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For fire's spirit lurking in the church,
and by the ash beneath you, once alive,
Awakening the warmth within the birch,
chaos herself is driven to survive.
The winds of change bring blues and golds about,
setting sun breaks day and shifts to pink.
The ocean drowning, and I, a drought,
The blackened paper, breathing in the ink.
The mirror warps, and with it time is slowed,
A moment's lifetime screams, deflates, and dies.
Aquatic **** procures the sword, bestowed,
and with it clicks the clockwork toward demise.
I rise, I fall, I move from foot to foot,
The bells will beat the flames, and I, to soot.
He asked me if I can stand to his symphony
I said no
He asked if I could come with him
I simply said no
He said can you smile at me
I said no
He asked will you be with me
I simply said no
He said will you forgive me
I said yes
He spoke once again, he said now take my hand
I simply said no
He looked at me confused
I looked at him
Then I walked away
He said come back
I said I’ve let you go a long time ago
He watched me walk away
And every step I took farther away
The step behind me crumbled
And then with my last step he fell to the abyss that he made from every tear that he caused
Pick up a type writer,
to become a type fighter.
A soldier for the right,
truths hurt,
but lies bite.
Place pen to paper,
to guard, trim, and taper,
cut down the transgressions,
invoke love and confessions.
Speak out in loud tone,
Speak words into stone.
Hold voice on a platter,
Climb choice like a ladder.
Be strong now to influence,
give up for no instance.
Hold fast and stay strong,
sing clear your song.
Doubt not who you are...
...For your voice is heard far!
Styles Oct 9
Ever since I felt you;
I rather not live
if l have to live without you
me forgetting you
is doubtful
my feelings for you
are more than just a mouthful
you are the reason
love, at first sight, was so insightful
Jaxey Oct 6
He stole all my heels
because he doesn't like it
when he can't look down on me
I stole them back
Amy Oct 5
The dragon
prefers to stay far away from
towns and cities

Don’t disturb it.

For it will breathe fire to those who displeases it.
Don’t assume it’s a weakling,

For it will unleash its wings
And show you not to underestimate
something by the exterior.
for those who are quiet and shy but have a fire in their soul and have so much to offer than those who target them with poor judgement for being a 'weakling' to sit at the corner away from the buzz. And would rather watch and admire life from afar.
Amy Oct 5
Your hand is powerful,
it can be used to harm
it can be used to caress.
Your mouth is powerful,
it can be used to uplift someone
it can crush someones soul.
You hold so much power
you're unaware of it.
People need to be aware of their power that can majorly impact others around them however, it seems like many forget or simply, because its easier to ignore it...
Does it all add up?
You should take it out
of the equation
what's the cost of
disaster & devastation?

An acceptable loss
A reduction
Complete or Total

What's the economics
of a butterfly,
The means tested
of a vegetable,
the equation
for your dreams,
and the measure
for respectable?

Can you budget
for a life?
When all is said
and done,
who's counting
down the barrel of a gun?
Language is changing and fixed by dominant culture. Let's take back the culture, poets..
Aseel Sep 23
I don’t want to be a princess.
I prefer to be a wall
or a shoulder
that some one can lean on
I don’t want to be spoiled
I want to
Get dirt on my clothes
Clean them
search more
fail more
know more
see everything
Try everything
I want to share the road
With some one
Running not carried
I want to look behind
And see MY footprints.
I want to be free
Q Sep 21
what holds most stake in
the cosmic whole, is the soul,
where our power rests


You're an enigma.
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