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Man Jun 2
i've heard it said
of friends who can only bare
the weather fair,
that they are better left
in that climate, there
that of all your loves
the ones who don't give up
slog through the ****
all for the prospect
of living it up
that's who you do it for

open your heart
open your arms
open your mind
free the soul
In my arms you smiled
We laughed and cried
In my arms you shared
We understood we cared
In my arms I had your touch
Made me want you so much
In my arms we grew
We saw everything through
In my arms you were my strength
I felt special and content
In my arms you were loved
In my arms you faded... 🙁
In my heart you are alive
Memories with you will always survive
LC Apr 26
she wanted to paint over
the marks on her face
to create a blank canvas
so their eyes would not
drill holes into her pores.
but before she could paint,
two arms wrapped around her,
slowly turning her around.
her eyes were downcast
as he kissed her every mark.
"I love your constellations.
Please don't hide them,"
he gently whispered.
she pulled him closer,
leaning back onto the counter.
the brush fell to the ground
as they savored their sweet love.
#escapril day 25!
LC Apr 24
the minutes roll past her like tumbleweeds
as her eyes meet the melting, setting sun.
but in the blink of an eye, the night falls
and the hour wraps its arms around her,
keeping her warm and safe in time's embrace.
#escapril day 23!
Diljeev Apr 20
There's no god's belief
I pray to an energy,
praying that you're safe and sound,
praying for the world's relief.
Hoping his arms are warm,
ample to make you feel home,

There's one too many arms
yearning for you outside,
one of the pairs is mine,
the others are those of time,
to be blamed are the soft shackles
of your essence,
compelling all in your presence
to abide,
to your absence.

Lie in his arms before
the arms of time grapple you,
fight your love, fight for your love,
while I stand here everyday
doing the same as you,
for you,
until the end of time.
LC Apr 20
my eyes were downcast,
never meeting my reflection,
my body shrunk into itself
when shame embraced me.

I straightened my shoulders,
and shame got out of the way.
I kept my arms out, forming a bubble
that shame could never, ever break.

and once I did that,
I greeted the mirror,
and my reflection smiled
for the first time.
#escapril day 19!
anotherdream Mar 26
If the world fell apart,
Would we have made it this far,
If things were done different,
Would you still be in my arms?

I exposed myself for you,
Just to feel my old scars,
I guess nothing has changed,
You're still a friend of the dark.

If the skies faded to red,
While I lay there and bled,
Would you treat me as your enemy,
Walk away to leave me for dead?
i miss the old M <3
deadhead Mar 23
this embrace of mine
will always hold you closely
in my loving arms
jia Mar 21
casually crashing in your arms
as i feel my head go light.
your heart which only warms
when it's me in your sight.
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