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Khoi Aug 11
Home heaven halo
a squirrel peeks through the hole
the Acorn stairway
Mark Wanless Aug 10
i aint afraid of nothing
   but myself
myself is all there is

i can see me sometimes clearly
   but mostly
cloud of doubt

called the ghosts of heaven
   to fill me
with all blessings

sometimes see the the devil
   in a fog
of make believe

myself is all there is
Steve Page Aug 3
I am not as you see me now:
booted, colour coded, weighted down by disinfectant and toilet rolls,
sweeping, mopping, bringing cleansing, facilitating,
helping others meet God ...

- oh, so I guess I am

- I am how you see me:
serving, pushing my way right to the back, preferring others
and finding Jesus there, with his blue gloves and apron,
ready to pick up and sweep up, refill and mop up
whatever is left behind

and ever-ready to pick up and refill
whoever finds themselves left behind

We're heavenly hosts for Jesus
and you'll find us where you need us.  
At the back.
Serving with true servants here at New Day Generation
Kassan Jahmal Jul 30
Cold as the winter's tooth sinking into
my skin. A creep sneaking into my sleep, to
disturb every last dream. I've been choked
up by regrets—the exhausting feeling of Black
coughs; out of an exhaust of a neck. I can't breathe.

panting, panting, panting, panting,

Overexaggerating, and it's so saddening to
tell them you're dying, (inside) but non believe.
In the slow drum beating—it's a slow beating heart,
symphony of a night crying angels; amongst the stars.
Looking to heavens, wondering who we are, imperfect
creatures under a perfect Son. Those waiting patiently
in anxious worry, for Jesus to come.

And into a river filled with tears, is where I'll
wash His feet. Gleaming waters; reflecting not
my image. But the stream reflects my sins. My black eye,—
fighting myself and those shivers of my ***** skins.

May he kiss my forehead for my clemency,
for that value worthy of peace. A golden cup in
my eyes—but so empty. Walking on the staircase
to heaven; a thousand steps away from paradise.

If I'm dying a night, let me die in paradise.
As with my resting eyes; I'll close them one last time,
and walk into that Light. Let me die in paradise.
TCross Jul 16
As I sit and searched my feelings, my thoughts are filled with you.

I think of all the memories created sending a flood of emotions through.

You would always say when someone would leave it was their time, they had to go.

And with those words you had to go but in years I needed more.

You said to remember the things you taught, as you would not be here to ask.

So I put on a face of certitude, a facade in the mode of a mask.

As now, I must face the world without you, much more than one could ask.

We assured you that your job on earth as a mother,  protector,  plus more was felt.

That your guidance through our lives, was much bigger than just help.

The love I feel when I say your name will always be the same

As my grandchildren continue to grow, they will all know your name.

I will share my fondest memories and tell them how this life I live you saved

and how with little and such a big heart the bountifulness of love you gave.

I will teach them as you taught me,  how Fords were designed and made tough

and I will always keep your loving memories as solace while times are rough.
My blog is at
Zywa Jul 7
High in the mountains

there is plenty of heaven --

to make you happy.
"Tutto il cielo che serve" ("All the heaven you need", 2022, Franco Faggiani)

Collection "Thinkles Lusionless"
On my exploration, there are still secrets
that kept under my  sleeves; it would be a
twisted knife in my defenseless night.

Between the heaven and sea,
there are traces of him, keeping me
haunted and wandering at it.

Between the orbs and galaxies,
we're building towers,

we're praying and pleading for a myriad miracles,
I nestled gently on his lips,
it was all downhill.
dycarus Jun 24
you're a little spark of heaven
that i've never seen
i've never touched
but i've always dreamed of
m h John Jun 24
i’m 99 miles
away from L.A.
i’ve kept my eyes
open long enough
to see every star fall
because i know
it won’t be long
until i meet you
at heavens front gate

passing the
white sands beach
i’ve kept my hands
on the wheel long enough
to crash back into
our white silk sheets

counting the leaves
of every palm tree
i’m pressing
******* the gas
to keep myself flying

please be at
heavens front gate
i miss you
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