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Brumous Jun 18
nothing was enough,
I really tried
maybe not much

as it is not sufficient
I do nothing
and tried

everything, was it?

i sat idly on the floor
with headphones to
drown the thoughts and all

for my actions failed to express,
and so does my words.
Zywa Jun 16
I like to be able

to do what I'd like to do –

if I could do it.
#160 – “Heer Bommel en de uitvalsels” (#160 – “Sir Bumble and the breakdownings”, 1978, Marten Toonder)

Collection "Bearer Toonder"
Zywa Jun 15
There is so much good

to be done, I think, at times –

I do think, at times…
#137 – “Tom Poes en de ombrenger” (#137 – “Tom **** and the slayer”, 1971-1972, Marten Toonder)

Collection "Bearer Toonder"
Zywa May 31
Words are only words,

until we start colouring –

them with our actions.
"Maitiid" ('Spring', 2021, Nyk de Vries) --- Collection "Na de feestelijkheden"
Shwetha sb May 30
You can beat the water, slap the water ,stamp the water!
You can do whatever to water!! It still flows under your feet!

But remember,the same water can write your fate by altering the form to tsunami!!
I'm just like that!!!!
What u give shall return....
Michael Apr 23
If one man stands that can't be defeated,
it's Um Pow!  Um Pow!
Even with his hands tied to both his feet,
it's Um Pow!  Um Pow -
He battled many men in a great big war,
and now he's even stronger than ever before!
If one man stands that can't be beaten,
it's Um Pow!  Um Pow!

It's Um Pow!  Um Pow!
Smasin bashin everything he can,
it's Um Pow!  Um Pow, right now!
He'll take you down with a flyin punch!
Karate kick you in the stomach,
make you lose your lunch!
O My holy cow!  Look out -
It's Um Pow!

"Um?"   POW!!!
Simon Apr 21
Intuition at it's finest when feeling the seasonal changing of its metamorphosis is coming ahead. A foreseeing truthful measure of action (over the wonder of its own inevitable evolution).
Feeling of observance is nothing without attitude (in it's very self to bear alone), when it's never alone... Except, when all in not well within its favor, because that's when things change in the way it's ought to be. And not because it's an entire consequence (all on its own little lonesome), without truthfully knowing of the very actions that surmise the difficulties straight out from under its own opposable..."developing pleasures!"
Anna Lour' Apr 27
She was full of interest but silent
her view to life was lucid but dim
She knew her finish line
so she dug the world to find her answer

She locked all her doors,
counted the stars,
dreamt until dawn,
nothing interest her outside her room

Then Sophia met Philos,
a man full of kindness, affection, and compassion
The world was his adventure, his arena
And they fell for each other

Sophia didn’t get him at first
He looked like a fool
But he loved her dearly
despite her cold heart and her uptightness
Philos gave anything to her

Sophia felt different since Philos
He thought her a view she once misunderstood
An overwhelming warmth hugged her body
filled with ideas and hopes
She felt moved to bring her outside

Love is the cause of action
and now she know that
Because without Philos, Sophia is nothing
From the album 'Afloat'
Read the full album on
There's a reason we don't normally walk backwards. Train yourself, focus on what's ahead of you and take action.
Just a reminder♡
if you cut me first
I surely will cut you back

for life on earth is ruled by
the law of action and reaction
you get what you give
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