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Chiara 3d
My mom always tells me that it’s my fault we fight,
Why I’m not just happy and enjoy everyday life?
She says: There’s no reason for you to be sad,
You just **** the mood when you enter the room.

She doesn’t realize that I have every right to be down,
That I’m allowed to be me, even if she doesn't agree.
I don’t have to act different just to please her,
Why do I have to put on a fake smile, I thought lying was bad?

She doesn't know what I’m feeling, so why does she think she can judge me?
I am sad, she can’t change that,
So why won't she stop making me feel bad,
I can’t handle the stress with her at home now too.
I really love my family, but sometimes they just have no idea what their words do to me. I already have enough problems without them making me feel bad for feeling bad!
Juliana 4d
It must be tough.
I can't even try,
To know what you're feeling,
To know the reason why.
Is there a reason?
Is there a why?

I know it hurts.
I know it's tough.
But do one thing,
For me or for you.
Try to smile,
even for just a few.

Here, I'll help.
How can I?
Should I speak of rainbows?
Or maybe platypi?
Did you smile?
Did I make you laugh?
I hope so,
or else this poem's trash.

I didn't?
Not yet?
Okay, let's have a bet.
Whatever you're feeling,
Whatever is wrong,
It's just temporary,
No matter how strong.

So promise me this.
In a year or two,
When all this passes,
You'll no longer be blue.
I'll see you smile.
Maybe you'll laugh,
All in all,
Do you owe me some cash?
Go ahead and caress yourself
(Said his own voice in the mirror)
Ask and listen
What you want
Put yourself first
From time to time
And read yourself your vows
Be your friend
And love yourself
Don't waste your time
It's yours
It's ok to say no
Build healthy boundaries.
Now say yes to yourself
And smile
Always smile!
Inspired by an article I read recently
What is it about trees that make them so special?

Why is it that they make me have a sense of peace?

Is it because trees are really alive like us?

Or that they stand so tall, reaching towards the sky?

What do trees remind us of when we look at them?

Why do they make me smile when I look at them?

Is it because trees are really like people too?

Or that they too, seem to have no care in the world?
I had written this when I was at work, since there's a lot of trees around :)
Ave 7d
I hate crush culture
I’m in love with a *** guy
And a straight girl
I’m in love with people who will never be with me
Because of a dumb thing like sexuality
I’ve tried to define my self but the closest I’ve gotten is that
i like people... just people.
Save your tears for someone
who can comfort you as they fall.
Don't waste them on someone
who can't even cry for themselves.

Save your laughter for someone
who can laugh along with you.
Don't waste it on someone
who's forgotten how.

Save your bright smile for someone
who will appreciate the gesture
Don't waste it on someone
who's smile is never true

I'll give you a single piece of advice, my dear:
It would be a mistake to fall for someone
who cannot fall for you.
It’s to fall,
With your heart on your sleeve
It’s to fly,
Your hair ruffled by the breeze
It’s to call,
And have faith and believe
It’s to trust,
That they will let you breathe.
It’s to choke,
As the tears stream down your cheeks
It’s to tear,
As your heart is slowly squeezed
It’s to leave,
Although you’re ripping at the seams
It’s to die,
Although your lungs still seem to breathe.
It’s to cry,
Even though you assure that you’re fine
It’s to jump,
Even if you’re still healing
It’s to smile,
While you’re trying to forget
It’s to fall,
With your heart on your sleeve.
It's funny. I don't believe that I've ever been in love, yet I can describe it somewhat accurately...
J Fisher Oct 7
Rays light up the lonely sky,
Breeze around the little bee,
Water looks O so fine,
Perfect day for you and me.
Butterfly Oct 7
It doesn't stop
Yes, I'm done
But still I keep coming for your smile
I haven't been posting alot lately, sorry. My mind is a mess and every word that pops up in my head seems wrong.
andY Oct 6
what i’m longing for
is the opposite
of what i have now
a bustling house
with life, smiles & frowns
cats lurking in corners
and soups on the stove
warmth in the air
and hearts full of hope
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