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We feel each other with gravity and tides,
Sharing warmth at each embrace,
A treasure trove of love and light
That time and distance can't erase.
Dedicated to my PAA fellows
Written with free friendship in mind

Love and live ♥
You're the true instance of virtuous human.

Your mind as pure as crystal,
your heart soft and sound like waters.

everythang about you signifies peace and harmony,
love and respect. Your feeling is so true.

Your life is a blessing, and you're such a special prize from the mother Earth to my soul.

And to the whole universe. Super human.

Human, crystal mind, love, harmony, peace, respect, blessing, Earth Universe 🌌
Super human behavior
His forgiveness
redirects me
over and
over again
listen up,
and become
the best self
that I can
I S A A C Apr 16
calm down while sun beams down
yearn for less and crave nothing
disappointing investing in second guessing
calm down while reading Circe
ponder the ways that men have hurt me
remove the blade instead of pushing it deeper
hand in hand, i am married to harmony
pearl earrings, pearl ring, pearl bracelet
i find beauty in everything i am facing
Andy Chunn Apr 5
Sincerely spreading joy is a noble quest
Pursuing happiness, making others blessed
Reading cheerful words, seeing smiles all around
Everyone in harmony, happiness profound
Acting with kindness, spreading love with zest
Delighting in the joy, that we have expressed
Inviting others to join, in this quest of happiness
Nurturing kindness and compassion, our hearts do confess
Giving the gift of joy, and bringing hopefulness

Happily holding joy with all my might
As pleasant peaceful moments shining bright
Prepare me for life's uncertain ups and downs
Prolific plentiful blessings all around
Illuminating my pathway with lustrous light
New adventures waiting just out of sight
Endless reasons to laugh and smile and say
Success, in every moment of my day
Soothing serenity is in my heart to stay
Why should I surrender to fear? /
Oh, is this frailty I sense in me? /
As I'm budding I envision the aethers /
Embracing me, rapturously, /
I spiral upwards /
Efflorescing, bursting into bloom. /

Why do we tremble at change, /
Yet embrace continuity? /
When do we stop pining & /
Herald equanimity, harmoniously? /
Yin & Yang; of lore I once sang, /
Now triumphalistically I declare His name. /

Freedom reigns /
Truth prevails, /
Justice weighs /
Spirit sustains /
A diaphanous azure flame: /
—I shall ne' er be the same. /

(—Se' lah)
Excelsior Forevermore,

Sanders Maurice Foulke III, AAS
Zywa Mar 6
Quietly she looks

at me -- a comb through my mind,

waving in her wind.
"Wilde gewassen" ("Wild crops", 2014, Bruno van Imschoot)

Collection "Loves Tricks Gains Pains in the 0s and 10s"
Zywa Feb 14
Well, I have wished for

an antipole, I got it --

as a drag on me.
"Het Bureau - Het A.P. Beerta-Instituut" ("The Office - The A.P. Beerta-Institute", 1998, Han Voskuil), page 808

Collection "Not too bad [1974-1989]"
David Hilburn Feb 10
Easy does it
Break for now, only if will
Secrets in love, begin to wit

The rhythm of voices
Sated to defer, to the difference of occults
When enamored becomes romance, are we ready to seek choices?
Of clamor and sincerity, to direct a chance to what will...

Exception, in time
To wonder abroad, to a definitive course
Of stares worth the older, history is mine
With a song in our heart, is actuality ever worse?

Looking the misery of another, if not its mystery...
Was a facade of hereafter, the notion of decency?
Alive, and making the time of a wishes intimacy
Do I have one more smile? yes, yours for poignancy
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