It’s been a while and we don’t really talk.
We find it hard to look each other in the eye.
There’s so much bile – we can barely walk…
I can’t believe the life we made was but another lie.

We stumble, tilted, our world askew.
We stutter – not a single word comes out…
All that we had, all that we held so dear, all that we knew
Is ashes now... Where fire once was is all but dark without.

That C sharp melo that I used to play,
That broken piano – cozy, black and white…
Back in the days so sweet and calm and gay,
Back in the nights so warm and fresh and bright.

What has become of us? What have we done?
Is pride but every person’s fatal downfall?
In chasing shadows we get overrun…
Our hopes collapse, our passions hit the wall.

Yet, we live on, however sour our lives…
No looking back, no sorrows to cling to.
Once bit – twice shy, the truest of all lies.
We sparkle, we aspire, we dream, we rise – we do.

May '17
Keep going! The world could always use more heroes ;)
Star BG May 17

Inside a starry sky the moon was born meant to shine and radiate the major ingredient of the universe LOVE.
Soon the sun was created by finite particles of bright explosive energies, also a product of Love.
And as the birth of galaxies continued, to expand through endless space divine planets were formed.
Formed inside of the Divine orchestration of God
for harmony, peace and love to grow.

inspired by Sun Smriti
Star BG May 10

I sit at window
reflecting on beauty of minds heart.
With deep meditative breath
I connect for peacefulness.

I sit on mountain,
reflecting on beauty of earth entity.
With deep breath and focus,
I connect for harmony

I sit in vessel,
reflecting on beauty as sky and earth merge.
With deep breath and a smile,
I connect for joy.

I sit at ocean bed,
reflecting on gratitude for everything.
With deep breath and balance,
I connect in oneness.

StarBG © 2017

inspired by Diya
Star BG May 9

I dress thou with my writes and heart.  
In days when you feel low.  
I dress thou in the morning light,
so you begin to know.

To know your precious and so fine.
To know you  move with grace.
Just open your heart to feel
and dance in human race.

Dance with trust ascend oh yes,
dance in harmony.
When thou move in your power,
you will feel oh so free.

Free to move inside your dreams.
Free to feel divine.
Thou are special and deserve.
You walk in sacred rhyme.

StarBG © 2017

Inspired by Ken StJames
Yan May 8

Life is like music,
Sailing through the accélérandos and ritardandos,
Sometimes a little crescendo with a hint of decrescendo,
The melody so sweet,
But do not get deceived,
For life is a prelude,
And the composers are ever changing.

Star BG May 5

At start of day
as if key is my thoughts,
I focus with imagination to
rem up my bodies motor.

The power generated is strong,
as I take breath and the
idling of form is ready to move outward.

My vessel gravitates to shower,
as if its a car wash
to release any remnants of sleep away.

Stepping on pedal like feet,
I go on road to closet
where mind is dressed with positive thoughts
to match my colorful choices.

Moving forward, I whisper gratitude
to help put me in gear to
to shift and feel energized with suns rays.

Maneuvering outward fate begins to power
my desires, as dreams anchor with life.

Time to move and grove with the power to
drive my divine vessel into a day.

A day, that brings me on roads for peace
and harmony.

Star BG © 2017

Star BG May 4

Wisdoms inner guidance says...

Either you move in the heart with harmony,
or out of heart in chaos.

Either you bond with Mother Gia secure,
or you live with dearth unstable.

Either you find your true essence of love,
or live an existence in misery.  

Either you connect with the riches in oneness,
or become poor inside other peoples shadow.

Either you move in a higher vibration of love,
or are consumed with violence and you leave with a tarnished soul.

Either you move with grand phenomenons everyday,
or think negatively like nothing is a miracle and suffer.

Wisdoms inner guidance says....
Its time to evolve and align inside love,
to create heaven on Earth.

StarBG © 2017

The finest of intricacies,
Clung firmly upon thy wrist,


Motion drives that beating heart,
It's man who stirs that rotor,

A skeleton of the sturdiest of bones,
Amongst, that movement lay,

Gear's spun all so elegantly,
The very composition of your complexities,

A fluent waltz between man and mechanism,

Oh what admirable craft of a God.

Regarding automatic watches.
Paul Jones Apr 27

All is silent; still is the deep of night.
  I look below, cannot see what I feel
beneath my feet. One prevailing insight,
  known only in a sense, goes unrevealed.
I do not fear its truth, neither contest
  it does not know me. Within it, I stand.
An absurd sureness, an uninvited guest,
  has touched the base of what I understand,
now all mind and motion acts in tandem.
  I taste the salt of the air, feel the breeze,
the oceans rhythm becomes who I am.
  Rhythm becomes me, puts the mind at ease.
I feel the calm, hear the call of the night,
  look above, see stars amongst the moonlight.

Sonnet - 25 -
16:00 - 23/03/17

This sonnet is about being in harmony with your nature. It arose out of an interest in how an environment affects who we are and how we feel, even think and behave.
Star BG Apr 25

Taking a breath to connect to everything is the gift of being in human form. By doing it with love intentions compassion grows and the journey  expands to become an energetic field of blessings inside grace and harmony.

StarBG © 2017

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