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nick armbrister Dec 2022
Rev Pea
It's all about the features and benefits
Make a product which will benefit
The users satisfaction oh yes
An aeroplane that delivers
All promised things and more
This one they got right
Even if it's costly beyond compare

For a century it'll reap profits
Make them rich beyond realms
Not to mention the next one
More capable more costly
More profits more sold
Lockheed did this right
No revenue in peace
Nick Armbrister
out in 23
nick armbrister Aug 2022
Peace Profit
Made in a country near you
Things to do a job
What type of job?

To heal to **** to create to destroy
All in the ACME factory
Ready steady go get to work!
Fulfil your shift

Do your quota
Finish the order yesterday
There's much work to be done

You busy little bees
Make the fat boss rich
Capitalist wage slaves
Even the commies are the same

Make some more do the work
Enrich the rich you ******
There's no profit in laziness or peace
We are all environmental commodities
nick armbrister Mar 2022
Shed No tears
There we go the same thing all over again
More of the same nothing changes
But the location and date
Death is death
Killing is killing
War profit is war profit
Way it goes from Napoleon to now
The dollar amount increases
Making the fat cats fatter
Their bank accounts rise to God
This will never ever end
Like the Alien films
They rule and own all things
Not even aliens can stop this
War is big business
And death is death
Shed no tears...
nick armbrister Sep 2021
Big bucks being made/weapons sales contracts, slush fund/death big business
Omarcito Feb 2021
Powered matter leaves their origin,
Into a land in the distance,
Residing in the hearts of children
Offering everything but resistance,
Exchanging life and his riches
For the taste of blood in their kisses.

A child is a sacrifice
For what is right
In the prophet’s eyes
And minds that are blind
To the lies that bind
His cries and surmise-s.
The prophet’s prophecy
Is to gain profit from gases
More flammable that propane.
His fingers, crossed and lost,
His veins, lost its blue,
His skin, has turns chartreuse
With the sight of the new moon.

A new dawn begins
With the same sun,
Covered by new clouds.
Sounds of the innocent,
Muffled by the lead they’re
Buried in.
Their fears of growth
Disappear with their sight.
But it’s alright,
It’s in the name of Liberty,
Currency, and Democracy.
C Nov 2020
How did we forget to know
The souls of all but human beings?
When did we stop listening
To language different
To the one we speak with ease?

Those elders knew, they were involved
With nature, not apart
They worked together
Until the witch hunts,
And before capitalism ate art...

And medicine, and childbirth,
Marriage, communities;
Profit would too much be capped
If common people lived their lives
With love and empathy

Because some they feared the awe they felt; the danger sensed in crushing
Waters, crumbling rock, and the power
Of biting jaws and ripping claws
Over small **** energy imposing

So they taught us to ignore the souls
Of rocks and stones and moss and trees...
We're taught to value human life
Above all that nurtures us -
Even clearly animated beings

And still amongst these human lives
Are some more valuable than others,
Categorised by colour or class,
Gender, size, way of life,
Or simply their choice if lovers

They re-wrote the myths of first beginnings
To omit other beings, except where they placed
Them only as antagonists
To bring ruin and shame upon our bodies
And eternal servitude we've faced

Modern Christianity pervades here
And other poison ideologies -
Not Jesus' way but the opposite...
Organised religion serves only to prop
Up our capitalist economies
Maria Mitea Oct 2020
~   using
our intelligence
to manipulate
people   ~
Maria Mitea Oct 2020

Do you treat me this way,  -  a place for burial,  
Why do you treat me  -  like i’m nobody  - ?  
-  With you being someone  -

Don’t you feel? -
- how i’m breathing underneath your feet,

Don’t you feel?  -  i’m a living nest  -  the birthing of new life,  
-  With the seed in my womb  -  i’m crying!  -  Why?
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