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In just a speck of dust,
Created in flesh and blood—

There we are,
Living in harmony;
Yet with empty songs
out of great destruction.

Crickets sang for mate—
Nature dance with waves—
People speak with words,
Yet with their voices,
We make masterpiece.

Humming with those tunes—
Flowing of rhythms; dry our bones,
Yet with just a speckle of dust—
We are made.

In just a speck of dust and dirt;

Created in flesh and blood—
In harmonies,
Thyself, is a masterpiece.
Thyself, is a masterpiece.
you are a masterpiece.
I be creator May 18

You be less
I be more


1+ 1 =3
The green in me is cleansing thee
Finds its way to the nearest tree
Spreading good like everyone should
In this world that we share.

It cuts through the sky like the rays of the sun
Peace and love has finally won
Reaching the ends of the Earth, seeking
For people like you and me.

Sing loud and find the joyous sound
That fills our hearts, making us proud
That we're human in a perfect union
Standing hand in hand

At last.
PoserPersona May 12
What you wish can never be
For wicked hearts will alway beat
Find the gold between us all
or you too shall one day fall
Millie May 5
I wanted to believe it was black. Or white.
But found that it was gray.
Only gray is birds eye view
The closer I get
The more I realize
It’s black AND white
Side by side
In every situation
Good and bad in all their extremes- everywhere.
IMCQ Apr 27
My skin contains your every utterance.
Your malcontent,
Your affronts.
My failures.

It's a love so bitter.
I'm weak to it.
The scent,
It lingers.

I bleed through the bandages.
My hands,
Impossible to grasp.
You let me fall.

We hurt together.
Harmonious are the cries and whimpers.
While you tear yourself apart,
I pour myself into you.
Love is the problem and solution.  The journey and the reward.  Never give up.
When the birds of spring sang with joy
To hail the blowing breeze pampering the face rapidly with moisturizing coy
When rays of the shine stand very kind to make the life neither hot nor too cold
Life rushes through the mobility of less anxiety or creating abundant tumult  
Shining novelty on juvenile tress’ robe bestow jubilee to those hurry to work
In confronting the bundle you expect to parole
Life is so lovely what are you feeling for?
- “ seems… GARLIC…?”
The most beautified Criollo … ladies of shadow…listen to spring and smooth song of returning swallows
- “ sounds GARLIC..?”
Sender of magic rockets to Apollo… ladies of shallow…   smell of plant mingled with heavenly blossom of sharp blue, it is a time to define the final intentions supposed to follow…
- “ feels GARLIC…?”
Drowsy, numb, with mouths open, shoulders down like zombies out of tomb… who are you? mighty dancers with delicate willow with strong sense of itching on our marrow
- “…ladies of GARLIC…”
Nobody comes, nobody goes, life is so hollow, what it supposed to be full of energy …you You talk a lot…just go!
smell strange not from corpses but from walls, earth, and ceiling… what is it?  
- “….life is …GARLIC…”
On Remembrance of days we were not acknowledged enough to health and may not very happy but a routine life we had. Never think to enjoy spring, to enjoy times we are in an assembly, and to enjoy our talking through avoiding extra complaining on trivials.
Mitch Prax Apr 14
Dear diary;
there's a musical riot
erupting in my
chest tonight.
My ribs echo
with the sounds of
chaos and harmony.
Moonchild Apr 13
It does not matter
how much time I'll spend
recovering from my mistakes,
as long as I do carry out
a revolution from under my fingertips.

This paper,this is my proof,
that I'll never give up on
the power of youth,
who all got their dreams taken away.

In this chaos,
I will find harmony,
and halls of golden ideas
and strings of fate
will dance under the light
of millions of candles.

Remember my words,
for you will read them
one day,after all ends,
and they will remind you of
the days you used to hold back your power.

I do not dictate
how you might think,
but I will make you proud of the flame
within you.

there are not many of us
willing to lose
our precious trained minds.

Not many of us
willing to give power
to the cosmic yearnings
inside our chests.
Written 26/02/2020
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