I used to think I didn't belong anywhere
That's a lie
I used to think I didn't belong anywhere
Because I belonged everywhere.
But now I know I do belong somewhere
One specific place in this world.
Because when my hand is on your chest
And your finger tips are
Tracing my arm, and my back,
Mine running through your hair,
When I can hear your
Heart beat against my ear,
I belong
I belong right there in your arms.
And you darling,
Belong in mine.
Audrey 6d
Your arms were open like a book.
Dealt paper cuts but you don't look.
Your firm touch lingers on my skin.
As my heart trembles deep within.
Sorry I've been inactive. The next few poems will be ones that I wrote in rehab.

This poem is about my experiences being raped. He lured me in with "open arms" using lies and deception which lead to metaphorical "paper cuts". He ignored the pain he was causing me. I was very scared but he didn't stop.
Mary-Rose H Feb 13
The gap
b e t w e e n
my arms,
created by your
a  b  s  e  n  c  e
from them,
sucks my
a  w   a    y.
when I grow up
and my daughter is born
wet and glowing in my arms
like she's just been kissed
by the light of a thousand
silver moons,
I'll hold her
and whisper in her tiny ear,
opening up like a flower bud
bathed in morning sunshine,
all the things
that the stars taught me,
all the secrets
that the trees whispered to my heart,
all the songs
that the wind sung to me
to help me to dream
when I couldn't sleep.

I'll tell her of the mountains,
how strong they were
my whole life,
how constant they seemed
when I was a child
and the world was an unchanging thing
that wrapped itself around me,
and how suddenly beautiful
those old mountains became
when my mind woke up,
and all those hidden, frozen things
waiting patiently
in the corners of my brain
cracked and melted
into the outstretched open hands
of my heart
just like rain over the navy peaks
that watched me grow
to become the mother mountain
I'd always wanted to be,
just like them, I'll say.

and someday, my darling,
you will grow to be a mountain too.
and the stars will teach you things
they never taught me,
and all the world will awaken
for you
so that when you are grown up
and have a son or daughter of your own,
you will whisper in their tiny,
blooming ears,
all the things
that the stars told you.
Listen to the music of the world
spilling from the throats of children
who live in the dusty arms of the Earth
Feel the songs in their dreaming eyes
crashing upon you like waves upon the land,
giving colors to the static sandscape
of a world so silent
you can barely hear yourself think
I wrapped my arms around yours at the beach,
holding onto you.

Desperately trying to keep that moment alive,
for as long as possible.

Then I realized I wasn't even looking at the sunset,
I was looking at you.

You are my sunset.
but fleeting.
Pain, mayhem in words is huge tonight
My rhyming may cause a deluge tonight
A besotted, is fond of her for last time
God, In her arms, he seeks refuge tonight
Poet in a state of confusion, when words turn away and poet has to seek refuge.
my head lays on his chest,
his heart beats in a rhythm.
a slight sigh he emits
I'm the happiest with him.
A smile spreads across my face
I know this is where I belong
in his arms every night I lay
feeling everything but wrong.
Amanda Jan 24
Every time you call,
I'll come running,
I will not stop until I collapse,
I will not be far away.

Whenever you feel blue,
I will cheer you up,
No matter what it takes,
I won't be far away.

If you feel cold,
I'll give you a hug,
Wrap my arms around you,
I won't be far away.

So, in conclusion,
If you love me,
I'll love you,
I won't be far away.
This isn't my favorite haha
Rachel C Jan 21
I feel at home
Not because I'm at house.
Home is not a location.
Not even close.
Home is what I feel when I'm with you.
I'm wrapped in your protective arms.
I'm home.
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