my arms are outstretched, wide open,
ready to embrace you; even when you’re sad and broken.

for h.j.s.
liv 7d

you've opened my eyes
to a bright new world that is so much clearer
you've opened my heart
and made myself feel welcome in my own body finally
you've opened my arms
and your body just fits so right

i'm a wreck
lily 7d

i promise
every hug you ask for
will be filled with love

so when i wrap these arms
around you
and pull you close
to my heart

im giving you
all the love
i can possibly give
in just those five seconds.

liv Nov 14

the only promise i can keep
is that i'll love you unconditionally
no matter how hard it gets
no matter what gets in the way
i'll find my way
back in to the arms
i call home

in your arms i am home

The lake was a sprawling uneven mass
Like a slithering serpent of uncertainty
Underneath our boat
We counted the moments to the future
The yards from the past were still very few
We feared of getting lost in the quest
To relinquish our past
And to marry a sweet future
Our destinies intertwined
On the road to blood and war
The war was unending
The blood was raining
Then we found ourselves
In the embrace of each other
We fell in love
We fell from grace
The ugly war
The incredible noise
The unimaginable distances
We had to escape
The boat was just a metaphor
Of the times we only knew
How important love could be
In saving our souls from drowning
In the coldness of life.

A Poetic Tribute to Hemingway’s A Farewell to Arms
David M Harry Oct 21

I am here seeking forgiveness,
but I am not sure if I want it.
My only sin was her...

When she looked at me like that
my lust converted into praise and worship
and I knew then I was lost...

She had no place being in my arms
but she fit as if I was designed
to embrace her subtle November

Caramel apples led to Egyptian kisses
which dripped into carnal appetites
adrift in the Nile of her complexity

In the blue of midnight,  when I
write the story of my life
she was and is the only Paige

She is an ebony marbled goddess
fervently frozen in my psyche
and I am her sole disciple

Olympia Oct 18

just let the sun dip below your beautiful curves
kiss me on the forehead
tell me all these pretty little whispers
tell me all the things that i wanna hear
i know life hasn't gone the way we planned
but trust me
i know i feel happier in your arms
but hold me
i know you feel warmer when your in my arms
oh dont look at me like that
turn around and let the sunset cover your lies
you loved me
i loved you
oh wait
we still love each

liv Oct 17

i must've been homeless for quite some time
because now in your arms i feel like home
because when she gave me a cardboard box
that i gratefully took in as i needed the shelter
you've given me a castle
and have made me feel like a damn queen
how could i even begin
to thank you

Olympia Oct 7

wish i could run into your arms
wish i could be free to kiss your face
wish i could wrap myself up in your body
wish i could love you to bits
wish i could look into your eyes
wish i could tell you how much you mean to me
wish i could get rid of these feelings
wish you didn't act like such a dick
wish we were different
wish love was different

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