RoyHal Sep 16

They say we lost love
They say we lost out
We must be crazy for letting go a thing so good

They lie
Our hearts slither out our yearning bodies
Coloured their way to the skies
There they'll always stay.
Kissing the sky

We're right were we belong
This physical realm was too low for us to belong
Divine love,Cosmic emotion
Starcrossed lovers

You can’t feel cold
When the warm softness of a blanket covers you,

You can’t see light
When it’s covered by a pitch black fabric,

You can’t touch your phone screen
When your hands are inside those red velvet gloves,

You can’t hear voices
When your ears are distracted by your music,

I can’t feel,
I can’t see,
I can’t touch,
I can’t hear,

I can’t feel you,
When she’s covered by the warm softness of your skin,

I can’t see you,
When you’re in a pitch black room accompanied,

I can’t touch you,
When your hands share the same red velvet gloves with her,

I can’t hear you,
Because your ears are distracted by her voice,

We both have something,
You have her,
And I have the nothingness of you.

I miss you.

June 30, 2016

Life is a poetry, a story, let's be mutual editor....#10w

I looked at you,
You looked at me,
We both fell in love.
I still look at you,
You look at him,
I go unstable.
Left, right & center!

My HP Poem #1489
©Atul Kaushal

a rose be presented the gesture not gone
a smile with intention its always worn
a girl sees it and feels so special so charmed
a guy should never give up and let no girl be harmed

There is no savior
for all;
there's even no
individual salvation

You know the cost
of a call,
but that of

You can hear,
that I know,
but can you listen?
And when you talk
is it the things
you say
or is it in the way...
What is absent,
is it missing?

Lana Jan 28

"Friends with a mutual appreciation of intimacy"

A piece of shit.
Someone so emotionally detached, they could say so many things that would end up meaning so much then dismissing it like it was nothing.
How could you tell me you care.
How could you look at me the way you did.
How could you kiss me like that and brush the hair out of my eyes,
So you could "see my pretty face".
How could you say to me "i'll never leave you alone in this world".

Bullshit. You're a liar.

When there ain't no mutual respect,
Must stop thinking about the ex......
How much can a koala bear?
Coping mechanisms abound here,
There is no turning back,
Douchebags--cut women some slack!
When there ain't no mutual respect,
Gotta stop thinking about the ex......

Feedback welcome.
gleck Nov 2016

“We could be gods amongst mortals"

“Why be a god when earth gave me you?”

His slight whisper
Another’s warmth on my hand
Body sculpted like those of gods
Engraved into my own
He is very humane; -

He is gravity;
Retain me against ascending
Pummel my sins

He is water;
Take away my thirst
Drown me when greed takes over

And I am grounded,
I am thirsty,
Lain earthbound onto the ground at his side
Heart aflame far away from Mount Olympus
I am still only  human.

Ambika Jois Oct 2016

Every time we argue
I shut myself off outside
Overpowered by my own reticence
Trapped away by my own pride

You fell in love with the fire
I'm flaming and burning out here and there
You only speak of the one in my belly
I feel the damaging aftermath everywhere

I love us the way we are
Fights, arguments, the regular LQ
We form the hurt, we form the surrender
It's perfect as it is, thanks to the MU.

Love hurts - I disagree.
Words do. Actions do.
Love can heal and unite everything.
Undoubtedly, even me and you.

LQ - Lovers' Quarrel; MU - Mutual Understanding
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