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Kenneth Gray Oct 2020
Divine might through hinesight.
Unsure of what I could've done to make it right.
Mistakes, tragedies, my past is a blight.
Struggles, suffering.
I did my best to win the fight.

Hope, happiness, all lost in the dust.
Memories scrambled, diluted with lust.
All of my efforts corrupted with rust.
All in all, my life is a bust.

Looking back now, my faith has been lost.
My hopes and dreams have been trampled and tossed.
What do you do when all lines have been crossed?

Tell me now, where do I stand?
The truth, the answers are what I demand.
I've fallen so far, so where will I land?
Lord, reach out. Let me fall in your hand.

Get it together. Its all in the past.
Your trials and tribulations are not going to last.
Your burdens and heartbreak need to be cast.
Do not dawdle, you need to act fast.

You know your purpose.
You know your role.
Your faith and your power aren't defeated.
They have not become null.

You know, you've seen.
The light that's within.
You know the truth.
You know who will win.
You are the victor
over your sin.

Take action, be strong and take part.
Its not a game, its a demonstration, an art.
Show them your power, you're not foolish, you're smart.
Aim at the bullseye and unleash your dart.
Something I wrote after I spent time thinking about my past struggles and what Id like to see come of them.
Mark Toney Oct 2019
Abundant Blessings Continue,
Descending Endlessly From God.
Happy Is Jesus, King Like Melchizedek,
Nary Other Potentate, Qualified Ransom,
Savior Triumphant, Universal Victor.
Wholeheartedly Express Your Zeal!
5/18/2018 - Poetry Form: ABC Poem - In this example, a poem in which every word begins with a successive letter of the alphabet. The first word begins with A, the second with B, the third with C, etc. ("Express" phonetically represents the "X") - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2018
Mark Wanless Jul 2019
the battle was
and yes i saw
a tempest

to tell to all
not a victor here
nor a conquered
just a soul not dead

Zeus was called upon
   and failed
the Titans were called upon
   and failed

men fought unaided
   as always
VKBoy May 2019
There isn’t a day I didn’t hope
To come out of the delusions
The world has thrown at me.
Every day has been a struggle
For something more than just survival
More than just success
And it was to be loved.
I’ve given my all in every situation
To come out victorious as well as good
Yet here I am
Still feeling as miserable as ever
Breathing less and less freely
Surrounded by success
That had the stench of darkness
Which strengthened with every surmounted endeavor of my life
For no matter how hard I’ve been trying
To be a good guy
I still feel like
I’m living in a delusional world
Where I’ll forever be the one
Loves to hate
Hugs to steal
Talks to trick
Touches to taint
And possibly do much more
Than my eyes can make out.
I have no clue as to why
I can’t overcome this growing feeling
That is evolving into a severe reality
With each passing day.
But after so many years of pain
I think I finally know the answer.
Not all success stories can be treasured
Only the ones that hearts feel affection for.
Though I’ve changed a lot
Maybe I’m still wanting to be
Loved or hugged too hard
Talked or touched too much
And maybe it’s time
For me to stop trying to be good
And start trying to be who I am.
“What lies beyond victory is the victor’s heart.” ―  VKBoy
To look beyond success and taste the sweet life of it, we must start looking into our hearts first.
Stella Matutina Apr 2019
I don't know who this is for,
Who's address I would put on the envelope.
I have a few people in mind,
But I don't know if sending this to them would be the best idea.

I guess it's an open letter to my younger self.
My 15 year old self who was thrown into chaos,
Who walked into a crowd of scheming, malicious friends.

Friends? You ask.
Yes they were my friends,
And they fought,
And stole,
And clawed their way to the top of a power structure,
Just to have it all tumbling down.

I was there the entire time.
Never clawing,
Or climbing,
Just trying to hold everyone together,
Keep everyone' s peace of mind,
While I lost my own.

