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Zywa May 8
I do enjoy it

to walk in the noisy city --

and being the noise.
"There is a community of the spirit" (ghazal, Rumi, 13th century)

Collection "SoulSenseSun"
Zywa Apr 26
If it's peace between

I am me and you are you --

we may call it love.
Collection "The drama"
Zywa Apr 25
My motions from one

into the other flow like --

the tide while turning.
Gracefulness / T'ai chi / Qigong

Collection "Metamorphic body"
Estelline Feb 19
It’s getting harder to breathe
Each time I lay down for the day
And all my distractions leave

I’m left all alone with myself
To feel the world cave in
Crushing my dreams
And the sliver of peace
I’ve tried to keep alive inside of me

If only I could slip away and hide
In the between, where the lies
And everything I despise
Are tossed out into the streets

And all the simpler things
Dance around, beneath
The lovely trees
Being fed through the lake
Of dreams
Creating perfect harmony.
Isaac Feb 7
lustful and untrustful
screaming matches and rebuttals
worn out muscles and tear puddles
but what did we win, cards caving in
whichever way you try to spin, swan song on the violin
whichever play you do, your eyes get under my skin
I can see the hurt, the guilt, the shame
I tried to heal, build, and begin
again and again, return to my zen listening to Gwen
escape to my four white walls and write songs
each melody washes away the pain of yesterday
each harmony bringing back the colour to the gray
lifeless self I let my body become
dancing to the beat of my own drum
Zywa Jan 16
We'll wash the dishes,

talking between silences --

only, do not sing!
Collection "Bruises"
Zywa Jan 3
Am I still myself,

are you you, or do we merge --

in melodion?
Dirk Luijmes plays the harmonium (melodion), February 23rd, 2019

Collection "org anp ark" #133
SpiritHeart67 Dec 2021
Ask yourself a question? What is at the root of every conflict?

Go deeper.
Personal rights?
Still deeper.
Correcting error?
Keep Going.

At the most fundamental level
every conflict comes
from the inability
to understand
the other person's perspective or position
and to respect their right
to think, feel and believe
as they choose
(instead we attempt
to negate
and eliminate
these things).

Everything else,
including that listed above,
all arise
from this root cause.

Now ask yourself this.
What would the world
be like
if this root cause
of conflict did not exist?
I can't say in all honesty that I know the answer to the question that I've asked here, but I would love to hear yours in the comments!

I do know, if 100% of the beings on this planet had the ability to understand the other person's perspective or position and to respect their right to think, feel and believe as they choose,
100% of the time, there would be no need for the concept of 'Personal Rights' to even exist.

It would be a non-secretar and moot. They would not exist as a SEPARATE object because they would be the given way of life and the fundamental root cause would no longer exist.

It's a Nice Thought

Today them & us won. Grey became instinct and was finally silenced. The Survivors live in balance. A stalemate. A deceiving chaos when left to their own devices.  When them & us won with hate for the other; Grey who chose to live amongst them was washed out and omitted for not choosing a side.  If you ever heard me say I love a black & white society, the rule of law, it's because each side knows where they stand and where they fit in.  Grey is always stuck in a fight determining who is good and who is evil when us & them only expect and demand  Grey to pick a side. Grey clearly doesn't fit in among the masses (the m is silent).  Grey could see good and bad in us & them and loved us & them all equally.  When Grey is washed out and silenced us & them have nothing left to fight for perhaps?  Grey was the 1% who refused to pick a side because us & them both exuded hate that neither could outdo the other in.  To be left with a 50/50 of hate shows equals are the us & them.  Not one better than the other.  Left standing are the equal sums of hate.  The haze clears perhaps when Grey is removed from the equation?  Maybe Grey should learn to truly shut their mouth so that us & them can realize that they are puppets made to believe each is superior to the other when in fact are equals who like the force of water, together, can move mountains.  When those that seek to deceive you and play us & them against one another for their own greater good clarity hits who is truly evil.  Grey has no power in the fight if they can't convince us & them that they are equals.  Grey wants to just exist and hope that us & them will eventually realize that together us & them like black & white make more Grey and then we can all coexist and They will stand out like the moon that manipulates the seawater to destroy all in its path.  It may be time for Grey to retreat to solitude.  Maybe Grey is the problem and They is ultimately that which should win?  Grey feels it in their gut they have a place here among us & them, but They seems to be all us & them can see as relevant.  Forgive us & them for they know not what They do.
David Bojay Sep 2021
there's no reason to remember about what I've desired
just like I forgot about the desire to write
I've allowed myself the freedom to do
(when I want) (focus when it comes)
it's what feels to be, spiritual progress
radiant feelings
coming and fleeting
thought forms melting before all I'm seeing
attitude is vibration
the root of creation
divine formation
through useless information
making sense without mystical procedures
wasted leisure
(false ambitions deriving from unnatural greed)
open myself to persecution
only to realize I my"self" am an illusion
so it begins, the dissolution
calm and ready
secluded in the mysteries of this great theatre
life, a series of memories arranged in the practical
harmonical manner
(if that's a word)
(keep typing)
what do I live for?
a production of symbolism
entertained in the prisms
that so happen to reflect human mischief
live to diminish
built up anguish
a hopeless wish
meaningless stitch
can't manage the baggage
inside the cerebral attic
static between breaths
the moment I'll let
settle in the sun that meant to set
(a wedding in the sky)
lost love so divine
tears rushing down my cheeks at night
reflecting on universal signs
eternal truths
I sigh
a moment at a time
you can't change, only modify
generous time flies
realizations combined
directions for decisions in mind
(this life)
incline, decline
experiences desgined
curves, opposing straight lines
how would we even define....
what truly aligns
the spirit
continue, live like there's no finish
characters to diminish
predict my wishes
my heart
longing for what isn't
what was
no longer there
couldn't stare at what I couldn't bare
missed true love by plenty hairs
mistakes were obvious
I was oblivious
thinking of what could've been
Limited trains of thought
All I used to sought for, cost a lot
it was you, who inspired some tunes
formed by the formless wind that creates the dunes
Inevitable doom
Under the moon
I succumb to you
act upon intentions and responses
perhaps it's way too soon
flowers yet to bloom
ideas flowing out the womb
mistakes to broom
room to improve
a struggle before you wake
less and less to rake
In and out of fantasies
can't trust in (reality)
question my sanity
study my anatomy
Zoom passed meaningless blues
I’m on my walk...
I feel better now
examine the highs before I drown again
calculate the vitamins
narratives written with my fancy stolen pen
this is.... idk
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