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i always thought youd come back to me
but it was me, who came back to you
i came back into your life
and the roles had reversed

you were no longer who i wanted,
and all you wanted was me

i told you no, i wasnt playing your games
this time i ghosted you
this time everything had changed
D'Angelo Jul 1
Once the sky darkens and
when the world sleeps...
let's fly.

You're not awake to see it but I'm truly a spectacle. When the darkness covers the sky and moonlight cascades what's below, you're missing an anomaly. You're gonna miss my flight. Dodging the trees and hunting the prizes that hide in incognito, meanwhile I'm just coasting. No pressure. No pressure. I'm still surviving. I'm still flying.

Earth awakens with the sun
and I bloom from beneath the shadows
gallantly roaming the blue
looking down at where I once was
eager to stay up.

Regardless of will or reluctance, you pay your respects to what soars above. You know I'll thrive from your revere, or lack thereof. The dominance remains. Along side the clouds I'll reign. No pressure. No pressure. I'm still thriving, I'm still flying.


Beauty is one thing but this one is stunning. It's majesty and it's charm are really something. Simply poetry in flight. Sailing the skies, scaling these heights. As fresh as the air, it's refreshing to stare. He's his best when he's up there. No pressure. No pressure. I'm now gliding. This is flying.

This is a tribute to
The Owl, The Eagle, The Crane.
The Thinker, The Strong, The Triumph.
This is a tribute to
The little Bahamian boy.

This is a tribute to me.
vern Jun 1
dearly beloved
I have gathered my pen and paper
to send you love from another world
I've stashed this note in a bottle
and threw it into the air
so I shall not know whether you got my love
whether you even care
I apologize for I left your world without a word
I didn't belong there but I found I belong here
I belong somewhere
and it is not there, it is here
and it is not with you, it is with me
I am regifting the lies that were gifted by you
you are no longer a concept that plagues my mind
do you think about me my beloved
I don't think about you
the thought saddens me so I refuse
I'd rather stay happy and live in ignorance
that you ever existed
these empty feelings on paper will finally disappear
to a place I do not know
well, once knew but have long forgotten
this is my first note and my final note
I'm sending you love from another world
and I will never send it to you again
for this world is my own, and I don't want to share
It's been awhile. This isn't my best work, but it's something.
uselace Apr 25
colors blend together
beautiful and inseparable
an unbreakable community,
forged through years
of sorrow and hardship
but also joy and triumph
flags wave as colors fill streets
pride radiating throughout
we are here,
and we are queer.
Mortal wounds that rack the mind,
Focused thru the lense of time,
And sit, aching, upon the soul
To leave a ripped and gaping hole,
Filled by weary, worn requests
To end these gruesome lifelong tests
For peace to reign
And pain to stop;
To open the cage
And break the lock.
But bartered visions bring no respite,
Birthing instead a desire for flight
A longing to run, far and fast;
A desperate escape from a darker past.
And into the future, swoon and fall
Carelessly, awaiting it all,
Finding only more pain yet;
Bringing more things up to forget-
Until the world is swallowed up;
By the memories that hurt and cut.
By pain that sinks and dulls the mind,
Until that pain can fade with time
And follow, then, a different design
Until the soul can say it's fine,
And look up with truest hope again-
Only then will pain find an end.

And as I stare about me now,
I realize I have stared too long
Into the jaws of hell, and how
Pain has made me ever strong
For suffer the weather, suffer the storm
And you're sure to find bright days
Pockets still, but light and warm,
Filled with dazzling, sunny rays.
Now pain is not my jailer,
And I, no more its slave;
Risen from my thorny failures
To put pain into its grave.
Mary Mar 11
I watch you struggle day to day
  wanting more from your life
    but not knowing where to start
From your frustration comes my triumph
No longer need to make your problems my own
  and so I have grown
Look I'm awake!
I used no alarm!
Not torpid, no despair,
Pill worked like a charm!

I've been mentally marinating,
In a cerebral stew.
Truly amazed by
This chemical brew.

-  Shoutout to Zoloft
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