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Kitten Yvad Sep 13
There are roses in your
coming through the airwaves
your voice tingles
down my spine

and held in loving suspension
we are pure frozen in time
delayed gratification and
I can't believe the reward

my ears get hot and
tummy swims in circles  
god before  you
touch me i cannot

and i tell you this;
i cannot i whisper this
pleading into your eyes
i cannot my god
i moan this to you in surrender
taken over like the war
is over and now i'm melting

because you think
i taste so good melted
And i know there are roses
in your voice because
they bloom for me

from your tongue
velvet and soft for me
and then strong for me
rugged and firm like rocks
for me

your voice and your
attention my reward my reward my reward

I want you to feel
within your core im in awe
of you

im just arrested see?
watching your roses
im wide eyed, tied; take such pleasure
in arresting me

a poem for when the sounds i make with my mouth aren't the words of praise that I want to come out (especially in queerplatonic relationships and quasiqueerromantic friendships)... and a poem of gratitude for people who like to remind me of the things i don't need others' permission for. im so alive about that profound encouragement.
love should be mutual
not a slap in the face
A poem from my book
cat Feb 18
"i'm sorry. i don't feel
the same way."
i just smile and
nod my head
"i know."

i was not made
for you, darling
nor you for me

we are nothing more
or less
than trains on a highway,
speeding in
different directions,
brushing each other
just for
a moment

you left your handprint
on my heart
and i will cherish it
as i make room for new lovers

i will never stop
wanting to hold you
but little by little,
it will start to
hurt less.
it's okay to miss someone while realizing that they arent the person for you. i know i will find someone <3
Adrian Feb 13
My tepid fears take my soul,
Fearing my existence
Just as I feared them.
A mutual bond
Of predator and prey,
But now we’re both prey.
Since it’s now the thirteenth, I thought I’d write a poem about fearing the worst and hoping for mutual love.
Sabika H Jan 1
I understand
Love to be the appreciation of
What you can give.

No, love is love for the sake of love.

But I see nothing innocent, just pure.
“I appreciate you for the way you make me feel”
“I appreciate you for what you give to me”
“I love you.”

Sure it’s a little sweet but
It’s the only time you don’t mind being
Positively manipulated,
Positively used.
And you balance the scales with:
“I love you too”.

I feed off of you,
As you feed off of me,
And we’ll call this relationship ‘healthy’
And here we are.
Bound by a verbal contract,
Constantly in contact.
And I am stuck in your orbit oblivious as
To where I am headed.
I don’t understand this.
I look for the exit,
Because you are hungry,
And I am poor.
Jaxey Sep 2019
and I think the part
that gives me the most pain
is the fact that i will always love you
and you will never feel the same
Oh well
Proctor Ehrling Sep 2019
In our mutual agreement of togetherness, I was alone.
I'll just start posting lines I never found a use for, maybe this will be a good home for them.
Aaron E Aug 2019
Baptized in the framework,
emboldened dregs,
stolen legs,
having the will enabled,
will stoke flares.
Hope there's enough left,
to capitalize and trademark,
These machination metaphorics may get way dark.

Witness the churn,
turn barrel, pour fuel.
Envision thrift in the burn.
Unequivocal innocents in the thick of it learn,
gun metal, flower petal.
Power is sick of our tone.
They play their tricks on our young,
to build a system above.

We killed the sadness
fit to galvanize
a truthful spirit,
loose beneath the masses.

lifted powder keg,
rug and broom,
others soon to be suiting fashion

Buried in a priory cast.
Wire he tapped,
isn't the first,
was a fiery blast.

I heard the ground stir, out turned choirs of wrath.
Give baron bread, give miner shaft,
and all the pigs just laughed.

All the swine surrounded, founded "Freedom".
Heavy quotes aligned to,
"leave em lying".
We declined to deify, redefine our civil vision .
Twisted lips and sirens, rent,
systems turn, climate,
worth, time to learn to hear and listen,
kids,  earth, diet.
'On the list I promise'.
Truth can't hurt if you stay quiet.
Truth in earnest moves the strongest.
Our seeds to earth are truth in kindness.

CJ Jul 2019
It takes two person to love,
It also takes two person to break...
Breaking up is also mutual..
Madison Greene Jun 2019
It's a cliche, the way past lovers always come back around
as if it's written on my skin that I tend to forgive more freely than I should
as though they are checking in just to see if I'm still waiting
hours, days, months spent shoving their name down my throat
to convince myself the ending was mutual
and then one day, long after the waiting turned into progressing
they have the audacity
to ask if I'm still anticipating their realization that they 'loved me all along'
to ask if I still want them, because suddenly they feel alone
suddenly they need me
but I am taking every step in the opposite direction of you
I am worth more than a second-thought, than the regret you feel from walking away
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