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I'll sing you a song of a Christmas no more can't now do this all on my own no Christmas
tree or decorations of any kind
No celebrations or Christmas songs any more for I can't do Christmas
alone without
No Christmas tree or decorations Christmas
songs for I can't do It now alone
All broken hearts
Sing the same song
Do you know the words?
Why don't you sing along?
i am not a curated list of
the top songs,
the best songs,
critically-acclaimed songs,
picked with so much care
too much care
the others cease to matter
i am the songs
known and niched
borne out of an artist's dream
i exist so they could dance
in the kitchen at 3 am
i might not expand the world
in which i live
but i will persist
in careless dancers
dancers like me
the dancers after us
to my boy scouts, to 7 more years. kamsahamnida.
AB Ess 6d
Look at the girl with flowers in her hair
And birds in her chest
She screams
She says she knows why the caged bird sings
For she is that caged bird
That sings of dreams she’s never dreamt and places only her subconscious goes
Devin Ortiz Dec 4
In ritualistic insanity, the amnesiac begins to wail.
He hears the symphonic tune of damnation.
A wicked chord struck on a lyre of bones.
As tears flow, the pain sharpens, his fingers split, adding thick crimson curdles to death's hymn.
The weight is bore, lightless eyes follow the ache of mortal fatigue.
This sad creature screams his terror, as he remember his ode.
Played from his own marrow, from his own calcified soul.
Dominique Oct 15
October is chapped lips on burned coffee
Ashes on ashes as fingers entwine-
Ah, October, a familiar tightening of chest
A blue siren sparked by paranoid fire
A dream, a whirlwind
Ending and beginning in horror so thick
You forget life offers cherry blossoms, too.
Bring me a ***, you say,
Your lungs have never tasted as black
And the lack of light ignites the desire
To fill your getaway backpack with flame.
People oblige in October but this scares you too-
Smiles are lullabies for the apathetic and dying
You'd rather be alone.
October is songs by the Smiths and stolen jumpers
Fading scabs under fingertips
Lost compositions and badly held chords.
In short, October is ******* terrifying
And you're so used to it that it almost feels
Like home.
This is one I wrote ages ago but nonetheless true
Latifah Nov 30
listen to some sad songs
look at a couple of photos
remember the good times
and all the things that made you smile
wipe a few tears here and there
sleep an hour or a dozen
cry a little more
till there's no water
left in your body to offer
but remember
this is only temporary
and when you wake up
it'll just be another memory.
pluto Nov 28
sing me a lullaby
a gentle melody that lures me to an endless sleep
captivating and poisonous with a silent weep.

sing me a lullaby
as I close my eyes, a final good bye
a song of melancholy written, a tale long forgotten.
Bryce Nov 27
You had not joined me
My totem-journey to the wellspring of the Colorado
to seek the source of things uncontained

the stars washed over me with asphyxiation
the breathless gasp of space

--In the deserts;
the emerald barrel cactus
is watered as the earth
and the passerby
cut into the crust
to sip the wine-flesh
to be drunk
and hold the inhibitions of living

Forbidden berries
in the garden of quills, spear thistles
trust upon the air to protect her children

a good, silent mother
does not refuse
the gift of deflowering
as she is stripped
of her sharpness
and laundered
bestowed in salted bison skin of a war-chief's pouch.
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