Skylar 5d
The place between your arms is where I belong
Falling asleep to some stupid cliched love song
We laugh, grin, then share a small kiss
A small free kiss in the dark.

The place between your arms is where I belong
I say I don't feel pretty and you strive to prove me wrong
Point out the pieces of me you say are perfect
And baby for you that's all of me.

The place between your arms is where I belong
That for thy right myself will bear all wrong.
We make love and poetry all in the same ways
For love with us is everything to me.

There are no words no expression clear
To express my love for you, my dear
So hold true the pieces of my heart
And so will I, my dear sweetheart.
Words from
A Small Free Kiss in the Dark (Glenda Millard) and Shakespeare's Sonnet LXXXVIII have been used and are not mine.
Latina1813 Jun 12
You ask me about myself
But it doesnt matter
What I say
What we do
Cuz I'll fall asleep In Your arms
What movies do I like
What movie would we even complete
When ur warmth
Like a fire burning in me
Hibernating the feeling growing inside
I fell asleep in your arms
But it doesn't lay dormant
And emotions stir me
His eyes staring back at me
What is your favorite animal
Could that matter
Cuz ur warmth coats me
Like Siberian fur
And I cuddled you like a cub to mother
I fell asleep In your arms
To await the next question
Do u want to see me again?
Cuz I could fall asleep In your arms like an addiction
I could never kick
mjad Jun 12
I hear the electricity fade
The room is lit with the TVs black haze
My body in your arms is no game
But now I'm all you want to play
part two of my previous poem Prioritize
My arms stretched around her.
She rose like a flower.
Blossoming to life.
Her lips a bud.
Flourished full.
I a reddish ceramic.
A reminder that we are grounded.
She filled where I felt most empty.
On certain days she would dance in my arms.
Painting my cheeks rose red.
Creating foundation we both can grow.
Her trust being the ultimate gift.
Arms wide open she dug deeper.
Without soil, water or sun.
I'd stunt her growth.
Our self love being reason to how we feed each other.
Blooming the petals of what became ideal.
I gave without fear that the vase would break.
Butterflies loom over her head.
Watching her grow was the most important thing
AAron Roz May 23
Bleached, dyed, trimed, styled.
Faded, ripped, blue, worn.
Tanned, tattooed, bruised, cut.
Blue, hazel, gray, brown.
Painted, polished, chipped, bit.
Kind, hothead, caring, jerk.
What do you think these things are?
Mister J May 16
Rays of sunlight shining dimly at dawn
Slowly illuminating the fading night sky
Stars becoming invisible as morning comes
As cirrus clouds streak the early morning skies

Morning traffic jams slowly building up
Quiet streets waking up with blaring car horns
Sidewalks brimming with people in transit
As the sleeping city slowly comes to life

Amidst all that chaotic, monotonous cycle
I find myself gazing at your sleeping face
Listening to your soft, gentle breathing
Entangled cozily in my embrace

Your tranquil snoring feels like music to my ears
Your calm face etched in my most beautiful memories
My hands can't stop from touching your gentle cheeks
As I contemplate if should I kiss your lips good morning

I just want to stay under these soft bed sheets
Staying with you here,  entrenched in your soothing warmth
Pretending to be asleep, waiting for your morning kisses
While pulling you back from the cold to my greedy, wanting arms

These are the mornings I want to wake up to
These are the mornings that I pray for everyday
Dear God, please don't let her wake up yet
Let me just stay and stare at this small piece of heaven

I've prayed for you for a very long time
And in my search I may have been unfair to you
I may have done these with other people before
But this time, I know, nothing beats these mornings with you

So I'm sorry
If I didn't wait before
I'm sorry
If I never stayed faithful
I'm sorry
If I was in a wasteful haste
I'm sorry
If you were never my firsts

But now
I thank God for leading me to you
I thank God for staying faithful
I thank God for His mysterious ways
I thank you, for waiting to be my last

These are the mornings that I want to wake up to
These are the mornings that I wanna live for
So please, If time can just stop for a few more minutes
I just want to savor how blessed I am to be with you

I love you with all my heart
I love you with all my soul
Stay in my arms, let's leave the world be itself
Sleep in my bed, let's stay here for a little more time
Enjoy the read!

Stacey May 14
What are my arms?
But floppy dead things that hang at the sides of my body
And beat against my chest when i run?
Do they fold and bend and caress the compartments of my mind?
And build shelters for my hopes and dreams the live behind my eyelids?
What use are they to the dead man they lay on the side of the road,
But to hold up the dirty crushed cup that he uses to beg for a days meal?
Can they save him?
Or just point to show that my heart notices his cry for help
Or hope
Or just a few cents
Are they just the blankets that I wrap around myself when I shiver of shake and questions?
Or answers
Or just the sharpened coldness that bite at my legs?
What are my arms?
Show me how to use them
All you folks who have achieved
And bled
and blistered of a hard day's work
Make them your students
Even just to teach them that they can lift up and be pillars for my hands
Nuna May 9
it's been 6 years since you last seen her
8, since you last talked
you wonder where she is, or how she's doing
you left with no goodbye, no let's keep in touch

it's Sunday evening and you miss her,
sitting on your terrace wishing you could kiss her,
wondering in whose arms she slept last night,
you stare into your half-filled glass of coffee and notice the resemblance to her eyes, her dark brown eyes you never thought were special

all you can think about is the sound of her laugh and how she loved to hold your hand
you know on her shoulders she carried the world
she didn't have much to offer but she promised you her world
so fragile yet certain to keep going
a universe as big as this, she always talked of meant to be
I guess we weren't, you think to yourself

as you light another cigarette you wish you had kissed her
she told you she loved you and you panicked, letting her slip through your fingers and now wishing you had held on to her a little tighter
all you can think about is who else is kissing her, does she tell strangers about him and write poems about his eyes?

the sun has set, your mug is empty yet your heart is filled with regret and anger
you know you can't get her back now
you know you've never seen eyes as beautiful as hers,
you just hope she's laying in the right arms,
even if you're not
find love come back
true soft lips miss
body wrap arms legs
...just because
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