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SMS Sep 2022
Boring was never a word to describe her
She was unique and exotic
Hair falling below her *******
Bangs tickling the freckles dotting the bridge of her nose
Her eyelashes swooped outward
Trapping anyone brave enough to meet her heated gaze
Her shoulders draped in the softest of silk
Blouse pulled taught and fitted into her belt.
Top button undone leaving the smallest sliver of skin begging to be touched.
Her hips swayed to the beat of her slacks
Making swishing noises as her thighs
Soft and plump rubbed the pant seams
stepping on her tippy toes to avoid the clickety clacks usually emitted from her signature well worn combat boots
She was far from boring
i caught a glimpse
of your life
i was surprised
to see myself
in it
i was surprised
Shofi Ahmed Jun 2022
Rose in a dew
I thought I caught
a glimpse of you.

Zooming in
I thought I can
get closer.
Only to eye on
upon a river
amid myriad
over looking stars.

A drop spans out
to be a sea
neither did it tarry.
I thought I would
give up that big
is not for me.

But yet a scene
never washed away
is intact unblurred
beneath the million
waves of the sea.
I thought the moon
will give up!
It can never touch
but always returns
over the sea
can't forget a scene.
So is me
once that
I chanced to see.
Shofi Ahmed Jun 2022
If only it was
like a hair of you,
like a glimpse of you
in your mirror!
Like the all round one
perfect sway
nets the ultimate decimal of pi!
Sandy Aug 2021
on the day
of the hearts sun
the glowing bloom
which shed upon her

his first ever love
couldn't even recognize her
still he look back
to catch a glimpse

of the divine beauty
her eyes present to him
his heart was forever sealed
in cage of her skin
Leocardo Reis Jun 2021
The emptiness that
ravages my being
would be filled
in an instant
with just a glimpse
of that smile.
Even if it were fleeting,
just the sight of it
could justify
endless solitude.
Kailin Biver May 2021
You want to know me?
Let’s learn the ropes that make me.

At first, you may see a confident brunette with long lashes,
Get to know me and now you see a girl that can’t quite seem to get out of these impasses.

She has picture perfect grades,
But at what cost?

The cost of her once glowing eyes,
Turned to sunken dim eyes.

The cost of her once tan skin,
Turned to a ghostly white.

The cost of what was supposed to be her lifetime best friend,
Turned to a friendship she can’t quite apprehend.

See, she’s always had that voice in the back of her head,
But lately that voice seems to want to make an appearance on what is more than the occasion.

She’s done with school so what else is there to do?
See, this is no slew.
She’s got no one to blame but herself.
So what does she do to ignore oneself?

I guess I can’t say I ignore myself
When my poetry me about none other than myself.

Maybe it’s to make me feel better.
Or maybe it’s to make me feel special.

Now that you’ve gotten a glimpse,
Do you still want to know me?
Dali Nov 2020
I'm daring to
Barely stand on my own feet
What shoes am I going to wear
Is it blue, red, nor green?
Don't feel the heaviness of my feet
But everything fit immaculately to my verity sheet
Are these really the colors of my being?
They say emotions really fades away
I don't know now
Cause I heard the eternal aura whispers coming through my thoughts
Or is it just my own whispering sound?
Oh God
I can't speak
Nor find the root in me
Water me
I must water me
I want to see the flowers of my soul
I want to feel the existence in me
There's a black sky
But only to feed the earth's feet
A dashed black color in me
Coming through every breath I take while I speak
Nylee Oct 2020
all that is beloved
all that I see
it is explicitly made without me
it is no agony
just a tearful reminder
in the scapes of life
how much it matters
what really
on to the sights
gripping future
when I close my eyes
I hear the whispers
I ignore it
the best way possible
so when it is
it is like this
and a peek
through the balcony
I have taken the glimpse
in the dreams that I flee
don't bury me
Parin Aug 2020
Maybe hope is just an illusion,
a mirage,
which prevents us from seeing the reality,
fooling us to believe that its actually there,
fooling us to believe that it'll actually help,                                
but it's all a lie,                                                             ­   
a lie so white,
as if like snow,
that falls on you,
giving you a glimpse of happiness,
just a tick of satisfaction,
but soon it melts,
drowning you in a puddle,
a puddle of fake hope and expectations,
a puddle of fake happiness and flustering sensations.
And that is when you'll realize,
that hope is nothing but a clean white lie.
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