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Climbing the chemtrail

But subject to the ladder

Our one hour empire

Stark as a skyscraper

Built to fly then fall

Has bled into a church of

Abandoned factories

And polluted rivers

Sadie May 10
You admire pieces of me
Soft and beautiful
For the pleasure they can give you
You condemn my capability
Practicality and spirituality
You claim I can’t have it both ways
I can’t indulge my senses and hold power the same
Divine femininity has become synonymous with delusion
In a modern world that will never love me
I am aligned with the moon
I am in tune
With the rhythm of the waves
And the passage of days
You don’t know what I feel
How it is to exist in a world not built for you
Every living soul
Assigning your worth for what you can’t control
All of mankind is built on the principle
That my body was built for your enjoyment
That my life belongs to whatever man finds beauty in my eyes
And peace in my silence
Of course I turn to the tides and the trees and the breeze
To find comfort in their embrace
When you can’t hold me
You mock me for connecting to something bigger than my body
Loving Mother Nature more than the woman that brought
Me into this world
Yet you reduce my strength to beauty
Tell me I am too weak and small and simple minded
To understand a world you built
Out of fear of me
My divine femininity
Viktoriia May 5
wait a moment, please.
should she feel sorry for being an inconvenience?
she'd rather plant the seeds of self-love
and wait for them to turn into trees,
sheltering her from poisonous bitterness,
nurturing her inner peace,
so that she can leave this world with ease,
letting time cover her steps with green and red,
letting the branches take shape of her silhouette.
someday this path might be found by someone else,
as unaware of her worth as she once was,
all of out of strength, given up on all her hopes;
she'll follow whispers and slowly retrace the steps,
and take her shelter among the fallen leaves,
nurturing her inner peace.
wait a moment, please.
should she feel sorry for being an inconvenience?
Zywa Apr 25
Any overworld

is a palimpsest over --

a scraped underworld.
Novel "The Moor's Last Sigh" (1995, Salman Rushdie), chapters Spices from Malabar, (2-) 11 and The Moor's Last Sigh, (4-) 19

Collection "Low gear"
Thomas W Case Apr 23
Fear ***** at
my spine, like
a leech,
slimy and black.

The crowds
laugh and imitate
each other.
No creativity,
only brutality.
Little lemmings.
They get raises and
accolades in bunches.

Killers of the
dodo and the redwood.

They smile over
tea and the
bones of dead men.

Perfect in
their machine like
minds; immune to death,
like the quest for power.
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Zywa Apr 23
Mass of supporters

times corruption-degree squared --

makes a dynasty.
Novel "The Moor's Last Sigh" (1995, Salman Rushdie), chapter (2-) 15

Bharat's (India's) variation of E=mc2 (Energy = mass * lightspeed square) is: D=mc2 (Dynasty = mass-of-supporters * corruption square)

Collection "Low gear"
Jellyfish Apr 16
I have value
It comes from within,
I know it's enough
I feel it under my skin.

It vibrates from me,
The power I hold
I'm special,
I'm something to behold.

I know I'm sensitive
It's something I used to hate
But now I'm embracing it,
There's a reason I'm this way.

So I stick to my routine,
I don't want to give up
I may fall down at times,
But I will not get stuck.
A celestial event, a message, a warning,
A solar eclipse, God showing us to believe,
Care, love, each other every day. The moon,
Between the sun and earth, actually happens,
Every twenty nine days, to see darkness, during,
The day light hours, the moon has to be at a perfect,
Angle, to block the suns rays. God the almighty power,
Reminding us he could darken our life, any time, any day.
The power involved, hundreds of thousands people,
From around the world, not thinking of the cost,
For travel, lodging, waiting in traffic for  hours, that day,
For a three minute, view, the unseen power, pulling them,
To the area on that April day.  At the totality, a special feeling,
In the air, and your body, blessed, peace, no word of disturbances,
At any viewing sites, a perfect day, to reflect, and be reminded,
Why we are here, in this life today.

                                          The original: Tom Maxwell © 4/11/2024 A D
2 eclipse crossing the same spot in Illinois 7 years apart ?  the number 7 is related too in many religious writings.....
Kelsey Mar 26
Language is so beautiful
So strong
The most powerful thing a person has
Is their words
The ones they speak
The way they say them
When they say them
The ones they keep hidden
Words have the power to change minds
They have the finesse to draw out emotions
They have the ability to flip the world upside down
Or right side up
Words are like candy
They can be sweet
Or sour
They are like the sky
Or clear
Words can eat you up from the inside
Or destroy you from the outside
There is nothing more simple yet potent that exists
Words rule the world
So choose yours carefully
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