Keen 2d

If I could just hold -
Those hands of yours and squeeze it.
That would be lovely.

If I could just stare -
Deep in your hazelnut eyes,
And be mesmerized.

If I could just hug -
You so tight and sniff your neck.
I would be happy.

If you could just stay -
Stay for awhile and listen,
That I love you so.

It grows perfectly -
In every different way.
That I couldn't stop.

I just wanna see you -
Hug you, touch you, kiss you hard.
Promise. I'll wake up.

From this monstrous -
The nonsensical meaning -
A life without you.

Oct 04, 2017

And, when you wake up
you shall only see
an imprint in the pillow and covers.
long gone i will be,
from this mess, and the loose
webs that reveal your other lovers.

there's no sunbeam through the blinds this morning
no light on scratched lines on glass from the cold rolling air

i don't remember what i had for dinner last night
i don't remember the smile on your face with a laugh that i loved

i'm sure the ceiling above my bed will fall some day
just as the ground was stripped from under my feet

losing the memory of a good dream is as fast as losing a bad one
and sunbeams depend on changing weather through the windows of sleep

Lyn-Purcell Oct 5

I am in a womb
Please! Do not wake me up to
The horrors of life

© Poem by Lyn-Purcell
Keithlyne Oct 3

It was late night while I am in a good sleep, I saw you.
You, staying by my side in times I do not wanted myself.
You, didn’t giving up on me while I am falling apart.
You, spreading light to my life full of darkness.

I wake up and realized, It was me.
It was me, Imagining a life with you.
Dreaming my future, you  by my side.
Hoping, you will think of me as much as I do to you.
It was me, loving you from reality and dreams.

Jobira Sep 29

I promise,
you will find me
next to you
when you wake up
from your

@jobiranyc (9/28/2017)

Sometimes I'm awake,
thinking about all the thinking
that holds me from sleep,
and I lie there and ponder
why i'm lying there asunder
just a little too tired to weep.

Sunlight probes my eyes
come the morning,
a Monday calls my limbs to move
but i'm dead weight not shifting
though the sand of time is sifting
but i'm playing dead, lying aloof.

Peter Balkus Sep 13

Wake up
before going to sleep.
Don't waste your time
on unimportant things.
In the end
these things will let you down.

Wake up
open your eyes wide,
like when you were a child.

Wake up
and smell September rain,
smell the scent of late roses in bloom,
hear birds happy chime.

Wake up,
it's highest time.

Mister J Sep 7

A cool August breeze kissed my warm cheeks
The sleepless night grew silent in anticipation
The ivory queen sat majestically upon her throne
with her children spreading out the sky like fireflies

The city skyline glowed splendidly in the night
The cold mountain breeze swayed the sturdy trees
Only my black, hooded jacket keeps my body warm
But I guess it’s enough as there’s no one to embrace me

My bloodshot eyes felt weary of all this agony
This shattered heart tired from all this distress
All insanity restraining my mind suddenly gone
My head cleared from years of being in the dark

That dreadful pain stopped after years of aching,
That deep gash that never closed ceased bleeding
A sense of peace suddenly brings my mind to ease
Absolution finally came from those daunting tortures

This youthful love I nurtured for the past 5 years
The one where I gave my all just to keep it going
The love that made me hundreds of sleepless nights
Everything I held on dear was cleared as a big confusion

Yes I was hurt, and yes I still suffer from the pain
Yet what can I do if this is the truth I’d yearned for?
Truth I’d always wanted to gain for my own freedom
Freedom from all the heartbreak I’ve endured until now.

My heart endured a lot for the past few years
I know she’s moved on and faced a better future
She loves someone else so dear to her, it pains me
But still, that’s how love is, as it had been for ages

I guess this is my final goodbye to past heartbreaks
Where this girl tried to love me as hard as she could
The girl I passionately desired to forever stay with me
Yet she found love in a different person better than me

So for her well-being, and for my own sake too
I’ll have to learn to live without her in my life
It will be hard at first but I guess this is for better
She’s done it before, so I guess this is my wake-up call

For this night, I finally sleep with a smile on my face
With a spark of hope lighting up in my battered soul
The kiss of the morning sun gives me a new will to live
The thoughts of waking up to a new day, warms my heart

Every day I hope that love will find me again someday
Waking up to a new day feeling much better than the last
Learning to accept the truth as is, as each new day passes by
This fear of getting hurt again decreasing in each new morning

Moving on is a hard task to do for a young heart
Yet as time goes on, pain makes a heart grow mature
But stay strong, because fate will find a surprising way
to mend your broken heart, and wake you up to a new love

Old piece. Free verse. Inspired by real events and a real person in my life.
Now that I think about how much of an Emo I was back then, I can't help it but laugh. :D
Peter Balkus Sep 5

I woke up dead today,
no heaven here, no hell,
just me, and same old world.

I am not frightened and
not sad, not fearful, scared.
I'm happy, feeling great.

I'm not afraid of war,
I'm not, not anymore,
for I woke up dead today.

And no more debts to pay,
no haunting memories,
no solitude, no pain.

But love, love did prevail,
the death of me, I am
alive, because of her.

I woke up dead today,
I'll live forever, and
my world will never end.

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