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Serafeim Blazej Sep 2016
"What I'm doing"
lowest in the power
biggest in the fear

"O que eu estou fazendo"
menor no poder
maior no medo
Wyatt Apr 2016
I spent lifetimes trying to find it.
I searched all over this world
looking for you and only you.
I lost count of the hours...of the days;
I wanted some truth, I needed you.
At some point I questioned it, if you were ever real.
Deep down I thought we could never be reconciled.
These years went by and life only got heavier.
All I ever wanted was a meaning
that meant more than the words it took
to express what I wanted to be feeling.
Telling me it'll all get better felt the same as
telling a man with no limbs that they'll surely grow back.
I didn't believe a word, I fell to my knees...
and that was where life introduced herself me,
she held a knife to my neck.
I knew at that moment that in this life
death's surely an impending side-effect.

So why prolong it? So why run?
I was led to a bridge,
I was led to that bridge
thinking that this is all there was,
this is all there is.
I came up with my own conclusions
because the clock kept counting for a long time.
I had no goals, no ambition
and I was so helplessly consumed
in what I was and what I didn't like.
So where have you been? Where have you gone?
I've been looking for you all my life.

It was there on that bridge in the middle of the night,
where I sobbed, where I wept, wishing I could forget
all the pain and all the sorrow.
Wishing I could forget all the mistakes
that probably made me fall far away from you.
I knew you were out there,
but I never found the proof.
And just like that, in a whisper
you were there in my time of death.
You were trying to lift me up
and trying to move me from the edge.
I could've sworn that I saw a single tear run down your face
as you grabbed hold of me when I was at my lowest.
And that pact we made on the Brooklyn Bridge...
I might be scarred all around, but I won't ever forget it.
Some intense emotions were in my mind when writing this piece and in a way it's about me, but the overall story in this poem is fictional.
Alexis A Sep 2014
I have a friend
One who I'll ask anything
I call her
"The all knowing Tori"
And laugh as it goes to her head
I trust her with my life
And my deepest darkest secrets
She watches me
When I'm at my lowest
And calms me down
When I'm at my highest
I love this girl
As a sister
And I'll never let her go
Even if I have to fight
The voice in my head
Every time I tell her something big
I love you Tori<3
Candiese Sep 2014
Stop crying over the same guy who's hurt you over a thousand times.
Stop waiting on the train that goes nowhere.
Stop wishing for change if you plan to remain the same.

It's time to do something different.
It's time to be someone different.
This time you have to change.

Alone in the darkness things start to seem strange
It's scary being alone on your own
Some nights the cold may chill your bone
It may seem like you are just at the lowest of the low

Fear not, life is about taking chances,
You already know what you have now and you don't like it
So what do you have to lose...
Salomé Albrecht Sep 2014
S at on the lowest step looking down, down at no one
E xhausted just looking up, up at everyone
A t the beginners mark, marked with frustration
T ook me by surprise, surprised they'd come back for me
My first Acrostic poem.

— The End —