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Agnes k 5h
They say falling in love takes a while
But I knew the second you made me smile

When we said our goodbyes
I only wanted to close my eyes

The thing is that a broken heart almost heals
The shattered pieces goes back to the old feels

But my heart will always ache
Because there's a splint which didn't find its place

And I know when I try loving someone new
That splint will remember you

Even tough i in every place
Keeps seeing your face

I'll let the memories fade
Continue my live in a haze

I want you to know I wish we were soulmates
But i guess that just isn't our fates
In danish there's a word called "Sønderknust" .
There's no direct translation, but it means that you're in such emotional pain, you feel absolutely broken. That is the feeling, that I was facing writing this poem.

- I love feedback if anyone takes the time to read this
When we chose to sin –
To be kings – to take the throne
Shattered, flawed, and marred,
Was the image we had known
Falling away
From Him who held our hearts
Yet, in grace, He’d come
To remake what fell apart
n 7d
Recoil. And recoil fast.
She was of simple taste so He shattered her veiny lungs with his spit almost effortlessly.
Under his weight she was stunted, her limbs frozen by the constant of his blarring audioporn.
At every touch she had to brace herself for his embrace.
when i began to fall for you
i never thought i would be signing up for anguish
i thought you would love me
i thought you would heal my broken heart
i thought you would protect me
but you crushed me
shattered me into pieces
and walked away
who will put me back together now?
i cant breathe because of the tears
CROW Feb 8
Re-Living the dreaded scars,
While my friends slowly rot behind bars,
My mistakes that i have made,
I asked they be spared but God forbade,
He was carried of to Alcatraz,
While i sit here with scars on my wrist listening to jazz,
The crimes i commit,
The death i emmit,
I am sorry my dear friend for leaving you behind,
Your grave to me will always remind,
That day i looked back and saw nothing but blood,
As it flowed it looked like a flood,
Sorry for what happened but at least one of us are free,
And i promise from now on i'll be the best i can be.
Sorry I let You Die
Amanda Feb 5
Miss how happy we used to be
Permanent smiles we bore
Back then basked in momentary bliss
Not bothering to worry what lay in store

Lived day-to-day simple and carefree
Fueled by passion exploding in every kiss
In your arms discovered deeper meaning
Fell hard despite obvious risk

Thought I knew what love was before
Showed me I had no clue
One touch transformed all I saw and felt
Inserted into my world little pieces of you

Relentless pigments emerged into view
Gone were the shades of blue, black, and grey
You gave a wide spectrum of magnificent colors
Just so you could tear them all away

Would hold you til I had to leave
I would go to work, you'd go to sleep
Avoiding looking at the clock
Silent in seconds we felt creep

On a thin thread of comfort I swung
Oblivious to the inevitable snap
This fragile heart too optimistic
To believe we would ever break in half

I would come to learn though
Through ten thousand shattered dreams
You were hiding things all along
Happiness is never as happy as it seems
Maybe I remember it as better than it was because it fuels the hope it will be that way again.. but maybe we were actually that happy and in love. Maybe we could still be.
She's an angel among all the stars
She's a healer of all one's scars
She's the usual customer in bars
She has wicked, poisonous claws
She's the winner, of all draws
She's the breaker of all laws
i stand and watch you leave
the doorway fraMes your unsteady form as You walk out of my life
the whole scene reminds me of a haPhazardly taken polaroid pIcturE
in my white-knuCkled fingers
as i hold onto your mEmory as tight aS i can
for deAR lifE
because this moment here
is the breaking apart
i have Spent months grieving your loss
before it even arrived
and yet
this is harder than i Could even imagine
because watching you go is easier than seeing you gone
because the gentle ambiguity of your not-goodbye
is nothing like how you lived your dAys with me
fast-paced, breakneck speeds
every breath thaT flowed from your open heart sTormed right through the walls around mine
and without those i am suffocating
i am shattEring like a broken mirror
and you were the light i once reflected
every one of my fractures spreads and cRacks like a spider-weaved web
and i am the fly
i am too weak to say goodbye
so i let your “see you later”
shatter mE
because the you i may see later
will not be the same you that i know right now.
so i shatter and splinter and *****
as you slip out of my hands
and all my pieces are shattereD across every memory i have with you.
Mend me
Dont end me
My heart so eroded
So shattered
So broken

Mend me
Dont end me
Melt my eroded heart
Until it become
Glass once more
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