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Jay M Mar 2019
In sickness I am fearful,
In health I am more so,
When I fall into slumber is my only peace,
Dreams, visions if you will,
Laughter, screams,
Both see me,
Both trying to carry me away,
Lifting me up,
Tearing me apart,
I'm only human,
What more can I do?
Where can I go?
How much will ever be enough?

- Jay M
January 28th, 2019
Allesha Eman Aug 27
Threads of light from a waking sun,
Illuminate the dreams,
That rest on your eyelids.
And you carry them with you,

wherever you go.
Wherever I go, I find
Something new about me, about you.
I am no mystery, you are no new.
Yet we always stand here to learn and grew...
Each passing day is incognito like I hide my selfhood in you.
You carry, I flow..
You demand, I show
You attempt, I undergo..
Together on this journey, we grow...
Luna Maria Apr 27
when I try to swallow your tears
I get a bellyache
it is too heavy
i follow my heartbeats
they say you will lose
do not ever feel
with hope near

i ask the rays
when the sun says
morning on its ways

why do the roses smile?
why do the birds sign?
a deathless harmony

the life deserves to pay
every good to make it happy
, feel with funny

and the frustrate will say
surely at his fear

hate you, you carry
smile which will shine

all the world you sign
do not lose your hope, everyday comes with great hope
N Mar 15
Your pain to heal,
your scars to mend,
your sadness to carry,

and your heart to bury
my love and wounds in
anna burns Feb 25
the beginning of the end.
the end of the beginning.
points in time.
time in points.
who are we...?
are we who...             we think we are?
O, son,
Whom I now hold in my arms,
Though I, from head to toe,
Am a broken man...

...I pray, only,
That you will find embrace
In the Arms
Holding me

For my son
Cynthia Jean Feb 9

are big enough

to carry

it all.

Yours aren't.

Give it all

to Me.

Cynthia Jean

February 8, 2020
Amaris Dec 2019
My mother calls out,
Carry me; I need you to take me home.
I'm only three years old
I can barely walk on my own
I shoulder her hands, bigger than my face
I slip and slide on the ice, afraid to fall
I can handle bruises and scrapes
But not if mommy falls too
Gritted baby teeth, frozen tears on cheeks
I rip off the fluffy pink coat, it's too hot
Is she helping at all?
The front door seems too far away
Just a little further, I'll be home soon
Then I can let go, maybe grow, and get up the courage to say
I don't need you, like you needed me
I've walked a steep path and now I'm stronger
I will not carry you any longer
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