Everything is NOT gonna' be all right.
This popular refrain
From so many pop songs
Is NOT true.
Things are going to hell in a handbasket,
And I don't have any idea
What do do?
A broken heart sings in a way the voice can not
It overflows with meaning I can't, yet comprehend.
Shredded hope hums a somber tone
Sadness sings the melody
Guilt sings the harmony
A sense of entitlement composes.
a beautiful song it is
it sings what humans truly think
they matter.
R 1d
today i spilled the clorox
all over the linoleum tiles
i don't know why it matters
so much suddenly

that i'm alone
even just for a moment,
but even then i feel
alone for eternity

and the songs sound sadder
when you're sadder

but how can i be sadder when
there is nothing to be sad about,
at least not in my world?

mom says to stop letting myself
feel the pain of the world around me
because if i let it
seep into my mind,
into my being,
into my everything,
i will be too leaden to stand
Gone the man who came before,
Who knew to stay safe on the shore.
He went too deep into the surf,
And drifted away,
And now he’s hurt.

Gone the creature who used to sing
Songs in the dark to a shadow bell’s ring.
Its melody’s gone sweetly stale.
Cold as night’s wind,
A truly sad tale.

Gone the one who was the greatest.
The one who was saved by this the latest.
The latest of thieves to steal from the wrong.
But now they’re all gone.
Where have they gone?

Gone the man who became the greatest creature.
Saved by thief’s song at the shore as a feature.
He knew what he was doing,
But he was wrong.
Now he’s all gone.
Now he's all gone.
Heart songs don’t come easily,
For they breach internal depths unseen.
Loving honestly,
A concept that can’t be placed.
Faux lives to live,
Faux dreams to chase.

I had dreams once,
But they’re so far away.
And I don’t know how to forsake
My dreams.

Or you will be my next decay.

A heart song is hardly pure harmony.
It thrives on tragedy, chaos, and anarchy.
It wakes up just to daily be killed.
When the soul is distressed,
The heart song is thrilled.
Blood in its name has been spilled.

Because of it,
Rest is so far away.
When rest comes, I’ll sleep,
And I’ll stay,
And I’ll claim,

I’m not ok,
That’s not how I feel.
I’m seconds too late.
I guess that’s just my deal.
I’d be afraid,
If I knew how to feel.
You’ll rue all my days.
For if I’m to survive,
From heart songs I steal.

Heart songs lay me down,
And let me down.
I just crave to sleep
Restfully now.
A heart song is hardly pure harmony
Songs are contracts you make
Every song you sing is a contract added to the pile of chain that ground you
In what? You say
you are the judge of that
Joshua Nai Jun 12
The waves whispered its last words as it slips back into the deep , mysterious ocean. The whales of the ocean hollered its song, looking for its soulmate , searching for love . The seaweeds sways back and fro reflecting the sun’s light from the heaven above.

As the wind skips on the water , the ocean starts to dance, its waters shoots up from the abyss and waters gathers themselves to form magnificent waves as enormous as the Great Wall of China.As the storm draws near, the wind gets stronger and slices through the waves , causing plants to be out of the sand , and those still holding on swayed vigorously , like a thrashing storm . Even through this , the song of the sea continues … Deep , deep down in the depths of the ocean.

Then , like a knife piercing through the air , the wind went silent , causing silence throughout the sea , the fishes still shocked by the storm slowly but surely crept out from it’s hiding and came out . Soon , the sun begun to disappear into the horizon and the moon crept out from its slumber . Stars sprouted out at the night sky , sparkling like diamonds . The cities of the world have begun to sleep , so was the sea.

The sun then shone it’s light onto the waters with a golden hue , as it crept out of the horizon , it’s light stretched out onto the vast earth . Soon , the earth came alive again and the sea sang its most beautiful song , it’s masterpiece …. THE SONG OF THE SEA …. Although the day ahead might be filled with problems , the creatures of the sea still sang and danced . Although we do not notice anything of that sort , and that the sea is silent and deadly .  But the truth is the sea is singing its song ,  it’s pride , a song that holds the ocean together …. THE SONG OF THE SEA.

Listen carefully and you might hear it….
love this too,ahhhhh
Baylee Kaye Jun 12
the best nights are when no one else is stirring.
when I have the night to blast my music too loud,
for way too long and sing way too much.
I sing along to NCT, as best I can, with a smile on my face the whole time.

I’m reminded to feel free, I relax under the noise.

I learn lessons in the darkness,
beats coursing through my blood, ones both
familiar and new. (it’s addicting).

I feel young and alive, more alive than ever before.
I dream in my sleep after. I see joy.
an intoxicating feeling it is to stay up far too late,
singing far too loud to NCT.
this is shite but it’s late and I really do have nct blasting full volume
Aa Harvey Jun 8
Let it burn

Tear it up; you wrote it wrong.
It doesn’t sound poetic and it’s no song.
You couldn’t make it sound so succinct,
So tear it up and light it and throw it in the bin.

Tear it up and let it burn.
Burn, burn, burn;
Burn, burn, burn.
Tear it up and let it burn.
Burn, burn, burn;
Burn, burn, burn.

Write from the soul to make them feel it;
Don’t write a song so pathetically shit.
Make me feel like you really mean it;
Use whatever words are necessary to make it hit.

Or let it burn away like a star;
You used to dream of being something more than you are.
But now you don’t dream at all, because life has let you down;
You are becoming empty, inside now.

Tear it up and let it burn.
Burn, burn, burn;
Burn, burn, burn.
Tear it up and let it burn.
Burn, burn, burn;
Burn, burn, burn.

Feed the fire with your thoughts and feelings,
Burn them away by writing them down.
Sing a song to keep yourself believing,
Or do you believe there’s nothing left of you now?

Find a new song in the recesses of your mind
And let it out to lighten up the world.
Let it burn like a supernova in the sky;
Or throw your thoughts away into the fire and let it burn.

Tear it up and let it burn.
Burn, burn, burn;
Burn, burn, burn.
Tear it up and let it burn.
Burn, burn, burn;
Burn, burn, burn.

(C)2015 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Late-night cravings
Seem pretty normal
You’re thinking about food
Salty snacks
All that jazz
I crave those things
But I crave more
I will stop what I’m doing
To listen to a song I crave
I will write and write and write
Until I reach a feeling I crave
And I will close my eyes and dream
About a person I crave
I want to soak up your presence
Like I soak up a song
Engrave every lyric in my mind
Lose myself in the melody
you know when you write a word so many times it doesn’t seem like a real word anymore?
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