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Thy lips enkindle
   and breathe life into me!
   My smile may dwindle
   in my thoughts, entangled;
      yet my heart still burns,
      burning for thee!

Thy heart rekindles
   and pulls life out of me!
   My fire may riven
   from my thoughts, driven;
      yet my soul still yearns,
      yearning for thee!

Thy voice tingled
   and brought life unto me!
   My anger did wither
   from my heart, winner!
      And my lungs still breathe,
      breathing for thee!
A path of color
through abstract landscapes,
under the shade of an old willow

Gods of their own world
sit at makeshift altars
in makeshift temples
placed neatly in rows of white canvas,
so the peasants may stroll idly
between kingdoms.

"Look at this!"
"I've never seen anything like it before!"

Bring sacred work into the daily routine.
Hang the divine from every rafter.
There is enough heaven for us all.
#25 in my Year One collection, from notes on 4/5
Lilly F 3d
he speaks my name as if it's a soft prayer
that would bring heaven down to earth

Nicole 4d
Away she flew
Swept by the waves
A soul so blue
Now gone in the grave
And what can u do?
Nothing but remember
How she cried to you
On that night in September
Supine to the sky and the stars scream your name.
I listen to your voice the way I like to hear it.
my version of heaven
In time Should I be forgotten that's ok with me but what does matter to me Is my wife  Is remembered through my poetry
Mother to us all In everything that she did watching over us all like all good mother do brave throughout her life time
Sadly cut short of time for me now the missing year's for now I have to live the remaining years  
My sweetheart who stayed brave to the very end despite the pain and all the suffering
a lady of true
So let my sweetheart rest In peace she deserves her long awaited sleep may heaven keep her safe and the
Angels watch over
Hope Heaven takes care of her she gave so much to life with very little In return
If you go then I will go
Wherever you are
I’ll follow
If you carry the light I’ll lead the way
There’s nothing more more than you
If you only knew I’d stay
I’d follow you
•When hate and loves divides
I’ll be there beside you
Taking your hand in mine
I’ll guide us to home
Once it’s my time to go
I will hold your hand until I float
Into the skies I’ll look down
At your smile from the ground
If you lose your way
I’ll be there guiding you
Wherever you are I’ll follow
I’ll shine the light from above
Take your time I won’t go
•When hate and loves divides
I’ll be there beside you
Taking your hand in mine
I’ll guide us to home
Donna Oct 7
little red robin
sitting in a autumn tree
smiling happy vibes

:-))) saw a robin today cute little birds xxxxxx
fireheart Oct 6
How could He not keep you, once He’d had a glimpse,
Of your incredible light and the supernova of your existence?
It would be selfish to think that we could hold onto you,
When your very heart was larger than all we know.

How could He not keep you, once He’d had you near,
Once he’d heard you sing His praises in reverence and joy?
It would be foolish to think that any being could know
Such a beautiful soul, and let it slip away.

How could He not keep you, once He’d seen your Grace,
Your gentleness and kindness, the way you showed us love?
It would be dishonesty to say that, all being said,
I wouldn’t have done the same.

How could anyone not love you, once they knew your soul,
The way you ran after Jesus, the way you inspired life in us all?
It would be a darker world had you not been in it,
If you had not walked alongside us, a breath of glorious sunshine.

We prayed that you would open your eyes,
But you opened them in Heaven.
Written for a friend who is greatly missed.
Dhriti Seth Oct 4
They say, everyone eventually leaves
Whether it be your house, your heart or your life
But what they never say
Is that they leave behind a part of their soul

They leave behind memories
Sometimes in pictures
Sometimes in humans
And sometimes in hand-written letters

Their departure holds a purpose
Though many a times it’s hard to see
For the heart is in despair, and the mind in shock
But fear not, my love, soon it will come to you

The Reaper is portrayed a villain
But he is merely a spirit guide
He leads the departed away from horrors
And into the hopeful light

It is said that the spirits find home
In a place a million ways better than here
But how can anywhere else be cosier
Than where lives your own flesh and blood

Those gone have a message for you, my beloved
They want you to know you’re loved
Not only by those who are alive
But also by those in the heavens above
Written for a friend, with love.
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