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Night after Night
It eats from me
A piece of my soul I lose
With every new day I breathe

Its not easy
The world had warned me
It's not breezy
To pursue the dreams you see

Life is not fair
Not everyone can be the heir
This throne is for the brave
Not them who live only to reach their grave

But deep within I know the fights worth it
My heart wants this every bit
For every part of me I lose a new one will take form
For at the end of my pursuit a great man will be born.
I wrote this when i was in dire need of motivation and it seemed to do wonders for me. I hope it gives you the push you need.
Amanda Sep 14
Summer is leaving me behind
Though I wish I could go with
Following seasons is like
Chasing a monster you know is a myth

It does not make much sense to me
Living a stalker of the sun
The glare makes it hard to see
Smoke left rising from the gun

She is too smart, too fast, too fly,
For mortal man to hold
Many have given a lifetime
To catch her until they grow old

I know my place
I'm not ashamed
Let her slip away again
Just another way to reload
Ammo for my empty pen
Inspired by nature which seldom happens
F A Pacelli Aug 15
our fantastical future 
full of promise and joy
where dreams become reality 
where we go to die
Michael H Jun 14
Pursuit and glory
Hypnotic worry
Encumbered with fears
And latent tears
Change the gears
Of this atmosphere
I can’t hear
If she wants me near
Guilt and disaster
Take this faster
Keep it slow
Watch it glow
Nobody tells me
Anything I see
All I perceive
Is this apathy
Receiving back
That thievery
Laughing at that thirst
Absence is the worst
It has occurs to me that I am not posting my favorites here, I am being 'reasonable' How I write goes through a flux but these are the elders :)
beauty is a selfish pursuit. wild endeavours stood before me on short legs, her eyes seducing me with a look I’d never seen before. Her body was voluptuous; in a way that she could hide a flaw. with her smile, with her face I decided she was a canvas. she moved in feelings, and my brush was stiff. I couldn’t move her way so I made her move mine, and she obliged with a heart full of love. and she danced with her fingers between mine, so I would feel safe that her heart was with me. And now she moved in paint and my brush created a perfect picture of this woman who was mine. Although beneath the thick layer of colour I created for me, was not a blank canvas but a selfless soul who wanted to be free. A pursuit of beauty in another, for my own selfish needs. So I can hold her hand and call her my own. and so you see I’ve painted a pretty picture congratulate me. this canvas could’ve been many things and she hung herself upon a wall for me, to stay put forever.
a journeyman of
his craft - not bound by structure
but free in his thoughts
a haiku
Jenna Mar 4
Nothing can stop me now
not even this brick wall
that was filled with selfish emotions
of everyone that told me
that I couldn't do it
no one can break something this tall
however solidified it is
not even heaven and earth
can stop me now
as I trudge through
with heavy stomps toward
my goal that will keep me alive
in this uninspiring world
filled with vexatious people

I will do what I want
to achieve the highest standing
of emotional wellness
and pursuit of a thing called
Don't let others stop you from achieving your happiness and tell them to stop comparing it with theirs
Elemenohp Feb 20
Cravings I've had before are nothing compared to thoughts of you,
The desire of lust is nothing, compared to the motivation for a conversation.
Hit that switch and let your thoughts drown me, I can drink them all.
Flip that lever and I'll show you my endeavor, to learn all I can of who you are.
Excitement at the mere thought of a thought, of a thought.
You're in my dreams, boy.
You are my dream, boy.
To call it a crush would be false.
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