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Oh, Sovereign Lord, creator of the heavens and the earth,
In awe, we lift our voices in praise and worship to You.
You are the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end,
Your majesty and glory beyond comprehension.

You spoke, and galaxies formed,
Your breath gave life to all living beings.
In Your presence, mountains tremble and seas roar,
Yet Your love for us is gentle and tender.

Mighty God, You are our refuge and strength,
A fortress in times of trouble and distress.
Your faithfulness endures through every generation,
Your promises remain steadfast and true.

We praise You for Your boundless grace,
For the gift of salvation through Your Son, Jesus Christ.
In Him, we find forgiveness and redemption,
In Him, we experience abundant life and eternal hope.

Holy Spirit, our comforter and guide,
You dwell within us, empowering and transforming.
Illuminate our hearts and minds with Your wisdom,
That we may walk in Your ways and bear fruit for Your kingdom. Selah

Heavenly Father, we exalt You above all else,
For You alone are worthy of all praise and adoration.
May our lives be a living testimony of Your love and mercy,
As we proclaim Your greatness to the ends of the earth.

Blessed be Your name forever and ever.
Great is Your faithfulness, O Lord,
Your love endures forever, unchanging and steadfast.
You are the Shepherd of our souls,
Leading us beside quiet waters, restoring our weary hearts.

In times of darkness, You are our light,
Guiding us with Your truth and grace.
Your presence fills us with peace that surpasses all understanding,
And Your joy strengthens us in every circumstance.

We praise You for Your mercy that knows no bounds,
For Your compassion that never fails.
You hear the cries of the brokenhearted,
And You bind up their wounds with Your gentle touch.

All glory and honor belong to You, O God,
For You alone are holy and righteous.
Let the heavens declare Your glory,
And the earth proclaim Your mighty deeds.
From the rising of the sun to its setting,
Let Your name be praised in every nation.
May all peoples bow before You in reverence,
And every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.
Holy, holy, holy is thy Lord. Selah

Oh Lord, Your love surrounds us like a mighty fortress,
Your peace guards our hearts in the midst of storms.
In You, we find strength to overcome,
For Your power is made perfect in our weakness.

You are the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end,
In You, all things hold together and find their purpose.
Your wisdom surpasses all understanding,
And Your ways are higher than our ways. Selah

We praise You for Your faithfulness throughout history,
From generation to generation, Your promises endure.
You are our Provider, sustaining us with Your abundance,
And our Protector, shielding us from harm.
Let the heavens rejoice and the earth be glad,
For You have done marvelous deeds among us.

Your righteousness shines like the noonday sun,
And Your justice upholds the oppressed and downtrodden. Selah

We lift our voices in thanksgiving and adoration,
For You have rescued us from darkness into Your marvelous light.
You have called us by name and adopted us as Your children,
Sealing us with Your Holy Spirit as a guarantee of our inheritance.

All glory, honor, and praise belong to You alone,
For You are worthy of all worship and praise.
May our lives be a living sacrifice, pleasing to Your sight,
As we declare Your greatness and proclaim Your salvation to all nations. Selah

Blessed be Your name forever and ever,
In You, we find hope that does not disappoint.

Let Your kingdom come and Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven,
For Yours is the kingdom, the power, and the glory, now and forevermore.
Amen. Selah!!

--Cloudnine Fairmane C9fm.
Triggered by the anoiting of God. His love and covenant.

In the palms of Time,
She hears the thumping of her longing heart.
She, who loves to knit her own white dress
And her well-braided hair with dewy flowers
Became her crowning glory.

She waits with her head lifted to the Sky,
She waits knowing that He remembers her name.
And every single day, she writes her own story
And these stories are not all good
But these pages built her soul —
Found and nurtured by her Lover’s deep affection.

The Sun has left the curtains in the skies —
And her Groom kept His promise to her…
He returned… Oh yes, the Groom has come!
He has finally come!

And He wiped her tears before it fall
For the bride was meant to live
more than a lifetime
And to spend eternity with her Lover
Who gave her vows…
Her Covenant Maker, her Promise Keeper!

They will dance in the courts of Heaven
Where darkness cannot enter
And where death has no power.

The most awaited feast indeed
Was granted before their eyes
All the witnesses will enter
The rest they all have been longing for.

The bride was dancing
With so much praise in her lips.
She shouted and leaped for joy!
And it was overflowing!

And that’s the last dance she’s been waiting for
The only dance her soul searched for years.
She loved Him that’s why she waited
But He loved her first —
Her waiting was worth it!

I entered an open door —
A room was before me
The presence was high
And I sense no misery.

When I pray, You listen
When I listen, You speak.
You’re the Author of everything —
You’re the Keeper of the keys.

