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Hammad 3d
When the fire catches your house
and there's no way to douse
They say
- get your precious belongings
out of it
Lest they turn to rubble
and cause you the trouble...
And One day
My heart caught fire
So I went inside
to collect the pieces
of our memories
and then
Watched the whole heart
burst into flames..
chang cosido Oct 13
you promised me
that if i stared at the moon
long enough
i would find myself the face of a man.
but i know all the faces
the moon wears,
and the spectacle of stars
that sparkle on her hair.
Tonight,it's just this one.
an honest expression.
there's no meaning tonight,
only truth -only hurt.
Tonight, there's only this city
under a shattered moon.
Tonight, im crying myself to sleep again.
ardnaxela Oct 12
You are never
clear with me
What it is you want.
I always have to guess.
Is this just a game to you?
Is my heart a play thing;
somewhere for you to make a mess?
maybe it's a dream
It's all made up
And I should wake up.

I want to
Give you
Of me.
But I gotta know
You want me
Gotta know you
Need me
Know that
You can complete me.

Because I'm ready to become
Whole again
I'm tired of



I'm tired of





Bits of my soul,
S h a t t e r e d by senselessness.

blacked in sin.

I need my peace back.
I don't like to ask
I hate to guess
I'm wondering -
Can you be that?
And if not, just say so.
They say home is where the heart is
But what if your heart is broken?
Shattered to a million pieces?
Where do you go?
Do you have a home?
pa3que Sep 27
you cracked me wide open,
your name is the name of the wind.
carrying the distant memories,
i wish i could unseen.

as the passing time,
my words shall not rhyme,
but yet i keep you within.

nor i expect of you to meet my words,
to hear my shouts and i shout loud!
... as i am standing in the eye,
of a raging hurricane.
Piyush Sharma Sep 27
People always fell in love...
No one rises to love,
Cause when you're down... feeling low,
With darkness around deep and shallow,
Love won't demand your last breath,
It'll help you not to be afraid.
It won't demand you to rise for it,
It'll help you rise, smiling along your soul.
Just so you won't ever feel alone.
But when it leaves, and you perceive its significance,
When you took it for granted...
Instead of realizing that it mattered.
It just leaves you broken....
With your soul frightened and shattered.
I may not be absolutely perfect in terms of LOVE...
But its just what I felt and learnt from my momentousness,
And penned what I could.
Natalie Sep 20
You committed suicide
On that night
Leaving us all
And when I got the call
I screamed and I cried
I tried to hold back the tears
But they were too much to bear
I didn’t sleep that night
Nor did I eat
I couldn’t believe
That this was reality
I prayed and I prayed
That maybe one day
I could get a day
Oh just one day
With you to let you know
How much you meant to me
The funeral day came
And I could barely mask the pain
When I saw your face for the last time
No more Thanksgiving talks
Or Christmas walks
No more memories
Between you and me
And on that heartbreaking day
You took pieces of me
That I didn’t even know were still there
But you took them
You took them all
As heaven opened its arms to you
And you left us all
you hold a special place in my heart. I miss you everyday.
I wish I
had the guts
to walk away and forget
about what we had,
but I can't because I know
you won't come after me
and that's what hurts the most.
by unknown
chi Sep 7
i gave you the power to break me by trusting you wouldn't.

they say you can't break what's already broken but you didn't break me you shattered me.
—g. l
you may be broken but you are still whole :)
Kaumal Borah Jul 29
Like the rays of the morning sun
He brought smile to her face everytime
As the flower chuckles up feeling the rain
His voice makes her giggle like an insane
Like the sound of the flowing rivers
His voice soothens her mind
Like the colours of the rainbow so vivid
He filled her life with colours so varied
Each day spent  with him seems amazing
Anyday without him feels lonely and dampening
The way he cared for her
its so difficult to describe and compare
He made her realize what zenith on earth was
Made her realize the actual meaning of paradise
Now as she reminscences her past
Remembering the days spent with the man she adored so much
Tears rolled down her eyes ,unrushed
All she could do was
Stare at his old photograph
Thinking if it just speaks for once.
It disturbs so much when the people who were always there for u just get trapped in a wooden frame lifeless and still...all we could do iis just stare at their photo remembering them and how their presence then and absence now creates a difference in our lives
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