shall we meet
if only for the first time
though I feel we have danced
in times past
in the life I still live
in these fields of gold
songs that haunt me with their beauty

yet somewhere
over that rainbow of dreams
I sense you wait for me
when Autumn leaves fall
how dare I love a spirit
I do not know
yet it is my conviction that we are bound somehow
in time
after time

awaken me
in those darkest nights
in the absence of purity
before my soul is taken by the abyss
a whisper is all I need
whisper the word from that song...
oldie - slightly revised - I was motivated to write this piece after hearing Eva Cassidy' s version of 'Over the Rainbow' which she never knew became a hit in England as she passed from cancer without ever having a record contract. She was offered, but they wouldn't allow her to choose her songs, so she refused to sign. She grew up in my town.
don’t you want to see me up close—a phoenix in the fire? a bird in the sky? a dolphin leaping over the ocean blue waves?

your man, doing what he does best?

don’t you want to see me with my walls down?

you seem to want me, but only the outer layers i’ve shown you.

there is more to me. put me in my element and I can show you  me up close.

don’t try to unlock me with just a kiss.

it may take a bite.
I couldn’t really decide on a title... “walls down” “me up close” bite”

Insipried by BITE by Troye Sivan.
My mind's but a friend of the clouds
O goes flying away
In directions of
Horizons so many!
O in the endless empty skies!
O in the music
Of the pouring Sravana!
Rimjhim rimjhim rimjhim!!
O my mind but goes flying away
Sitting on the wings of
Cranes so many!
O in the appearing and disappearing
So fast and short
Flashes of that light
In the sky!
O the beating sound
Of the cymbals
Does play the wind so rough!
In violent joy!
O kala-kala in the hymns
Of sound
Does flow the river!
As if calling
The dangerous end
To come!
O the wind blows over
The eastern seas!
O the overflowing flowing
Brimming river in waves!
O my mind sails a boat
In this brimming flow!
In the forests of
Tala tamala!
O in the swaying
Of that small timid branch!
O my mind's but a friend of the clouds!
I'm so down to earth I’m 6 feet under
Here the sounds of silent thunder sing me to sleep
The torn clothes, never worn, keep me warm
Like a baby in a laundry basket full of rags
Tags ripped off
What a waste of money how much did it cost
It took too long to realize I was lost and I am now one with the dirt
Stains on my shirt
I dream of my legs going somewhere important
My lungs are a meter stick and my breath is a child too small to ride
It just doesn’t reach
Teach the kid to stretch I’ll smile from my state of rest
Keep drinking your milk kid
Maybe you won’t be the man too short to live
Powerful enough to break a strawberries heart
A rollercoaster is a good start it teaches you how things will be
Unless your me, just lay still on the ground
Hear the ringing sounds but don’t analyze what it means
Because behind the scenes of these stained glass windows
Is the 2018 year-round gun show
The bullet missed my smile by a mile but it must have hit a parallel universe because once again I am one with the dirt
The elements sing me to sleep
Quick wit lies, open eyes keep me alive
And when the shovel comes I won’t be ready to leave
I've faked my death for a quarter lifetime of peace
I decompose piece by piece
I'm so unbreakably sane that death hit every organ but forgot about my brain
Meaning I'm no longer in pain but I can think about what it feels like
From now on I’ll stay high as a kite
But the oxygen diminishing dirt wont let my geeb light
As sober as a drunk man that lost his liver then found god
From now on I’ll be high on death
Until the lower mantle steals my last breath
axr 3d
It’s 2:00 AM,
There’s a dangerous level of alcohol in my system
The only thought on my mind is you.
Your smile
Your laughter
Your kisses
And now i am drunk and angry that someone else has you

It’s 2:20 AM,
The stars have come out to play now
They watch me crying into a stranger’s chest and ranting about you
My mind can’t decide if I should let you go or let you stay
Remember when you asked me to write you a song? I am doing it now.

It’s 2:40 AM,
I vomited all of my dinner
And I kept thinking of you,
A stranger held my hand and promised me it’s gonna be okay.
A woman who I had just met told me about karma.

It’s 2:50 AM,
A Tibetan man bought us all beers,
And talked about a home he had never visited,
He is an alien on the papers and an Indian in his heart,
He knows all the secrets of the colony of refugees,
He knows his land just as much as I know you,
Enough to adore, not enough to make it a home.
The Buddhist flags, the stars, the cracked walls and smuggled liquor
know our story.
Do I leave a message for you here, hoping that you’d find it?
I don’t remember anything else from that hot, summer night.

It’s 3:00 AM,
My heart knows love the same way Tibet knows peace.
The man yearns for Tibet the same way I yearn for you.
k, i hope you find this.
sarah Mar 5
the sky is a mellow orange and
my heart is fuller than it’s ever been  
an overwhelming sense of gratefulness
washes over me like the waves onto the sand
looking over at you i realize that in this moment
i have everything i’ve ever wanted
everything i’ve ever worked for
i am finally content with who and where i am
life is still messy but it’s perfect
it’s authentic and it’s beautiful
and there’s nothing else i need but
to sit here with you listening to soft songs
and soaking up the smell of the trees
mixed with the ocean breeze
I'm done
I'm tired of unfinished songs unsung,
The goals, the things, the one
I know will make the way clear. Destiny.
It's choice, its worth, its certainty.
Words like lasers with direction
Are meaningless without proper action.

For me, at the time, this was the word equivalent of a table flip, to a certain extent, lol.
Kiva Feb 24
Nothing more sickening than a love song,
Nothing more false, more shallow, more untrue than a love song,
That sentimental shit, that clusterfuck shithouse churning it dials and nobs,
Blistering on the back of your car seat,
"I think I'm going to be sick" you say,
"I think I'm going to be sick."

Change the channel,
Turn it off.

Don't you think I need some time alone?
Don't you ever ask?

About my thoughts, their rhythm,
Their bend and snap,
Their pulse?

Don't you ever wonder about my dreams,
About the man who lurks, a deep crease in the circuit, a cut on my sleeve.

What did you say? What was that? I can't hear you, the lines bad.

The timings wrong.

I need to be alone
"And when you're gone,
I'll remember you
in my prayers
I'll remember you
in my songs."
ivy Feb 21
I don't know what to label you
As everything in my life has a place
You stand in between the lines of friend and boyfriend.
It's really fucking with my head
Now as I said before
We can't be a couple
Rather, an admirer
Who lives two hours away
But will come knocking at your door
When inquired
I don't know what to tell you
When I took you to the beach
The cops showed up
And we ran, from red and blue
Lights that lit up the sea
And upon your window sat a fat parking ticket
I felt bad because you were sad that we missed it,
The fact, of course
That we couldn't be parked there anymore.

Silence on the way back to my house
And I still don't know what to call you
As I rub your neck,
The back of your head
I think I should calm you

Should I kiss you?
Should I say sorry?
Maybe you're not picking up what I'm putting down
Maybe you're too selfish to notice my pout

Another song to shut the fuck up to
It reminds me of the butterflies David gave me when he would drive me home just to f*ck me hard on my futon after my dance show.
It reminded me of the fights before sociology class in the parking lot of school and pretending everything was cool, it's all in the past.
He fucking played that song like it was fresh strawberry cheesecake every time he heard it
I wanted to scream and thrash and cry and complain and I wanted to burn it
Those songs,
No matter the message
Will always be negative
Because they remind me of a more handsome, more asshole of a boyfriend.
He liked Kendrick Lamar.
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