why, I smile... 'cause only this smile has the ability to make them insane..!
I always try to smile, Even in my hard time...
'Cause only two things make me strong, when I feel low
One is my fake smile and another is my flow of rhyme...

Wasn't active here from past few days... Hope u all are good... Just came back here to say 'HELLO' to u all... 'Cause again taking a break from tomorrow to prepare for my sem. Examinations, will see u all after that..! Till then, we can connect on Insta, I'll be active there.

My User I'd: ubirajarajubatus
Just leave ur user I'd in the comment section, I'll follow u there to connect☺☺😊😊.
Sent just a single text..
an infinity bright smile on other side of the screen..
Happy little things.
Noone really knows whether u r making someone's day brighter by just a text
Even a gud morning/gudnight text from the right person , has the power to lit up the mood!!
So make sure that next timeπŸ˜‰
Isaac Apr 15
I need a wishbone or a loophole
sick of you and this old soup bowl
I thought this plague would fade away
I thought your chest was my favourite place
tarot cards led me astray, I guess
I try to never compress, I try to focus on my dress
a ring that makes me smile or a vibrant hue
anything to forget about you
how about when you made butterflies erupt in my stomach
how about when you made me think I knew what love is
floating on the shipwreck waiting to be brought to shore
these moments allowed me to process and plan
for my next project, my next attack
you thought you could beat me down
think again
Estelline Apr 6
I graze my hand over the bumps
That have been written on my skin from the past
Some finally found out my secret at last

But sometimes I feel like the time went by so fast
Like the bloom of a precious flower
A few looks and stares
Before the petals fall to the ground
With a lifeless glare

Looking back now
I don’t know how it’s gone
And I’m still here

The pain from a metal blade
As thoughts cut deeper into any living vein
And the fear of my name spoken
Echoing through the halls
Cracking the walls of glass in my dome of sanity

The sun still doesn’t shine everyday
But I see it rise
Even when faced with the darkness
Creeping up the drapes
A smile might find its way
To light up my face.
Snipes Mar 24
The waves crashing;

I hear fear is found in the unknown
I want to be brought to the sand at the bottom of the full moons light falling underneath optimisms pull
Even if I step in
My footprint will end up being missing

The clock tower’s bell;

I’m stuck in a fragment of time
With a fragile smile of a face of mind
The sidewalk is painted
But the mural is spilled ******
The violence is alarming
There’s gunfire in the charming

The β€œI love you”;

The harm of forever
Humming melodic sonics so effortlessly
Angelic high tones of prefect balance
The noise we hold onto till the last breath
The Saturday mornings when breakfast is on the table and the family is sound home
The sight of the lovely eyes screaming forever is found as our lifetime
Ali Harati Mar 21
In a dark night
With a violet sky,
Stood a lovely girl
With a blue smile.
I wanted to ask
Why her smile was blue,
I wanted to know
If she was lonely too.
Then she turned to me
With her fading smile,
And she answered me
With a teary eye,
No matter where
Or who youre happy with,
Hapiness is just
Riding on the wind;
Just when you get it
You devolve in ease,
Then it goes again
Solely on whim.
So I stand here
With my weary smile,
So may hapiness
Comes without a cost.
I'm afraid this time
Even if it reaches,
My fears and scars
Will drive it to the wind.
I began to think
What then could be done;
Would the lovely girl
Again truely smile.
It then came to me
If I never leave,
Maybe I can hold
The hapiness she needs.
As I held her close
All through the night,
I could see that her
Face began to shine,
And through her light
I began to smile,
With her lovely shine
Came along a thought;
She was hapiness,
All that I would need,
With her lovely smile
I would feel at ease,
With my happy thought
Came along a breez,
Which then suddenly
Took her off her feet,
With her rising high
I began to fear,
For the me without
The happiness she bears.
I reached for her feet
But the heavy wind,
Threw me to the ground
Scaring me deep.
With the sun setting
She could not be seen,
It was then that her
Words began to mean.
On a dark night
With a violet sky
Stood a lovely boy
With a blue smile.
Thomas EG Mar 18
I finally accelerate and you sense it, pulling back before I can try to satisfy this thirst

The plotting smile in your dark eyes is mischievously magnetic and I lunge forward to steal one last kiss

But one more is never enough, with you

And goodbyes are so hard even when our hello is still so fresh.

How am I expected to pass your heart over to summer?

Your lips, your hands, your salt? Who am I to just let them go?

We are two bodies, becoming one, irrespective of the distance between us

If I am, then we are. If we are, then I'm okay.
Falling x
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