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Johnny walker Jul 25
Sat drinking coffee here In the UK and I'm dreaming of
dearest friend for she's far away In Texas after my wife had passed away
had read one of my poems about Helen on the Internet she felt the need to help me but didn't really know why other than feeling
for me after reading the poem I wrote for Helen she sent me an email to which I responded and we've become such good friend ever since
each other at leased twice every day Terry through our friendship has help me through some of my darkest days Terry has given me a reason to carry
Johnny walker Jul 13
A river of dreams slightly flowing through the night all my dreams are carried away down stream carried
away on
far away from where  I'm sleeping traveling far away down stream to place where all my dreams of sweetheart end at the waters
And I know this from my dreams my sweetheart
waits for me the river of dreams
will finally stop slightly flowing when It reaches Its final destination
where all dreams flow
to a place we call
Nat Lipstadt Jul 2013
Why I Always Carry Tissues

To My Children:

I'm laughing at myself,
As I am prone to do because
Why I Always Carry Tissues
Is the title of a poem
I write for you.

There is a story here,
Of parenting, and responsibilties
That transcends yourself, defines me,
Vis-a-vis you,
then and there, and maybe now.

When you were small,
I took you by the hand,
The cement canyons, trails & rivers
of West Eighty Six Street,
Together, we would ford.

Periodically, as Fathers are prone to do,
Your hand, from my hand,
I would release
So you could fall down,
All on your own.

It bemused me that I could see
Three or four paces ahead of thee
Exactly which crack,
Upon which you would trip,
And come crying back to me.

That was then.
And now,
Yes, no more,

But I always had tissues
to dry your eyes
And no surprise,
I still do,
Always will.

These days, they,
more likely used to dry mine,
As I have forded that Styxy river,
When crossed, you spend more of the day,
Liking Back more,
Then looking ahead.

No matter, by right and tradition,
It is still my mission, that
when you need, when you bleed,
as I know you surely shall,
These pocket tissues will be there
Ready, willing and able, fully capable,
of snatching away your tears.

When you need,
When you bleed,
And you surely shall,
These pockets of mine,
Of tissue made,
Are waiting for your tears,
And you, to fill them,
For without them,
Their raison d'etre is unfulfilled.

These used tissues are my history book,
Re the art of loving, and the arch-i-texture of life,
Of tears and hearts,
And concrete spills,
That need knees to be complete.

That is why you will find me, without fail,
Ready, willing and able, holding my
White Badge of Courage at the ready,
Waiting patiently, for my mission to be redeemed,
Missions known as parenting schemes.

The scheme is clear, even if
my tissues you no longer request,
You will let your own babies
fall n' fail, then take their tears
Put them in your pocket,
keep them forever wet,
Like my memories of you
the ones I cherish best...

Perhaps a tradition
We will start,
Unsightly bulges in our pocket rear,
Where we will store our packet of saver-saviors
Removers of our dear one's fears.

If we are truly wise
Those tissued memories
We will keep,
Die among them contented,
Knee-scraped deep
When tears fall...

1. Written in 2008, updated today 7/2013, adding a word here and there.
2. When I wrote this, there were no more babies in my life; now the next generation, a new set of boo-boos
3. Yes, I still, always have tissues on me someplace,
a habit started over thirty years ago,
when my children where toddlers.
4. The poem I love the best.
To those who are gone.
We’ll carry your legacy.
To honor your life.
Johnny walker Apr 13
Love belongs to lucky and the strong the ones who never give up a stick to
their beliefs no matter
what anyone may
Lucky to find strong to
able to survive, no matter
what comes your way
no one
should ever say who you should fall In love with
you don't ever question who, what, or why, love you do not decide what  love Is, one
a day  
with no prior warning, It's
just there and you know
It and your whole world turned upside down any plans you have just go
out the
you know you're In love with this person you want to spend every minute with
them when apart It feels like an
the one person you used to be, has now become two, a partnership, for me It was a wonderful experience and two became
with the birth of our son, that to me was just Incredible
  to love whatever
can be from any race where
True love usually hits
once In a lifetime, but I guess I  got really lucky I loved and lost my wife, but through fate, not even
I get hit a second time another chance of happiness again, and although my child abuse I suffered and all the pain It's caused me over the
I've been hit a second time with happiness and going to make the most of the opertunity despite what anybody will say It's my life not
If you're lucky you love once In a lifetime really you get a second chance and that what I have and I shall make the most of this opportunity I've been given despite what people will say
Helen's has left me with an Incredible kindness and love that I never really knew I
but must have laid deep within me but just needed to be awoken It has come at a price the loss of
she has given me a purpose to life, now that she gone, which Is
amazing the love that Helen had, lives on through me
and I will continue to spread her love around In what ever I do, an  Incredible
Helen was who gave so much In life and Is still doing so even now and I love her so
Even gone Helen, Incredible Inspiration lives on through
me I will carry her torch and and never let burn out
Reflecting on my days gone by, and of days thats still to come but a perspective now
for I do things alone as a single  
man treading old ground  
that thought I'd never have to tread again, but that's just as the cards have
a much kinder hand I wish I'd been dealt but that never going to be Helen was the only luck In my life and that all has
now and life has to begin again life as a single man but with Helen help through the strength to do so and
have prove to Helen yes, I can see It all the way through so she'll be proud of me and that I just didn't give up roll over and
I now go back to the life of a single man Helen has given me the strength required to carry on
see It all through to the end wish I'd been
I remember all the times  when walking out together hand In hand so proud of Helen my
I was showing her off for all to see showing them all that I was no longer a single
That I had a good woman
who loved me, no longer live on my own I truly loved this girl now my
But sadly I didn't know she would taken from me early In life but I'm grateful the time I had with my
I would change any of what we had that of
true love,
that we had for one another and life goes on and so
will I
And life goes on and so will I carry her memories on for the time I'm here
So beautiful she was to me, Helen opened up my eyes
to all, I did see, through
the beauty In her eyes only truth and never any
through Helen's eyes pretty and so blue she taught me how to love
and the many joys of ******* I can still feel her loving
whilst laid In the beauty of her charms  and the sweetness of her kiss yesterday mother's day and as I laid pretty
on Helen's grave all was quiet but for the birds singing their beautiful songs of Summer I thought little birds carry a message for me to my
to wherever she now Is let her know how much I love and that I'm forever thinking about her and of our life we once did
Whilst laying flowers for Mother's Day so quite and peaceful just birds singing there loverly songs of
summer I thought little birds carry a message for me to my wife tell of my love for her there Is not a day goes by without me not thinking of
Kiara Hoxie Feb 5
Remain for the beautiful music renditions
The vibrations thumping through your chest
Love the mysterious evenings of adventure
But also the peaceful nights of rest

Stand despite the forces of darkness
Threatening to crush your shining hope
Abide for days of dazzling brightness
For fond memories of those you will cope

For the close ones carry on
To fill their hearts and make them smile
Prevail for whenever they need you
Though it may last a while

Stay for those warm summer days
And the time of year sparkling snow falls
Endure so you can say
To whomever needs someone, I've been through it all
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