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Mari 7d
Tiny pieces of
Shattered glass
Appear like
Their crystals.
Nothing is useless, really!
My hearts constantly shattering
Chasing what was never mine
Chattering and phasing at times
Just to lose you as a fallen pine
The truth holds, we can never rewind.
Now I’m bold and stuck not fine.
This nice guy pretense will wear off soon,
I’ll avoid you, lie to you, and keep secrets from you,
I’ll not even let you know that I’m engaged to someone,
I’m a nice guy; I’ll let you find it on Instagram,
And when you question me, I’ll explain it to you in nice words,
‘Look I’ve found someone else so you –’
I’m a nice guy; I won’t fill in the blanks,
I’ll let you fill in the blanks (you ***** who wasn’t good enough for me),
I’ll leave you broken, shattered and disappointed for life,
But still, at the end of the day, I’m a nice guy.
JT Sep 29
You can’t compare yourself
With the unbroken girls
Surrounding you
You already shattered
A new form
Of beautiful

a somewhat older poem
Siti Asmida Sep 25
H.      E.       A.       R.       T.

Hey, did you see this kind of shape.. Its just like heart shape. But its not heart. I think(?)

I need them and need to lock it somewhere else. That thing can no longer be stored in a safe place. It needs to be throw it away. Because it can't be fixed. It's broken. I tried tying it up, sticking it with glue and stapler and I sew it too. But it still crumbled. Shattered. And it has been fragile since the beginning.

I know what I'm doing. So its okay to throw it away. Because I don't need it anymore.

Bye, My HEART. I'm sorry.

By Siti Asmida
8 Sep. 2019
Self Important: HEART.
Heart is dificult to safe it
Creator Sun Sep 19
Hold on to that thought
To that object, to that lot.

Keep trying, keep living
Keep doing what you love.
Something, anything
That keeps your mind above.

That doesn't make you sad,
That doesn't make you cry.

That doesn't start the cutting,
The dying and the lies.
Something, anything,
That makes you keep breathing.

Clutch that last straw with all your heart,
Your mind, you soul, oh all so broken apart.

Your bones are shattered
And your will is fractured.
Your mind is mutilated
And your heart has ruptured.

Black and white.
The colours of the sky.

They make me want to fly,
Soar so high
Above, so that I will never have to
Come down again.

For though my body is broken, my mind is free;
And that's the object that I sought to keep.
Random word generator gave me 'keep' outta many different words and I just guess that I did freeform and a bit of rhyming. The poem is a bit depressing yet uplifting at the same time and I don't know if anyone else enjoys bittersweet poems.
Arden Sep 18
i was getting better  
i was feeling again  


its crashing down
in slow motion this time  
i desperately try to stop it  
but just keep getting attacked

by this thing  
this monster that i  
cant see  
how do i defend myself  
against something that  
i cannot see  

how do i be  
not broken  
im tired of being broken
my jagged edges keep cutting  
people i care about  

i was getting better  
but now  
im shattering
Viancy Aug 24
He couldn’t understand that my heart was already shattered,
and no matter how much he tried to glue the parts together with sticky words,
tiny bits out of his sight went  missing,
scattered on the dusty floor of habit and weariness.
I’m just feeling broken hearted today...
Ray Dunn Aug 10
my mosaic
is shattered
my stain glass
in tatters
sometimes i hum tunes and sing words along with them and this cake into my head and yeah that’s basically it. it has no meaning in my life rn ****
I witnessed your unraveling
as she tore you to bits.
Eating at your very core until
things seemed irreversible.

I saw how things changed
when I picked you up piece by piece.
You weren't the same but

It was like looking at shattered pottery
put back together, gleaming with gold
at the cracks.
The same, yet new at the same time.

Then I saw how you went back to her
as I scattered to the wind.
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