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ryeon 3d
title: criesofashatteredheart.pdf
file size: 143 kb
date modified: 28/06/2022


the idea of love lingers on my running maze of thoughts. the concept of my love is comparable to music that is exquisitely performed while staying in perfect harmony. but love itself is not perfect the way it is. my feelings for someone come and go like the tide. but at the very least, it's not lovely whitecaps dancing on my feet when i least expect them. they emerge to cause chaos just when life has a way of appearing to be a calm stream of consistency. they drag me under with such power that i feel like i'm going to drown all over again, to the point that i can't even take a breath in between endeavors.


he appeared in my life suddenly and unexpectedly, like a warm summer wind. in a single moment, my heart was captivated from my chest in a split second, and i was unable to stand. when he'd look me in the eyes and say the words i'd been waiting to hear my entire life, he appeared so honest. the things he'd say to me were so heartfelt and genuine as he looked into my face and spoke from the depths of his heart.

never in my wildest dreams did i imagine that i would be able to experience what he showed me. little did i know i’d expect the most unforeseen events in my life. in your absence, i was left to fend for myself on the edge of the universe. i'm on my own in the vastness of space because you deserted me. in between what i've buried and what i loathe is the emptiness, and it rang true. forever and always, a constant and ever-present reflection that there is no one else to trust and follow.

results and discussions:

you took everything you could get away with, but you were kind enough to leave the suffering behind. it is shameful of you to attempt to make amends for me as if i didn't have enough to deal with already. a roaring storm is howling here, and it continues to be there, raging deep within my head that refuses to subside. the very least you can do is let it be.

now i can now cut you as deeply as you have wounded me. i am tormented by the treachery of knowing the truth and never escaping the past. you took me up in the air, then let me fall to my knees and scream. yet i yearn to blossom like the sunflower even when the sunlight passes more dimly than the uncertainty of the promise of love. the dilemma of instruments may be found with thy beauty, and the betrayal of melody can be watch in the eyes when seen through incense. hence, that is the deception performed by the heart.

at some time in the far future, you will find yourselves wishing to the heavens that you had never turned away in our own little corner of the universe.

after all, it's the nature of love, and it crushes my heart that it had to stop before it could begin.
i just made a creative way in making a prose
Ylzm Apr 26
May Putin be crushed and his nuclear threat exposed an empty bluff
May Russians see themselves the true Nazis
And in true need of salvation than Ukrainians ever were
May the shattered save the mighty and the mighty serve the victor
Emanzi Ian Jan 22
Right from the start,
You received the news with rejection
And that hurt me to the bone
When I shed those tears, I knew that my baby wouldn't be born
When you finally revealed that it was already done,
I felt my heart sink
But still,I wanted to be with you
Even when I was weighing the truth of all you had previously told me
I was blinded and didn't wish to have my sight restored
For,your charm had put me under a spell
He didn't live to see the sun
N Jan 18
What an exhausting year

My hungry heart torturing  
me with its violent desires

My trembling hands
aching for her warmth

My mind battling itself
trying to return from war

My depression,
a bloodthirsty dog,
and the nights keep coming

My soul, a wildfire
consuming everything,
leaving me with a lifetime of grief  

Yet I am still here
Shattered, but alive
New year, eh?
Ellesora Rue Jan 5
Is that how you feel?

That man walking by
The girl who says hi
Your best friend
You close relative
What do you know—
Just maybe
They're like you:
A perfectly

If you stare
Right into their ever beating hearts
Into their silent soul
Maybe you'll find
A chip
A crack
Or maybe all you find are pieces
Of shattered self
They are like you
perfectly ruined things

You aren't so different
You are surrounded by yourself, over and over
Tiny little perfectly ruined things ignoring the pain
Building walls
Until you have forgotten
How you were before you became

Day 4 of @angelealowes poetry prompts: perfectly ruined thing
Brandon Amberger Nov 2015
When I look into my reflection
I stare at every imperfection
I appear broken, even shattered
All of me in bits and pieces scattered
From the lack of understanding and compassion
These human instincts were once in fashion
Unfortunately greediness, laziness and corruption got hold
Our society became bitter and cold
Where we have this need to conform
Too afraid to practice a passionate art form
Instead we are this predictable bleak gray
Just waiting to die and decay

So I say...
**** THAT! I'm living my life, my way!
Rosie Toes Sep 2021
You may be fooling everybody else, but you are not fooling me. I can see the show you put on to allow others the comfort of thinking you are okay, even though you are not. You do not want anyone to feel the pain of your shattered glass. The constant jokes and silly stories, used as a distraction to deter them from looking you in your eyes and seeing someone who is still stained from their past. They call you a jokester, and you like it, for you would rather be called goofy than bruised. You leave hints that grant a select few access to peek through the cracks, but hardly ever letting them see it all. If someone were to ask you, would you draw back the curtains and show them the full work in progress? I want you to realize that a stained glass window is more beautiful than a clean and clear one. You have the ability to show others that although previously broken, a stained glass window can become a masterpiece.
I see you
aspen wilde Sep 2021
i do fully believe i will one day fall in love,
but your words have shattered my ideals.
but what if i can’t love like i think,
i do fully believe in love, but i can’t picture it.

i don’t love like other people,
it’s hard to find someone to love
like i’m missing something that everyone else can see clearly
inside there’s a grey area that should be a burst of colour,
a burst of my life that’s missing

no one gets it,
is there someone who not only hears but feel my words
where are you, can you help me
for once, i'm asking for help
this must be serious
Shes breaking inside,
Leaving behind shattered fragments of who she used to be.
Hes lost but following,
A trail of something deep with no end that he can see.
Hes closing in on her,
As is her fear.
But she lead him to a destination,
Without knowing it is here.
And now he has arrived,
With the piece
That will transform them
Into a masterpiece.
TheWitheredSoul Jul 2021
My mind is weary my heart is lost and somewhere along the way even that hard forged shell of mine has begun to wither.
Grimm and Bold for so long on the outside,
one girl, three words
600 days of sinful diligence,
Shattered me from within for all I do became merely an act,
For I am truly lost still searching for the warmth of her heart
where I last saw my feeble breathless heart.
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