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Poetria Oct 11
orange flower flicker shy
pinprick of light, puncture the sky
break the day, hold my face
kiss this sleeping heart awake
even the shadows have a softer outline
For all the sleepless nights
Underneath a ceiling
Of plaster stars
For every lonely day
With with only nurses
To keep you company
For every IV
For every EKG
For every single test
And teary eyed sentence
For every scar
For every pill
For every bullet
And every gun
There is someone
In an identical hospital bed
There is someone
Who aches the same

For every heart that breaks
There's another one healing
You are not alone
We are not alone
You will get through this. You will be okay.
lake Sep 15
call me when you get this
you don't wanna miss it
you don't wanna wait too long
they're playing your favorite song
can you wake up when you hear my call
i'll be waiting until next fall
Mark Wanless Sep 6
i fell asleep
i woke up
in the same place
Seanathon Sep 5
When the first summer rain stirs the peaceful veil
And the white fly casts shadows down tried and true
When the firelight sparks in the first dark of night
And the thunderous call reaches the mountains through

Within grandeur ends such glory
A quiet death for time as it stops

Crashing like passing waves ashore
Bursting into the creative mind

That is the caffeine rushing to a combustive heart
Trying to write with morning fog, mostly about morning fog, is like a descriptive eye chart. LOL. #wakeup
Many tears must I cry before my eyes fully dry or perhaps the tears of loss never dry at
Many dreams of Helen I have had but how many more  shall I have before I've dreamed  my
Many song play In my head that remind of her every day but to how many morning will I wake before I wake no more
My morning angel still asleep.
I do not wanna break your sweetly dreams.
Oh sleep my angel, sleep.
Your smile so cute while you are sleep.
I guess you see a wonder.
Let sun to wake you very slowly.
When rays will touch your skin.
Anastasia Aug 2
True nightmares aren't in color
True nightmares are in black and white
True nightmares don't end when you wake up
Bhill Jul 26
It's too early to bark, I told my dog
The neighbors are sleeping, like a log
Let's not wake them up, for a little while yet
They like to sleep in, or did you forget

Sleeping in is a challenge, for some, but not all
I like to rise early to see that new ball
Colors of the morning are often, grandiose
If you sleep in you miss it, and I need that first dose

Brian Hill - 2019 # 186
Are you an early riser...?
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