Every morning when I wake up,
My heartbeat kicks up,
I am scared,
I'm just sitting on bed,
I think that I woke up to a new day,
I don't know what will happen,
Is it my last day,
Few minutes ago I was in dreamland,
And now I wake up to this nightmare,
Everytime I wake up scared,
My surroundings feel weird,
I don't like it,
I have to sit and breath,
Till everything settles,
Till my heart slows down,
Till I feel,
Safe and sound.
Nylee 2d
Are we all still sleeping
dreaming the different reality
not controlling our destiny.

it happens too fast
everything changes
as we get a second to blink
as we think.

the light, the dark
the moon and the sun
all part of my imagination
every inch of this illusion.

Floating in my head
glancing around
waiting for this to end
and wake up
from this never ending sleep.
Endless holy dips  
Without sight, everything is wonder  
Every place is new  
Thought divided, faith divided  
On lifting a veil,  
Creator is One  
With believe in Idol, it’s God  
Else, it’s mere Stone and Paper  

Is this the Path? Doubt…!  
Words of essence  
For a few min of pleasure, we sleep  
Sleep, open eyes, then sleep again  
Life’s so short  
Wake up  
Doubt the limit  
Who will point out the way?,  
When home is just few steps away  

Priceless Pearl  
Today, the lord is my guest  
Day to get merge in the ocean of bliss  
Doctrine of life  
Exploring a forgotten path  
Trying to discover self  
Eternal ectasy  
With a surrendered heart  
Sum of all the truth.
Genre: Spiritual
A Wegner Feb 15
Paradise of the mind
A precarious place to be,
The jungle of sleep.
Wake. Sleep.
A cyclical smile arises
Easing societal surprises,
You’ve got them at your feet
All you’re doing is counting,
And everyone can sleep.
Run sand run.
Sleep sloth sleep.
Sporadically blitz,
Contrasting brain blip
Turn your head
And sleep.
‘We will be there soon’
And you show them your
Can you smile?
Just for fun
I hear a conversation running


Same as last week.
Staring at those peas
Counting the –
Components and compartments,
To fit your
Flesh and bone things.
Caught up in the monotony of it all, will I stumble? Will I fall?
Mike D Feb 7
Wake me when it’s over
I’m asleep inside my head

Outer shell may be alive
but inside my soul is dead
Written: February 7, 2018

All rights reserved.
I hit rock bottom,
and then I start again.

I don't let the bad times take away the positive things I've done.

I take a deep breath,
I get up,
I continue walking down the road.

There are so many things I would like to do before I'm gone,
I'm not letting a little wind take away my opportunities.

I hit rock bottom,
and then I start again.

Even when it seems like everything is lost.
Even when my head hurts for crying.
When my eyes burn because of the tears.
Even when my knees are red for being on the floor,
and my body can't hold itself straight anymore.

I wake up to a better day, every day.

I put on my jacket,
my favorite pair of boots,
the nice beanie my mom knit for me,

and I go out.

I keep on dreaming.
I keep on smiling.
I keep on breathing.

I live.
A reminder to stay strong, never give up, and always keep fighting.
From me, to you ::and me::
Bad Vibes Jan 20
The candle wax is dripping on the floor. I'm fast asleep on the hardwood, a towel for a blanket, wandering the stories my mind creates.

It's so much better there, in my dreams, much more comforting and whimsical. I can create my safest place, my very own home.

I can wander all over the world for free, touch the greatest wonders and experience culture like no other. I can learn anything without paying a dime or sitting in a classroom. I can feel the warmth of the sun on my skin or the cool rain kiss my cheeks as I look to the sky. I can be anything, dare I even say ... happy.

I am trapped in a magical world and I never want to leave.

Please don't make me leave.

I don't want to wake up. I don't want to face the dark and the cold. Because when I wake, those candles will be out and my towel will be just a towel.

Here I am warm, I am free, I am strong. Here I can be anything, do anything, feel anything.

Please don't make me wake up.


- t.s.
Mars Jan 13
It hurt my ears so unbelievably

As she said to me so offhandedly
To make the world turn around and stare,
mention to it that it's not fair

You slept through your best years
Now you're wide awake for your tears
Everything you want is in the past

You missed your ride
You missed the show
You missed your chance
-Mars   2006
chimewa Jan 11
Wake me up
In this dream with you
Wake me up
Before I think it's true
Wake me up
S Dec 2017
Between the weary perception of consciousness
awakes the mind from the
steady, soft hold of a dream
Faces of the sparkling ocean star people
simultaneously fall into
the blacken abyss of memory
And sharply whisper to my mind
that its time to close door to the mystic lands
and open up my slow, weary lids to wake
Escape from reality through dream.
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