You my love taste like a fruit only Heaven
can grow. Do I taste like that too? I'm beggin'
you to lick my juices and drown me in
immense sexual pleasure with your rough passion.
And I shall still make love to you when
you're old and grey because wrinkles and ashen
strands don't define the diamond you are within.
Why you ask? Because it's your diamond fractions
that I'm truly tasting every time I began
to dig inside your aging body and not your skin's
youth love. And every second I spend above
your naked body amounts to more than
a trillion sexillion billion blessings.
Blessings that only you can bless my love.

A 14-line sonnet consisting of an octave rhyming abbaabba followed by a sestet of cddcee or cdecde.

Cloud Trick

I am writing on a plane:
An airbus A380 cruising
Through the emptied rooms of heaven -
The place seems larger,
Now there's no one living here.

The clouds below are thick
And suddenly I wonder:
Why is it, every time I fly,
I cannot see the land below?
Yet when I look up from the ground
I often see the aeroplanes,
Travelling through an open sky,
Angels encased in corporate livery.

Now, in my seat by the window,
Staring down,
I see little specks of light -
Perturbations in my visual senses -
Errors of the mind -
Highlighted on the canvas of the air -
And on these flickers of illusion I fixate.

What if there is no land below?
Could it be that every flight we take,
Is a computer-generated fantasy?
An elaborate scheme dreamt up
By secret powers,
Who wish us to believe in forces
Beyond all reach of human mastery?

Maybe they catapult us
To this virtual place -
A hologram of God's old house,
Designed to bring the memory near:
The hope that humanity might have
A parent in the atmosphere.

Upon taking us up
To the promised land
They showcase the sacred vacancy
Of all our dreams of paradise.

Just as I begin to fall
Into the particulars
Of this miraculous conspiracy
I stop, and realise how poor I am -
I always buy the cheapest flight:
Always leaving early in the morning,
Just at the end of the night...

Do clouds form like dew
In the darkness?
As the Earth spins,
Are its hemispheres
Alternately cloaked in veils of white,
Like an eye that opens and closes
In both directions?

What I would give to witness that.

Written on a 7pm flight between Wroclaw, Poland, and Stansted, UK.

ellen payne
elin in pain
elin or
el and her

or elin or
fuck you
cant have him

me or her
or both

ellen payne
elin in pain

they think it's Jokes
elin or
el and her
el hand er hold




theres no dear
i thought£ben was hurting u
cus you are sala and he knows all
but we all know all

now im worried for ellen payne
its me haha im so
silly im scared for my soul
i am sucidual
and this how im coping
pretending its for them
when its me

can i use your name elsewhere?
hang on i know how

Steve 2d

Get down on your knees and pray
(you know how it works)
And beg me to make it go away.

Don't ask why I made it so
(no one knows how it works)
That's a mystery you don't  need to know.

I'm the creator of everything
(I know how it works)
From a deadly virus to a spider's sting

Strange to think while you're on your knees
(Do you know how it works?)
I'm the creator of all disease

I made you and I love you true
(you know how it works)
And the rules say you must love me too

Because there's this place I call hell
(and do you know how that works?)
By the way I made hell as well

Well if you don't do just as I say
Then for eternity I send you away
(that's how it works)

Not for a while or until you learn
But forever and forever you burn
(hmm, is that how it works?)

They're the rules, I made them too
(this is how it works)
So I hope you know now what to do.

Till Thee End (In The Name of Love)

I’m like those freaks on the street that keep babblin’,
but my pockets are deep and I keep round the world traveling,

stress out no doubt life’s a trip which is why we’re falling in love,
in too deep flying off the cliff from a Leap of Faith in the Name of Love,

free fallin’,
I hear Heaven calling,
out my name,
“Aaron, Aaron.”,

wake up,
the show’s almost over,
you’ve contributed so much,
we should grant you an Oscar,

stage of life we all play our parts,
your art is something I’m in love with,

falling over again all in ready to go,
over the edge as we free fall everything is slow mo,

motion like oceans of waves in to deep in the deep blue see we go,

the whole show we go like the most brilliant Star burning up the universe,

the brightest Black Hole like a night in the dark where we shine like day glow,

I know,
it’s all more than just a bit intense,
and that’s,
because we are Heaven Sent,

received an RSVP to Heaven,
and of course I said “Hell Yes!”,

over zealous,
with reasons for this,
I’ve got grown men that depend,
on my money as their salary,

in too deep,
in the deep blue see,
see I used to be a runaway,
ran away and was raised by the streets,
so this whole business life is a little new to me,
I mean,
the exact fact is I’m not having kid,
in fact I’m donating everything I own to charity,
and to Nature Conservatories I will hand over all my properties,
see I’ve got all the responsibility in the world,
just have to learn how to manage it properly,

I’m probably,
talking to much again,
but I’m sorry I’m not sorry,
because you’ll understand if you’re a true friend,

till The End,

I’m like those freaks on the street that keep babblin’,
but my pockets are deep and I keep round the world traveling,

stress out no doubt life’s a trip which is why we’re falling in love,
in too deep flying off the cliff from a Leap of Faith in the Name of Love,

till The End…

∆ Aaron LA Lux ∆
new book available worldwide:

I came back
you wouldn't believe me
Receive me as gods messenger
I saw crucifixes
You left me there on that cross
Not listening to a word I said
Left me for dead
Like the wisdom of ages
Shut in a books musty old pages.

You thought I said the kingdom of heaven was within you
It was mistranslated you are the kingdom
and this could have been heaven
If you'd worked together
But instead you sever
the ties and die
reincarnated as yourself
In a different body.

To all who have ears
and a mind which isn't blind
We are the rainbow and white light
All colours every shade
arrayed in splendour
a flame is still a flame away from the fire
It still burns and the light yearns
to burn in burning desire
We all burn for love.

alyssa tombs Jul 17

as old as dragon bones
the devil laughs without a smile
his silver eyes glint with deceit

an angel whispers a lullaby
her rose quarts eyes sparkle
with the dust of goddesses

as opposite as day and night
yet they sit atop familiar shoulders
and steal glances at one another
between protruding collarbones

Arcassin B Jul 16

By Arcassin Burnham

Mister Mr. Spare me the cheap talk and all
Of the schemes,
I'm not amused by your dilemma of sneaking
Behind scenes,
I'm just waiting for all of these nightmares to
Turn into dreams,
The problems will occur wherever you are by
All means,

I'm glad to be a teacher,
I hate to be learning,
While gravity is holding us down,
Inside we're burning,
So I lock myself in a freezer to prevent being grilled,
Didn't ask to hear about your gossip,
Please save me the grief.
I'm glad to be a teacher,

Mister Mr.

sophia Jul 16

even if distance tells us apart
and i could never tell you
how much love my heart holds
for my one and only,
at least we're under the same sky
and our hearts could kiss
in the midst of the heavens

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