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Zywa 5d
I get up, the day

blows towards me, letting me --

converge with myself.
Poem "Samen" ("Converging" [with ourselves], 2023, Astrid Arns)

Collection "SoulSenseSun"
Man Jun 1
These poems are generally spat out within a matter of minutes.
The rhyme schemes, unfortunately,
Symptomatic of how my thoughts flow.
Some kind of horrible harmony
That stalls and slows the more focus I show.
The problem being, not everything gets its full share of thought
A May 7
my lover equates me with my favorite instrument;
running his fingers down the strings of my flesh,
building tension and release as he sees fit.
the movement of our lips almost quantized
to match each other’s harmony.
every taste he acquires from me is
another texture added to his collection of sounds.
I want to let him know
that he can learn me to my very core
and play me to his heart’s content
like a cherub playing the harp
as he ascends the heavens.
I almost lost it reading this after church (for reference, I’m seeing a music producer)
With each other, I guess
they had started to reason,
and that is how the sky and the sea
Eventually met at the horizon.
Copyright Simran Guwalani
Zywa Mar 9
It is all pastel,

the light, the music and I --

this very spring day.
Composition "Sonate per due organi" ("Sonata for two organs"), Muzio Clementi, performed in the Organpark on December 2nd, 2011 by Erwin Wieringa and Theo Hellema
Walls in pastel colours, stained-glass windows

Collection "org" #18
Zywa Mar 3
Being in love, with a smile, not blind
to our differences, the life that lies
behind us and the preferences

that, with the fortunate lack
of temerity, are difficult to convince
of the taste and wisdom of others
- heard very, very benevolently
and without indulgence, found
charming, yes, longing for more
content and more togetherness

in the phase that lies ahead, our choices
to be joined softly and smoothly
in shared open spaces
Collection "More"
Carlo C Gomez Feb 13
Once upon a timid willow

The sweetest songs of

A hyacinth girl

Floated on waterlilies

Had a sleepwalking lyric

The moorings of her heart

Overlooking undercurrent

As she dared all things

Gently down the stream

yıldız Feb 9
In the silence of my being,
I find my peace.
Like butterflies, free and light,
my soul flies far and wide.

The peace within me, so tender and beautiful,
like the wings of a butterfly in the sunshine.
My heart beats gently, in harmony with the world,
my own peace that rests and illuminates within me.
you love i
Keara Marie Jan 13
I kept going
Not because I wanted to
Trust me
All of me wanted to stop
I kept going
Because I deserved to know
What not giving up on myself felt like
Keara Marie Jan 3
You are an artist, my love.
Your mouth is a musician’s mouth, your lips my tool. My body is the instrument you play, drawing forth the music that is our passion. My cries are the melody, your groans are the lyrics. Our bodies come together and beat to the rhythm of our song. Your breath hushes me, my moans do not obey. My hair whispers on your skin in silken sigh. While your clever fingers wring from my gasp. Our voices mingle in perfect harmony. As together, we sing the wordless song of our instrumental love.
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