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Maria Diola May 28
Salvation by grace
Truth that must be embraced
Good works can't replace
"For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— not by works, so that no one can boast." (Ephesians 2:8-9)
anastasia Apr 29
I was molded by his own hand
sculpted to perfection and eager to please
who else other than my husband
for without Adam, there is no Eve

at least, that was before he slithered into our perfect life
pounding our perfect garden into the ground with his slick feet
conniving and a brute,
he convinced me to take a bite
and share my fruit with man
for what is mine is his
my knowledge is his

I am his

together we ate
snacking and licking our fingers with glee
wiping the secretions of the fruit of mankind
against the tree we tore it from

until our Paradise's pastures declined
the wildflowers overtrodded with weeds
the singing waterfall vanished
only to be replaced by an evil, magmatic spout

and our tree,
our once bountiful, glorious, fruitful tree
decayed from the inside out

Adam's burning glare rotted my fruit and my seeds
until they and I dropped to the burning embers on the ground
like nicks off of a pebble that was thrown too hard
or like hairs from the back of a matted mother cat
that has spent far too many heatless winters hunting
for a different life,
for any life

with no more than a curse from Him,
I became the failed experiment of humanity
tossed into God's own graveyard
left to rot with my stolen seed
Ylzm Apr 26
May Putin be crushed and his nuclear threat exposed an empty bluff
May Russians see themselves the true Nazis
And in true need of salvation than Ukrainians ever were
May the shattered save the mighty and the mighty serve the victor
Desire Apr 18
healed the sick,
helped the hopeless and helpless,
freed the oppressed and possessed,
and forgave, of sinners, their sin.

taught truth; made miracles;
saved souls; scoured sin;
daringly died; defeated death;
radically rose; returned to life.
Alive, he ate, and showed his face;
Five-hundred eyewitnesses - there was
no debate.

ascended to Heaven;
and is approaching again;
This Divine-Manifest, God-become-flesh;
This Ransom-Redeemer, sacrificial Savior;
This Risen-Rescuer; eternally crowned
Creator-King; rightly reigning; readily returning;
This living and loving Lord; caring and compassionate Counselor; justly, Justifier and Judge;

This is… Jesus…
The Lamb assumed the sin of all the world,
absorbed God‘s holy wrath—the debt sin owes.
Redemption‘s check written with hammer blows,
into remitting sea sin‘s wage He hurled.
For lost, sick souls eternal life Christ bought—
the graced life freely offered through new birth
to those who‘ll humbly hunger for His worth
and trust the vanquishment for which He fought.
By taking up what WE deserve—wrath‘s cross—
Jesus won our victory, laying down
His life, His glory and His heav‘nly Crown
till, as He rose, He overcame all loss!
His sacrifice and risen life receive
when in Christ‘s saving power you believe!
Alvin Agnani Apr 8
Menial tasks.
Even the books our truth were built upon - a mirage.
A sole purpose to detain and control.

Yet, I believe.
Perhaps not like I used to.
But it's there.

God is alive.
He lies dormant inside you.
I've seen it before.
You will remain oblivious.

Until he wakes...
By the stream, they sang
as the waters of life flowed
and what grew by the waters?

I ask myself this question daily.
Rancid gutters, stench of rotting responsibility
passing problems forward
generation by generation
until the backs of our grandchildren
snap under the weight.

Just look at us now
searching for truth for healing for salvation
like every generation before
and I must ask myself
where are the waters of life
and what songs would I sing were I to drink them?

I believe it in my heart
that our song would be every moment
a chorus of peace
a chorus of love
looking into each other's eyes
no hint of displeasure or bitterness
haunting memories looming no more
forgiveness a currency of champions, we
and I cannot shake the mirth of it
almost oppressive - the laughter
I drown in it
aching at the sides
at first wondering, "What's in this water?!"
Then making it my daily drink - liquor forgotten
My daily bread the love of those around
and my gift to them the same.

Such a dream.
Lying back, sorrow at the sheer distance of that vision,
I stare into the ceiling
watching the cobwebs flutter
the waning daylight calls me to rest my eyes
bury my day's burdens
give control over to the weightless, mindless veil of sleep...
yet I lay awake all night
fearing sleep
because the beauty of that dream still clung to my soul
and should I have slept
the dream would die
and my grandchildren would have nothing
but this crumbling world we're building
while they'd wonder if I ever dreamt.

They'd wonder if I were ever free.

I did dream. I did hope to be free.
I will make this dream a reality.
I will find the waters of life.
I will share it with you.
Even if it were just a drop,
it would be ours.
You, me, and everyone,
for a drop of life is worth worlds of love.
Found this in my drafts written since February last year (2021).
I'm surprised it was there, I completely forgot I wrote this! LOL
Honestly, what in the world, haha.


Alyssa Underwood Nov 2021
Dear drowning soul in blackest sea,
what keeps eyes blind to Mercy’s plea?:

“Come unto Me who bear sin’s load.
Find saving rest from Satan’s goad.”

What angel of light or dark could give
the help you crave that you might live?

There‘s only One can bear your weight.
His cross alone is Freedom‘s Gate.
The Bible is the historie of man,
And God and man, and God as man on earth;
The true account of how the world began;
The treasure map that leades to love and mirth;
The looking glasse wherein is seene the faire
Image of God, and all man's ugly sinnes;
The written word of God for ev'ry heir
Of saving grace who runnes the race and winnes;
The booke of lyfe writ in my Saviour's blood,
Dictated in the Spirit's whisper'd breath;
The foil for ev'ry curse; the cure for death;
The greatest booke about the greatest good;
The pasture for the sheepe; the sheepfold ****;
Manna from heav'n; the ladder up to God.
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