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Maybe I can
Howl once again.
It seems, you’re far more damaged…
I’ve been a fool.
If it’s easier
I’ll stand for you.
Tell me when you can howl once more.

If I were you
And I could see the moon,
Maybe I’d understand why you weep.
I’ve been a fool, but I’ll make amends.
I’ll learn how to see.
Tell me if you can’ more.

Don’t abandon your light.
These nights will always come.
You’ll sing again and...
I’ll be the freak
That keeps you company.
Kerli Tulva Oct 5
A dawn, sets upon us,
while notes fly softly
through the humid air.
A language which knows
without words.
the echo of piano
lightens the night
when every feeling
becomes freedom.
the harmony of life
sets its wings
around your soul,
capturing the sorrows,
pouring emotions,
talking the language
of understanding.
Kerli Tulva Oct 3
Rain is flowing down the walls,
dripping on the marble stairs,
making music of the night echo,
the clouds fill the sky windows
soft curtains covering the world.

Clear mist is passing on the river,
hovering in the quiet moment,
coldness of the air caresses mildly
a space between the nature' s lungs,
the eyes of the universe are open.

Deep harmony penetrates the soul
of every creature listening deeply
how the world sings unceasingly
with its eternal beauty and peace
while the stars are dancing passim.
Rainy Days Sep 28
You sent me a message
Just one
Late at night
"I really like you, you know that?"
And it convinced me
It wasn't quite over yet.
This was just the beginning
F A Pacelli Sep 25
love cripples the strong 
and strengthens the *******
love fools the wise 
and wisens the fool
love brings harmony to chaos
and chaos to harmony
love is balance
Ormond Sep 24
Butterfly is welled
Overjoyous in flower
Tearing from the sun
aennij Sep 23
You are the symphony I keep on finding,
The harmony I keep on humming,
The reason why I'm smiling,
The rhythm that keeps me going.

I found you once in this tune,
a song bright as the moon.
Within a beat, I was swoon.
This music I always impugn.

So I always catch myself smiling and listening,
over and over, it is not tiring.
I keep on humming and crooning,
finding you, that's what I am hoping.

And I beam for this symphony,
this gracious and quiet melody.
I found a friend in harmony,
because of you I smile harmoniously.
Bhill Sep 23
The cricket was only doing what crickets do
Walking slowly up the walk looking for more crickets
Looking north and south, east and west
He or she appeared to alone
Where were more crickets
Where was the orchestra of fellow crickets
What happened

The wonderment stopped when this cricket let out “crick-it, crick-it”
The orchestra followed suit and sounded out in cricket harmony
Cricket harmony so welcomed by this once lonely cricket

Off it hopped to join in the symphonic noises created by the once hidden fellow crickets

Crick-it, Chirp, Crick-it, Chirp, Crick-it......

Brian Hill - 2019 # 239
Felt a bit silly this morning..
Let your cricket orchestra sing out!
shamamama Sep 12
So What Exactly is Permaculture?

may not look like much to you
the messy garden,
a **** might look ready to pull out, you see it
cover the kale,
however it serves as a magnet for the beneficials,
the ones keeping vigilance
over  caterpillars
who love eating
dark leafy greens

penned from Bill Mollison (cocreating with David Holmgren)
the genius behind the word and the
understanding of “permanent agricultural system” hence permaculture
harmonious integration of landscape
and people
with sustainability at root of it

coining the term, after spending time in nature
and wanting to mimic nature  on the farm
it's all about relationship
it's all about respect
“Care of earth-and all life systems,
care of people
setting limits to population and consumption,
cooperation, not competition is the very basis of  existing
life systems and their survival”

why is that tree towering over that funny looking bean?
she is madre de cacao
mother of chocolate, planted over the cacao
trees giving shade and protection as chocolate grows
sweetly in shadow of mama glyrcidia

we welcome worms,
we welcome toads,
wasps do sting, but carry off caterpillars
even centipedes as long as they live in the garden
(please don't come in the house)

How did that small hill get there?
oh, the hugelkultur?
the place where we buried bent spoons,
broken buckets, rotten 2 x 4s,  piles of sticks,
and tennis shoes that flap,
cardboard, large logs,
pillows with no life, and the like, then
covered with soil and planted trees atop
We threw and grew it there

When we mulch, how muchling the chickens love the mulching
They kick and the spray all the mulch away,
Till bare naked sits the soil around the new tree
So, we love the coconut fronds we layer on top of
our pile, leaflets bind round their ankles –no more
kung fu chicken kicking straw

Community plantings,
as seen in forests layerings, moss and ferns at the bottom,
seem to naturally come when conditions just right
just the right moisture and temp,
invites next layers of herbs, low plants,
small trees then large trees
then the overstory
forest garden

Thank you  Mr. Mollison
For your observations and sharings
May you rest in the garden of peace
Bill Mollison passed away Sept. 24, nearly 3 years ago. Homage to his genius, and love of nature and humanity
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