To my good friend, Sue
Stay safe in your chrysalis
I'll be here waiting

Keep your mind on you
I'll stay true to the promise
to write for us both

You are not alone
You are a kind and sweet soul
So regenerate

In your chrysalis
I will await in its glow
and for it to crack

The winds will sing sweet
And the Northern Lights will dance
And you will emerge

Shining, born again
With strong, bright, velveteen wings
With love as armour

With all your wounds healed
And all your scars now faded
And we see you smile

I know you'll come through
People may have struck you down
But you weren't destroyed

To my good friend, Sue
My hand's on your chrysalis
Just know I am here
Again, this is for Sue.
Whatever she is going through I know she will come through.
Sue, if you're seeing this, know you can take as long as you like to heal
in your chrysalis.
Me and other people here on HP will continue to support you.
Always <3
Sending hugs your way!
Your good friend,
Lyn xxx
Gone with the casket to behold
What I deem tired and old
As an elder betrays my hopes
And listens to every trope
Of an ending where I bring no thought to the table
Fabled in the mind of the third that had heard a word
Beyond the scourge of the purge occurring
In the hand procuring
The glee
The joy
The life founded with heart and handled like a toy
In the gleam's fourteen it glimmer
With the shimmer of ash, to ween
And be clear in time
To fear without wine
A running case of Brandy, drunk with a hand so sandy
Of our edges to sea what be
Collective hearts of Pangaea, dubbed colossal
Sink in the sea of Panthalassa
Drown inside a coffin of wine
And make it mine
Behold a drowning dream
Further from sea than it may seem
Even I don't know what I was trying to convey in this "poem".
6 13 2018

The power of word
To teach
To lead
To inspire

The words we craft
We use to spread knowledge
The words we feel
Have been here always

Even if we lose the words we know
We still have our feelings
To make peace with our hearts
With the beautiful art, of our words

Learn to word yourself carefully
For words are a sword and shield
Our paint and our brush
A toothed bubble. A vibrant flame

Its feels as if words have feeling
Each one can dance
If you write with your mind
You must write alongside it with heart

In our imagination
We can string together our words
To craft worlds and stories
Rhymes poems and memories

The true messages that we keep
Are the things we read
To which inspire our feelings
For we may always cherish and share these writings

In times beyond times
Our rhymes stay in our minds
For the words of our heart
Never truly ever fall apart
Timeless words
Are emotional
c 4d
Paint my porcelain skin
To look like steel.
This is my armor,
Fragile beneath
It’s metallic sheen.
Paint my face
With my blood
Like warpaint
In the form of adrenaline
coursing through my veins.
Forge my sword
With the splintered pieces
Of my dignity,
For my wit is sharp
And my pride is strong.
Heed my battle cry
The song of words once trapped in my throat.
I am a siren, a Spartan, a warrior for the silenced.
The blood
Running through my veins
Is toxic.
So bite me.
Helena 5d
I crave fire
My chest ignites the flame
The desire to burn
What belongs to me; My life
My feet carry me through the flames
A flame for every regret
Every prayer that went out my mouth
Just to fall at my feet
I will pour gasoline on every floor board
And wipe the dust of the footsteps
Of the people that stood still
I will turn my pain into a pile of ashes
And cradle it in my hands
To feel what it is to hold my pain
Instead of letting it hold me
I will let the light of the fire guide me out of the shambles
And to a place where my name exist only in my head
Where the smoke that will paint the sky
Will come out of my lungs
And the flames that swallowed the sorrow
Will flicker in my eyes
life  and                                              
truth to words                                              
Let   your    poems                                                

               write  these
                 poems          to    
                    to    touch   the  hearts    

my mind                    
poems      are                  
        true   emblems   of                            

                                                 are  meant  to
                                                  be    my   way    to

are  meant  to                              
be    my   way   to                            

                                                    are meant to
                                                     be  my  way  to

are  meant to            
be   my  way   to              

                                                are meant to
                                                 be   my way   to

most of                                
all, Lanterns                                
will always share                              

Words have so much power that they can change your and others loves for the better. Short Lanterns, I know, but man, they're really addictive! ^-^
Thanks everyone!
Be back soon!
Lyn xxx
You left a trail of treasures
for me to find or lose
you are all about free will
you left it all to fate
everywhere I look
you are standing near
in every mother to be
I see you cupid in utter joy
your the lover of life
best lover husband and father.
In every lullaby playing
Its you who sings to babes
in their cribs you are
the best father on earth
a beacon of light
in every child life
In every poem that paints and sings the songs of trees of life
a new paradise is born
poetry caresing lovers.
weddings diamonds and gold
I feel you every where
beloved of my soul
every rose and wild flower
bows in reverance to you
Richie Rhett lover of life
legacy of true love
In every grief Eve gave Adam
I see my world
forever transformed;
In every poet's ink
I bleed I live or die
but in your ink
I find the ink of God's
willful stride
you are my favorite poet
on the whole wide world
your INK has power
pulling the enemy daggers
left in my heart
let this powerful queen's
INK in hand
pull your sword
out of your stone
with my mouth my sinner lips
and my hand's tongue
my poet's ink.
the power of a poet is to teach the heart  thought then to speak
You call yourself fire but you are the water that quenches my flames
You are the dirt that snuffs out the coals
And Buries me.
And the dust that coats my throat
Until I’m choking
And coughing up the coals
I swallowed
Trying to keep the flames alive

But it worked
And they are still flickering inside me.
Keeping me alive

Because I am fire.
But only for myself.
Though I’m sure I have left a few flames in my wake.
I wonder I they’re licking at you
Threatening to swallow you?
I hope instead
you take them as a lend
Bottle them up
In your darkest hour
And until my light, I’ve left in you,
Flickers out,
I hope you let those flames
Left in my wake
light your way.
I am starting to recognize myself again
You know, the me that you tried to suffocate
The real me
The woman that laughs out loud at dirty jokes
The woman that didn't want to bite her tongue in front of your judgemental family

I am starting to look in the mirror and like myself again
You know, the me that you always insinuated needed to lose weight
The woman who likes to cook things because they taste good, not simply because "Angela, the body needs only nutrients"
The woman that didn't  want to disintegrate into broken pieces for you

I am starting to remember what my voice sounds like standing up for myself
I am beginning to recall what the tv shows and movies I love sound like
I am finally starting to love myself again
The Problem is NOT
What they think about you
What YOU think about YOU.
To all the people suffering in silence, I say look at yourself and see greatness you are more than your past. Push forward-there are better days to come!
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