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Kiara Hoxie Feb 5
Remain for the beautiful music renditions
The vibrations thumping through your chest
Love the mysterious evenings of adventure
But also the peaceful nights of rest

Stand despite the forces of darkness
Threatening to crush your shining hope
Abide for days of dazzling brightness
For fond memories of those you will cope

For the close ones carry on
To fill their hearts and make them smile
Prevail for whenever they need you
Though it may last a while

Stay for those warm summer days
And the time of year sparkling snow falls
Endure so you can say
To whomever needs someone, I've been through it all
If Helen could see me now she'd cry me a river tears that would flow right the sea taking me along with them away from the troubles of
She would cry me a river
If she could see how low I've sunk since we were last together to now how  life has fallen
Helen would cry me a river If she could see how
I can no longer look after
myself because of similar disabilities she
Helen I know  would cry me a river of her tears that would carry me away from here to place to where I could see out the rest of my days In peace and dreams of
Helen would cry me a river of tears to carry me away from this place where hurt so much
Emma Jan 18
Your hair falls, like dark
feathers over your forehead,
too soft for lowly
hands. Your eyes they live beneath,
the hole you live in
reflected there. I bend and
shoulder another
of your burdens. It is all
I can do. You are
trapped, like a prince in a
dream. Or a nightmare.
In my love for you, it feels
as though tenderness
will tear a hole through my heart.
I would carry worlds.
Almost a Haiku. In alternating 5-7-5 syllables.
Latifah Jan 8
I just wanted to
spill all my secrets
to someone
I've kept them hidden
for so long
and I couldn't anymore
I wanted someone
who could carry half the weight
I've been carrying
in my fragile heart
that no longer can survive
it feels as if
I'm carrying the weight
they're carrying
of my own heaviness.
Over the hills and far away I feel today feel It seems I've come a long way In the last couple of
I'm now looking to a future starting to plan a new beginning just hope It's not to late
I still have up and down days but have a fight now I didn't have before born
Finding the will to carry on born again stronger than before
Johnny walker Nov 2018
Dreams cast upon the stream
of life, an endless flow of
memories, that do not fade
with passing of
But continue to flow through
the stream of ones mind, the
endless flow of dreams that
with them Carrie still
In hope for maybe loved one
left behind, for now It's they
who now carry responsibility
that of a life long promise of
keeping their love ones
A poems for those who have lost loved ones
that still lies a ray of hope for those of us left behined
MKB Nov 2018
It’s been awhile
Dead light

Have you been watching
Little me?—
In all my corruption;
Has your sentient ablution—
So tried—
Decided to set me aside
In my hiding?

I grovel here;
While You glisten—
You listen—and weave
Serene discomfort
Into a little-soul
Like mine.    

Supine and slight—
I trace Your patterns in the
Night and try to name them
As others have
Before me:
Dipper. Orion. Northern-light:
Compass bright.

Are they suppose to
Mean Something?
I cling to their instruction
And move nowhere.  
Your pictures do not wear the weight
That answers

Can I sough purpose
In their Recitation?
—For I have wanted for comfort.
I repeat the names—
Cardinal ghosts in dotted-frame—
But their direction
Alludes me.

Oh, You Pin-******—
You Old-Flames—
You Astute Celestial Hosts.  
Have You hung silent
—In all Your knowing
Just waiting
For me to let go?

Do You know the cold of war waged
Blueprints of rage have rewrote the
Geography of my limbs:
I am not my arms my legs I am not
My breaking

My hands aren’t mine, anymore.
I have never been so

Hey, Heaven’s map of decussation:
Do You see me down here
at all?
Praying for Your mum
Eureka call——
To pull me past
My boxing halls?

You are all l have left—
to follow.
Tired of feeling lost.
Tired of letting go.

But it could be awhile
      Dead light.
Hopelessness is a heavy might:
But I thought—just maybe,  
you might—
For me.

I face you
In the night.
—Until I get there.
Me: the tiny nightmare.
At the edge of sleep’s reprieve
Before I face the mourning,
Carry You-Ruelle, Flurrie
Brynn S Nov 2018
This is not for love nor is it for grief
To have one is to carry the other alone
Each shown difference through incredulous perspective
The pieces of truth show no appearance
They merely evoke feeling so raw
One of exposure and vulnerability
Caught in a spiraling emotion that gives no name to itself
A pit that feels free without restraint
A place where all options prove to be correct
One that shows no extent to a human life to live
Amy Duckworth Oct 2018
I am an empty shell
I am full of happiness
I protect my loved ones.
That makes me happy.
That's all I feel but it will soon disappear.
Don't cry carry on for me.
My mind is clouded
And I'm dumbfounded
My hearts in doubt
My soul is in blue
My body still works
Cause the world
didn't cared
Dont have no clue

The world didn't
Stop when I was sad
Nor it slowed down
When I was Glad

Life continued,
It always will
Even if you're not well
Or what emotion
You're going to sell
It will carry on
Thats the truth

Its the reason of this mask
To carry on
Even if I'm like a robot
Busted and full of rust.
I have Allot of writings when I'm sad practically most of my writings are written when I was in blue. But it didnt stop me. I always need to get out there and join the world, cause I know I can't stop the world nor it will stop for me. A harsh reality.
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