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Kim C Aug 8
Tribulation and vexation led to this
Fixated on decamping the mess I was in
Participating in anything I had access to
Escaping reality is what I would do
I wasn’t too fond of alcohol; I wasn’t too fond of ****
I had a few drinks here and there, but I had control you see
This isn’t an alcoholic’s story or drug abuse for that matter
You’d probably be thrown off for what I’m about to tell you
Maybe even engage in some laughter
Waking up every day to my escape
It would be my getaway, my slave
Posting online what I didn’t practice
But I needed those likes, I needed to have it
When someone would heart a photo, which pleased
I admired the adrenaline rush I received
And this started leading me to a downward spiral
I was easily shot by the dopamine rifle
Scrolling through my phone all day, I did
And I could absolutely feel the tension kick in
Almost hyperventilating like I had to stay on my device
It was as if the devil telling me, I am a bondservant with no might
Repeatedly trying to appeal to other people
through a false world
Posting many pointless photos, my brain was in a swirl
And looking back, at one point I hit rock bottom
I purposely purchased things, just to take shots of them
& I also look back on posting Biblical things all-day
But not to reach out to others, not for the right reasons, I used it for my own selfish sake,
now that’s some extensive disgrace
Because I needed the hit, I needed the high
I had false gratification from receiving the likes
& I remember constantly taking photos of my self
Spending hours with this nonsense, I seriously needed help
And when receiving little likes, I felt self-conscious and worse
I was worshiping the flesh and depended on this for self-worth
But the Joke’s on you Satan, I serve a greater God
Who convicted me of the things that I was doing wrong
I desperately prayed to Him & kept hollering His name
Asking other believers for help as well, to free me from the cage, I was a digital slave
And it took some time, it took much faith
Sometimes I felt at peace with it, at times I had intense rage
But Jesus is a faithful God, who will always test your patience
Eventually, the fog disappeared, and I eventually awakened
Jesus set me free, but it wasn’t facile to move on
It took a few years, to witness what I wanted to see gone
Now I know my worth & I know my value
I do not confide in vanity, it is no longer my idol
I focus on important things, on things that truly matter
Like Spiritual things, and the God I run after
I know I’m beautiful, & others can attest to that
In no way do I want to sound prideful, but just stating the facts
We ALL have beauty, & gifts to offer
But put God first, and then you’ll prosper
Now I want to end the story with this
This is the story of a social media addict
But now I am free & you do not have authority over me...🕊
Phoenix Black Jul 20
You've torn me, ripped me, and hit me
I bleed from the wounds on my skin
You've floored me, kicked me, and slit me
But you've not broken the spirit within

My tank is depleted, not empty
I rise back, glowing with sweat
Fight? Oh yes I've got plenty
Your smugness will turn to regret
joshua Jul 12
The wind swept over the world.
The wind leapt over the fence and
out of the sea.

the wind whispered
into every ear,
hear it's coffin cacophonies

melodic misdirection.

The wind said
to suffocate before i
enter your home.

the wind said,
when i come,
drown. Never look up.
look into yourself they said,

but i am nothing inside,
my strength fails me,
my mind enslaves me,
i am my own enemy.

but in my cold nights,
a voice called.
the sun, said,
i watch over you,
the sun said,
don't i govern the night skies too?

the son. i meant,
the son. Mistaken for
no one,
for the poison,

when you are the breath
the breath
that evaporates the seas,
the breath
that suffocates the winds.

.... (to be continued?)
hi friends :D Im new here, kind of, good to meet you all!
Jonathan Moya Jun 24
Gone in the labyrinth
of dense words
is the thin golden clew
that is the salvation out
for the gathering of lost poets.
The thread doesn’t exit
to the center,
to meaning,
just a thick grove of forest
where they meander forever
in the definitions all around them,
each footfall erased in
the revision of those before.
Phoenix Black Jun 22
As I sit upon the meadow,
a dreamlike world at ease,
the rushes, elms, and grasses,
caressed by lazy evening breeze.

The sunset glows on honeyed towers,
the gentle river flows behind,
if only this could last forever,
if only nothing preyed upon my mind.

But I know they're coming,
soon a rabble through the gate,
vicious thugs come to smite me,
and condemn me to my fate.

I spoke truth to power, yes I did,
but the power spat it back,
an explosion of indignance,
a hail of red hot flak.

I look upon my fire,
warming my cold hands,
As another battle comes,
to spill blood upon these lands.

I can hear them in the city,
a clatter of metal upon stone,
what a fool I was to offend,
the children on the throne.

They pour onto the meadow,
a crowd bigger than the past,
but I will not surrender,
I will fight on to the last.

They storm across the landscape,
a horde of spikes and mail,
it will take every ounce of my skill and luck,
to live to tell this tale.

The fire before me ebbs away,
but one ignites inside,
a growing inferno of resistance,
of necessity, and pride.

With a defiant grip, I draw my sword,
it's the end of sweet civility,
as careless feet trample-crunch,
through the embers of tranquillity.
I was greeted early by your oncoming storm
A whirlwind with a violent, turbulent swarm.

Through the power of spirit, we will end your suffering
Endless thoughts of chaos will cease their fluttering

I see you there; I know you're fighting
Beyond the walls, beyond the lightning.

I can't hold you right now, like I know I should be
But keep on fighting until I can bring you close to me

Our days will be golden; they can never be taken away
As soon as your souls collide, I promise, I'll make everything okay
Vachaspathi Apr 23
There is a crater of eternal darkness now where the illumination of your beautiful smiles once triumphed.
Brent Apr 10
I inevitably stood before a world with wars
And won most of battles up until now
I never did keep track of the scores
Now I face myself filled with questions of how

They say the greatest battles lie within
Within my mind's mountains and heart's seas
I'll arm myself, wait for the battles to begin
Begin to march to the land of the yearned peace

Someone whispered to me "be still and tough,
For the night's still long and filled with terror,
You'll fight with all your heart, that'll be enough,
You will win, then, the uncertainties'll be lesser"
We'll get through our personal battles and soon make sense of our life's biggest questions
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