Sunflowers follow the sun
They sleep when the sun sleeps
And awake when the sun awakes
The heat of the sun can set many things to ablaze
But can also awaken life and reveal what the dark has hidden from your face

You are the sun and I, your sunflower
I was once asleep
Then You arose
And then I arose
You are the sun and I, your sunflower
I follow wherever you go.

John 11: 43-44
Jc9 2d
The world at the moment is broken
It's time for everyone to be woken
To be brought to realization
And come up with a solution for our salvation
We can no longer ignore this crisis
And need to stop looking so lifeless
So that one day we can undo what we have wronged
And have this world go beyond
Feeling useless to help this world survive
Angelique Jul 8
hello, hello - who's here to welcome me home?
where's the committee with the chariot
the very one Hades rode on

i traveled alone
with people
in search of a salvation
they said existed
but only
with death

oh joy!
bring it to me in the form of love
in the form of a six three
forty year old man
ANu Aug 8
Art is my salvation
a gift to cure my soul
Catharsis from creation
Pens and brushes
make me whole
Laughter lends its colors
to a dark and dreary Life
Light invades my spirit
and eases what was strife
2016 epiphany  about my creative side
I need a cigarette
I want a pitch black coffee
And a cigarette

I need a window
On the 7th floor
And an empty flat
Streets with chaos and corruption
Allys with secrets that stink
And you out of my head

I want a wounded room in the middle of a clutter
Where the cracks speak the terrors stuck in my throat and silhouettes with night stories.

I want you
Right there by the corner
Where I can inhale you in the dark and steal your scent like a gem I could keep on my chest.

I want you
Out of my body
Yet it is windy
It is dim, lonely and hallow
It is pulsing and it is late
Late enough to sit by the window
Sipping at that pitch black coffee
Waiting to be saved by the morning
Or a cigarette.
I do not even smoke yet here is another poem about him
ConnectHook Jul 26
You may find it hard
to admit you're a sinner . . .
but that is the key.

Your rebellious pride
has blinded you to the truth:
the shed blood of Christ.

There is a heaven
and there is also a hell.
Jesus told no lies.
Poetry ought to be comprehensible IMO
Alyssa Underwood Mar 2016
Isaiah saw the Lord on high
with seraphs 'round Him praising
and knew that he must surely die
but for God's altar brazen

If not for Jesus Christ the Lamb
we all would face hell's woe
but by His grace alone I am
made holy head to toe

So now my life is not my own
but purchased by the King
to make His gospel message known
and His glory forever sing!
Isaiah 6
Isaiah 53
Revelation 5
2 Corinthians 5
John 3
Alyssa Underwood Nov 2015
come if you're thirsty, come if you're stained
come if you're weary, come if you're pained
come to the water, the bread and the blood
come to Christ's soul-saving covenant flood
there's no one too dirty, no one too poor
no one too broken whose faith He'll ignore
come if you hear Jesus calling your name
come to be free of all guilt and all shame
come if you're willing to cast out old strife
come lay your burden and take up new life
robert Jul 10
Put me in your mouth
And in the name of freedom

Pull my trigger, boy.

I am the persistent gnawing
Inside your hideous skull

The barrel of your dreams.

The iron bringer of death
Defender of the weak;

But innocents beware!

Killer of cats and dogs alike
A tool for the robbers,

Thieves and murderers, too.

But for you, nothing more
Than a romanticized ending, I promise.

Now pull my trigger, baby.
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