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AiR 6d
The Law of Karma is very deep
As you sow, so shall you reap
The bad you do will make you weep
The good that you do, you get to keep

It's a Law of Action, a Law of Reaction
It's a Law that says you get what you give
A Law that ensures what goes around comes around
A law that's for everybody on this ground

The Law of Karma is born from your Dharma
It's a Law, a Universal Law
A Law that watches all your actions
And a Law that ensures the same reaction

If you plant tomatoes, you won't get mangoes
If you plant cactus, you won't get a rose
So also if you do good, your reward will be good
And if you do bad – what returns is just as bad

What is this Law of Cause and Effect?
A Law that ensures the balance is perfect
A Law that records everything you do
Good or bad, it must come back to you

But how does this law work, we don't know
It belongs to the One who created this show
It controls how on Earth we come and go
Does it end at death? The answer is NO!
Our Body may die, but our Karma stands by
We CAN escape our Karma – that is a lie!
Our Mind will be reborn to live and to die
We will continue to suffer and cry

Death is not the end; it's just a bend
Whatever we have done has to be undone
If our actions are rewarded as we live – that's great
Otherwise, the residue will decide our next fate

Is our body responsible for how we act?
No, it's our mind that's in charge, in fact
Thus, the Law of Action is that of the Mind
It's a new body that the mind does find

It carries the good and the bad that we do
The score doesn't settle at death when we go
Life after life, the score goes on
The score decides how we are reborn

So should we suffer again and again?
When will we finally escape this pain?
We can if only we Realize the Truth
We must get to the bottom; we must get to the root

What is our purpose of life on Earth?
Are we just born to die and take birth?
Where did we come from? Where do we go?
The Law will go on till the Truth we know

Are we the Body? Are we the Mind?
Are we the Ego? The Truth we must find
The ignorance that's around us, we must rewind
We are Energy of a different kind

The Law of Karma makes this world go round
It's a Law that makes sure all's well on the ground
The Law is for all who come and go
Except for those who understand the show

Those who realize we are not the body or the mind
Those who are able – the Truth to find
They are the fortunate few who escape from action
For them, there is no Karma, no Law of Reaction

When bad things happen to the good, don't blink
It's the Law of Karma in action, just think
If you plant a seed, you will face the deed
For what you do will come back to you

If you want to master the Law of Karma
You must realize that the world is a Drama
You must know you are not the body and the mind
Then True Joy, Bliss and Peace you will find

What is Karma? It's the Law of Action and Reaction. Read AiR's thought-provoking take on the Universal Law that governs us all....!
Ken Pepiton Nov 7

that links begins at the oldest of my poems here, which are nearing
the point of no return, maybe only because people cant tell me that hate them here, but more likely,
because some of of ya'll liked 'em writ, ye might like 'em said.
A link Please share
honestly it feels like to me kids nowadays are being killed by words, perceptions, appearances, by a war being fought in the streets based on these things. we've pitted ourselves against each other because of these intangible yet malleable things and it's hard for me not to wonder when these feelings began. was it in our ancestors during the ice age, fighting for survival. survival. wow. survival
          - r.i.p to all the brothers who have lost their life because of modern day mankind's perception of- survival
In the wasteland of my mind
an idea like a tumbleweed
interrupts the landscape.

space folds around its pointed form

time scatters like mice before its untethered gait

as it makes its way
to the bright center of the barren mound it was born to,
leaving no stretch of its path unchanged,
intruding upon the atmosphere's stubborn scarcity
                  with the fullness of a growl
darting from the mouth of a shapeless traveler
forced upon the world through birth.

Howling with the bittersweet memory of the ****, calling out for its home in the stars.

Reaching the mound
it lights up with the flame of intention
and seizing its grasp on action,
finds its way to the mouth

and in telling you how I love you

       the silence swallows it whole

                  when you don't say a thing.
Michael Sep 19
I should have listened to my mother,
She told me to think before I act.
After all the struggles in life I wish I could take my thoughtless actions back,
But I can’t so that’s that.

Running this race of life,
Leaves you feeling like you just might,
Get up and disappear into the night.
I don’t want to do that, I know it’s not right.
But here I am thinking I just might.

A life of bad decisions,
Thrown in with indecision,
Mixed up with a total lack of precision,
Has left my soul feeling like I’m missing.

It’s too late to change the past,
But I need to move fast to make the future last,
And indeed to watch the present pass.
Life could have been easier, it could have been a blast.
Looking back and missing now
Aaron Layton Sep 8
Can I ask you something?

Will anyone remember the names
Remember those eyes
Remember these pain’s
Or the lie’s

Or will you just go straight to blame
Put it on someone else instead of ourselves
Putting the names to flame
And then the incidents on shelves

We keep our nose to the ground
Because of the topic
We keep ourselves bound
Like we all have atopic

Depression can be fought
But we must start caring for others
By giving what shouldn’t need bought
To pay attention to our sisters and brothers

We must join hands
And fight together
To be each other’s fans
To act as a tether

We need to be the voices
Because other need help
The help with the choices
For the ones that can’t self-help
Spry distractions loaf on lithe intent,
men waking, wishing, trying,
b’lieving, doing, buying -inging time rather than be-,
results in salt-work, sprawling like the C
in coldness: callous spray
that dampens your New Canvas Day.

Pixels splat and reek of pure demise,
wine trauma met with whys
fires livid earth from foil-pressed crumbs
from which your towers rise. You miss
the point of -ing;
the shape you’re in’s an -e-d thing
writ past because of practice;
timed it slow, fixed solemn bets
all rife with catty pugil,
ribbons placed on “I-got-tīme-in” *******
that gleam too brightly
for the lover’s open eye. Youriyese
in grace, ingratiated by devices
(rueful caries)
shelter you from toil’s ten-thousand days.
You see them, they see you whilst print-ing,
comb-ing over, feel-ing joy anew: such sugar lines
the bottom
of a borrowed cup of time.

White hues direct-ing -ingots in a line
totally gold
and pin “pathetic” on your chest,
their best not forged in -ing or be-
(like they would want you to be) -lieve,
but rather hey! and halt!
The hollow points of discord,
blood of victims be- -in’ salt.
Lyn-Purcell Aug 18
Regardless of your skin tone or status,
For every choice made, there will be
Really, I'm super grateful! ^-^
Lyn ***
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