SGrewal 1d
I show her
how to live,
I have never been
afraid of life.
She shows me
how to give,
she has always been
the angel type.

- S.Grewal
Instagram: @deckofpoetry
Wolf 1d
Rumors prevailing, Forgotten past
Oh a wish in a little clearing in the woods, A nickel of a hope
The signs were obvious, yet the song keep on straining
But with all due time the four elements shattered
Broken Harmony, Four elements scattered across the Earth
Fire, ice, lightning and water.
Two tried to forget, Another eased the sorrow
And one would see it that as harmony broken, nothing could repair the long forgotten oath
Fire and Ice's broken bond
Shattered the earth as neither could forget
Lightning had foretold all
Warnings forgotten, as time does to all
Yet water never failed to forget
Always wary, yet never showing
Harmony in balance, bonds yet strengthened
All in one, shattered bit by bit
Alas, water’s song had failed
Fire enraged, Ice sorrow
Lightning bitter
Water would assure that guilt of time would never cease.
This poem was not written by me. I requested permission of a close friend to post this for all to see, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
A melody
Passes through my soul
With  much ease and calmness,
Across all the pieces
That make me whole.

Puts together
The distant parts
Of my heart and mind,
That time
Managed to pull apart,
But finding myself,
Redirected to unite again.

This melody
Is greatly appreciated,
As it represents
What we are
And what we could be.
My mind
My heart
All of those
Magnificent memories
Flash through my mind
At the instant
When that melody
Passes Through
my heart.
if my soul is
the ballroom,
then harmony and poetry
are [the lovers]
that danced
[past midnight]
SGrewal 6d
She plays the keys
the same way she plays
the chords of life.
The Queen of harmony,
life with her is an
endless piece of music.

- S.Grewal
Life is a river.
Music is its flow.

Sometimes swimming,
Sometimes drowning,
I enjoy its melodies.

This life river takes turns,
Scenes change on both its banks,
Sometimes they are colorful and bright,
Sometimes they are gloomy and grey.

But I will trust it and flow with it,
enjoying all its scenes,
for I know in my heart, that,
all of it is just a play,
just a play,

And this harmony,
this melody,
is what is true...

© Manan sheel.
Keiya Tasire Jan 8
Every woman
Every man
Makes a difference in this world.
We each choose how to move our egos out of the way.
We each choose how to open understanding.
We each choose to act upon the knowledge it brings.
Then we are surprised by what it does to our hearts.
Do you want more love?
Do you want to more forgiveness and to forgive?
Do you desire the peace that welcomes sleep at night
And eagerness for each new day?
Do you desire harmony? Balance?
The freedom to be who you truly are?
Then support each other along the way.
And it will surprise you.
Finding community is not a "me" generation action. It is a way to being much more into our lives , our community, and  our world.
Sanny Dec 2018
Like two yo-yo's we're taking turns on having feelings for one another.

Will we ever meet halfway?

We spin between fear and love, but never at the same time.

The midpoint is within reach.

Yet one rope is streched while the other is wrapped tight.

I hope one day our yo-yo's get tangled so we can live in balance and harmony.
Star BG Dec 2018 are my elixir of life.
The fuel that aids for stamina.

I drink your luscious mixture all day,
aligning to remember who I am.

I sip it with walking gracefulness.
I gulp it’s magical formula
so feet run cross fields
of grand mystery.

Intentions mix within,
focusing to feel the gentle breeze.
To hear birds bless ears in song.
To radiate my own heartbeat

And as sun says farewell to moon,
and clouds part dreams align.

Breath oh breath you aid
moving me for harmony,
and bliss.
Saw the word elixir and thus this poem was born.
Ross Lopez Dec 2018
The milk and honey moonlight
Softly took the trees into itself,
And bathed their majesties
Until the forest was purer
Than the daughter of an honest Iowa farmer.

Everything dripped in luminescence.
The jewels of Mother Nature
Ran like the rivers of El Dorado that night.
The stars were bright
And distant and cold.

When the elk exhaled, their breath
Became fog and an ephemeral monument
Of their presence in the Oregon sky.

When you exhaled, your whimper
Became a moan that floated
To the tops of Nature’s *******.
It joined the chorus of beautiful
***** voices – each unique
With its own inflection.
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