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deep brown eyes
angel hair
bare thighs
we can go anywhere
under these purple skies

****’s only one mistake away
but it wouldn’t be so bad with you
I searched through the clouds,
Behind the crystal throne,
Beyond the ivory gates that Peter first welcomed me through.

I asked every angel I knew,
Gabriel wasn't sure,
Michael said he'd check,
And Lucifer wasn't in.

I interrupted the Almighty,
And even bothered his son.
Neither of them knew.

I've searched everywhere that eyes can see.

This must be ****,
Because I cannot find you.
Friends till we go home
what a wonderful way
to describe friends I
asked my American
To where this saying comes from what
does It mean, her reply
till we go to Heaven, how
beautiful Is
Heaven beautiful American friends where wonderful describe
In the land of the Angels
anyone who doesn't respect them,
won't be respected.

Anyone who laughs at them,
will be rejected.

Anyone, who don't believe in them,
will be dissected.
so here is what's going on, my heart is cut in half, in between the world and you.
between the pain and the summer hues.
between the "my identity is found in Christ." and "who are you."

I push and pull, I try to ****** my heart back, but yet I want to lay it in your hands, with all its contents.
so now I am struggling with my own heart.
I want to obey and then not.
I want to unwind then there's a knot.
then my blood clots.

then my heart stops pumping, pumping for *** knows what.
if it isn't pumping for you O Lord, then what's the point.
then where's the purpose, where's the truth.
I will only be living.
and that's it.
simply moving, simply breathing, simply blinking my time away,
simply letting my life run away.
"run this race."
but I can't even keep up the training, and i know the way but I don't follow it.

am I going to heaven?
I don't know.
I am not assured of what's coming.
where I will be, for all of eternity.
so urmm i really dont know if iam going to heaven or not, and like i want to obey *** and yet i dont...because of laziness, tired, and allll the flesh wants...please pray for me...to love *** forever with all of my heart soul might and strength and to be wiling to obey him without complaint immediately
Despair 2d
If I cannot bend

Then I will raise
This is relatable to some extent with me please don't take this in any bad way shape or form.
In the distance I heard singing
a quiet empty hymn
In the daylight I saw shadows
Nice to see you, how’ve you been  
You walk me through your garden
While I hide from you my sins
I know I said I wouldn't come back  
but here we are again

I know it barely is enough
but its everything I have
to stand here waiting patiently
for you to let me in
To dream of a place
Where all pain has been healed
All we know is love
Larry was a strong figure in my home town community. A town where my graduating class was 42 strong. A town where Larry became my extended family. A town whose hearts grieve.
It is hard to remember the end to suffering that comes with death. And the hope of something beyond this world.
Whatever your loss,
Whatever your belief,
I hope you find your peace.

Allison Wonder 2018
On four wheels
and on my knees.
Warm colorful tones
and cracking bones.
Up in the sky
and down to ****.
A trip I take everyday,
to feel well.
Foggy windows,
foggy minds
creating beautiful times.
Pulling the string
that makes me do thing
which would make an angle
loose her wings.
She would forget to fly
and then peacefully die.
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