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Brianne Rose Feb 2015
Hear me and listen well,
Far Far from Heaven have you fell,
On wings, torn and strewn,
Slowly but surely, together again they can be sewn,
And back up in the Heaven you shall fly,
With all the Angels in the sky
just a random i made, Enjoy!
remember when Lyrid danced across the sky
she pirouetted through the flames before it all descended into chaos
there’s no place for you here,
the Sun *** mocked
she was everything
then she was nothing
her time is up

we never saw her again
maybe she smelled our fear
or maybe she knew the Heavens would fall
if my lips slipped your name
she heard a curse
but I meant to pray

leave, I said
leave, you did

you started to fight wars that weren't yours
to prove you were strong
as if carrying anything less than the world on your shoulders
made you less of a Man
but I loved your fingers when they trembled
and how your voice cracked when you were scared
and the million times you said sorry
even when I pretended not to care

it was ages ago
when we said things we didn't mean
and felt things we never said
in your search for infinity
I hope you learned how to forgive

when Lyrid decides to finally fall
and burn everything in her wake
find me when the smoke clears
even when you think there's nothing left to save
once you sift through the ashes
and still wonder whether I survived
meet me at the place where four orbs house a fire
on the night we waited for a meteor shower that never came
You must still exist
In another dimension
I'll see you again
Tati Sep 10
My biggest fear is the day I die
Not because I’m afraid of dying
In fact, I’d give anything for the sweet release of death right now
To swoop me in its arms and take me far, far, away from this horrible world we call life
It is because I’m afraid that when I die, you’ll find someone else to love
Some may call it selfish, but I think true and everlasting love is the one that never dies
Even if the person does
I can just imagine waiting at the gates of heaven for you
For what seems like an eternity
Because that’s how it feels to be away from you, my love
But what happens when you finally arrive, but with another woman?
To realize that you moved on
To feel my heart shattering as I watch you enter the gates of heaven with her
And not me
And then
To have to live in eternity
Watching you with her
And not me
To have all the angels rejoicing
In the land of milk and honey
In paradise
Without me
They say everything in heaven is perfect,
and without suffering
But what will I do
When you walk into paradise
With her
And not me
Imagine trying to geminate in a stony land
Aiming for the sky to be part of the constellations too
Finding a way between the stones worshiping gravity.

Imagine becoming a star, burning with curiosity,
While the gods who brought you to this world keep shooting you everywhere like a confused lightning.

Imagine your parents mapping their afterlife through your skin
Poor parents marking treasure maps to an innocent soul “KUGATA”

Imagine being taken to doors of prophets, Pastors and Sangomas,
Only to grow up hating neither.

Imagine a pregnant teenager
Who is yet to find her direction
She travelled to heaven through my eyes
(Swati word)KUGATA is a ritual used to be practiced by most South African tribes, where they cut the skin of child to protect him from evil spirit as he grows.
Sangoma is a traditional healer (Zulu/Swati word)
Artem 1d
I drown again, depression, old friend,
You only one who never left,
And when i think that you are gone
You come and stay until the dawn.

Decide to die when sun will rise
That's fine, i've made my choice
When die, i'll look into your eyes
When die, i'll hear your Shape Of Voice.

There is nothing to say now
I am already wasted and dead.
So could I became a new cloud
in sky of the words that i haven't said?

The wind blew away the last cloud
and sky became clear.
I've buried myself deep under ground
and I'll never appear.

Finally - sunset,
And i forever gone,
You need to just forget,
All that i've ever done.
i've found heaven
stumbled upon it accidentally
more than a time or two
swirled in different hues of blue
hidden within a timid smile
tucked into the words of my favorite song
i've found it within the hearts of strangers
the ones who hand me things from the top shelf
the ones who go out of their way to paint a smile on my face
i've found it buried in the hazel eyes of my lover
in his generosity that knows no bounds
in his warms hands and gentle embrace
stitched into his ever so caring heart
i've found it in family
blood and not blood
in their unconditional love
in their way of always making me feel wanted
heaven is right there
it's within arms reach
a golden sheen just waiting to be seen
defog your tired eyes and begin to really see
see the beauty in everyday things
the little things
sometimes i think we forget
heaven isn't that far away
religion seems to be dying among the generations to come, it's a topic very rarely spoken about anymore. I get ***** looks for even bringing up my religion for people think just by talking i am shoving my beliefs down their throat and it devastates me. It's something I am passionate about, something I dedicate a part of my life too and I shouldn't be nervous to speak about it in the public eye. Idk, random thoughts for the night :p
We are all in a labyrinth
Each of us stuck in the never ending twists and turns,
Wandering around aimlessly scouring the earth.

There are monsters there
Hidden among the shadows and corners of our maze,
We are stuck full of fear.

What about the great perhaps?
The hope of something more,
The chance that there is something to progress?

Twists and turns
Never ending hallways and isolating darkness,
There is Freedom to those who yearn.

Straight and fast
They say is the only way out,
Straight and fast out of this horrid trap.

The labyrinth is ***'s cruel joke
Like mice in a maze,
We are toys to poke.

I want out of this place
The monsters close at my heel,
It's so dark I'm going to suffocate.

I can't stop running
I have to keep moving,
Never stop running.

There is only one way out of this labyrinth
I know what I need to do now,
I need be sweet release of death.

A dagger to the heart
Or a drug overdose,
Something to end this hurt.

I'm free at last
The darkness is gone,
Finally with my last breath.

It's so beautiful here
Here at the end of it all,
Songs of birds fill my ear.

At last I am here
It's so beautiful,
I'm at last free of fear.

No monsters
No pain,
No more twists and turns.

Don't worry about me
I'm happy now,
It's so beautiful here.
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