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I need to learn to compartmentalize
Because I still sssociate you wish lies.
But soon you will be nothing in my eyes
You will no longer make me cry.
Is it support you need to succeed
Or just left to fail and bleed to get there
One day it will come
Mighty power more powerful than the sun
If you dont believe its a shame
Life could be one big game
A poem which just came to mind
The Universe
an ink drop in water
a single point all at once billowing out in magnificent swirls

Cosmically, we are nothing
Individually, we are everything
supernovae exploding
destroying all that is near
leaving black holes in our wake to devour existence
without hesitation
without discrimination

But also
galaxies whirling and spinning with ultimately undying grace
filled with billions, trillions of thoughts all coalescing
birthing and dying

Careful now, do not let beauty make you a fool
We are the cosmos
grand scheme brimming with rage
harboring cataclysmic disaster
spectacular color contraster
born of ink in water
Everything, yet nothing, beneath The Alter
Brynn S 2d
Those dark cold nights
The ones I held so dear
They dissipate as ends prove near
I was always blind
I fled from the silence
I ran to false profits
Those who gave me solace
A woman of straightedge
Narrowed by the path
Now holding fire
breath in the wrath
Lost in the found
I am poison
Fleeting through time
The hours conclude
The rasping grind
Run to the roses
For the thrones pierced your eyes
Darling of nature
Watch as all lies

With two eyes absent the third appears
Jo 3d
Do not call me by your nicknames
I can see the poison dripping off your tongue
Do not touch me without consent
This body is mine and mine alone
Do not tell me to stay quiet
My words could spark a revolution
Do not try to control me
My power is unbridled and vicious
Do not mistake me for weak
I am a force to be reckoned with
Another repost from my old account
dear black woman,
i hear you.
the beats of your heart
coming from the core of earth.
from the time of your birth.
i hear you.

dear dark woman,
i feel you.
the pain from your wombs
can be feel across the continent
to all of your homes.
i feel you.

dear creative woman,
i stand by you.
and everytime you cry
we all cry at the same time
and we stand by you.

dear african child,
i. got. you.
you’re the daughter of our ancestors.
the voice of freedom
that raises against our skin
i got you.

dear yemanjá,
i salute you.
the queen of nature.
mother of the oceans.
i salute you.

dear magic woman,
i believe you.
i believe in the strength of your soul
the curves of your body
the beauty of your hips.
the power of your blood.
and i believe you.
Bibby 7d
Do not belittle the power of lonesome gusts of wind
meeting to start a hurricane.
Love* can't be *bought
Neither sold
or earned
Love is not taken for granted.
Part of me dies when
Part of you escapes me
It's you my love who
Breaks and makes me
I've given you this power
Can't pull it back
I'm touched by insanity
My own soul hates me.
I don't know how to swim.
Yet *** in his infinite wisdom,
placed before me all sorts of challenges,mountains,valleys,
fences, muddy ponds, deceitful human beings and ungrateful friends. .All because He knows I'll scale them, like a wall and still stand tall.
He knows my strengths and abilities
my weak sides and my strong sides.
He knows what I'm able to withstand.
So He gave me a beautiful mind And made sure I wasn't born blind.
And as an added bonus, two hands.
With this, I can take a pen and pad
And effectively pen away like a scribe
And describe the **** sides of life,
turn pains into a true love story,
And write a vow for my sweet wife.
I can turn tragedy into a nice poetry
Whilst remaining sound and stoic.
That's why I'm not a world swimmer
but a humble man and a poet.

I  didn't mean to write this but I wrote it.
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