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Melody Mann May 2021
Her hands are delicate from the burden she carries,
The lines seen on her palms trace journeys her ancestors traveled for her to be here today,
Her fingers grasp the pen firmly as she strokes a new narrative into existence,
Rings sparkle in the light with each motion as a symbol of sovereignty and culture,
Mehndi celebrates her heritage in a bashful pursuit for representation,
A female successor in the works,
Breaking the norms and defining her identity one step at a time.
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2020
I dream of yesterdays gone

Where laughter is heard and love everywhere

Letting me wander half-memories in a happy haze

Dry eyes
Warm cheeks

And in an instant it vanishes

Still smiling
Wake to cruel reality

And onto everything fading brain clutches uselessly

As if pursuing Eldorado or some other impossible treasure
Because the memories never stay
Charlotte T May 2020
My skin crawls in your presence now.
This aversion is painfully present,
deep-seated, inexorable.
My antipathy
I feel for you is

Grinding away the
rind of my rib-cage,
I will not let the disease reach my
My fragile lungs
my tender heart.

The veil of insects and filth
upon realization that it is time for me to go.
Weaponizing insect repellent
for the pursuit of freedom.
John McCafferty Mar 2020
A useful key to creativity
Write a list of things you need to
do today before you get distracted
by the brain to procrastinate
Prioritise three aims that helps you
produce to consume
The days flick through fast without
a view ahead of what to do
Life is shorter than expected so
hold a set of goals in pursuit
Looking back on what was done
later on fulfils a cycle to review
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Lim Peh Mar 2020
One must imagine Sisyphus ripped.
Shoulders like Boulders.
Quads like God's.
He was literally doing Olympian training!
I'm so happy with myself for thinking about that triple pun.
Ashlyn Yoshida Feb 2020
What exactly is happiness? Is it the hollowness in the chest when you've stopped crying and you feel like there's nothing left to do? Is it that feeling of wanting the world to stop so you can enjoy just a few more seconds of silence?
Is it being with friends and laughing until your gut hurts but then crying when you go home? Is it addictive like a drug?
Is the withdrawal from happiness the symptoms of depression?
does that mean we need happiness like we need oxygen?
Are we okay?
If the past can overshadow the present then what's the point of reminding ourselves about it?
There will always be bad things, we can't change that.
No. We could change that.
We just don't want to. Happy is fleeting and never stays. that's why we want it. We would hate happy if we had it forever.
But we chase it in circles, like greyhounds on a track, coming across it only to realize that it was fake all along and the real happiness
the real glow and joy
was that small second before the race, when you felt like you were finally going to reach it
And now?
Now you don't have it. Because you believed it would fix your problem.
Well. To the ones who believed they have found happiness I must ask you
Did it?
Àŧùl Jan 2020
I break hearts in this journey
But I am not proud of being a vandal
And I do not do it wantonly
My HP Poem #1823
©Atul Kaushal
Michael Marro Jan 2020
If the thrill of the hunt sets you a'flame
I long to be the man to play your game
But I'm not a beast to be satisfied with a bone
No "here's a scrap" now go on alone

For me, it's your divine feminine I pursue
The gods felt like showing off when they crafted you
Your sense, so dark, so deep, is what I'll follow
Don't short-shrift my time and make my efforts hollow

I'm in need of a feast - your body, your mind
My cravings won't end with wrinkled sheets and a bottle of wine.
Your flesh on my tongue is what I will savor
I'll eat you alive, if you'll return the favor.

I want to devour you whole
Your spirit, your soul
And once I've stripped you down to your core,
Only then, my dear, will we start the chase once more.
It's getting there. Maybe one or two more edits.
Working off a thought from "Shop" from IG @shestarteditpoetry . This doesn't do it justice, but it's a start.
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