A billion thoughts running through my head.


If I could just step out of my own head for one second and see what others see me as. There would be no more pain.
Cause the view I have of myself just isn’t working anymore.
I don’t need love. I just need acceptance.
Now I guess I’ll stay lost in thought.
Until the time comes.

                      With love,
I'm a rapid fire kind of girl
You're the ice cold chill
running down my spine
Youre redder than the queen of hearts,
And I'm golden like the sun

My mind's heaven and hell
I'm the warning signs
Running through your mind.
I whisper sweetly
"Oh won't you cleanse me?
Cleanse me of these colors"
And you say amen
Death is just the beginning.

A mother’s natural instinct, a sixth sense and premonitions.
Surely this can’t all just be a coincidence?
Surely this proves, there’s more than meets the eye?
Surely this proves, we had a past life?
Maybe nobody actually dies and floats away into the sky.

Maybe we’re all reincarnated, again and again;
Just as Buddha, would have us believe.
So if we did become, enlightened like him,
Surely then, that would mean,
We are cheating death, by knowing of reincarnation
And surely we shouldn’t fear our final destination.

For when we die, we shall come back alive;
But no-one is willing to believe this, in case it is a lie.
But we should have no fear of the afterlife;
For if it is final, then that shall just be the end of the line.

If Buddha was right and he did walk into the light,
Then death should not be feared, maybe it should be embraced.
For when we die, it’s only the end of this life.
Another chance, to try to become enlightened
And when we have learned, what we are meant to know;
Maybe then, we shall reach our Heaven.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Love drug

There is a wonder drug.

Its name is love;

But there is no God,

Up above.

(C)2011 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Summer’s here

Summer’s here at last, so laugh;
Enjoy the sun before God takes it back.
It’s only temporary so enjoy it while it lasts
And pray to God it’s not your last.

Let the sun shine down on me, let it pour down all around us;
Let the sun shine so bright that it blinds us.

Looking at the sky in wonder
And wondering why it shines so bright.
Does this mean what I think it means;
That the time is right to find love and change my life?

Angels cry in summertime,
As love is lost, because you chose to hide.
You can’t go back and change your mind;
Your choice is made and now it’s time to die.

I believe in a better place than this;
I believe I deserve to see someone I have never seen.
The sun must shine in Heaven and I hope we do live in bliss,
Because the summer will soon be gone to become a memory.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
You and I - Us

I’m going to marry you someday real soon;
I’m going to take you around the world.
I’m going to show you Heaven beneath the Moon.
I am in love with You; I want you to always be My Girl.

We are going to fly so high!
That we will be as high as a kite,
Or a Condor flying out to catch a little sun.
Let us bask in the beautiful light.

Let us pray for some hope,
For a better tomorrow;
For a better day of sun,
To come out from underneath the clouds
And bring back the fun.

I want you to be happy always,
Because I love to see the smile on your face.
Every beautiful day, I awake to your grace.
I thank every God ever imagined, for the Heaven you portray.

So kiss me quickly, before I am gone.
I ran so easily, when I thought you were The One.
She’s never going to marry and be faithful to a loser like me;
So goodbye my love and hope; hello ‘So Called Easy Street’.

No love for me?  Then no reason to live.
No problem for me?  Then what’s the point in me playing?
Mr. and Mrs. to the Nth degree,
Decree this decision to allow you to be free,
Is far from folly to me.

So marry me and stay forever faithful to our love,
Then I will be your husband always
And then we can forever remain as You and I – Us.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Death bed memories

This is a story told by a narrator,
Who cannot see the bigger picture.
Angel of stone weeps for the dead;
Lift me up and lay me to rest.

A nightmare of a former life attacks me from inside.
Death has always haunted me;
This isn’t a good day for her to die.

She is breathing her last, as she nearly did in the past
And she knows this won’t last;
But still she needs just one more gasp.
The dream is over and now we are back to reality.
Surely it cannot end like this?  This is a tragedy.

She loves me, she doesn’t love me;
Sometimes she did, sometimes she didn’t.
Love has died in my arms and now it is gone.
Did I really have it?
All the King’s horses and all the King’s men,
Couldn’t put our love back together again.

Sink like a stone in a room with no windows;
Begging for an answer and doubting there is a God.
I have lost love; it was taken, for what reason I don’t know,
But I still have the memory of her love, even though she is now gone.

I did have true love, I tell them as I lay here dying.
She was everything to me and I knew she was amazing.
We loved for so long, I never imagined our love ending,
But I did have love, I have been loved…
I think it’s time I was going.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
i cannot
stress enough
how much
love i feel
for you
i must be dreaming

not a day goes by
that i don't spend time
praying that someday
you'll be mine

to stumble upon
such an awesome
she is
my world
i must be dreaming
I smell an intruder, a spy in my house.
Is he coming from the dark zone
on a day it raines forever?
Does he wants my seven tears
or my smile?
Or Yesterday’s days that made
me cry?
He woke me up, leaving traces
in my nightmare,
I was a sad soul in torment,
he was my source of despair,
but I knew it wasn’t
my last evening on Earth,
I confessed all my sins,
since my mother gave me birth,
thinking who’s going to win in hell
if the mirror cracked, or tolls the bell?
I stopped being the girl
who plays with the fire,
calling the devil in disguise a big liar,
‘cause he tried to promise me the heaven,
but I still got my lives to live: seven!
Blake 4d
Before you left,
I tied white rope on your ring finger and you created one on mine.
And ordered sweetly:

“ If I tug
You answer by tugging too.
And if you tug harder than usual,
Then you can pull me to you.
Sweetheart I’ll come home soon,
Wait for me by your end of our rope”

After a final night where our bodies sealed the vow,
You left swiftly and with every step,
I sensed our rope grow and grow.

I felt two tugs on Wednesday from you,
And I replied with three.
I felt four on Thursday,
I replied with six and a invisible kiss.
And then seven on Friday,
Doubling your seven because I’m missing you terribly.

But today,
Something strange is going on with our rope,
Its no longer resting on the floor,
But is almost floating towards the ceiling,
It’s direction leading upwards.

I called the general my love,
After feeling no pull.
He examined the ropes upwards slant,
Told me that he has seen this before.

Told me that I shouldn’t pull the rope,
Because there is more than you being pulled?
And that....it wouldn’t be white anymore.
That you are gone?

He told me of one solution to find you,

To which I commented to use both our strengths?
To which he shook his head.
And then motioned for my finger instead.

He laid it upon the counter,
Grabbed a Swiss knife from his pocket,
And chopped just above the tie of our rope.

Using my butchered finger he then
shoved it deep within my chest,
Penetrating my beating clock,
Causing our rope to dangle from my left breast.
And with my last and final breath,
The rope became one with my fading heart.

“Now all you have to do is follow your heart...and you will find your love”

And so our rope tugged one last time,
Along with my last heart beat,
And there on Saturday when my soul left my skin,
I felt a non stop tugging reply from the sky,
And a invisible kiss saying

“Sweetheart it’s your turn to come home to me”
Strange but sweet all the same
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