Nothing —
Just nothing can separate You and me
I say, “One storm at a time,”
My soul was thirsty for more
More Faith to quench the thirst.

When You look at me,
What can You see,
When You measure my faith,
Can You say I passed the test?

When I leave this place,
Does it mean You don’t care?
Oh, carry me in Your arms
I’ll be back, I will always return.
2:20PM/ SM

I long for this very day —
You’ll sing me lullabies
You’ll welcome me to Your rest
Where You prepared a room for me.

I long for the tears to be wiped away
For every spoken word to be heard firsthand.
And Your throne of majesty will satisfy my eyes,
Your presence and greatness, no more a picture.

I long for the glory to come,
For every heart to beat for You —
To bring glory not just in knees
But to see You face to face.

I long for Your return
Not just a visit to my broken soul,
My weary heart awaits for you…
And I’ll wait patiently —
Patiently waiting for You.

As I look to the skies, I see the stars
Waving their light
In the vastness of their own universe.

In the mirror, I talk to myself —
“I see your scars and you’re messed up…
You’re tired and everything’s heavy.”

I tried to close my eyes
Where it’s just me and You —
You who always believed in me.

You say,
“I see your scars and yet I love you…
I know you’re tired but I have you.”

When I try to quit,
You say, “Quitting is not an option.”
Your love is enough; at the Cross, I surrender.

Who am I to be numb?
When Your love was the only hope I cling to…
Who am I not to love you back?
When Your love was the reason of my existence?

You wrote Your love in red
Deep love in pure sacrifice —
You were hurt more than I,
But it’s how You brought me back to life!

Your letters aren’t mystery
Bounded with Truth and Spirit,
Your love tames me from within,
No greater love what the world could give.

You call me not as a slave,
But as a child of my Holy King who saves!
My life, You pursued and grant me peace —
Oh how precious Your love in crimson is!
Carlo C Gomez Feb 25
Life is war,
my hands are hypnagogic,
so far from refuge.

The purgatory salesman,
an enemy with antlers,
speaks in hostile slogans:
create, destroy, rebuild, repeat.

My friend coma,
blunted and paranoid,
has lost her vital signs.

But Television says differently,
calls this an elegant demise,
you touch the screen
like you're touching God.

The immortal world
I'm hoping to collide with
is beautiful and closed to resistance.

But there are cracks in everything,
the snowglobe army
granular and brittle,
the constant uncertainty
of your universe
becomes a hiding game.

Take me with you
my halation angel,
to migration salvation.

We made our history
into mythology,
a mass of disconnected facts,
the stars may be dead,
yet, we're here
and we've stopped time.

Tonight I'm breaking
through the gates,
tonight I can see around corners,
suddenly, forever makes sense.

As I watch the Sun bleed,
The oceans went through my eyes —
The deep ocean, diving in my soul
Driving and cleansing every dirt I envision.

I had no hold for tomorrow
Nor I had no idea what will come next.
And yet my hope is in the Sun’s rising again.
My hope isn’t hidden, it will soon be captured.

The image as shut my entity’s door
Becomes the image of a robe in white…
The reddish ribbons in deep wounds,
The spiky thorn in the Sun’s crown.

Tearing all in the mention of a Name —
A name higher than the stars in space,
Higher than the galaxies discovered,
Higher than the infinities no one could ever measure.
pilgrims Feb 17
I feel sick, so sick of myself.
I don't exist: calloused layers of shell.
This world is sick. War is more real than Hell.
Does good love exist? Is it more real than Death?
What will you love when nothing is left?
The soil is poisoned. Seeds freed from cycles.
Purge odious life.
Tears salt the Earth from true peace disciples.
No pain. No struggle. No strife.
Behind the mask there is nothing.
Behind my eyes there is nothing.
Before my eyes there is nothing.
Embracing void. Immortality.
Cannot be destroyed. Empty.
Embrace the truth.
I quit. I quit. I quit pretending.
Pretending I am not everything. At last,
I find annihilation
in you.
Savio Fonseca Feb 14
Valentine's Day should be celebrated,
Twenty Four by Seven.
Whether you're on the Highway to Hell
or walking the Stairways to Heaven.
Coz in Her Eyes, lies a Sea of understanding.
In Her Heart, there's warmth beyond the Sun.
She will Love U, till the World stops spinning.
She's worth the Gold, weighing more than a Ton.
U will find Her Love, wrapped....around U
and in Her Voice, U will sense a Mystical Charm.
In Winter U will find yourself, Warm and Cozy.
As She has wrapped U, in both Her Arms.
U will be lost, without your Woman.
The Almighty to Us, has been very Kind.
Woman to Us, is a God sent Blessing,
She's Salvation to Whole Mankind.
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