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the new dawn rises
a glimpse of what is to come
her smile awakens
a haiku
gabrielle Mar 10
i'll always have a glimpse of you
like the clouds, anywhere
i would see you

i'll always have a glimpse of you
just a glimpse of you
it would only be me
it would always be a glimpse by me

just a glimpse by me
Shofi Ahmed Mar 1
I will walk blindfolded
towards you.

I will forget I am walking
down the full moon.
One that's painstakingly alluring
so pure mesmerising beautiful.

Any star gets a glimpse of it
loses its sleep keeps eying on it
waking all night and it witnesses:
'The cutie is shining over my head'.

I will still keep it shut
I will let my sea sighs in the dark
while keep walking on my way.

Until you say so your sweet word:
'Now you do, open your eyes'!
Shofi Ahmed Nov 2018
Once in all of a sudden
catching a glimpse of someone
I felt one needs not to show up.
But can steal the entire show
just at first glance!
Eric Babsy Oct 2018
Your my want
My need
Why I breed

Can I feed
I smell you from afar
The natural kindling you are

Come to the sky for me
From up here we can have a view
Lovers below me then you

***** skies surprise
Another word of the wise
When I find love we will not die

No one can ever take my love
As we catch a glimpse the sky above
Our love like a woven fabric

Together we blanket the ***** sky
Our love can make us fly
Forever running from the question why

Naturally we begin to dance
Sending both of us in a trance
Amanda Sep 2018
Passed you in the hall today
It was good seeing you smile
Why don't you ever stop?
So we can chat for awhile.

Always been there for me
Each time I needed to vent
Lately it feels like I'm trapped
On a seperate continent.

What happened to how we were?
Secrets we used to share?
Silence settled in somehow
Now it's coursing through the air.

Left wondering what went wrong
Did I change too much for your mind to take?
Bet you're tired of helping me
Bounce back from every mistake.

Guess I was choosing roads
Guiding away from your direction
I was misled along the path
I lost all your affection.

Two different people now
Feel your disappointed gaze
Watch me walk away from you
I recede into the maze

You are immersed in happiness
Unaware of our lives drifting apart
I am wishing that things could be
Like they were at the start.

I long to feel close again
If only we could go back
Even with a time machine
Would I be able to get my life on track?

I am not the same person
I was the day I met you
But if you would look a little harder
There is still a glimpse of the me you knew.
This was written a long time ago about  drifting apart from a close friend
RedD Sep 2018
From across the room
I catch a glimpse

You stand tall
Physical yet vulnerable

Longing holds my heart in chains
Remembering times we have spent


I feel this each time
I catch a glimpse

Of you

Lets break these chains
My love
If only everyone in the room could see how much I want you S
J F O Sep 2018
When I look at you,
you give me butterflies,
a flower garden springing,
a rush in my body, so
explosive yet still,
a feeling I haven’t felt in a while.

When I look at you,
bringing out a smile,
so genuine, flirty, lingering
glued shut in my mind,
wishing I was brave to say,
“it looks so **** good on you”.

When you look at me,
I catch you with mine.
I see you staring
with your sparkling, buzzed
hazy brown eyes, my heart races
as the crowd blurs,
the voices muffled,
an unbroken gaze, breathing deeply into
the split seconds we hold.

When you look at me,
a series of stolen glances
is all it is, with us thieves.
Wasted, only to look for in my eyes
a fleeting, hot, one-time moment,
but I was looking for a lifetime in yours.

When I look at you,
it’s like gold dust, uncommon.
Only to look from a distance but
never stare, as I can’t have
but only glimpses of you.

When you look at me,
I only hope,
it’s the way I look at you.
Sam Jul 2018
Have you seen the
glimpse of reality?
Have you felt the heat
when you're with me?
Do you ever
think about loving me?
'Cause today,
tonight and forever
I wanna be with you.


Wake me right now,
I think I'm dreaming again.
Drowning in deep sleep
while calling your name.



'Cause right now,





I know you
in your silhouette
and I couldn't stop
as it pirouettes.
I'm losing my mind
they say,
'Cause today,
tonight and forever
I wanna be with you.


This life
is like
you put me
now I fell in
This life is full of
will I ever make it
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