Arianna 5d
I invited her for tea
At this cool place
Downtown, but she
Suggested a visit to the sea

I know not the source
Of her fascination with the ocean,
But to thither we went
With a thermos of hot water,
A box of earl grey,
And a dog-eared translation
Of Sappho.

Conversation was always sparse with her,
But we understood each other
As only the truest of friends can do.

I didn't dare mention her brother.

It's been rough...

She gazed at the water,
Eyes flicking from the waves,
To the poem on the page,
And back,
Again and again...

Maybe there's something about Sappho,
Our spurnéd lady of ******,
Her fragmented voice
Laying scattered
Like pottery shards
Across leather-bound leaves of paper,

Washing up with the waves,
Poetry shards
Across these so-called "sands of time",


I can see in her eyes
That Grief is blind
To the poetics of muddy shores.

For her lips, that once wailed,
Once railed against against grave injustice,
Now make no sound.

For what has passed
Has passed;
And nothing remains
To say now of the past.

But her thoughts cannot hide
Behind silent lips and eyes,
For the eyes, having seen truth,
Cannot disregard it.

First Creon, and now
Her own gaze
Betrays her,
Steadfast and unwavering
Before the fickle laws of men.

I know
She often thinks of Thebes,
As soon I too shall reminisce
Upon my native land:

          Great kingdoms permitted by the gods
          To rise high
          That they might more bitterly feel their fall.

Dare I ask, O Fallen One?
An afternoon with Antigone...

Aaaand, in case you're curious to read Sappho's work:
Confuse them with your silence
     shock them with your actions.....
Seanathon Dec 2018
There are thing you must do
And you'll always know, exactly why

And on the other side
Of the same wall

There will be residual things
Ever new to you

And the reasons for which
You will probably guess at

Though you may never know
Must you learn to abide?
staysha Dec 2018
I slap away My anger
I push back the grief
I swallow up my hatred
But still a little sneaks out
I throw away the racism
I crumple up the pain
I try to ignore the feelings
But still a little sneaks out
I catch the happy
I steal the glad
I Trap the joy
And keep it for my self
I inject joy to my voice
I drink happiness
I swallow all my gladness
Hope One Day Dec 2018
Its strange how you all blame the destiny for not being with the one you want to be with.

Have you ever sat in silence,with your eyes closed going down the memory lane questioning your actions?

Have you ever ponder upon, if it was destiny or your actions that stood in between you and the one who was right for you....?

Was that the high wind of destiny that has blown them far away or
Was that your actions who pushed them  to a point of no return?

What did you do to push them away?

                                   Or should I rephrase it!

What did you not do to bring them closer?
Its easy to blame destiny for all the wrong doings, easy option.


MU Nov 2018
Three cubs
The cutest of all
One little girl
And two older boys

All action
Swirl winds and storm
Roaming around
The small kingdom

Three purest souls
The wonders of life
Make you wonder
About your own

How to protect them
From harms of life
Feeling helpless
My heart like foam

They will be here
Soon my wonders
Lots of trouble
And joy at home
My sister and parents visiting, bringing with them her three children, the  joys of our life.
Greg Jones Nov 2018
I love you
Just like the movies.
I need you
Just like the movies.
You leave me
Just like the movies.
I chase you
Just like the movies.

I think this is my scene,
And I forgot my lines.
What am I supposed to say
To make you fall for me?
I didn’t get a script.
Am I just stuck inside a montage?
Or better yet, it’s all a collage.
The camera makes me nervous.
Can we edit this out?

Thought it would be
Just like the movies.
Your leading man
Just like the movies.
I know that you are the star.
If I’m supporting cast, well that’s alright with me.
I’ll play your fool
Just like a comedy.
Narrate our lives
Just like a documentary.
Dance you to the stars
Just like a sci-fi musical fantasy.
Tell me the theme, tell me the theme and it’s yours.

I’m not a good actor.
And I don’t like CGI.
But I rehearsed this moment
In case this was my breakout performance.
Scene one take two
Lights, camera, and action.
I hope that kiss
Was to your satisfaction.
Do we walk towards the sunset
Or wait til credits roll
Just like the movies?
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