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As he grew he looked and desired,
others had more and he was tired.
Possession became his love and soul,
all those heaps could never fill the hole.
Glimpse the depts to find the cure.
We are here to Endure.

What did they do to deserve what they get?
His heart ached, he could never forget.
He wanted it more, he deserved much better.
He made his mind a filthy place to litter.
Pat your shoulder and reassure.
We are here to Endure.

Shunned by the universe,
he rose in a heroic verse.
Thought everyone else was bleak,
to himself did he lie and cheat.
Admit that you're insecure.
We are here to Endure.

He was hurt and he was blamed
he was never reclaimed.
At every turn he became aggressive.
Offended world would misconceive.
Repent, forgive and feel secure.
We are here to Endure.

Pressure drove him to frustration;
His yearning became his passion.
Disordered desire bind him in slavery.
Suffered he, in shame, sadness and misery.
Redirection is a manure.
We are here to Endure.

Low self esteem put him through hell,
disquiet apatite became his shell.
Departed away from the Divine.
Impoverishment and disgrace is a sign.
Abstinence will seize epicure.
We are here to Endure.

Failure left him without traction;
murmuring the songs of wishful imagination.
Dreams he sought are his anchor,
glued to the couch, he just hanker.
Without diligence you're immature.
We are here to Endure.
Sy Lilang May 26
To see You in victory
Regardless of my brokenness,
For You are my one thing.


The war is a good language;
For in every war, there's always a victory --
A victory in a Name who's above all other names.

The Name who's good in defending,
Who's good at perfecting,
In drawing closer those hearts that are calling for help.
Those who plead and trust only Him.

The strengthening of the Lord covers all ages,
It's a transformation from inside out
And it's through the breath of life.

We listen in His voice like lullabies in our ears.
We need not pretend that we are strong by ourselves,
To stop taking the first steps
But instead, allow Him to take us to His ways.

For when John saw the revealed Jesus;
He no longer is the wounded One,
But He is seen as the resurrected One.

Maybe we've been trying out too many schemes
And our strategies always lead us to an end --
The dead-end of our lives.

But tonight, God wants to remind you
That your ending is the new beginning
And that Jesus already died for you and me.

His death became the beginning
Of exchanging meaning of what "victory" is all about.
A beginning that sprouts like a new leaf;
A beginning living in His testimony.

He says, "Come up here and see."
See it for yourself;
Because the Lord already prepared a banquet.

Jesus has an invitation to see Him,
To experience His salvation, His blessings
And so we can be filled with wonders and awe once again.
God is just waiting.
My Dear Poet May 8
Take hold
my heart
upon the moon
as you dangle
a hot air
holding on
a silver string
carried along
a nightly swing
over the world
who’s dreams
are of hero’s
and of
better things
who’s hopes are high
in the sky
and in you
who come
floating by
to carry them
who need a lift
take hold my heart
as you drift
among midnight cries
you rise and save
take hold my heart
and be brave
and find the courage
to keep holding on
between moon and man
and holding strong
As the dark covers the night
there are hero’s that will rise up, if they dare. Look out for each other.
Wenwenchi May 4
Melt in my arms
Drip of salvation
I too long for more than this
Diljeev Apr 22
It'll be salvation now
to breathe you in somehow,
oh in this dire massacre
graves appear,
as far as the eye goes.
Pawn off my soul,
this is my corpse's affair.
It'll be salvation now
to breath in your air.
Happiness is the ultimate goal
UN recognised after all
Since 2012 it keeps publishing
World happiness reports
India ranks poor 139th of 149
How is it so, it hurts
We are the best culture
Like bacteria
We multiplied and multiplied
Population explosion
Limited resources
Poverty, unemployment
Curse for this nation
But Pakistan is in a better position
With 105th rank in happiness
Despite conditions no better
What's the matter?
Maybe we have a strong
Spiritual foundation
Less content to belong to this world
For we are taught
This world is an illusion
Of birth and death
With no permanent happiness
Work for permanent bliss
In the afterworld or
In salvation
After all Cantril ladder
Self assessment of respondents
In the happiness survey
Depends on their values
And how they value this world
Longing for permanent bliss
And to be one with God
Often makes we Indians sad
That we are in this world!
But times are changing
So the thinking
Shine in this world!
Shine in the afterworld!
I have tried to express me. If you understand me, you may agree with me. If don't, you're bound to disagree. Some may find me incoherent and inconsistent. You are wise enough and know what for a waste paper basket is meant! I know, I can't put my thoughts in others' brains unless some special spiritual connection. You may read my poem 'JUMBLE'.
My Dear Poet Apr 20
I’m sorry
for the little hidden things
I’m sorry
for the secrecy and shame
I’m sorry
for waking up too late
I’m sorry
for not prophesying the pain

I’m sorry
for this apology
I’m not sure how this can heal me
by hurting you with ‘sorry’ again
He wrote poetry

As one may take the bus

Patiently waiting in the eye of the storm

His storm, the storm of thought

With or without cause or fuss

Or an element of uncertainty

Whether or not the wait will deliver

Deliver us to the fate of salvation
morseismyjam Apr 12
i spent
the afternoon on the
lawn in a clover patch
plucking the 4th leaf off

because last month
was so clouded
and i shone too bright

too gaudy

but now i'm here
fixing these little *******
taking their 4th
leaving 3

increasing their chance of survival
like i did with that worm
on the sidewalk this morning
picked her up and
hurled her into grass and
I didn't look back.

sometimes salvation is violent.
eat this **** up you ******* emos
M Solav Mar 28
All of those past events
The mountain climb, and the descent
They're scrolling past to lay my

And once I'd gone to the other side
Despite all that I had left behind
They've started hunting for my

And they're gone,
Yes they're gone,
While I'm torn
In the maze of my

And they're gone,
Yes they're gone,
While I'm tearing
The fabric of my
Written on July 22, 2020.
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