By Arcassin Burnham

Heaven rewards,
people like you in my world.
for better or worse,
i will always be here for you in troubled times..

Heaven rewards,
people like you in my world.
for better or worse,
i will always be here for you in troubled times,
and even crossing lines,
you've yet to embrace this life , of loving me.
when everything is fine,
when everythings alright,
i would walk a million miles just to set you free..

i would die,
a million deaths to have your soul.
so that we could become one and grow old in troubled times..

i would die,
a million deaths to have your soul.
so that we could become one and grow old in troubled times,
and even crossing lines,
you've yet to embrace this life , of loving me.
when everything is fine,
when everythings alright,
i would walk a million miles just to set you free.


We'll fly to the tune
and dance on fresh graves

Play like frenzied baboons
in a natural display

Destroy cities and towns
like Gozdilla, King Kong

Wait for death to come round
and it shouldn't take long

Take away his sickle
remove his harp and/or lyre

Now he's in a pickle
we'll set him on fire

Wait for the Angels
they're bound to poke round

We'll gather wings and eat bagels
laughing, as now they're earthbound

The devil sends demons
he feels the time near

Revoking the summons
we'll steal all their gear

We've loosed all our passions
unchained at the feast

Taking crap not in fashion
from god(s) and/or beasts

Ever had one of those moments where ya just wanna tear everything down, and then, rip off it's head, and crap down it's neck?
I'm kinda there :D

Under an eave between house and wood shed
It rains seas of gray and weariness and I
Alone captivated in a field of tobacco smoke,
Watch the wet persistent birds
With their damp persistent wings
Fly back and forth,
From canopy to feeder
Gorging themselves on sunflower seeds,  

Fruit fumed slowly with hickory permeates
Bringing back summers now spent,
Past purchases where the sun
Was nothing but an ambient metronome
Ticking in rhythm to the beats of adolescent fervency,
Oh, sear seen afternoons where rivers clung optimistically
To bedrock and the birds serenely dry sung
Illimitable hymnals and the young sang along
Knowing exactly the melody

There is a flash of lightning
An expansion of air,
Feathers flutter instantly
An unnoticed second heaven makes an appearance
Only to vanish with company
But persistent as always
Wings of sangria and pecan shortly after
Return and gorge
Stuck maybe in a world far from my own

Let me tell you of something I was once in
What they call Love should be considered a Sin
It'll sound like Heaven but don't fall for the trap
I swear to God I will never go back
What started as my insides feeling gooey and nice
Became something closer to a gripping vice
Became more vital than oxygen to breathe
Then left me torn open without so much as a blink
It's not worth your while, to this I can attest
If you're not yet convinced, just wait for the rest
The fires that are burning in the depths of Hell
Are cool in comparison to those of Love's spell
Don't mess with this stuff; it's bound to leave you sore
And crying all alone on the bathroom floor
With a hole in your chest where your heart should be
Good luck trying to stitch up that seam
Best take my advice: it isn't worth your time
I wish I'd been warned before I wasted mine

Jobira 5d

It's being said many times that,
The world will be over; and all will be gone.
The dead would be risen
with new flesh and bone.

On that judgement day,
Some shall be free;
others shall be outcast-
Forever accursed,
in the future for the past; and
The nefarious shall be caged
with fire gateway.

When that day comes for all to stand,
Whether darkness or light,
whichever you find,
To those I command,
Who would let
his two eyes blind?

I claim not pity
Or hold my deeds to the highest,
Nor merit anything
more than most.
But, with the fibers of my being,
What I know of my own offspring
I destined not
put one in the fire ring.
For love not banish for eternity.

The love I hav for my children is more than myself. I can walk through fires for them.  
All of us is siners.
Will then God, banish us to hell forever ?
I believe that his not that cruel like we are.
Jobira 7d

One brusque night, so quiet and dark,
Will come creeping in, an angel of God,
To steal away the dead, sleeping in the void
So they can stand on the left, or the right hand.
The curtains will fall so all can listen
For what's in the their lives, books were written.
The small children whose eyes were closed
Will be born again when heaven is opened.
For the living souls whose flesh is rotten
Written off no good deeds for the chances given
That dark day won't be different, when you listen
For in your own demises, you all will be forgotten.

