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I flung my arms open
In a dream.
I hoped to feel you, knowing
A place warm and welcoming.
A place I haven't been in so long.
I flung my arms open to a place That I've missed, that I haven't been in so long.
A knock perfectly placed on your heart.
I've missed you so much,
Remembering the last time we spoke.
The last time we kissed.
Our lips patient in between knocks.
Our feet tap in anticipation.
My fingers in such rush to grab you.
In relief to how I've missed you being in front of me.
Seeing your smile for the first time in so long.
Your face a breath of fresh air.
And this,
The warmth of your skin.
Your caress snug against my skin,
The best dream I've had in so long
I take no comfort
In anything apart from
My rest in Your arms
Separation shall not define
Beats getting weak in my heart
Be lull but me mine
Darling—stay bleak in my heart

Your lament mourned in storms
Some cries cling deep in my heart
It is who
Crossed leagues to die in my arms
Who has born to weep in my heart
Sara Kellie Dec 2018
What would I do without you.
You're always by my side.
Giving my life balance.
You open doors for me.
Point things out to me.
You're always right
and left.

Johnny walker Dec 2018
I've have never been closer to Heaven above, than when I first kissed Helen sweet tender lips, those lips that tasted like strawberries and
Never felt closer to Heaven
above than the first time
we ever made love afterwards laying her head on my chest I smiled to myself
I realised then I never get closer to Heaven above
than when laid In the are
the one that I
Laying In the arms of the one you Is like being In heaven above
Lily Dec 2018
~I miss my head on your shoulder and your arms around me~
Aileen Dec 2018
Take my thousand thoughts
My questions
My answers
Take my ability to think
Take me into your arms
I want to stay there for a thousand years
Let me drift over the sea
Forget myself in the wind
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Trying to remember the time I last held you In my arms the last time I kissed your sweet tender
The last time held you real close, the time I looked Into those beautiful blue
The the last time I felt Your sweet breath on my body, last time you laid softly your head on my
The last time I felt close to Heaven was the time I held and loved you, the last time I  felt the love and your passion
Is the closest to Heaven I've ever been, A Heaven I so clearly remember
Never felt closer to heaven than Helen you were laid In my arms
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