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A world tormented by impending doom,
Where children rally in huddled throngs,
Their lives polluted from the womb,
How now to right their parent’s wrong.

Corals fast bleaching,
Forests torn down,
Activists preaching,
While pastures turn brown.

Sea levels fast rising,
Yet drought now abounds,
Politicians all shouting,
Their inaction astounds.

Confusion is reigning,
Answers too few,
Arguments draining,
Solutions past due.

Time for our youngsters
To take up the fight,
Like heavenly clusters
They permeate light.

Nature deserves it
She begs for relief,
The fuse fully lit
She cowers in grief.
Jodie Davies Sep 29
I laugh when you wonder why you can’t sleep.

Sinking, though your arched back
hovers on the cold ground.
Pretending like you’re above the world
though you hardly ever leave the floorboards.
Drops from leaking walls count passing seconds
because the clock got tired of screaming for your help.
Seven times a morning you snooze his alarm
though you lay there on your rotting floorboards
with your eyes closed. As still and empty
as the world outside your leaking walls.
I know there’s a certain irony of today,
the seas move closer to the fires
yet, they still refuse to stop burning.
Millennials sip ***** through their metal straws
to save the fish
then eat sushi to ease their hangover.  
I thank you for trying
but you’ve set out for hell on a go kart with a broken wheel.
I know you think you’re preaching to the choir
with your trending reposts and Instagram stories
but you’re gushing to a world whose eyes
only ever see water.
What luxury you loan from mother-nature now is nice
but tell me in twenty years why it wasn’t
nice enough to fight for.
You waste your money on anti-depressants
and insomnia prescriptions
because you know that
the reason why you lay awake at night
is the hardest pill to swallow.
If only you could write a letter,
apologise to mother-nature
for wasting one of her children.

                Maybe then, you would be able to sleep.
We are in a climate emergency. We need to act before it's too late.
listen to me closely            
I have a lot to say            
please do not talk              
for I am already so distraught    
please give these words some thought
I think that you're crazy                                                            ­      
you drive me insane                                                           ­                 
talking about how I leave you alone                                                          
t­o stand on your own                                                              ­        
do you forget you were the one to leave                                                            ­
you text me at night      
telling me you are not alright
do you forget that neither am I
you hang around the out crowd                                                            ­
but you still don't fit in                                                               ­   
the life that you live in
does not pique my interest
I want to live optimistic
you think you can outlive the oblivion
yet I still love you
you are my best friend
i hate that i cant leave you
Yamuna Turco Sep 25
I am sick and tired of being sick and tired
I am tired of the fights,
The political wars,
And the real ones
Of the lies and deceit,
Of the blinding ignorance

You don’t care
You. Don’t. Care.
Because you don’t have to
Your brothers aren’t being shot,
Your mothers aren’t being locked up
Your aunts aren’t being deported,
And your cousins aren’t beating themselves up
You don’t care,
but I wish you did

What do I have to do?
Because all my talking and all my speeches aren’t helping
I am being called an angry child,
so you can sit comfortably on your throne of privilege

So please, enjoy
Enjoy as your world crumbles and falls around you
But know this
I may be tired,
I may be fed up,
And I may be frustrated,
But I am **** sure not done yet
Today a young homeless person died
A politician sighed
A parent cried

And I realised.
Tea Aug 20
Sun or rain...
Never be mad again...
Anger is bad...
It makes other people sad...
Sing a happy song...
Admit that you are sometimes wrong...
We must accept imperfection...
It is time for action...
We should make a difference...
We must break down the fence...
The fence between black and white...
Because neither is right...
We should live together without fights...
We should put on our inner lights...
We should shine friendliness...
And happiness...
And gracefulness...
We should be full of understanding...
No matter what is happening...
We should help wherever we are...
We should share...
Even though we aren't always rich...
We can help people who fell in a ditch...
Just think about how it would feel...
Unhappiness always on your heel...
Nowhere to go...
You would need help, wouldn't you?
We are able to make a big difference...
All we need to do is shine kindness...
Other people need help, that is why...
Are you going to try?
In stanza 11 I meant racism. Neither is right for treating the other wrong.
Bhill Aug 20
Change up what you see
The world we live in changes
You will be surprised

Be surprised each day
Bring a new idea to view
New views encourage

Encouragement loves action
Action creates new ideas

Enjoy your changes each day

Brian Hill - 2019 # 211
New day, new view
Cyan Aug 10
You think you can shatter
The glass ceiling
With only words
While standing safe
On your ivory soapbox.
But would you join
The frontlines?
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