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Steve Page Jul 16
God came in three
setting aside time and space
for collaborative creativity

God came in three
and in that 'us', 'our' and 'we'
metaphored mutuality

God came in three
advocating once and for all
celebrated plurality

God came in three
illustrating that family
is a godly thingamy

God came in three
inviting you and me
to join them for eternity
Genesis 1: 26.
Then God said, "Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, ...
See also Gen 3.22.
Nikkie Jan 11
When it’s real you can feel it, like hard raindrops spanking your skin.
You lay back in your comfortable resting spot, and cover yourself with their spirit alive.
You take a deep breath, because it feels so good;
inhaling mutual passion that’s well understood.
They shine bright like northern lights, intensity growing stronger than the highest fahrenheit.
They have your heart buried in their soul; you dig deep within and lose gentle control.
Pure essence exudes from their eyes, you feel their fear of uncertainty,
you sense the pain of their broken past and pray to God this is built to last.
Eyes that see a special connection, two hearts growing stronger in some special direction.
The embrace you shared can still be felt, the look, the stare, the deep embrace,
the heat that impedes your personal space.
No need for kisses (not just yet); but then again,
you both have needs that are destined to be met.
When it’s real you see inside their soul, wanting to hold them close and not let go.
Who are you kidding, the connection is there; when it’s real you can feel it everywhere!
Hands that touch, eyes that see, a heart pumping love blood abundantly.
A sense of completion because this is real,
we both feel the desire of this *** appeal.
v Oct 2020
Am I fool?
Its not like Im inlove?
So what is this **** feeling?
Feels soft and intimate,
as if Im knowingly opening up my soul
sharing my emotions showing how I feel

I feel bare.
i want to restart.
ready to retreat.

did I kiss too soon?
Am I still in this pattern? my feelings have changed
but I'm still feeling weary

I'm still learning of my self,
but something about this does not necessarily feel wrong.

are we jumping too quick?
jump the gun on this ship.
I heard you so clear.
Your words soft and sharp all at the same time.
Eyes full.
"I like you and it wasn't a dumb question"

I just... no response.
Kiss instead.
What I know my body can do instead of using my tools.
Afraid to speak to soon.
notice the repetition of still..

a pattern just going thru life
here and there
watching outside with full eyes

frozen to time
watching the same movie over and over again
me Feb 2020
"i'm sorry. i don't feel
the same way."
i just smile and
nod my head
"i know."

i was not made
for you, darling
nor you for me

we are nothing more
or less
than trains on a highway,
speeding in
different directions,
brushing each other
just for
a moment

you left your handprint
on my heart
and i will cherish it
as i make room for new lovers

i will never stop
wanting to hold you
but little by little,
it will start to
hurt less.
it's okay to miss someone while realizing that they arent the person for you. i know i will find someone <3
Adrian Feb 2020
My tepid fears take my soul,
Fearing my existence
Just as I feared them.
A mutual bond
Of predator and prey,
But now we’re both prey.
Since it’s now the thirteenth, I thought I’d write a poem about fearing the worst and hoping for mutual love.
Sabika H Jan 2020
I understand
Love to be the appreciation of
What you can give.

No, love is love for the sake of love.

But I see nothing innocent, just pure.
“I appreciate you for the way you make me feel”
“I appreciate you for what you give to me”
“I love you.”

Sure it’s a little sweet but
It’s the only time you don’t mind being
Positively manipulated,
Positively used.
And you balance the scales with:
“I love you too”.

I feed off of you,
As you feed off of me,
And we’ll call this relationship ‘healthy’
And here we are.
Bound by a verbal contract,
Constantly in contact.
And I am stuck in your orbit oblivious as
To where I am headed.
I don’t understand this.
I look for the exit,
Because you are hungry,
And I am poor.
Jaxey Sep 2019
and I think the part
that gives me the most pain
is the fact that i will always love you
and you will never feel the same
Oh well
Proctor Ehrling Sep 2019
In our mutual agreement of togetherness, I was alone.
I'll just start posting lines I never found a use for, maybe this will be a good home for them.
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