Cece 5h

Bound by heavy chains,
placed in society with shackles
weighing downour wrists and ankles.

Forced to submit
to the word of ignorant, uneducated

Because we are "inferior."
But we are not.
We are worth twice,
no, triple the amount
they label us as.

Because we are "weaker."
But we are not.
We function at the highest level
even with their chains holding us down.

Because we are "unstable."
But we are not.
And they know that,
but they are not ready to admit
that a woman
can be held to the same level as them.

What we ask of them
that is most times classified
as "too much" to give.

Or they twist the word
to mean something completely different.
"Treat us like authority," they say,
"and maybe then we will treat you like humans."

They flaunt their power
while we
are bound by shackles.

And they think that
women are weak and submissive.
But together we are not.

And they will see our passion, our fire,
burn through the chains
they have placed
to bind us to their rules.

One day we will be free
from the shackles that hold us down.
And I hope that you,
whether you take this as a threat,
or you find this empowering,
know that too.

I wrote this during english class.
fhamideas 14h

The power of inner,

The will of god,

The force of the undertaker,

I declared myself an animancer to revolve my path’s sod.

May God blessing me.

Reverie untill reality,

Hands are the best revolution tool in the world,

Endeavor to reach verity,

Don’t wait — capability nature stunted when  35 years old.

limitation kills everybody.

Fast – is a great teacher,

bestowal gift for learner,

One, default person will eventually open their eyes widely;

Two, for the lifelong learning in time, moment, patience & opportunity.

Who doesn’t experience desperate plea?

How well verse we are with ourselves?

Are we just playing part for wolf and lamb?

We only know a thing or two, but we still delve,

like we, human, finally found the wolfram.

Within you, there is a key.

deeply blame only blair walshing with life,

Like someone aiming to connive upon you,

choice need to do again & plan need to contrive,

Life is a marathon, there is no queue.

If your new path is like boomerang, be like kylie.

Interested? read more on my blog - http://fhamideas.com/category/soul-words/

The desires of a man are simple:
sex, greed, power,
in that order.

I hit play, Deng's's music was on repeat
The deep sultry voice sent soft echoes
Bouncing off everything into the street
Kemah smiled and laced her ballet shoes.

Kemah moved like a seductress in heat
Undulated her hips, moved to her feet
And she began to slow dance to the beat
Spinning like a flamingo on the street .

Deng nodded as she started to swing
There's really no dancer like Kemah
Her backside, rhythm, her everything
This was beyond contemporary Zomba .

I too wanted to rock to Deng's beat
Snapping my fingers, swaying at will
I just smiled and remained in my seat
But my old bones refused to sit still .

With Deng's latest hit song on repeat ,
Kemah's body swayed from place to place
Her entire soul intoned to his aesthetic beat
She was a temptress ,a girl with real grace .

Over where I sat in utter amazement
I felt humid looking at her silhouette
Suddenly I knew what Deng's song meant
For Kemah danced my soul beyond ballet .

Under the glow of the golden African sun
Her moves were flawless and unique
She danced like a young Doe on the run
Kemah was a star ,she was ballerina d'Afrique .

A beautiful African ballerina dances in a trance-like state....
everything else was secondary !
woelita 4d

Where is your power?
It’s right here,”
You say, with your hands in your pockets, remembering how your mother used to say,
“Walk with a straight back! What’s wrong with you?”
As she washed the dishes with her two good hands
As your father sunk into the couch where he would shout obscenities at the television screen for three hours
Something about hockey teams (a crisis)
As your mother washed the dishes with a straight back.
Your mouth burns
from all the cavities
Sugar venom in the business end of the gun,
The gunslinger aims with his good hand.
Where is your power?
“It’s right here.”

Mongi 5d

Love Everlasting

Have we not witnessed
How the midnight scary dark skies
Are lit up so carefully and timely
By a million humble, and yet enthusiastic, blazing stars
As we lay attentively beneath,
Swimming in our uniquely assigned portions of life
They smile, they shine upon us
Too brightly and yet so naturally gently
Haven't we witnessed?

Have we not noticed
How after the heartless destructive storm
A rainbow of multiple colors
Has laid itself so perfectly in position
Across the tired and idle blue eastern skies
As we stare from below, hopefully
Hoping zealously for a better tomorrow
She stretches, she beautifies effortlessly
And yet our hearts so sore and heavy from the storm
Our faces still light up with wide smiles
Haven't we noticed?

Now can one deliberately deny
The strong indisputable power that lies
Way up above what sight can tangibly comprehend
So much light, too much truth
So much evidence, so much reason
To trust, to believe undoubtedly
And mightily
To the mighty
Love everlasting

Mongi C. Nkabindze

Everlasting love is what the world has given to us way too long before anybody else gives love to us

My favorite is the one by Jovan
The pervasive scent , nothing tops a musk
Why not Drakkar Noir or Ralph's Polo,Ivan ?
It's the appeal and aroma I love the most !

Musk is my favorite cologne.
That aromatic substance,the smell ,
The way it absorbs like a sponge
The mesmerizing and addictive spell .

The power and confidence when worn ,
the longevity and its staying power
That permeates the soul,deep as a ship's horn
Unique scent that lasts for hours .

The power of its undeniable presence
That lasts from dawn to dusk
Nothing compares to the fragrance
Of the distinct and classic scent of the musk.

The smell of a woman's fragrance is everything.
...I therefore match with Musk,to seek her attention.
sarah 6d

to break boundaries
redefine limits
exceed expectations
sculpt the future
to not only survive
but to thrive
in a world that wants
to hold us back

all while bleeding.

- to be a woman
Victoria Jan 11

It's my right to say no
Whats not OK is the looks you get when they don't like your answer
Whats not ok is the sounds they make when they don't like your answer
" I did't want you anyway"
Good Because I said NO
So whether you decided you wanted me or not
I had made up my mind that YOU where not getting ME
Because I said NO
And when your face turns sour because I said no
I want you to understand
" Why are you being such a bitch"
Well sweetie
Its probably because I was born this way
Insert sexual joke here to lighten the mood
Except it doesn't
You just don't want to look stupid
News Flash...it's to late
I said no
Because my body didn't want you
My mind wasn't into you
It wasn't the right time
I wasn't into it
insert rationalization here
Whatever the reason
I still said No
And Its my right

Knowledge is power
And is as beautiful as the sea,
And in a few hours
You can learn your abc's,

In an ocean full of treasure
Not everyone finds the key
Only ones that possess a book
Has the key to climbing a successful tree,

Books are an enlightenment
More powerful than any weapon,
They enlighten the soul
And open the gates to heaven,

The best adventures found
Are locked in various books
Where the letters form words
And doors finally unhook.

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