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I know you always wanted to be a fairy. To sprout wings and fly away. Makes sense, because you were always beautiful and lovely.

I miss you and think about you every day. I wish that you weren't gone. I wish that you were here to stay.

Blessed with a heart of gold. So soft, caring. The extent of your unending love was untold. The world lost a wondrous soul. Without you the world has grown cold.

At long last you've gotten your wish.
You've gained your wings and are now free. No more pain, fear or heartache.
At long last you have no more anxiety.

Now in Gods kingdom, with your new found flight you can fly free. With joy in your heart you can finally enjoy the person you were meant to be. Even in sorrow, that idea causes me to be full of glee. Maybe in my sorrow that idea is the idea that I really need. To be at piece. Knowing you are free.

With sprouted wings.
I wrote this because my sister requested I write something in memory of our mom that passed away. She knows I write alot and I hadn't written anything about her yet.  I guess she wanted to see what I would come up. I really think she wanted to write one, but she doesn't think she can write good. So she asked me to instead. I think it hit the mark because she cried when she read it. Our mom passed away in May 2020. God rest her soul.
I saw two silhouettes
standing oblique
in the dark mystique
of a long dead street.
With my path blocked
from the light beyond
I was denied the prize
from where life absconds.
Were they lovers or threats?
Or jesters and priests?
As they turned astray to face me
With eyes of charcoal gold
They undressed their bones
to bare the holes
within the prisons of their souls.
Tattooed upon these wounds
were promises forged too soon
Shattered ‘neath the witness
of a crimson, crescent moon,
I saw ones fate
soon marooned
with great fortune
entombed in doom.
The second wore simple linens,
and espoused poetic virtues
He spoke of poets long since dead
but said you can reach them if you choose.
As I drew closer to these phantoms
I spied familiar faces
One was young and one was old
They spoke of fortunes long foretold
They spoke of ******,
they spoke of Buddha,
they said life is what you make it
When I gazed into this mirror
I was neither dejected nor elated
There is no dishonesty
greater than mine, o lord
there is no lie
further than mine, o lord

I shall give you one thing, to repent
no I can not give you my head,
nor my heart, nor my hands,

I could give no god such things.
Unholy and corrupt those gifts would be.
They all contain my sin.

Instead I present the creases amongst my brow.
Taken as a my last untainted element,
Free from the treachery of my crime.


Though you don’t think it much
It may be all I have left
to prove that I had grace

They never betrayed me as they won’t you.
They will not displeasure, o lord.
For they are honest things.

They speak of pain and joy
They whisper my deepest heartaches
They coo my greatest fears

If you would be so kind, o lord.
Take this gift with open arms
the rest you can discard.

Toss me in the ocean, for I am but a sinner.
A broken thing, too broken to beg
I am not fit for Heaven, o lord.

But you can take my brow.
They are pure and true.
You said you
Would come back soon
So I waited here
Under light of the moon
The bad news came
It must be a mistake
At that moment
My heart did break
They said you were gone
Where the angels fly
That night a part
Of me died inside
So here I’ll wait
Each day and night
Hoping to catch
Your heavenly light
When I found out you had cancer,
I was angry. Livid. Scared.
Although they gave you eighteen months,
It's nothing when compared.

No time would ever be enough,
To say our last goodbyes,
But Covid-19 took away,
The chance before you died.

You lived beyond those eighteen months,
You were stronger than us all!
You fought so hard with all you had,
But we reached your final call.

I miss you more than words can say,
Forever now apart,
Just knowing we won't speak again,
Weighs heavy on my heart.

Fly happy, with the angels, love
I'll miss you more, dear friend,
Until we meet at heavens doors,
On my memories, I'll depend

Luiz 4d
we are one winged angels
only together
may we reach the heavens
my brain is rotting inside my head
visions of my death
creatures from hell
pestilence swarm around me
while screeching memories burst through
the sutures of my skull
i fall through the seven layers of heaven
back onto this earth
a ****** soul forsaken
i call out to god
but only hear back from satan
Unnamed 5d
I have seen god
In the gust of wind
Between your thighs.
When the air sings
In this barren land,
I see—Ah! Ah! Ah!

There is a balloon!
Such a whimsical
Wisp tied behind it.
A vibrant globe that is.
Colorful, bright, alluring, pure—
It flies high above,
In the face of a picturesque eden.

And as it rose,
And rose,
The sky’s color shifted
From a classic blue to a salvation red.
I saw the balloon simply pop—
Ah! Ah! Ah!

Rotten dream I dreamt,
Abhorrent moist cigar I saw,
Magnificent eden I lost
And wore nothing but a cloak
After bathing in crystal clear water.
For I have seen god in heaven.
Queen Fathima the Queen of Heaven
she tones her rose-red colour
and lent nature a cool spark.
Boom, that fires up big bang!  
So she shades her hue
puts on her black niqab
so in her shadow nature can flower.
Now the full-blown scientia nature
is beyond every hand’s touch
eyes on for her Queen everywhere!
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