It's time for our long sleep my love,
Unwilling to let you go alone,

When I fell in love with your Soul, long ago,
You changed my life on that day,
The day I pledged to have and to hold an angel's Soul forever.

Am I wrong wishing to sleep with you for eternity too?
I'm not willing to let you sleep forever alone.

I only know one thing.

I love you and don't have the strength to live without you,
Love, please take me with you to Heaven's home.

Closing my eyes, I want you to be the last dream I see,
Falling asleep for eternity.

Copyright © 2017 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.

[Sub español|rom|eng][MV] F.I.X. - Even When I Die Sword and Flower OST

He smiled the way lucifer did when he fell
Becoming part of hell
He laughed the way a witch would cackle
Leaving my heart in a ramshackle
Taking souls to the inferno
Your touch as cold a inverno
All quiver and wonder what nightmare you came from
Thinking about you makes me squirm
You are lucifer formly known as my lust lover
You have too many secrets to uncover
What a tragic tale of pain
For a world so mundane
Every crime you commit makes you sicker
You are my sinful lust lover , known as  Lucifer

Just a little tale of the hearts sinful desires, I hope one person can understand.

Drifting on the wind or water,
they both feel the same.
I drift from mind to mind
and I sit from time to time,
wondering where the days have gone.

Perhaps I am meant to move,
I cannot possibly sit still.
For this isn't my home
and here I am alone.
I must find where I belong.

Onward, into the dark I go,
seeking the truth
and seeking the light.
Hell has plans for me,
but heaven holds my destiny.

originally written 5/24/16
Kerri 7d

Slither into the sea
The top of a mountain
To swallow,
Sorrowful dusk
Butterfly floats
Heaven is shiny deep
I'd fly if I drown

Mark Lecuona Apr 19

light the fire;
draw yourself near;
is it,
the doorway to hell
or the voice of God;
my heart is on fire,
i release it to you
enter the light,
do not be confused,
yes i cry
it is not enough though,
to burn with a scar;
it is also the ice breaking,
it seethes as it melts;
upon your skin,
rivers of new life,
awakening you;
but look again,
it is blinding you,
blinding you to your past,
to your pain,
it is there no more;
a beautiful story,
of fire, ice and light;
no longer orphaned,
but instead reborn,
in the light that you choose;
of love,
of life,
of me,
of him,
of you

Ink Apr 14

heaven is simply a place on earth
and hell is the magma
we'll eventually all fall into

the ground is cracking
and it's not long
until it splits underneath us

our world is breaking apart
from our preoccupied actions
of violence and hatred

while we search to gain
money, power, glory and purpose
we actively lose our minds

this heavenly place is the first world,
full of ease and ignorant bliss
and the fire of the third world is from our firearms

they do not suffer so we don't have
they suffer because we let them
and so the fire blazes on

our craze helps mute their cries
and the sounds of the splitting ground
as the hell-bound rush up to engulf our sins along with us

I find it terrifying that I'm able to feel so strongly about the issues in our world one day, and the next I've reverted back to caring about problems so minuscule.

We think so much about theory, about if people are good or bad or if God exists. If stopped thinking so subjectively sometimes, maybe then we'd be able to deal with the horrific objective truths of our relative realities.

You're on holy ground, heaven is your home
Away from my reach, way high up above
My forbidden fruit, with feathers like dove
How glorious you look under the moonlight
Hear my only call, even by a slight
Cry of thy mortal, the desperate she
Please forgive thy sins, for I have desires
To be looked upon by something holy
And to be caressed, but I'm too lowly
We're too different, even if we tried
Now this has to end, a thing of the past
Goodbye my Adonis, forever lost

I pleed you to stay,
You betray!
I beg you to love,
You leave!
Remind you for a call,
You ignore and that's all!!

Love somebody by all your heart I can assure it will definitely gonna be return to you but from the different one
Shofi Ahmed Apr 8

My feet maybe stuck on earth
but my mind is a realm of Eden
the heaven’s wonder.

Forget not the heaven couldn’t
encompass Adam nor can earth
have a man forever but with Eve
he is got his perfect match.

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