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I can't reach you
they do not move
nailed to the cross
broken arms

Shattered at the bone
blistered and diseased
muscular atrophy
broken arms

They want to feel
they want to grow
they want to give warmth
broken arms

Would you lend your strength
so that they can give you
one last hug?
broken arms

Will you please nail them
back onto the cross
so that they can be numb again?
broken arms

Will you please walk away
and leave me in agony
sorrow is the new happy
broken arms

Do not pity me
pity is for the weak
my knuckles drag on the ground
broken arms

Rotten and deformed
decayed and putrid
burred six feet under
broken arms
RedD 6d
Last night was spent
for the briefest of hours
held in your arms
Exquisite movements
filled with breathless longing
made in unison
Until the inevitable time
which always brings dread
I wish you could stay
I'm not sure you know how much
I yearn for your embrace
each night
We could soothe each other to sleep
and the darkness which surrounds us
would no longer keep us awake
I never really deal well with saying goodbye. One day soon S, I hope we won't need to
Sssssssssss Sep 8
You’re absolute perfection,
The most tastiest confection.
I soak up your affection,
The most intoxicating injection.
Rythmic lust fuels our connection,
You leave no room for doubt or objection.
It seems like, on closer inspection,
Your arms are my haven and only protection.
Lyn-Purcell Sep 7

Broken and cold,
my face is a ruby
I see you there
waiting in the misty rain
My chest, how it hurts!
I fall into your arms
and we become as clouds
How your love burns
and seeks to destroy

It never mattered much that you weren't mind to hold
I have a bad habit of waiting for people to change their minds
and hoping I'll fall back into the arms of someone who was never meant to stay
It's always more the idea of someone than it is the person standing in front of me
so I spend my mornings listening to music that reminds me of you
pretending to know the boy I only wanted you to be
mi hogar es dentro de Tu Corazon
me acuesto en tus brazos
vive en Tus Sueños
asi por favor dime...? es esta realidad o un fantasía ?
this poem goes along with the painting done by bansky saying home sweet home, this is a random poem in spanish
Amanda Aug 11
Even through stormy skies
Sing songs of calmer days
I swear when cold and cloudy
Passion pacifies with sunlit rays

Looked at you, my frosty armor melted
No place warmer than your eyes
Daydreams and illusions don't come close or compare
Gut filled with air from fluttering butterflies

I discovered home in your embrace
Your love is thawing my ice
Your presence is a welcome heat wave to my Winter
In your strong arms I found paradise
Paradise every time I close my eyes
Özcan Sh Aug 8
The night
I look at the sky
I hear a cry
A star falling from above
She did not stop to spark
Because she feels safe
In my arms.
She Writes Jul 23
I cannot find the right words
To describe the way it feels
To be wrapped up in your arms
Soft breaths on my neck
Nails scratching your back
I cannot explain it
But in your arms I am home
And I know I am where I belong
Nathalie Jul 22
She could feel

The rise…

Fervent emotions

Building and trying to

Find an exit point

For a quick release

She knew that

The fall…

Would come

After her sharp words

Left her tongue,

They would cut deep

She realized

The benefit…

Of sitting

And pen her emotions

Which would help smother

Her open flames

Her words were strung

By the gale

Of a brewing eruption

There was no longer

A place to deny

This culminating storm

She understood

The wisdom

Which she sourced

From experiences

And broken promises

Through time

Saying goodbye

To the life

She had known

Brought a gift

It birth

New life,

Sparked miracles

From a grateful heart

She rose

In her open arms

She fell

Dreams fulfilled

She profited

The story ends

With a…

Life well lived!

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