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be careful when handling me.
my body was built with gunpowder,
and someone lit my fuse
long before we met.

be aware that at any moment,
I could burst.

you can run away now
and never look back,

or you can wait here with me
and together, we'll look up at the sky.

it's entirely your choice.

but, darling, if you can't accept
the chaos inside of me,

then you will have no right
to comment on
my beautiful explosion.
A poet or not
Others judge
Her death
Lit a light inside
Healing the soul
Vomitting venom
Drinking nectar
Call poems
Or otherwise
A poet or not
Others decide!
Lit lanterns
Lit up the lonely tree
The night knew its darkness
Was for all to see
For the lanterns, they knew
They lit what was to be seen
The tree
Forever, it knew
Inspired by a photo
Poetic T May 15
I'm so lit
you get a fake tan
             of my words.

                          But there so fake  
that it washes of quickly...
Amanda Apr 10
I was used for heat
Candle lit for awhile
Snuffed out with a pinch
You made me melt but I barely warmed your fingertips
N Mar 12
She struck a match and
lit the poet’s fire in me,

then left me to burn in
the flames of my loneliness

Now, I suffocate on the smoke,
and breathe it in like I write poetry
I am the fire that resides, the flame that burns into the deep. the spark that ignite unto that of what will not keep lit
Amanda Feb 21
I was somebody's someone once
Desired to keep me forever
Burn everything
And he was no exception
Our ties lit and thus severed
I am like a wildfire
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