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Emily 7h
This isn't a hypothetical.
Baby when I write this it's all about you.
You've been running through my mind.
Thoughts of you stuck on replay.
The way you make me feel.
Your touch is like nothing I've ever felt.
I want nothing more than to be wrapped in your arms.
You tell me time and time again that I'm perfect,
Inside and out.
My body is the peak of perfection.
My mind is nothing less than eminent.
Coming from you it does something to me.
Have me feeling myself.
But I rather have your lips feeling me.
Turn me inside out.
Hear my screams over the music.
You know what you do to me.
Have me feeling vulnerable.
rd Nov 2
I find solace in your arms..
It's a refuge
My shelter...

I wish to make it my home,
so that after I die
my soul can linger.....
a hard
battle won
the filly
that would
frock and
while she
fought for
their favor
and fraught
with flack
when she'd
take their
broken heart
while guns
supplanted the
***** truth
in America
Karijinbba Oct 22
I come in a minute
in your arms
You come twice in a moment...
in mine
But never can we come in a thousand years..

you'll never guess
where I hide
nor what my simple name is
or can you?
I am a riddle I hide in plain view!
whats my name??
Eric Babsy Sep 30
Despite the fact that I thought you were hot.
What you did really did not hit the spot.
Because of you and their foolishness.
Now I will have nothing left.

I will be homeless.
Forever lost, and left talentless.
I hope these people never find peace of mind.
Because I was the one who was left behind.

I know you did it to be kind or hurtful.
What they did for you and your people was helpful.
Until someone else stepped in and held my life by a thread.
Maybe someday soon I will fall dead.

Because all the lies they feed us all.
I hope you have fun at the mall.
Have fun person who’s name rhymes with dating.
In that corner I was trying.

All you fools who ruined my chances time and again.
Like with moving arms I even right with a pen.
Again and again I play a song.
For me you better hope nothing is wrong.

I know you were married.
But I did not make the advance you carried.
Have fun all with your picnic.
Because you can like an apex you can have it big.
Jack L Martin Sep 17
I can't reach you
they do not move
nailed to the cross
broken arms

Shattered at the bone
blistered and diseased
muscular atrophy
broken arms

They want to feel
they want to grow
they want to give warmth
broken arms

Would you lend your strength
so that they can give you
one last hug?
broken arms

Will you please nail them
back onto the cross
so that they can be numb again?
broken arms

Will you please walk away
and leave me in agony
sorrow is the new happy
broken arms

Do not pity me
pity is for the weak
my knuckles drag on the ground
broken arms

Rotten and deformed
decayed and putrid
burred six feet under
broken arms
RedD Sep 14
Last night was spent
for the briefest of hours
held in your arms
Exquisite movements
filled with breathless longing
made in unison
Until the inevitable time
which always brings dread
I wish you could stay
I'm not sure you know how much
I yearn for your embrace
each night
We could soothe each other to sleep
and the darkness which surrounds us
would no longer keep us awake
I never really deal well with saying goodbye. One day soon S, I hope we won't need to
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