You don’t want to wake up
Because of the harshness
Of the thing known as “Life”

It makes you bedridden
Hidden away from the world
Like a hamster in a cage

You stay in the cage because you can’t leave
There is a higher power over you
Trying to protect you

But you must rid that higher power
Dethrone the so-called God
Because you were going to take it back

And once you’re free
It’s like you’re drunk
Drunk on living

And you realized that the period
The period of which you were lying in bed
Was just a horrible hangover
From a drink called “Life”

It's funny how God,
Far away as he is,
Plays such a powerful role.
We are God's jilted lovers,
We pray for miracles, those kisses of wonder on our ancestors.
But he has left us, and found a prettier planet to put his coat around.

I grew up around strong women
I grew up around unapologetic bitches
And you think I should be "more lady like"
And you think I am going to stop swearing and make my way to the kitchen?
And you think I am going to give up my dreams for a man?
And you think I am going to cross my legs and pretend I don't burp?
And you think I am going to keep mum when we discuss politics?
And you think I am going put on a tiny little dress and sky high heels because that is what Y O U want?
And you think I am going to be someone's perfect trophy wife and mother?
I grew up around bad-ass women with foul vocabularies
I grew up around women who climbed their career ladders in unconventional ways and still ended up on top
I grew up around inspirational, take no shit from no man women
And you expect me to be anything less?

Holding tears of pain in my hands
my hands weak by the magnitude
of its power
looking to your grace to uphold my frame
for weakness has been my meal of transgression
without you I cannot venture onward
be my fortress to hold my fear in place
to be encompassed in light and glory
caressing me in Your devoted affection
Be my love,be my love,always be my love

annette 3d

even your mother is afraid of speaking your name.
she looks at her shaking hands,
tears on her eye ducts,
lips barley parted,
and feels.

you never quite came back.

the paintings of you and her
can never describe
the burn she feels on her tongue
when she is forced to call
for you.

you are the lullaby
she sings every night,
while doused in witch hazel.

how silly it is
that even though she is
the giver of life,
she yearns for it
at every mention
of your absence.

jesus no es el poderoso porque maria es la que manda.
Isaz 4d

We can destroy ourselves
One bomb and we’re gone
Still we talk like we’re invincible
As if we’ll be able to walk when we are done

We look at the small matters and say
“This is great and this is not”
Pretending we have power
When we have not

We meddle in things that are not ours
Who to love and how and when
Playing Prometheus with hearts
Thinking thinking that you’re more than men

Diana Y 4d

I feel powerful.
I feel compelling.
I feel forceful.

Like everyday
Every night
Every tear I've ever shed

Made me stronger.

Tia 5d

You shouldn't care what they believe,
You have your own beautiful life to live,
Don't imitate them and be hypocrite,
Make your own path if you feel you don't fit,

Let them call you a freak for being stupid and weird,
Then slap them with the fact that they can't be you even if they bleed,
Kill them with kindness as Selena would sing,
Then let you be their flashlight like Jessie would bring,

Stop being torn apart don't hurt yourself,
Be a torn of their rose that if they held wrong they would yelp,
Don't be as broke as you think you were before,
Make up your mind it's just an illusion of yours,

Flip your hair and dance you are a queen,
Make your song that you'd sing to them,
Write your book that generations would read,
Wear your crown show them how a woman should be.

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