One-be prepared to gamble away everything that belongs to you

Two-you will need to feel the depths of his soul
without receiving a simple' thank you'

three-you shouldn't feel bad oh hungry soul,
he just does not know.

four- he does not know the quality love he's been served free of charge
the amount to fill him up to the second galaxy and so much more
he does not know
but let .

five-never let 'him' go
make him stay
there's so much more you need to entice him with,
to make him feel...
to make him see.

six- let him see you naked.
show him the space no one has ever seen of you.
Show him your naked soul.

seven-the scarred soul
show him how your mind always sees the sorry side of everything
show him how the light gleams from within your mouth following the scars of love trailing down your throat
and moving into your heart.

eight- show him your heart.
the place he should be calling home.
the place that has no place for names but his.
a name that was bitten into the flesh by his teeth.

nine- show him your teeth.
show him the smile that captured hearts but never his
show him the smile that took you places,
scenery and destinations

Ten- find destination in his heart

Ten-never lose hope when there's no room

Ten- make reservation for another day

Ten-try not to look at his residents inside.

Ten-never put up a fight.

Ten- my fears and hopes start to collide

Ten-my fears and hopes start to collide

Ten-my fears and hopes start to collide

Ten-my teacher taught me repetition increases memory and success in reaching your goal
but I'm sorry
its time to just
let him
Fighting on the front lines
With red pens
For creativity,
For independent thought,
For common sense
Not Common Core

This is a battle in a bureaucratic war we’re losing
Keep pushing and shoving against a stubborn concrete wall

Children look down on us and they ask,
“Will this be on the test?”
And say,
“Get the fuck out of my face.”

Why is “mistake” a forbidden word?

Taught by parent(s) to resist.
Kids who fail to create
But recite, recall, and retaliate

School is no longer a safe haven
Testing, testing, 1-2-3
Safety off and then on

Following the curriculum map to X marks the standardized test.

And if we don’t perfectly align the bland soldiers, we fail.
Adulthood is a façade
Humans are creatures of habit,
And victims of circumstances
Yet, oddly some locate adaptability
Childhood memories escape us-
With great ease.
True happiness is a fleeting concept
But- without despair, joy is a numbing sensation
Aging does not bring forth
The harvest of wisdom
Experience is an unkind professor
Strict and expecting perfection
The guide’s knowledge is dished
In a condescending tone.
The student is brimming with anxiety-
Unprepared for the final exam.
Wrote this about a year ago. This poem has been published in my college's journal. :)
JAN May 9
Pero paano kapag si teacher naman ang nangailangan ng tulong?
Paano kapag si teacher naman ang nahirapan?
Paano kapag hindi na rin maintindihan ni teacher ang mga pangyayari?
Paano kapag si teacher mismo napagod na?
Paano kapag ubos na ang pasensya ni teacher?
Sinong iintindi sa kanya?
Mauunawaan ba siya ng mga musmos na nangangapa pa lang sa buhay?
Paano kung si teacher mismo naliligaw?
Kaya bang sagipin ni teacher ang sarili niya?
Kakayanin niya ba?
Kaya niya pa ba talaga?
Kaya niya ba talaga?
PoetAnon May 5
The worst part is
I loved you back
Adulterous affair,
Absolutely abominable!

Maybe you didn’t mean to love
Me, the girl inside
the young woman’s body,
you only thought you knew

Flirtatious banter
once hinted at thoughts

Intelligible abyss once linked
unsuspecting minds;
Understanding so
Deep, so

Praise me, praise me.

Be careful,
Time is taking over,
How could you, you fool
You can't beat the clock!
You're in love now.
Did you intend for this?

But was it Me you sought to love?
Or was it just my body?
The thrill of the ilicit,
The power
Over a child?

Origins unknown

Grown out of your control.
Say goodbye to reason
I’m your master now.

What’s happening to you?
You’re afraid and I, well
I am the child
who will destroy you

Words, your last weapon
Escalating, no wait, stop
You’re killing yourself.

It's too late
I tried to warn you
You failed me, embarrassed

I egged you on.

I loved you back.

I’m sorry.
Reflections on my confusion and guilt after I reported my university professor for sexually harassing me.
IamThatGirl May 4
Sit, stand, walk, talk, write, read.
They think that they are teaching you everything you need,
and if you don't go to class you're failed you deadbeat
Admit defeat
Adjust to the heat
Mat test on Monday, science, history and English test on Tuesday and don't forget to read that book until tomorrow.
My blood build and I want them to feel how sorry -
I am for them that they do not understand
We are individuals from different named lands throughout the city
We have the rich the poor the A-kids and the sissies.
The jocks who mocks the nerds and where am I?
I stand between everyone and all I'm in my own line.
We need the schools to adjust to every individual to give them the same change of success.
Give the dyslexic a shot
Help the Adhd kid to relief her stress
So she doesn't make a mess of everything she is trying to achieve.
And you might realize that many of these individuals are so much smarter than you think
When you help them to float instead of helping them to sink.
This is my view of the school system.
Adam Apr 27
“Just pick a path,
and pick a vice”

Is what the old man said
when I asked for advice
Furey Apr 25
Freshmen year
He made his way into the school
It was my birthday
He walked to my class
The room had gone silent
I glanced up
There he is arms open
I leap straight into them
I could feel his glock
It sat against the small of his back
I smiled breathing in
His scent is a weird one,
Stale blood,
And antiseptic
It smells like home
‘Happy Birthday Inferi’
My smile widens
I begin to tell everything about the new school
He just smiles quietly
The whole class is whispering now
I can hear them
The teacher makes a noise
I look at her
He’s glaring at her though
I snickered behind my hand
She looks afraid
She should be
He would kill her if he didn’t know I was hiding
He gives me my gift, leaving he smiles
I am bombarded with questions
‘Who was he?’ ‘How do you know him?’
I explain he’s a very close friend
My best friend
Who happens to buy me 24 karat gold necklaces
Chloe Apr 6
The teacher strike has been going on for 5 days. We can’t keep school out any longer without extra summer days. Mary Fallin has funded each student half a textbook and said teachers are asking for too much “like teenagers wanting a better car”. In this essay I will...
Umi Apr 4
The gentle tone of her teaching,
In wonderous melodies, orchestral knowledge from a sweet teacher,
Education set by the awareness of harmonizing, delicate instruments,
Wisdom and foresight, cast by no other judgement but of a conductor,
Whomst hand leads to the ups and downs of the intensity, recognised
Ensembling in the beauty of a sinfonietta, sounds flows uninterrupted
Let the singing pendulum to your mistress's pleasure fall to the bottom, attached to the chipped illusionists mask of anticipation!
To this dance the mascarade does not crack in the shadow of sound,
A wise scholar would not sacrifice one topic relevant to learn to the passing time, to her students unfortune that is, cast in pure grief,
A wise conductor does the same with musical notes, the story flows,
With the moon high in the sky, time stands in her way, questioning her to dance with the devil amongst a distorted, whicked dark,
But resillient to the end, tough and with no distraction taking her focus the director of this event finishes the creation of art, an orchestra
A craftwoman of tempo and elegance always stands out after all, bringing the musical score to life.

~ Umi
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