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Bhill 6d
Stretch it out

Your internal time clock says it time
You feel your self waking up...
Yawn, open your eyes just a bit to see if it's light
Remember where you are
Stretch out those sleeping legs
Throw your arms over your head and...
Stretch till you feel the muscles wake up
Wow...  Wow that feels good
Are you ready?
Let's go
Forget that, I'm going back to sleep....

Stretch it out...

Brian Hill - 2019 # 250
Wake up, get out of bed...
Morning kisses and your arms. That what I want.
Andra Sep 11
and life has changed...
and coffee got cold

and i had no words to explain.
to you.
to myself.

and i was asking you: let me be, please.
and then i was searching for you

in hope that i could hold you in my arms for a bit more
'cause you had me in your palms anyway.

and you kept telling me to fight.

what a stupid cliché.

and i, as the naive that i was
i listened.

and you, as the lunatic you were,
you were the force i was fighting with.

what should i understand, then?




Carmen Jane Sep 10
What can fit inside the outline of your soul
Do the rivers fit, with their ripples of love?
How about the trees, that always reach the skies
All of this can fit or does your soul just tries?

Can you say that Earth fits inside your soul
Loving all on it , can that be your goal?
How about the moon, the sun and the stars
How about my soul, does it fit 'n your arms?
Johnny walker Aug 21
Yesterday those days have all gone by oh so quickly leaving me clinging to my memories such beautiful memories of a time that once belong to Helen and I
then we were all that mattered In a world so full of problems but we'd sleep safe In each others arm
In our own
untouched by outside Influences safe In the knollege we had each others love and at the time that's
all we
Neha Sharma Aug 18
Your smile is what I love.
Your arms is where I wish to live.
Your sweet voice is what I long to listen.
Just about you and us that's all I have always written.

~your smiling queen :)
I can't think of anything else except you my love.
Lilly F Aug 13
one of the only places I feel safe
and your hugs,
as healing to the bones as honeycomb

from a series of poems I've been writing: what I love about you
Bhill Aug 11
As the sun rises over the tops of the trees
It appears to be yawning
Yawning and stretching out it's beaming arms
Stretching out to share the warmth and love
The warmth and love that is needed by everyone, every day
Everyone that is ready for what the new day will bring...
Do you feel it?

Brian Hill - 2019 # 202
Mornings can be the BEST time of the day.
Are you a morning person?
moon Jul 26
i just wanted you to hold me.
i just wanted to be held,
always be held.
there was nothing more important or on my mind when i was in someone's arms.
my head resting on the gape of their neck,
or buried in their warm chest.
there was something special about slowing my rapid breathing and matching it with someone elses.
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