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annh Oct 9
You ask,
Use ten words
When two will do?

‘Cos a pair is always eight words too few.
‘"The efficiency of the cleaning solution in liquefying wizards suggested the operation of an antithetical principal, which--"
"Did you have to get him started?" Cimorene asked reproachfully.’
- Patricia C. Wrede, Calling On Dragons
It's rainy
And my reading
Has run dry
I don't want you
On my mind
Since when
Have you been
Painful for me
I've been writing
You poetry
For ten days now
And it didn't
Hurt before
You're difficult
Or maybe
That's me
Idk this is just stupid.
Cassia Jul 27
Have you ever felt
A love so strong
That you'd dive into battle
No weapon but song?
Have you ever felt
A loss so great
That you'd realize you'd shattered
Ten seconds too late?
annh Jun 28
weepingly bitter
counts to ten
then cries some more
‘To appreciate the beauty of a snowflake it is necessary to stand out in the cold.’
- Aristotle
Hiraeth Jun 9
I measure time in intervals of ten
Ten seconds;
The amount of time it takes for words to leave your lips and hit my ears like they were wrapped up in anthrax, poisonous.
Ten minutes;
The amount of time It took me to convince myself that everything you conditioned me to believe is your truth, not mine.
Ten months;
The amount of time it will take me to feel like you no longer have a hold on me, free.
Ten years;
The amount of time before All of the cracks and pieces you took from me all fine their way back, complete.
I measure time in intervals of ten,
Because ten is a hell of a lot easier than forever.
keneth May 20
if your eyes are no ocean
why do they look blue
and i'm willing to dive in
to grasp what's inside you

a treasure buried in your mind;
ten thousand emerald pools
hundreds of castles standing tall
a kingdom in your soul

i'll drown if i have to
to sink into your heart
if i die then i'll tell you
dying's never been more fun
all i need is you, you're all i need to breathe / 2
Johnny walker Mar 13
When I lost Helen so much shock I was In I thought If I closed my eyes and counted to ten then open them Helen would be back with me again so I did close my
many time and counted to ten but when opened my eyes again Helen wasn't there and so far this hasn't worked wishful thinking but still do this even
Wishful but still close my eyes then open them In hope Helen will be here with me but so far hasn't work but It dosen't stop me or keeping from trying
Irene J Mar 6
Under the Parisian night,
I dream,
I met you.
Your cold eyes looked at me judging me,
but your heart tells me you want me here.
I didn't walk away,
I stay as you said.

We walked around the city of light,
we got lost in the light.
you didn't know where we were going,
because you were too busy talking about love.
It blinded us.

You held my hand all night,
but as the night about to end,
you whispered you love me,
but I whisper,
I have loved you for ten years.

And under the Parisian night,
you kiss me.
When I open my eyes,
I still can see you standing next to me,
but that was it.

Under the Parisian night,
it only happens in my dream.
this was inspired by the story I'm writing, this was sitting on my draft far too long.
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