Jobira Oct 4

Poison not minds and hearts, with fear or hate,
But infect people, with love and peace,
Thus, you shall be rewarded with tranquility.

@jobiranyc (10/4/2017)

Spread love not hate,
Do it freely from your beating heart.
Middy Oct 2

" hello? "

I ask as I open the black door.

Silence greets me kindly
Letting me in so gentlemanly.

School bag off.
Get a snack.
School back on.

I march the stairs
Sounding like an xylophone
Creaking away as I charge
I reach the top.
My bedroom door is shut
Locking my art and poems away
Never to be heard or seen
By family or friends
But strangers on the media

I open the door.
My sofa has a blanket of clothes
My floor covered with magazines
To be destroyed and cut up
Into a more stranger yet beautiful
Type of art, a collage of photos
Of famous people and models
Taken by famous photographers
Who's names are unknown to me.
Maybe I'll join the list someday
But who knows?

I slip off my socks and shoes
Rip off my prison uniform
Sorry, meant school
But it's a prison to me in my mind

I armour myself with band shirts
A pair of tie-dye shorts
And I'm barefoot
So I feel like I'm walking on grass

I take my snack, a scone
A cup of tea
A packet of crisps*
And settle down onto my bed

My bed isn't like your bed
It's a bunk bed
No one sleeps on top
My brother used to
But he left me be
And I use its banister
As a railing for my own curtain
To hide my own bed
Hide away my emotions
Hide me and cover me
As I sleep

Silence greets me again
It rests upon me as I start to write
My poems and stories

No one to bother me
No one to hurt me
No one to pressure me
No one to get me down

The only sound is
My grandmother's TV
Did I mention she lives with me?
Don't worry, she loves me
She wouldn't tell a secret
Like I don't tell hers

The sound of my breathing
The sounds from my phone
Blasting music through my room
The sounds of the wind
A nearby train
Cars passing by

The peace is shattered
So I wave it goodbye
The front door cracks open

" hello? "

My mother calls.

" are you ok? "

" I'm fine! "

I reply with a fake smile
Even though she can't see
My frown of disappointment

I needed to be alone more

*For Americans I believe the term is 'Chips'. But that's what we call them in Britain
Star BG Sep 29

The secret key to freedom
is a kind libretto echoed
to self.
The sound
energizes within inside grace.

The Key to happiness
is a kind word whispered
to others.
The sound
comes back to anchor in self.

The key to harmony
is a prayer spoken
to world.
The sound
is key opening vault of heart
then waves of peace vibrant
for all.

StarBG © 2017

Amer Pelides Sep 26

I make my way out of my warm and cosy home,
Walking towards a park so near
The chilling and sobering wind,
Brushing against my face
I hear the grass crunch beneath my shoes,
The hushed whisper of people conversing
I feel at peace and harmony with all,
I reach a bench empty and untaken
I sit and breathe in fresh air,
Staring at the ripples made in the river before me
Ripples created by ducks and swans,
I observe adults walking from work and children waddling from school
I seem to pay no attention to them,
In a world of my own I am in
I drift into a short sleep as the sun sets,
Who knows if it shall rise again
When I open my eyes.

Jayanta Sep 18

We create conduit for water to flow
Water flowing and revive life
Life bring cheerfulness
Cheerfulness change the face of the paucity
Paucity blessed us to search for changes
Changes makes it cheerful and vibrant with harmony!

In memory of the people living in Subankhata area of Baksa district of Assam, India; who practices traditional water harnessing system locally called as ‘Dong’; to overcome surface water scarcity in Bahabar zone of Eastern Himalaya.
Brianna Love Sep 17

Touching hearts, easing minds
let ink and souls intertwine
with truth and love so divine
trust the muse to be your guide.

Whisper words upon silken skin
with softest ink flowing from pen
touching souls deep within
trust the muse to be your guide.

Pen your ink in loves design
let beauty fill the heart and mind
as the softest of inks gently combine
trust the muse to be your guide.

Under the stars twinkly shine
let ink and beauty intertwine
kissed by silver moonshine
trust the muse to be your guide.

© 2017 Brianna Love/SA/DBMA

My first attempt at a Kyrielle
Cynthia Jean Sep 15

Listening to
a cacophony
of sounds


warm sweet air

late bloomers arriving
others on the bye

bees and butterflies
at home

faded leaves

just for a moment
a quiet

nature smiles

all sweetness
and peace.

Cynthia Jean

Just  a moment spent in my secret garden.
Star BG Sep 12

Its been a while heart of my heart
since I followed your direction
to move in everyday in life.
Been a while,
as  ego mind took control,
with every footstep
trying to rule my life
for no peace.
But guess what,
heart, I say in breath?
I'm back
and I don't plan to leave
not in this lifetime.
Hello Harmony.
Hello freedom.

inspired by Mono

If only my words had
               ­  i             g
w           n
                                                  of their own.
They'd fly free flowing like open arms
in symphonies
our celestial song.
If only my thoughts
could transgress
yours alone.
They'd resound
haunting echoes
bellowing from my soul.
your heart's drum beat,
...melodious murmur...
on repeat,
a harmonic hummm.
If only my love could burn through
your closed mind.
Oh, the treasure to find!
Books bound in leather,
words entombed,
dust gathered.
Bunnies breeze by.
Lavender whiffs
floating like paper trees.
On the cover,
Rosemary seeds
and the man of my dreams.
Light as a feather
whispy little wings,
words sing
in memory.
If only my words had
               ­  i             g
w           n
                                                  of their own.
They would harmonize
                          with yours in cosmic song

9-11-17 (C)

May all of my words find you well, my friends! Thanks for reading! K:)
Shauna Bendel Aug 22

he may not sing
the same song
as she,
yet hummed
his every
breath, only
to harmonize
her own

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