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Living Gods

My God we’re Gods,
see no matter what we do we’ll leave behind a legacy,
working forward with the tools we’ve got,
without getting worked up or caught up realizing that everything’s only energy,

which is why we take in stride the fact that we’re modest aristocrats,
I mean after all how much money does one man need,
I mean we’ve got millions which is plenty enough to live on,
plus we’ve got friends who literally have billions,

I mean I don’t even need that much,
I mean I’m more motivated to feed the needy than dominated by being greed,
plus billions is a lot of money I’d even wager to say it’s too much,
& I don’t want nor need that kind of responsibility,

I mean I don’t even need all the money I already have,
don’t really care about jewelry or cars or the name on name brand tags,
I just want to be with good friends in good weather eat healthy & live comfortably,
plus I’m not impressed with how much you take my interest is more about how much you give back,

because true wealth is about having good health in body mind & soul,
& giving back to the world in kind is usually a good sign of that,
plus I see God’s work more in the Philanthropist than in the Evangelist,
& we’re Gods which is why I give every dollar I make from my art back,

I don’t need the money I mean I make more on the interest in my saving than I spend on living,
plus I’m not having kids & I’m giving everything away to charity when I pass anyways,
so when I die please burn my body send my ashes to the sky & donate my money to worthy causes,
& don’t ask why just realize or at least accept that it’s all part of The Prophecy that I am and it’s great,

because honestly,

we’re Gods,
& I don’t mean that in any way that’s blasphemous,
I mean that in the past there was Isis there was Mercury & there was Horus of course,
& we’re the modern day incarnations of greatness shining so bright they can’t ignore us so they ask for us,

see the truth is that we are the new Buddhas & you could be the new Zeus ‘cause,
energy never dies it just changes form as it always has for all of infinity,
& I honestly used to wonder what my roll was,
but now I see I’ve been nominated to be the scribe that writes these verses faithfully,
so I type away on my laptop instead of throwing back mad shots,
because someone’s gotta scribe these vibes so that our legendary lives’ will live in Eternity eternally,

& now that I’ve got that out of the way let me get back to what I was saying,
about how we’re Man Gods not at all unlike the Pharaohs that used to exist in Rome & Egypt,
which makes sense & is appropriate given that one of the kids at the event I was at tonight,
wore threads that were from the King of Morocco only difference is there’s wheels on our chariots,

and our horses are under our hoods,
but we still have Tridents as our emblems,
that’s a Maserati reference not that it makes a difference,
because when we die our bodies all return to the same essences,

saw another guy at that event,
which was at a house on The Hampton’s biggest estate property,
he wore the Caduceus around his neck,
which is the symbol of the God Mercury,

it was then that it occurred to me,
or rather was reaffirmed to me,
that we are all Gods which is not at all odd,
given the position that we sit in currently,

& I asked him,
if he knew what the symbol around his neck meant,
& he replied as he stared at me with stars in his eyes “Of course I do,
it’s the symbol on the staff of the God Mercury.”, to which I answered, “Yes”,

& then he said he made music,
after which I told him I write books to leave my mark,
& mark my words he’s going to be famous and so will he shout out to Billa,
because for those that are chosen to be shown the path is already known in the stars,

so if you want to know where I am just look up,
& you’ll know I’m always close as long as you can see the sky,
& when I’m gone you’ll still have these books Love,
because art is the only thing man creates that stands the test of time,

plus  these body’s we have are not all that we are in this life,

we are Love & we are Light & although we might look like mortal kind folk,
that’s only our disguise so we can hide from immoral rivals see we’re actually Immortal Idols,
& we try to stay humble but it’s tough to stay modest to be honest,
when you’re Gods & Goddesses that feel so good you can’t hide the smiles,


my God we’re Gods,
see no matter what we do we’ll leave behind a legacy,
working forward with the tools we’ve got,
without getting worked up or caught up realizing that everything’s only energy…

∆ Aaron LaLux ∆

Hamptons July 2018
they made love
best of love
when they hate
each other
he know nothing but
a furious passion
she loves nothing but
that kind of power
medha 4d
it is an
to remain soft
in this world
to absorb
to feel
to bend
but never break.
MawaLin 6d
Although the journey to heaven
can be a little rocky,
at times strenuous
and even complicated.
I will learn to pace myself,
sit back and reflect,
use life's navigation...
But forgive me if I do get lost along the way...

