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km 6d
gone too soon—
you have lived all your life
making others happy.

now that I think about it
what a selfless person you are
always putting others needs before yours

you believed in me
more than i ever believed in myself
you pushed me to reach my full potential

i wouldn't be the person i am today
and still be the shy girl I used to be  
if I didn’t have you in my life

i thank you for everything
you’re in a good place now
and you will surely be missed.
rip //092418
Tedious and tiring.  Arrayed before me like a king’s court, books open, but eyes on me.  ******* on the **** of my wisdom, absorbing little.  A lazy October sun peeks through the windows, highlighting the auburn hair of the girl in the front row...the one who sits, legs slyly parted, hoping I will notice her lace ******* and...
But no, I am sated and cannot rise to interest for her.  Silly thing, thinking her ****** and obvious try at seduction will rouse me. Yes, she is a pretty specimen, but I have a garden of such flowers. Wilted roses that give me no more pleasure.
Soon the bell will ring and these pathetic creatures will pour out the door and I will wait for the next herd, bored by their very existence.  I feel like a cowherd readying to lead the bored and boring cattle to sentient awareness, dim though it may be.  

I do not bother to look up.  There is no need - they are all the same.  I begin to lecture when there is an interruption.  Can these creatures not get to class on time?
Hoping to berate the latecomer, to vent my squirming spleen and make the day less cloying...  She is there...this new student.  This rose who must be in my garden of perfection.  Breath leaves my lungs and I am struck dumb.  I, who am strong and stalwart...a prime alpha male am rendered a stuttering child.
Her name - Rose McClellan.  My Rose.  She hands me her class card and chooses a desk far in the back.  My heart is beating loudly, my hands have a sheen of sweat.  Nothing about this day is ordinary now.
Something written and forgotten
pk tunuri Nov 1
You're a Teacher first and a Parent second
As a father, you're doing great every second

You have always been true  
And knew the right thing to do
No matter how much negativity surrounds you

We wonder how do you manage to
Forgive the ones who hurt you

You gave us everything from the bottom of your heart
We inherited our love for badminton, cricket, and art

The love you gave us and the values you taught
Are so priceless and can never be bought

Here's your Birthday song, "My Dad, My Hero"
Because without you, we are nothing but a Zero


Prem Kumar Tunuri
Sunil Jaikar Tunuri
Prem Kumar TUNURI
Sunil Jaikar TUNURI
Lewis Hyden Nov 1
“Sir,” I ask, and raise my hand,
“Does it need to rhyme?” I chew on
My pencil with the other one.

“Oh no,” he says, “And thank
Goodness for that, else dialogue
Would be a nightmare.”
A poem about a student.
you are the strongest person i know
you've been through **** and you still stand
some days, it's hard for you to even breathe
it's hard for you to walk or stand without being so tired
and you still have the best attitude towards life
you make jokes with everyone
and there's always a smile on your face
you're so passionate about what you do
and you have never given up
you say you still want to do things
like skydive and bungee jumping
but you can't
and i'm so sorry
for some reason, i'm your favorite
i don't know why
i'm not the best artist
i'm not the best student
but i'm your favorite
and you tell everyone that
maybe it's because
we connected last year
the year i had millions of cuts
running up and down my arms
hurting myself in school bathrooms
and trying to **** myself in the woods behind my house
and you saw right through me
and you told me you were depressed
that you know what it feels like
and you still rise
you've been through worse pain than me
and my pain is nothing compared to yours
but we connected somehow
and i want to be just like you
to be able to push through the pain
to be able to smile when it hurts deep down
to be able to have a positive attitude towards life
even though it has stabbed you in the back so many times
i've never had a teacher i felt so close to
Blake Oct 23
Beauty mellowed the ring of her fingers trimming the keys

Every ear was seduced, every eye was riveted from the bounty of theives

And while the assassin bowed his gun from her bewitching gaze

Bridling the thoughts of her long watchful war past days

Back when the arm she clenched was something she feared

When each breath promised to be last and rightfully revered

When words became weapons and death did not differ

The echoes of each bullet and mark forever with her

Though it was forgotten the sounds of mercy not upheld

As days no longer cared for what each hour held
K M M Oct 20
Sometimes when I miss you, I forget you are gone
When I see my love I give to others
When I see the extra mile I give
When I press on through my own emotion for them
--I think of you.
I catch myself turning for your face to find only memories.
I feel you touch my shoulder after every smile I make.
Now every time the world grows colder I will remember those last words you said to me
Your hearty laugh
your serious scowl
the gallons of black coffee you drank.
All seem like distant mirages that used to calm me so.
You've taught me to strive for better
that I can do more than love
And then you taught me the hardest lesson of all
I lost someone last year around this time and the closer we get to winter the harder it is to remember that she isn't here to talk to.  She was my teacher and more than that she was a mother to me.  Thank you for everything, Helen, I will see you soon.
My world expands as time turns back,
A single glance into the past.
A sarcastic comment, the room does spark,
A cheeky smile plays the part.
A father figure my mind does see,
Someone to shield and encourage me.
A friend as well for trust does mold,
A joyful laugh, a heart of gold.
My thanks, I give with humbled grace,  
For the smile you place upon my face.
Like the golden star that morn’ does bring,
You thus compare to an eternal spring.
My teacher, my mentor, my father, my friend,
I hope our bond does never end.

-Raechel M. Krippner
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