I tried but couldn't write more. Darkness has fallen.
Kaya Jun 15

A vague memory
of heaven behind me
I'll walk up,
I'll walk straight up with
cold teeth that shiver
blue gums, that bleed
cold nights with white sheets
and white eyes that don't sleep

with fire beneath my red feet
that bleed, bleed and bleed
Follow my footprints
don't be mistaken
for they do not lead


A bloated pig sentient
With intellectual aspirations
My guts hate me
And I hate my guts
Poisoning myself
Again and again
Because there are things
In me
That need to die

Heaven and home
Hard to reach
Angels held my hand
Walking through the fire
For so long
Only to fall
To the flame

Still I stand
Still alive
Watching time
And people die
Battles won
Battles lost
My skin an open book

Crossover memories
Tried and true
Raised by fire
Under the son

Eyes burnt
Pain fades away
Hold on
Move on

©James Dennis Casey IV
Eleni Jun 12

She's gone-
My medicine had thus enchanted her.
Her darkened brain becomes a slave
To the hot pangs of hysteria
And those violet tears hang on her face, like vines of Wisteria.

But, alack!
The bogey man is coming to sweep the streets
And with his blood-curdling presence
He brings his seven princes;
Heosphoros leads the way and severs
My lady's vagus with his impale morning star.

I hear weeping- is something emerging, from the molten sea of infierno? Pish! She now kneels before
The shrine of Mammon and pleads
'Heavens forfend! I must seek the ash
Path to prosperity and pretend!'

My lady's face no longer beholds
That youthful dew and that
Ethereal pigmentation of her visage.
No, no she has become achromic,
Anaemic, artic...

...I embosomed her in my arms
Tried minerals, drugs, spirits; hymns
Yet she has exchanged mortality with
Immortality: and has pleased only the Night Deity.

1 'seven princes' refers to the seven princes of Hell
2 'Heosphoros' is an alternative name for Lucifer or the Devil
3 'Vagus' refers to the vagus nerve, responsible emotional stress and speech movements in the mouth. Thus the suffering woman has become corrupted.
4 'Morning star' as in the spiked club weapon
5 'Infierno' Spanish for 'Hell'
6 'Mammon' referring to one of the seven princes of hell associated with greed of money
7 'Night Deity' one of them is Phobetor, the Night Deity of nightmares.

NB. I am solely using these references for the enjoyment of writing poetry and imagination and not because of my religious or personal beliefs.
Solaces Jun 12

Let me start the mood..

:The last shadows:
What I see are the last shadows of a world made of twilight..
They loved eachother in the darkness..
They made a family in the forever dusk of their shadow day..
Then the light came..  
It came and all the darkness could do was be pushed away..
If light was there darkness could never return..
And it was about to shine away the last of it..

Let me change the mood...

:Following the lines in my hands..:

My dreams of you..
Put a smile to my face before I truly awake..
Its the moment I am happy..
Its the moment I am back with you..
I remember then where I am at..
On what I was doing..
On the otherside of the galaxy..
Following the lines in my hands..
That reveal Heavens coordinates..

Final mood. . . . .

The peace of wind farms. . .

Driving down the road early one evening..
I think of random things to think about..
I do not know why!?
But when I am at my most relaxed state of mind I always see wind farms..
But not just any wind farm..
Wind farms high on a mountain in a desert in Texas..
Its as if I am suppose to find peace there..
I see the wind mills like I see the evening I am currently driving in.
It brings a beautiful peace to my soul..
Just to think about them..
Again I do not know why!
Perhaps its the wind..
Or maybe the windmills themselves..
How they spin to the will of the winds..

I write to music. This was a sequence of three different songs and the moods they put me in..  Send me a song and I will write what the song makes me see. You would be suprised, I always am..
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