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You are the cage that trapped many.
But binded so many more in legitimacy.
While concentrating a dominant nature
You still remain in your ghostly form.
Many still taking you as you were
But many playing with your eyes.
You aren’t gone
But to some they wish it was.
I am not sure
(How the dust settles.)
Relationships are complicated, and many people close to me are having marital problems. So this was written at a time of questioning if "Till Death Do Us Part" is a bit of exaggerative hyperbole.
You saved me,

when I've fallen

to depravity.

You gave me


when I was

trapped with

Khushi Saha Feb 5
There is no 'friend'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's a trap.
So quiet. Not oddly quiet
This time but relaxing.
A safe quiet
Probably more appropriately termed a silence;
Sibilance serves well on this, this
Cigarettes aren’t bad.
Not at a time like this.
Merely my tranquility dose.
Keeping the mind as silent
As the
Providing temporary immunity.
I stand in a puddle of water
Liquid pooled around my ankles
Dripping from my eyes so slow I didn’t notice them at first
But when they become apparent, foreign fingers brushed them away
And I’d disregard the wetness to pull back the hands

Who do these hands belong to?

The puddle becomes a pool
I stand in the shallow end and wiggle my toes
My fingers have grown pruney from where my fingers dip in the water
Blisters have settled on my soles and children splash at my face
Droplets trail to my collarbone and I blink away water or tears and wonder
Ears listening to unrecognizable laughter

Whose children are these?

The water sits level at my mouth
I should feel weightless but my clothes drag me down
The pool has become a lake and I stand in it shivering
Perched on my toes there is a precarious balance for air
The tears don’t stop and keeps the water rising
My sobs echo across the surface
Murky figures wave at me from the shore and smile like they know me

Who am I?

They say a river never forgets
That it knows its way back to the ocean
But my river swirls around my head and drips from my ears
From my eyes
The lake forms a lock of memories that can be touched
But never held

A lake is where memories go to be forgotten

So I drown in a Lethe that pours from my eyes, from my mind
And I sink to forget and be forgotten
Bit personal, won't lie

Permission to use with credit
Going through life blindfolded,
All of life has been this way.
But people don't notice it,
Until they put a blindfold on.
They're to blind to see,
That they were already blind.
But this challenge,
Is just another trick of Society's.
This bird box challenge only makes people more blind than ever!!!!!!!
Don't answer someone's question
When you suspect that he won't like your answer
It only causes discord
Therefore it's better to change the subject
Or to pretend you didn't hear the question
Eventually he will forget that he had asked you anything
Beware of a man who asks for your opinion
He might know in his heart that he's not truly worthy of flattery
He might be testing you
And knows that you're telling lies
Singing him praises will lead you into a trap
Everybody knows that a corpse is not a beautiful sight
So why fabricate words
It's better to keep quiet than to say something you don't mean
Thus choosing your words carefully shall lead to abundance
The less words you use
The more you're actually saying
And by saying nothing
You're actually saying everything
Never take for granted that everyone is as honest as you are
There's always a vulture in the surrounding
Waiting for you to stumble
And when you do
He will make it his mission to ensure that everybody gets to know about it
A fool will reveal his innermost secrets while intoxicated
Then hang his head in shame the following day
Every man was born with intuition
But in a modern world full of noise pollution
That inner voice could easily be drowned out
Too many distractions
Too many choices
And if you're not strong in who you are
You will most likely always end up making the wrong choice
Therefore seek for inner silence
Like a man diligently digging for gold
He never gives up until he strikes it lucky
Give your inner voice time to speak
And you shall find the answers you've been looking for
Written by Sean Achilleos 14 January 2019©
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Brayan Dec 2018
**** cents. I don’t like my sense; with ‘this’ non-profited silence;. To the jingle jangle clatter from my coin-sack settles.
Acina Joy Dec 2018
Her eyes are shining
bright and empty like dinner plates
and if you question the emptiness,
the answering void,
I am her feast, staring back,
dumb and unknowing.
restaurants and inner monologues stir up quite a storm.
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