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Luna Jay Dec 2018
Equal or I walk away.
Or I cannot stay.
Does not mean stuck in our ways-
Just expect to be treated with respect.
Discuss our decisions
Or the visions of us dies.
Open communication-
Not entangled in webs of lies.
I refuse to be used up,
Laid out to dry.
I don’t have to die,
Not yet.
Get wreckt.
I spill out my heart
She reply's with a word
Why is it this hard
Am I not being heard

I show my affection
She shows me none
Is this her intention
I think I'm just done...
Doesn't feel good
Kriti Gupta Nov 2018
I think I made a grave mistake
instigating this heartbreak
different paths
open hearts
life came at us way too fast

we grew tired, distant and far
good for right now was no longer enough
separated by sheets, separated by me
you were the boy with a hand clasping please
I was the girl who got up to leave

if I didn’t sit up at a quarter to three
wondering how I compared to a bottle of whiskey
maybe we’d be okay, maybe we’d breathe

if I didn’t stay awake and fell to my dreams
I could stay, being the goldfish on your cheek
Just cause it’s the right thing to do doesn’t mean it’s not killing me
The distance between us has multiplied
Physically, we're miles away.
Our hearts have been separated.
But I feel like there was always a connection before you performed the separation.

Once we were close to calling it a relationship
Until one night you told me there were no feelings.
Everything was cool, until I saw a picture of you and my replacement.

He was in your personal space and you were happy.
I thought I made you happy, but you favoured some hidden love.

I don't know if there was love for me.
Those tight hugs and meaningful conversations told me that there was something in it.
I guess I was only scratching the surface of a well hidden lie.

Days I'd sit thinking about the future.
You were leaving soon and my biggest concern was to ensure that I don't lose you to someone else.
But that happened anyway.

We could be talking daily on social media,
But maybe I'm just not worth it.

I hate that I'm fond of you.
Joanna Charis Oct 2018
I may be in the other side of the world,
Under the same sky as you are;
But know that I thought of you,
Despite being so **** far.

It has been 7 long years,
Will time allow for us to meet again?
It feels like we’re strangers now,
not close to call it even “just friends”.

How long shall I wait?
Time is ticking all the time;
Hope you are feeling the same——
Wanting to have you or be called, “mine”.

What would have happened
If you have just stayed?
Would our relationship grow more?
Would you still look in my way?

I’m sorry for back then,
when I tried to ignore you;
I was in a state of denial,
because I have grown fond of you.

I love you.
There’s this boy I used to like back then in the 6th grade. We were more of enemies but later have grown to be friends. He left the country when I was in the 8th grade and at that time, I already had feelings for him. I thought it was just a one-sided crush but a few years later, I heard from a friend that he also liked me back then; our feelings were mutual. And somehow hearing that got me thinking like, “what if he just stayed here? what would have happened between us?”. So I was inspired to write this poem. Hopefully someday our paths will cross in the future.
Tally Cat Sep 2018
Rabbit, Rabbit, worn and weary at my parlor door
Come inside, sit by the fire, we’ll let tea spirits pour
They listen as we sip, they’ve never heard a rabbit howl.
But you’ve loved a wolf, and the wolf loved you
A rabbit who was on the prowl

Your lover wore the beast they made, of comets, dirt and fur
You drove fast cars
You fell through stars
You think it would all become a blur

Oh the places you two ran, the places you two crashed
A rabbit who danced through constellations
You two birthed solar systems when you clashed
You tell me of what you saw, the gods and their creations
The secrets that you made together, the heights you did ascend
And how this journey came and went to find its timely end

Because you lived an urban fantasy, in a world like a dream
Fantastic creatures in it teemed
Fantastic deeds and fantastic feats
Fantastic, eerie, dark lit streets.
For all its wonder, much like your lover,
It had as many teeth

And this is where a rabbit learned to growl
Grew sharp claws to disembowel
And on each other you left your marks
Be it lovely or be it ******
Both felt trepidation at the threat of sparks

So Howl, rabbit, who offered up your beating heart
Howl rabbit, who loved the prowling bard!
Tell your stories, weep into your cup
Nostalgia rocks you in her arms
Howl at those old once blazed skies
Howl about all of those pretty lies
Howl, divine heart break of harsh goodbyes

A thousand suns set on that day
The dream is done, or so you say
The things you crave, the things you made
These things you’ve done will never fade
The fauns of man have made their war
In the ballad of a love that is no more...

But you’re not a rabbit, and they weren’t a wolf
This was not a dream
I was there, and it was despair,
The story wasn’t as pretty as you made it seem
I’m glad it’s done, that you’re both free
I hope you did enjoy the tea
But make no mistake, I know your habit
They weren’t a wolf, and you’re not a rabbit
an egregious
man in
his crass
distortion and
tout with
his distinction
upon his
indignation that
steward frugally
with his
abstraction and
that rather
their abreaction
is dare
his buck
tow in
this rec.
assort the derby first
Joanna Charis Aug 2018
I have fallen for you
since the first time
we met.
Wanting to know
more about you
was the goal that
I set.

You caught me
off-guarded whenever
you would gaze at me;
I looked away quickly—-
Heart pounding but
feeling all giddy.

I want to get to know you more
but I know that I never will;
My flight leaves at seven—-
Can’t we make time stand still?

Even though I didn’t get to ask
for your name;
There’s this hope inside of me
that our feelings——
are the same.
Anne Jul 2018
Many acts of generous offerings
Tender words of helpless mutterings
Expressing in words
Show of kindness
Didn't dismiss of a warm compassion
All have returned of pure compliance
''All about me'' journal
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