there's something so beautiful about you being broken,
you're still kind, honest, and open
you, my love, are yourself and unapologetic,
so as i attempt to string along these descriptions into something poetic
remember how much i adore you
there is nothing that i've felt to be more true
because even as you are struggling to move on
you still wake up each day to see the dawn
I hurried out at six fifteen to wait
For a train with a waning moon,
Bright Venus and Jupiter hovering
Above the skyline. The amber horizon
Turned to orange and pink
As scattered stars went dim.

Misread the schedule and arrived
Downtown three quarters of an hour
Before my Electric District connection.
An accidental gift to self. I ascended
And ate two breakfast sandwiches
I got for one dollar with a coupon,
Warm in my hands on a blue picnic table.

The sky grew light
Above the Lake and I wandered
Through Millennium Park. It was empty
Or nearly, which felt the same.
The sun broke the bent horizon
In chrome and ice. I took some pictures,
Then descended to find Track Five.

The day's light revealed
Hollow houses with cartoon stone applied
Like paint, unable to compete
For preeminence with two-car garages.
The newest were bigger and offered
In different colors, but all the same.
Driving conditions were excellent.

At sunset I stood on another platform
Above a busy highway. The last rays came
Through tree branches and melted
Into the pale sky as they left my face.
I had witnessed that sun's birth,
It had warmed me while I waited for my carpool,
Rested with me on a concrete planter after lunch.

I entered the city in darkness
A second time. Changed muddy boots
For clean shoes and hurried to the museum.
It was a free night, overcrowded
With families and children, so difficult
To find a quiet corner for contemplation,
Any sanctuary for my own small soul.

I descended, discovered the typewriters, then
Realized you and I were already there, just
In different colors, using different words,
Spending school vacation to view old paintings
And the Holiday Miniature Rooms.
It dawned and the future was brighter even
As I left the city in darkness.
For a wonderful fellow poet who reminds me that an ordinary day is really anything but.
Crimson forces of dawn,
Pardon cowering failed night;
Change of reign again!
dawn breaks
and so do i
and all i can think about
is seeing your face again
In My arms laid, that sweet, shining child.
Holding so tightly, her gaze to her mother's glowing, humbled face.
The blues and grays and blacks of dusk, lie dormant this sweet morning.
When two came together to become one. That crisp dawn, so humble and so mild.
Not sure exactly when I wrote this one. But it's a favorite of mine. I can't explain how joyful it makes Me feel inside when I recite it aloud. But all the best poetry does that to You in My opinion. I hope You enjoy it. *** bless

gabrielle Jan 8
the sun
must set to rise

must wilt to bloom

my love
will set because of you
and it will rise just for you too

my love
will set
and soon will not rise

for i haven't got the reason to.
i'll set. i'll rise.
i'll set. i'll not rise.
you. aren't. there.
Simon Soane Jan 6
In a few more hours it'll be time,
until a far away December,
for the last festive clip
of Tim and Dawn,
and then pack away the tree,
but not forlorn;
Yuletide you were wonderful,
songs, laughs
and good tidings to all,
spinning times of splendid,
the comfort of having a ball.
So despite being over,
no hint of a feeling of blue,
because Christmas 2018
you were only you.
Kim Essary Jan 6
I am intrigued as I peer  up at the morning sky.
The sun rises with such poise as it caresses the white clouds  as it makes way to the top.
The magnificiant colors, what an array of beauty the sunrise holds  The magic of it rising begins our new day.
But for as fast as it rises , just as fast it's fading away.
Take time to wake early one morning before the sunrise is gone.
If you happen to miss it you can see it again for the sunset is just before Dawn.
Nothing compares to the beauty of the sunrise and subset
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