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Jade C Oct 6
each morning we dance out from our rooms
a spiral dance
unwinding into awake-ness

N. washes his face and scrubs his teeth
as I scurry by to ***
and apply my eyeliner

a ritual of ink and toothpaste

we all gather
at the dining table
fresh-faced and presentable

i read, draw, sip away at coffee
N. is probably reading James Baldwin
and sipping water from a small cup

others who live here spill into the kitchen and
rummage through mugs
to find the perfect one for tea

we all share our dreams
trying to distinguish where they ended
and where the morning began
morning with my pals <3
ibkreator Oct 5
Imagine you as dead as life can be
to a world cast in the living providence
of life's memorial

imagine the slow stone of wake
spin and split in its silent forever
oer your majestic body of ash and clay
faithful to the wild fire burn of suns melt
into the mould of soul

imagine the harness of all time being
bend its dream to angelic press and taste on the take of all
as the wave of perfect love birth with the fill of stillness
breaks the shadow of its own light

imagine the nakedness of child
spoken into its speak of never
and the only there is and always will
be comes
to no end be its last
to no last be its end
Zoe Rain Sep 25
Dawn breaks open new revelations like geodes in my mind
and they sparkle with amazement at this previously unearthed way of thinking
deep seated in deep caves of thought processes
unchanged over a lifetime
I finally found the light
and it’s funny that I was the one hiding it all this time
back seat divers
breathing second hand oxygen
delirious from the fumes
one can only assume
James Sep 24
Ive been gone.
A long awaited freedom.
Gone for so long.
Ive been gone.
For too long,
Ive been gone.

In my memories,
A past lingers in a haze.
The spaces so divided,
A connection seemingly quixotic.

Its cloudy.
Its dark.
A moment in space.

It feels like an eternity.
Floating in a universe with possible impossibilities.
Yet I remain aimlessly afloat,
enshrouded in nothing.

No drift
No serendipity
No clemency
To pull me from this cold idle.

And when I see a comet hurdling by,
I can only wish to share its great journey.
Nylee Sep 11
Or a curse,
Every morning,
I do wake up
sometimes till noon too.
Sara Aug 23
How could you not see?
That you were giving them your all
While all they deserved, really
Was the recklessness with which they treated your soul
How could you not see?
That you were burning all your candles
While they so easily
Blew them all out, without the least what if
How could you be so oblivious?
So blind?
Why did you let them treat you like this?
Why did you waste all that energy and time?
But now you know,
Oh so very well
It's all clear to you now,
You'll never settle for less
Bhill Aug 13
the emotional stillness of the morning breathed newness into the dawn
the sun stretched, yawned and slowly peeked over the horizon
breathing in what was left of the night
letting her arms of light slowly turn into a new, fresh sunrise
wake up.....  wake up and be

Brian Hill -  2020 # 222
Bring in the new day....
Tiberius Jul 26
I remember a moment in time where I felt

And so deeply, so horrifyingly deep like the vastness of space

That you were the solution to my existential problem of my existence in a world I didn’t particularly want to be a part of

Remembering the way you made me feel  

That after a life of wondering  

I had found a place to call home

It wasn’t the four walls, the driveway or the yard

No, I found my home at 3:30 in the morning stumbling over you in the dark

Opening the bedroom door to the hallway slowly

As to not wake you up as the light shined off your face

And I could see, for the first time

While I stood there staring at you, sleeping

Tucked into my bed wrapped in fuzzy blankets from your youth

It was probably only a second but to me it felt like an eternity

I could only find the ability to deeply exhale in a moment of pure bliss

Watching you crinkle your face slightly as the light hit you.

You didn’t stir

But something in me did

Something inside me awoke for the first time since the last time years ago

When I had you in my bed, doing the same thing I was then.

I don’t know what I thought I'd feel

I think part of me hoped nothing would have changed

That the love I had for you stood stronger than the test of time

That all that time I spent talking to you in my mirror

Would be worth it, and I wouldn’t have been crazy

It’s funny

Funny the way life works out

Because now

When I wake up, I find myself reaching out

To nothing

There’s always a moment, even if just a second

Where I think, maybe I'll wake up from this and you’ll be there

You tend to come in and out of my life

But when you come back

You seem to be the alarm clock that breaks the silence of my mind

And bring me back to the real world

But I’m starting to believe

That maybe I’ve always been awake

You are only a dream.
What is a dream but a moment before the nightmare begins
Nylee Jul 15
Please wake me up
When finally this ends.
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