What they never realized,
What I barely realized,
Was that as they played the game,
Learned the rules,
Learned to win and lose,

I forgot those rules.
Forgot is too nice,
I ignored them.

I lost my head making sure everyone kept theirs,
And when the dust settled,
When everyone took off their masks and assessed the damage,
I was there.

At the top


No one noticed,
They were to busy pointing fingers.
While they were busy throwing metaphorical stones and spears,
I was placing land mines,
And trip wires.

At the end of the day,
When the battle was over,
It was me and me alone at the top.
The victor,
The one who had amassed all the power and influence my friends were desperately trying to hold on to.

I am still here,
Pondering my morality,
Pondering how ******* lonely it is.

Because while they built the pedestal,
Put me on top of it,
And surrendered without even realizing it,

They also isolated themselves from me.
And me from them.
And they have yet to realize the war they have lost.

While they were busy throwing insults,
Calling each other monsters,
They never even looked at me,
Or noticed me.

I sat there,
The most power hungry,
And ambitious one of all.
I sat at the top,
And no one even noticed.

So to my 15 year old self,
Who was thrown into the fire,
And learned to lie,
And cheat,
And steal,
Who learned to not only survive,
But conquer them all-

I notice you.
And I fear the day you get to show your true colors again.
To the people who taught me the politics of friendship
Ember Zola Jan 2019
Stop trying to be the hero in someone else’s story.  
Be your own **** hero in your beautifully messy story.
Reina Franco Feb 2018
Masakit na nakaraan,
tayo'y kapwa mayroon.
Syang dahilan ng ating takot,
Huwag ng balikan, bagkus
Sa isa't isa halina't kumuha
ng bagong lakas,
ng bagong simula,
at ng bagong pag ibig.

Tila sinadya ng tadhana,
Tayo'y sinaktan at tinuruan muna,
Upang sa araw ng pagtatagpo,
Kapwa tayong nakahanda.
May dahilan ang lahat, ika nga.

Ilang sulok na ba ng mundo,
Ang ating nilakbay?
Ilang tao na ba ang sinubukan
kilalanin at sinugalan?
Gaano karaming luha na ba,
ang pumatak at naubos?
Ilang beses na ba?
At ilang beses pa ba?
Nandito na ako, hindi ba?
Nandito ka na rin,
Nandito na tayo,
Palalagpasin pa ba?

Sa malayuan, mananalangin na lang ba?
Sa malayo, mangangarap na lang ba?
Aasa na lang ba sa malayo?
Magmamahal na lang ba sa malayo?
Hanggang sa malayo na lang ba ang lahat?

Humawak ka lang sa akin,
Pangako, hindi kita bibitawan.
Buksan mo ang iyong mata,
ang ganda ng bagong pagkakataon,
pangako, ipapakita ko sayo.
Maaari ka rin pumikit,
Damahin mo ang aking haplos,
pangako, ikaw lang ang mamahalin
pangako, sa iyo, ako'y tapat.

Huwag ka ng matakot, mahal ko.
Tayo'y magtiwala sa Diyos,
Sapagkat Siya ang may akda,
Ng istorya ng ating pagtatagpo,
Ng kwento ng ating pagmamahalan.
Huwag kang sumuko, mahal ko.
Huwag tayong susuko, mahal kita.
Reina Franco Oct 2015
Every day and every night were the same,
sunshine and street lamps, I see them lame,
people and places, frozen in one lane,
That was life before Victor came.

Alone, no more I was.
Eyes, mine sparkled on a bliss.
Love, driven me joyfully insane,
That was life when Victor came.

So distant we may seem to be,
Patience is ours to befriend,
as Faith is ours to possess,
for the situation’s never a game.

I lost you by then,
heart was broken to the power of ten.
Prayer was my refuge,
Tears as sanctuary, they became.

Realizations invaded my insanity,
lessons learned returned me to sanity.
Grateful to have loved a man such way,
such person, ever since Victor came.
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