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xavier thomas Oct 19
The same dog returns to eat it’s own *****
A fool returns to repeat their own sins
Slime-God Sep 18
To sit upon my duty,
or finally act?
you ever get stuck doing nothing because it *feels* like something?
Dante Rocío Aug 17
Perhaps a more difficult thing
in further and further life ebbing
is the vividness,
own quality guarded,
and fulfilled attention working
and standing
without any current or prospective actions or events going through,
when there’s no other (mind) occupation now or soon
than the following going on
and living itself.
As is is worthy of praise to be a hero
and a righteous something
when even as nothing happens
your gestures, stance and presence prove it
Zywa Aug 9
Doing everforth,

no slowscurf by lingersmoke:

feber neverrest.
"Immervoort en nimmerpoos" ("Everforth and neverrest", 1981, Marten Toonder)

Collection "Bearer Toonder"
Mark Wanless Aug 8
actions of body
speech and mind arising soft
facebook karma peace
Elaina Jul 25
My sleep is healing and renewing. I wake with a smile, refreshed, happy, thankful, and energized. Eagerly taking action, living this new day.
Zeeyerh Adams Jun 20
What is your truth?
When we forget that the consequences of our actions are dire,
Our bodies will be heaped pyres,
Fuel to a blazing fire,
That will burn for eternities without tire.
Brckworld Jun 12
Everything you wish you said
Could be everything she wanted to hear
Everything you were afraid to ask
Become the things you want to know
Everything you were afraid to do
Could be what you wish you tried
All that time you spent in your head
Wasn’t with her

When you’re worried about losing what you have, you miss out on what could be.
Live fearlessly. Without risk there is no growth, just a painful drift.
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