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Theanm Ankh Nov 2020
She says,
"You should know, dear
"The world doesn't stutter when it walks,
"Not the way you
"Stumble through your thoughts." And
I wish I could untie
The spool of my mind
But I
Keep feeding it thread,
Hoping it will spill out my mouth in
A rainbow scarf
Written in place of the 26-page history project due Monday
CarolineSD Apr 2020
Where will I ever lay this love down
Like the mist above the mountains
That gathers and suspends within the waking sky
Until at once
The sun rises
And it falls
Like a child into her mother’s arms?

And the valleys
They rest
Quiet and calm
Sheltered within the soft fingers of a curling fog

And my heart
Is just like that

Heavy with the condensation of love

Held aloft by a darkness that refuses to rise
Thirsty for the first faint tendrils of light

That I may then, finally,
Release this love
And let it lie


Thick and soft and warm,
Curled around the valleys

Of a heart
Like my own.
OpenWorldView Nov 2019
count from one to ten
take a deep breath of fresh air
close your eyes, exhale
Empire Aug 2019
Trigger warning: Self harm, cutting

Lately, restraint has been my enemy
Too controlled
Too obsessive
Too withdrawn

But tonight
It saved me

In my head for dayyyssss
Endless barrage of temptation

...the scar has nearly faded...                          ...what if you just.....

...what would it look like...              

do you remember the feeling?

do you remember the rush?

don't you deserve that?


I was looking forward to it
But I knew I shouldn't
I reached out
Sought help

And you know what?
It felt pretty good.
Actually kinda proud of myself tonight
Elemenohp Jul 2019
I've never learned to wade in the waters of a soul before venturing deeper,
Instead I jump right in, an eloquent dive into the deep end.
Elemenohp Jul 2019
Paralyzed with possibility;
These choices stun something within me.
Yearning to grasp what it is I want,
Whilst keeping myself chained. A taunt.

The animal within stirs up a chorus of growls,
The innocence slips past that thought which fouls.

My claws are sharp. My teeth, the same.
I am one who can not be tamed.
Contoured Apr 2019
And in the smallest matter of time,
My hair went numb.
My eyes no longer heard the crude respiratory patterns of the fellow cynic.
My fingers saw the over-appreciated path away from the now.
The mind I'd so delicately restrained surcharged your hurtful chatter for the worthlessness it possessed.
For I had found not what I thought to be the whole of myself,
But what actually was.
Among the wilted carnations,
The shrunken produce,
The wasted inquisition,
All the places in which you dwell,
I will no longer.
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