I will continue to walk down that path,
to find myself...
and to find you.
the journey isn't easy, but will be worth it in the end-
Her shaped belly was the red flower in the jungle
Her voluptuous hips were the storm in the forest
She hypnotized me with her round firm arse

The savage petals took my heartbeat away
The feline viscously attacked my sinful soul
The luscious spark tempted my startled nerves

Like a tropical butterfly she danced freely
Like a mythical snake she glided effortlessly
Like an innocent dove she expressed purely

She cast her spell on my uncontrollable desires
I worshipped the Goddess as she empowered herself
The red flower plucked into nakedness-  for her slave
I will never let you be cruel to yourself;
For you are the sunshine on my darkest of days,
And the sun can not shine without the confidence of knowing
It can light up the world.
To my niece, for you are the best thing that ever happened to me and I hope you always know how incredibly miraculous you are. Love, Auntie Peep
when their words stick
in your flesh like pins
do not blame your skin
for its tenderness,
how could you know
they’d make a doll
of you?
and choose a frame
you’d never take
contort your body into
something fake
a likeness too uncanny
to be true.
but none of them
could have foreseen
they’d taken on
a voodoo queen,
let them play dolls
while you play
with their souls
and turn the lights
out on their games,
take back your face
reclaim your name,
hold your hands high
and let the pins
fall where they may.
"Bitchcraft is a contemporary grimoire for femmes and women of colour to heal and protect themselves against all the woes and plights of this world."

In other words, once upon a time wonderful friend Miriam took a short story of mine and came up with the idea to design a gorgeous spellbook for university project (and believe me, it is gorgeous). I had to come up with six spells, and well, this is what happened.

the rest will follow.
Aseh 7d
I was never looking into you
I was only pouring an image of myself onto your canvas
Of course I didn’t know
it was me looking into me
this was the mirage of my desire
always in the shape of a question mark
and you
a sweeping mystery
oozing something toeing the peculiar line between sex and titanium (cold, edgy, sharp - trembling
between pain and principle
like blazer and tie
or more like halfway-unbuttoned-shirt-and-slacks on-with-no-tie
it was like you were making an effort!)

It was sex
but it also wasn’t sex
(I am empty
I am full)

I keep building up and up and up
all these images in my Mind
(which never shuts up)
(a never-ending narrative
She spins and spins and succumbs
only in those rare and passing circumstances)
constructing people like buildings
only the scaffolding is imaginary and when
the architecture folds in on itself
and my beloved figurines come toppling down on me
why do I still get so surprised
so stung
so lonely in that
hollow and distant way
(like your Mind is echoing
in on

My Mind is like quicksand
devouring streams of memory with ease
forever unsatisfied and craving more of the same
sharp edges and all
praying for a satiation in some distant future
She knows will never come

Only here
in this tiny universe
can I spell out anything resembling rationality
from the mess and junk and tangled tendrils of my Mind
Only here
can I extract bits and pieces of thoughts
and try to puzzle them together
until they make sense
until I can separate “Me” from “Reality"

And what doesn’t make sense
what I need to understand
is why I feel so beset
with this heavy magnetism that
overpowers me to the point of
(with little to no room for breathing)
and why it was you
who pushed me into this feeling
and you
who is still pulling me along
far past the threshold of my resistance
and I am done
and it stings
B Elizabeth G Feb 26
I set fire to my panties today.
Right there in my yard
For all of nature to see.
The pair I wore the night you tried to take advantage of me.
You were unsuccessful
And yet somehow I still feel a piece of me is gone;
Like I've lost control of my own body.
Maybe it's confusing because I thought I wanted to;
I thought you'd be sweet and gentle and respectful.
I was wrong...
So wrong.
You were pushy and persistent.
You don't know the word no.
I feel disgusting.
I set fire to my panties today.
Maegan deme Sep 13
I don't want to grow up in a Podunk hick-billy town,
but I don't want to be part of the white bread, corn cooking crowd.
I want to be respectable,
a spectacle.
someone that's out there, hiding in her dreams.
I don't want to generalize my sentiments.
but i don't want say i'm still free.
i don't want to stay on my rails,
but i don't want to make my own trails.
i want to be dependable,
all sensible.
recollectable from all of everyone's memory's
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