All I see when I look at the skies
Is purple stars
They feel so nice,
When the bright side meets my eyes.

All I feel is now outside
I screamed it out last night when I was alone,
Singing old songs trying to sound right
All the feelings stop!
You come to my mind
And the songs that once gave life to my empy room

A piece of me is lost,
I reward the one who finds it
I don't even remember the last time it was with me
Maybe when I was born
Or when we first kissed.

               Amazing Grace
             Eleanor Rugby
                                  That House That Jack Built
                    Here We Go Again
                                A Change Is Gonna Come

                Freeway of Love
                                                   Rolling In The Deep                            
                Never Grow Old
                                               (I) Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)       
             Love Me Right
                       I Say A Little Prayer
               Natural Woman

My mom is crying her eyes out. T-T T-T T-T
RIP to a legend! RIP to a beautifully talented woman!
moon Aug 10
I'd repeat the same song,
for how it reminds me of you.
Every bit of words,
takes me back to you.
Beats by beats,
this heart suffocates.
On how you broke me,
years ago.
For when you broke the heart of an emotional teenage girl (e.g. me) that very person will remember everything including words that came out of your mouth, precisely. Listening to sad love songs are their weakest point. Anyways, changes by xxxtentacion is so beautiful.

ㅡ n.s
Imagine a Person
just like you
living parallel to you
their life a parallel line to yours
a Person who finds the same thrills as you
loves nothing more than your favorite artist
your passions exactly the same
living your life
singing your songs
painting your paintings
a Person so uncannily made for you
someone that you would instantly click with
someone that would watch sunsets with you
someone you would never let go of till the day you die.
someone impossible
because you just never quite meet
someone you just miss by some cruel circumstance
and you'll always miss them
because you see the thing about parallel lines
they never meet
On sandy land and muddy plains it appears
A mark left for succeeding generations
Carved with hands, sweat and blood
Indelible a mark that cannot be erased
You can find them on the various paths of life
For very few have been careful to leave them behind
And many careless if they mark their path
They are heroes and heroines of songs
They line the pages of books and poems
They grace the walls of museums and temples
Some are men and others are gods
And all of them have walked the earth

They discovered the heights of the sky
And the depths of the seas
They found the distances of lands
And lengths of deserts
They carved their names on stones and monuments of rocks
With their blood, sweat and hands
Marks the walls of earth with their names
Heroes of wars
Lords of science
Kings of nations
Queens of kingdoms
Loved and hate, doubted and scorned but none was a fool
Lords of art
Kings of songs
Telling their stories in pages with age
Prose, Drama and Poems
Today we sing memories of them

And we have heard
How they made war
How they caused war to cease
And we have heard
How they shed blood
How they saved lives
And we have heard
How they fought death
And overcame reproach
Great and small but none was a fool

Some and have been found and their stories told
Others are lost and the search is on
But diligent as we may be
Forever they may be lost
In the heights of the sky
In the depth of the sea
In the dark alleys of the cave
In the heavy sands of the desert
In the deep belly of the Bermuda triangle
And in the racist and hateful heart of men
But still abide their footprint on the rock
And the sands of time may tell it all
Or never will their footprints reveal.
Lyn-Purcell Jul 27
The calm in the storm
Melodies within my soul
will play through this night
Eeeee! Still buzzing!
Lyn xxx
Catastrophe Jul 11
We used to sing together,
I sang the lyrics of those love songs hoping you would understand that I felt them in my heart.
You would sing the songs with reckless abandon, I could never know what was going through your head.
I felt every word, just as enthusiastically as you would sing them.
I sing alone now, sad songs, and I feel them just the same. I wonder if you ever notice how my songs have changed.
If you look close enough, I’m sure you could see it in my eyes.
I wish things hadn’t changed and we were still in the car where we used to sing together.
This has no real format because I am lazy trash
Aa Harvey Jul 7
Cry no tears for me

The famous singer walks alone,
Through half-remembered good times,
Through a library of songs
And all she can see at the end of the road,
Is a life without regrets
And a story told.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Jul 7
Lost Innocence

Do the funky chicken
And dance like a robot.
Let me hear you sing the Macarana,
Before I take you for a fox trot.

Onto verse two,
The one about me and you,
The youngsters back in the day,
When we could do it our way.
Without any fear, of repeating history,
For back then our past, wasn’t tainted.
By bad memories.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Jul 4
Write it down

Write it down, write it down,
Write it down when you are really down.

Write it down, write it down,
Write it down, when you are really down.

Or push them down, push them down,
Push those feelings deep, deep down.

If you are feeling worthless,
Write something that is priceless.
Be true to your words and say what you mean
And your words will leap from the paper and into the machine.

The machine that needs feeding, with feelings and thoughts;
Then you shall begin to write your own books.
Your bible of your time, your life in your own words;
Write it because you have to, or you want to, or write it for him or her.

Find a guitar man to sing your songs,
Get them to sing your words and sing along.

Kill the aesthetics, write something that means something.
Do not care about the consequences,
They cannot take offence if they never see it.

Upload your thoughts into the world-wide-web
And watch them drift off into the atmosphere
And change the atmosphere inside someone else’s head.

Make them think about what you write,
Because you know you are right
And maybe with a little insight,
They will agree or disagree;
But they will see the world through your eyes.

You can’t please all the people all the time,
So don’t attempt to please anyone but yourself.
Because your thoughts are right, to you they are correct;
Tell anyone with negative words to go to Hell.
Because this is what you believe;
But knowledge is power, so read and watch T.V.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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