If I could, I would build you a heart
one that could not be broken
one incapable of falling apart

If I could, I would wash away your tears
drown them in the murky waters
with all of your fears

If I could, I would shelter you from harm
shield you from dark days
and frequent storms

If I could, I would protect you 24/7
saving you from this hell
until you ascend to Heaven

By Arcassin Burnham

Don't tell me you can't be seen me.....
Cause I did nothing wrong to you,
Stop looking for some clarity.....
Nothing but a piece of residue,

On the ground,
May the lovers be one and found like the grey stone in the elders
Temple while clearly seeing your reflection,
I had no remorse for feeling any animosity,
for me to get away from the human race permanently,
Latching onto nothing that was never real.......
I was trying to bring you along for the ride but you gave on me
Simply for another's direction,
And in the end it was just pure cruelty,
I went into this new world with a cup of tea and broken dreams in
Smoke signals that never were really released,
I swear I told them all that Diamond Valley was real,

Don't tell me you can't be seen me.....
Cause I did nothing wrong to you,
Stop looking for some clarity.....
Nothing but a piece of residue,
I want you,
I could hear them calling for miles to pull me away,
we brand you,
There's no doubt in my mind my life's a mess but I stepped into
Heaven's Gates.

No more love,
No more love.



Today  prosperity  gospel
Is no gospel at all.
It's  a quick hyped  self-seeking herasee
A false religion
Teaches a self help gospel
Without the holy fear of God ..
Or salvation.

Nobody likes me now
I don't care
Everybody hates me now
They've got some nerve..
Everybody's looking down
I'm feeling cyclical
What should I do about

These bastards

Sin in over abundance
Reality could never change
Sacrifice util it's incumbent
You love the fair exchange

Gauge the metric
By which you judge
The proper usage

Harsher than the light on my keyboard

Often peckish
Killing skeptics
The proper usage
It all falls in the same vein

Forgiveness to a fault line
My god
All I've ever wanted was a new design
Hiding away in the suffering
Fudge the figure for the slumbering

Drab as they may come
Welcome to the whole damn phylum
Encroaching on the underlying theming
And everyone seems confused

I took the world
In my hands
Looked down
Then up again
They all were screaming
About the meaning
Under god
Claiming that they were free men

No resolve left, I stopped listening

Seema 2d

From the heaven, falls an angel in disguise
Torn wings, broken ribs, unable to rise
Cries in pain as now in a human form
Covers itself with rags from the upcoming storm
I see it clearly as I am sitting in my tree house
Away from city life and the desperate lazy louse
Pitting on the ambience, I called out to it
Shiny blue eyes sparkled at me with its wit
I welcomed it in my tree nest to warm up and sit
Scared of conversating about its existence
A quite being, I admired its patience
I told it, not to worry as I was its own kind
Fallen almost a decade ago, from the heavenly bind
It smiled and spoke with a glowing lit up face
Finally, I've found you...O' Master!! O' thy Grace!!


As I drifted off last evening, I had no idea I’d see you again.
But there you were in my dream and it was wonderful to see you again my friend.
You made your way through this celestial space to meet me at the roily water’s edge,
And a smile came upon your face and it illuminated the skies.
….”and in the distance, I could hear Wolfgangs “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik” playing”

“How are you John?” I asked.
“I couldn’t be better Kurt because this Kingdom is so special” he replied.
And we tarried there awhile and shared memories with one another,
We reminisced of our childhood, growing up, and our happiest moments in life.
….“I felt as though something in my life had prepared me for this time with him”

As the clouds sped above us, you told me how much you missed your wife and children,
and how much you looked forward to helping them cross this river one day.
I asked John...“If you see my Mom, would you tell her I love her and that I miss her every day?”
He assured me he would do his best to give her the message.
…”And just then, a quote appeared and it read “the smallest deed is better than the greatest intention”

And as I stood on one side of the river and you the other,
I flashed John the live long and prosper gesture and he to me.
He began playing one of my favorites on his Sax, and he disappeared into the clouds above me.
I awoke, still hearing his parting words resonating in my head….
….Don’t cry because I’m gone, smile because I live on”

This poem is about a dream I had last evening. Its written exactly how it was presented. John died last year at 66 and honestly I have not thought about him. We were good friends in the 60's and then faded apart to raise our families. I love you John and I know this is a message from you.

What is love....
Is it only a feeling
Or is it a flight?
Does it really heal your wounds
Or you just lose your own sight!?
How do I know if I am in love.....
Does it knocks on the door
And says hiee?
Or simply keeps a tucked in note
And leaves without even a goodbye?!
Are you my love....
Do you make me feel like I am in heaven
And take me onto our cloud nine?
Or just give me a tight cozy hug
Even when you know things are not fine?!
Is this love....
When you suddenly bend down to kiss
My forehead while we talk?!
Or you just hold my hand while crossing roads
When we go on a long long walk?!

I have been blessed with a guy sent from above
Someone who my thoughts and heart have stolen
Whose voice and presence brings joy to my days
Someone whose love I will never let go
What have I done to win someone like you?
Someone so pure, kind, and true
Whose love and care shows me every day
Someone whose patience cannot be compared
You are my answered prayer, my one true prince
You are my best friend and my guide
You are my confidence and the one
You have come to this world to lighten my life
My days I want to spend with you by my side
Happiness I want to give you until death finds me
But faith we have that heaven we will reach

for that special someone.

over feeling under the weather
whether we're together or not.
overcast skies weep outside,
my tinted window pane
stops the sun from burning
any feeling into my skin.
i'll blame the heavens for everything
they've opened up and gave me floods
when i wished to bask in love.
the sun and her love are not enough.
i turn in bed relentlessly
like i've dug my grave with pillowcases
and brushed cotton sheets.
i turn in bed to find her back to me,
and i can't feel her breathing.

Love me for who I am.
But when the time comes
for me to end,
Let me be among the dead;
Leave me in the grave.

Keep me in your memory;
don't speak wealth
to my name.
Know that I'm gone forever
Forever, far away.

Love me for who I am;
Leave me for who
I will be.

But when I no longer am,
leave me be
within the grave.

If you love me for who I am,
Let praise be spoken
where praise is due;
Know this however:
I am no perfect man.

Don't try to bring life
to these dead bones.
Don't bring me back to life;
don't speak of my name.

I did not ask to seek fame.

If you love me,
keep this commandment
I give thee:

Don't worship me
nor pay tribute
merely in word or song.
But keep me in your memory
and if you want to honour me,
live honourably, not in vain.

Don't lie to yourself.
Don't think I dwell
in the heavenly heights
even though I may be.
Only God determines my fate;
He alone seals my destiny.

Don't weep for me
but for yourselves
and for your children.

And if you love me,
repent and live!
See the Glory
I've shown to you,
though not of my own.

If you love me,
love me for who I am,
and be thankful
when I am gone.

For my funeral.
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