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A beautiful moment without you is a moment wasted.
A sunset without you is a twilight wasted.

I went on a date and all I could think about was how wrong it felt. You not being there with me sitting on the sand with an ombre blue sky above us. You not sitting close to me while we talk deeply about the things we care for. How wrong it felt being with someone who is not you. So wrong of you not being there.

at least you are present in my heart & mind
Shadow 3d
Dawn breaks once more,
And the birds begin to chirp,
The cool wind begins to blow,
And there's dew on the grass.
And on the petals of the roses too.
The sky is clear of clouds,
And if the weather allows,
Today shall be a day of joy.

The branches of the Judas tree
Dance within this opening stage
And with this introduction,
We have completed this page.
The final page is Dusk
Kamilla 4d
Dawn of man,
Eden crumbles.
Dawn of destruction,
Man struggles

Evil inner battle,
Torment dispersed to all.
Evil outward release,
Even the innocent fall.

Two men at fault,
The world in one's hands.
Power exults,
Bow down as he lands.
Wyatt 7d
It just dawned on me,
I’m just like the moon
always retreating
once the light arrives.
The moon always follows the dark.
Guntang 7d
the sultan
of a newborn sky
awakens the dawn
in the blink
of an eye
Sabika H May 26
Within the seconds between night
And day,
In dusk and in dawn,
I dwell in the grey
And balance the moon and the sun.
At last, my comrades

Be at ease now

For I have slaughtered its company

Ergo, the dawn rise

And the dusk deepens
archived May 2019
Tjaard May 22
As swaths of life creep into the dozing sky
The cry of dawn cuts through the tranquil veil
The birds, as one, announce the nascent day
And praise the world that hasn’t yet awoken

Praise be given to the champions of the dawn
If not for them the new day may not come
And if it did I would cry a thousand tears
For the loss of my dearest escorts of the sun
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