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Pr nandni May 29
Competition should FETTER among the animals of jungle only
Because when it comes to humans they make it JUNGLY
STUDENTS competes with each other to get 1st rank
Other completes in flowing river to hold the plank...

When Envy plays in the cradle of competition then,
A sister crushes WISHES of her sister
A brother knowingly pushes his brother into DEBT
Not the every deed is the demand of your soul , except SERENITY
All those NASTY Things is the greed of your body.......

Before sleeping faces of betrayal, deceive & lies,
Appears right before my EYES .
They left me in trouble, but promises to help others
Declaring themselves a social reformer, a new THINKER .
CHARITY begins at home didn't they learn !!
Even after all this I want to embrace them ,
Ready to forgive putting my dignity at STAKE .
BUT they'll are enjoying without even realising their MISTAKES
Competition always takes place at the cost of one's life
Whether it's an animal at JUNGLE or animals at HOME .....
" Competition is never good... especially when it hides ENVY in its lap...."
Kyle May 29
I'm broken inside,
I tried to fix it, I really tried;
But it was so fragile,
That even when I tried to fix it,
It would only get worse.
My body was tired.
My mind was in chaos.
My heart was broken.
And my soul was shattered.
FC Azaele May 11

Sorry I hadn't said goodbye
walking out the door, I wish i had
if i'd known that would be the last moment of us to come by

Sorry I hadn't said goodbye
I had been a fool
only to leave with a sigh
full of myself
I wish to rid of it-
my skin and all of my wallowing tears
as they fall
with no more than a goodbye

There had been once an empty note
now filled with words...
that had said your goodbye
now read a million times over
now telling me
your goodbye
once heard with a sigh
answered with a cry

Sorry I hadn't said goodbye
FC Azaele May 6
Remorse, the thing with chains
that keeps you awake
A viper that swallows you whole,
leaving all and nothing unseen;
Everything had been a mistake
So it tells me, it’s eyes so keen;
The feeling of being unloved,
and having nothing left to take
passing by shattered windows and desolate lanes

It raps at your door
holding its hand out, expecting more;
The hearts an ache,
Tears pour, the eyes sore
as it lets off what’s enough to fill the mothers lake;
The body’s tired,
giving no more than what’s reaped;
The soul’s betrayed, feeling the fall of being falsely repaid

Grab it by the thorns,
and you’ll bleed once more;
There’s no escaping it, let it sound it’s horns!
As the soul heaves it’s last breath, shattering at its core.
Remorse —
A cry so loud, and a pain so poignant
It deems you dull
A sore
hard to mend
Twisted enough
To make the mind bend.
Cai May 2
In here, You will find years and years worth of memories, some forgotten, some to be cherished eternally.

You will find laughters that I have gathered from my family, my friends and my own.

You will find a closet filled with my smiles in hangers,
Waiting to be used for whatever reason to be accomplished, either for genuinity or for pretend.

You will find this temporary storage for the times I have lost people,
Certain “someones” who I thought would remain in my life for a long time if not forever.

You will find shattered pieces of my heart, that made its way to my mind,
Remembering the hurt that I've experienced and endured, the lessons keeping me grounded but hurting me time and time again.

You will find a broken record that speaks only when it wants to,
My overthinking habit once again plays its opinions as loud as it can.

You will find denial and confusion dancing to the harmony of this broken record,
Like dancers on a stage wearing costumes, my denial and confusion too, disguises itself with trickery that maybe for once, I am finally accepting of what's happening to me and that for once, I am okay with it.  

You will find Lies, Lies, Lies,
Piling on top of each other like a stacking game, I have control but it is a force to be reckoned with,
Eventually it falls and when it does, I become more and more tired of trying to stack the pieces, but where is peace? In the midst of this chaos. I am once again scattered.

