Trying to suppress the hurricane
That expands inside
My core.
It rises and plummets without notice,
Nips me in the ear and pushes me sideways.

My guard slowly loosens its chain, opens it pores and slowly filters and trickles through.
This leads to a ball of excitement, a fiery mass that ignites a smile
It darts into my subconscious and when I am low it strikes fear
When I am weakened it rises doubt -
and disguises itself as a problem
Not a celebration.

The past has sharpened its edges and draped it in animosity
No need.
No need for confusion or destruction.
It is good, it is real.
Allow it, allow.

i wanna spend a day by the river;
watching the sun rise over the horizon
and watching your smile as the sun rises over the horizon.

smile at me,
make my day
Sun 19h

When I see you smile
wriggling on the wall
I lean on to the sky –
as a dreamer of fur-flung hope
To touch you -are you cold, in winter?

Shimmering silver light
sparks in my veins
Shaking the flame of my heart
for your thoughts
The depth of curiosity
set me ablaze
I close my eyes

Who painted you hundred years ago
Gave the same eyes through which I see thou
The same smile, the deep gaze to find eternal quest

When the visitors gone-
do you cry for the lost love of life?
In darkness, do you wait
for the light of heaven- we call Sun?
How many people loved you
before you’re not a mere Art?
A living soul- an unbroken array of hope
How many tears shed for your absence?

You cannot reply, do you sigh?  
You are my silent listener, silence holds my throat
Carpe diem! ~ by your dark deep curious eyes, sharp smile
Hanging in the corner of the art gallery for years

Dedicated: To the love of my life :) :)
Perspective: When a hundred years old portrait makes you wonder
Sun 2d

You are..... home
A home always within me
A wonderful sculpture of the sun
A cherished flower of the earth
Let the Arctic Ocean realm hold
All the blues – of your heart

Let the green mountains touch your feet
Sway among the rafts of clouds
Like the dreamers
who bury regrets underneath
Dance with the morning breeze

Behold the faith in sunrises
Torn-up roots of trees
were loved once in unloved places
Distant skyline send you it's elegance

Don’t run away from love this time
Let it be....
It’s not ~ distance wins, we lose
Let the hopeful smiles kiss your lips

You are my heartfelt Alchemy__
A dream within a dream deliriously happy

They say
The most truthful truth
Is the hardest truth
To face
To stand before
A perfect reflection
And never run away
They smile
White-toothed and greedy
Like villains in a play
But I stand still
For I will not turn away

There's a hole in my wall,
It's been there a while.
You ask why it's there,
And I nervously smile.
You offer to fix it,
I politely decline.
It doesn't need fixing,
It's perfectly fine.
I like it there,
But you still insist.
If that hole weren't there,
I wouldn't exist.
You won't give in,
You are rudely persistent.
You assure me that,
It'll be fixed in an instant.
Do you fix it for me,
Or is it only for you?
Now there are left,
Not one hole, but two.

Yes, I’m the one who did it.
I put it there to remind you what once was.
And what could have been.
Now it’s just a melody, which falls on deaf ears.

It could have been a symbol of hope, if you wanted it to.
It could have been a callback to a simpler time, if you wanted it to.
It could have been a pleasant smile, if you wanted it to.
Of course, you didn’t.

You’d much rather have a loud voice in your head.
Or a knight on a horse without legs.
You couldn’t love a bird missing a few feathers.
I hope you’re happy, no I don’t.

The wall will dry and crack, but the mark will stay.
It will serve as a beacon, a lantern for the future.
What once could have been a show of imperishable love,
Is reduced to a simple drawing on a plain white wall.

Spend your life utmost,
Enjoy as much as you can,
Don't try to save it.

In life you don't get another chance

my dear          
                         you are a bird so fly just fly          
              fly,because not only those who have  wings can fly
                   smile, there is no day in life to shed tears
              blossom as if there is no flower in gardens like you
                                you can do everything
                                everything is in  your hands
it is not  your duty to always breath in air of failure and regret
              regrets belongs to those who do not believe in God
                                   when there is all haters
       he will always gifts you one who will loves you a lot
      because he knows everything needs some love for its growth
                                        a reason to smile
                                   now you have to find it
                   be stronger enough , now world is your
                                        in your favor
                         don't even try to loose hope

                      "hasbi Allahu wa nam'ul wakil"
      God is sufficient for you and is the best trustee of affairs .

                                       my dear
                                  God bless you  

writer : kainat rasheed

surely God will bless you
its my first hand work in my life time

My array once glowed in the sky that this horizon
cried for winds that she boor in the afternoon
if I absorbingly flew into her midst
and like a rabbit in my throat that fed till she ware in that middle

this certain bloom that tired at my linchpin
she found with much regard
that I saw her tomorrow a swirling zest in my caper.

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