orange tints
dusts and lints      
sunrise peeked and        
curtains leaked          

woke and told myself        
it was a beautiful slumber    

but why are you more beautiful on my shoulder?
your peace with your mind is the piece i've been missing
Please let's get together and get our world back. We all deserve to be happy. This is our PARADISE EARTH. Treasure for our kid's.
Amber Jul 9
the carnival rides
sitting on the sides
swinging from left to right
going the highest ups and the lowest downs
turning and twisting
so swiftly
as the chilly wind blows ever so slightly
knees wobbled
stars seem to be around me
the whole world seems like its spinning
going round and round
and till i fall down
collapsing to the ground
everything seems so dark
can’t seem to see anything
in the dark
someone please wake me up
from the dreams
as i continue sleeping
life is full of ups and downs like a roller coaster! accept it and don’t run away from it.
Walk with caution long-haired girl,
It's already late and the bells are about to sing,
You will not want to fall in love with the guitarist
Of boots and hat.

They say he takes the girls
Especially those with black hair,
Be careful brown skin,
Not his size, but his spells.

When the horses cry,
Run to your house and do not wait for serenade,
The braid to the horses,
While playing his guitar.

And if someone touches your sale,
Be careful! What is the Sombrerón!
I awake and I wake up
After I'm going eating food
And last I'm play the guitar and listen songs
Ohh yeah yeah yeah
Ohh yeah yeah yeah

It's my morning
It's my morning
It's my morning
Ohh yeah yeah yeah
Ohh yeah yeah yeah

Sometimes I fall out of bed
And sometimes even the cat bites
Or eat mosquitoes whether it is winter or summer
Ohh yeah yeah yeah
Ohh yeah yeah yeah

Its my morning
It my maybe good morning
Its my freaking morning
Ohh morning
Ooh morning
Ooh freaking morning
Ooh morning

Myrrdin Jun 21
"Good morning!"s slowly died out
As did my good mornings
What do you mean come to the wake?

Aren't you coming over still?

I thought you had a show next week...

Wasn't that you on the phone the other day?

When did we last speak?

Was it in good context as I remember it was?

I just can't conceive to believe that you're not.

How can I come to your wake when I'm still only dreaming?

Who will I go with?

Surely not you...

It couldn't be.

I just won't believe. I'm not going to leave.

I can't be at a wake for a man that hasn't died yet...

I simply refuse to believe.
I wrote this May 02 2018
Rest in peace Kyle. I will always love and cherish the time we had together. I will miss you always.
effie ebbtide Jun 11
i have palm trees growing from my scalp,
its roots my neurons,
but they’ve withered over the winter – the coconuts fell and
i use them as bowls for soup now.
i use the disintegrated crunchy remains of a palm leaf,
a tattered fan, to masquerade the satellites where my eyes were.
the sand that cools as day turns to evening
has always been under my sore feet, from birth to childhood to
now, ashes.
if this was handwritten you wouldn’t be able to make it out,
my scribbles dipping up and down like the wake that follows a ship, a requiem for  
aquatic self, aquatic selfhood, aquatic selfhood decomposed into molecules of salt
and molecules of water, NaCl, H2O, forever, etc, being stirred
and spiraled into who i could be, and who i never will be, until at last
the seaweed overbears me and i choke.
Sage Jun 9
We got through another day
We got to wake up to
Cotton Candy Clouds
When the sky is that sunset pink
and the clouds above around it are
Cotton Candy Clouds
The Fuchsia spread in the sky
The Magenta mass above
I've got to make it to
Cotton Candy Clouds
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