You will find an empty room,
But you may not enter here, not anymore,
I have created a barrier...well contributed at least, You may not see it but you can feel it.
This room can be whatever I want it to be, I can label it whatever I want, For it is an empty space in my heart.
You say “It looks absolutely stunning inside, why not let me in?” Please don’t be deceived. Stunning on the outside, yes, but that ironically empty room is filled with darkness inside,
So please No. I may not have known it then what I know now, That the only people I allowed access to this room were trespassers,
Every time I allowed them inside of this room, it only made me hurt.
They said they were builders, they told me they were going to build me up in the most healthy way, that they would teach me how to work on tools that would build my self-love, that they’ll be there whenever I fall apart.
But they lied, they were helping me build a barrier with tools from the pain they gave and the debris of the memories they left. They built up my ego, my pride.
Though, the final touch was my decision to complete this barrier. To shut it off from builders who weren’t worthy of me. I admit that I have forgotten that I am the architect of my body, my soul, myself as a whole. I realize now that I am my own builder, and there is not a single trespasser out there who will ever point me in different directions on how to love myself in my own structure ever again.  

Are you lost? Hold on!
Don't give it up before you even find it.
It's over there, Hope.

You found hope. There's something special about this one. Hope is my very own lighthouse keeper.But like the tides, it rises and falls. Hope is the best at its job. It is at the top of the lighthouse when I feel most ecstatic about something. But it descends slowly with each passing day. But if I am blessed, hope shines brightly enough through my eyes for someone to notice it. Hope is what guides me to itself, my lighthouse in a storm. It safely brings me to wander back home.
the epitome of me
I didnt understand
Didnt know
I was broken
Because Ive never known
What it means to be whole
maybe never will...
Ive always been
I thought we're all whole
Before we break
Ive always been
b r o k e n . . .
Zack Ripley Feb 28
You wore your heart on your sleeve
Until you couldn't take the pain anymore.
Then one day, it shattered on the floor.
You could pick it up
And put it back together.
But you can't help but wonder...
"What for?"
Your frustration eventually brings
Tears to your eyes as you realize
That all you want is to feel okay again.
But you're worried if you do,
You could let your guard down
And your heart could break again.
Here's the thing: it doesn't matter
How high or thick your walls are.
You will get hurt one way or another.
So why not let yourself be happy
For awhile.
Go ahead. Have some fun.
Because as far as we know,
You only get one.
looked at you for too long
and then i realized
you are human, too


piously pined for
palatial splendor i
placed in my dreams of you,
imperfect you

and it's no ones fault
a figure headed facade
fabricated by figments
of my frivolous imagination

put you on a pedestal
made you divine
made you holy

you, the ceiling
high above my head
and i, looking up
in the sistine chapel


couldn't see the cracks
beneath the varnish

then, close enough to study
a faint fresco with critical eyes
fantasy faded in the fault lines
of your frowning face

looked for too long
until i realized
you were just as broken as me

a collection of shattered pieces
shrouded and shy
once a shrine
now a shriek

wide eyes on you
a sinner, still
i called you sacred

ignoring the nature of
the irreverent, the profane

liked the luster
of longing lingering
on my lips
when i breathed your name

the veil torn
the truth beheld
and you are not god

gambling grief and
gleaming gloom
thought i could be
the sun to your moon

majesty to malignancy
momentarily merciful
moreover cruel

monstrous mr monsoon
after all, human, too
A coffin came my way,
They said, therein you lay;

I could believe them nay,
Until they said they could flay;

Wild I went,
I could not vent;

The expression remaining,
Before it started draining;

I was no longer composed,
I had to be dosed;

You were ethereal,
This had to be surreal;

No enmity could matter,
When everything had shattered;

You had been battered,
When you had me flattered;

I can not apologise,
You have been baptized;

I seek not your forgiveness,
I need not your liveness;

For you’ll always be,
Right here, in my heart;

I woke up, to find you gone,
For EVER in your zone..

I need not repent,
For I have your scent;

Your memories alive,
Shall always thrive;

You were one of a kind,
Never out of your mind;

It is not cowardice,
For it requires courage;

It shall not be despised,
For it was your suffrage..
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