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Malia Jul 26
I spill over my skin
So messy, so messy
I am a puddle
You are a stone.

As you ๐’„๐’“๐’‚๐’”๐’‰
Into me,
It ripples my entire
๐’‡๐’‚๐’ƒ๐’“๐’Š๐’„ ๐–”๐–‹ ๐•“๐•–๐•š๐•Ÿ๐•˜
All while you canโ€™t
๐“•๐“ฎ๐“ฎ๐“ต ๐“ช ๐“ฝ๐“ฑ๐“ฒ๐“ท๐“ฐ
New stuff from old poems!
Brumous May 27
Fret not for being the submerged stone below.
You may hit rock bottom, and there may be nowhere else to go.
The surrounding water will harbor you from the noise.

All that matters is that you do not decide that you are bound to be there forever.
Sending myself a poem because I know I have an unhealthy habit of punishing myself whenever something goes wrong.
Isaace Oct 2022
It was as though we were cast in stone.
The weary ones knelt at the shore.
A fitting end to the journey,
Yet, our souls still danced on the old, iron roads.
For it was the weak among us
Who gazed at Medusa,
Fearing within their alloyed hearts
A cold, metallic fate:
To be left in stone on the old, iron roads.
I S A A C Sep 2022
staring at the horizon
waiting for what is yet to come
the moment is tantalizing
but my past is paramount
escape it for a night, once in a blue moon
take what I can get, embrace the wiggle room
not everything is set in stone and finished
not everything is as good as I predicted
I need to allow
I need to get out and touch some grass
make myself strong enough to last
LC Apr 2022
my first step cracked the ground like phyllo pastry / alarms pierced through dense air that struggled to reach my lungs / massive acrid pills fell from the darkening sky / inching closer to me with every second / as if the world was demanding for me to swallow them / my body absorbed lightning faster than it could ever charge through the sky / my heart seized with every glance / so I kept my eyes downcast / settling on a strong smooth obsidian / that rested below the ground / tremors overtook my hands / and I leaped onto the stone.
This is the poem I wrote for the first day of Escapril (created by Savannah Brown). The prompt is "when I opened my eyes," and this is my interpretation. I hope you enjoy it, and my poem for the second day will be posted later today!
Hermes Varini Feb 2022
Hwenne, och! slawlie IT, anโ€™ unco Licht!
Afoyr th' wounded frae Lyife Ghaist-Ancestors,
At Calanais Stane Sirkill Auld, anโ€™ Verra IT, Micht!
Wae th' Lost ay! o'er Deep Tyme Unforgivinโ€™,
Hidden Bleezan ay, Sacrificial Rite at Myrk Nicht!
Th' Stowed Oot Moon Conquerinโ€™ rayses IT, tae mee!
Amydde Thae Verra Bluish, cannae nowe ye a' see?
Cauld Cluds ay flashin', an' Verra Thay A' Hye!
Ainlie, ainlie Raw Rid Bridie sloch Ah!

A composition of mine in archaic Scottish as flowing into classical Latin, and as associated with the full moon as seen at the Callanish cromlech ("INTRA SACRVM CIRCVLVS"). โ€œWlfโ€ is an archaic Scottish variant for โ€œwolfโ€, whose character as thus naturally consistent with the presence of the full moon ("LVNA"), still unfathomable and intact, as a sheer phenomenon. "POTENTER" (adverb) reads "in a powerful manner". โ€œAhโ€ stands for โ€œIโ€.
Laia Blackthorn Feb 2022
Somewhere along the line, you changed.
You build walls all around you
and wore armor against the world,
You guarded your heart so well you could behave as though you didn't have one at all,
Even now, it's a shabby broken thing
but you still have it.
Not a heart of stone nor of ice,
But a fragile heart of glass
Sharpened through all its edges to stop anyone from getting in,
To stop the pain from getting out,

I understand why you wear armor,
That's why I wear it too.
calypso Jan 2022
warriors did not build
there barriers to be broken
made with a brave stone  
no push could penetrate

were an army of 86
to pull its length,
its fall would cause eruptions.
the land would be calm
never to experience destruction

where did they come from?
why do they build blocks?
how does an army dare
to divide the great wall?
my walls are my study block. i cant get myself to study for anything and I have my exams coming up. nice poem I got out of it.
the stone had been left alone
to trek in search of a pool
that when a child offered the stone a floatie
the stone turned down the offerย ย 
to drown
in the โ€œstoneโ€™s special poolโ€
maybe the insecurity/pride/resentment
adding a extra ton or two
When I started hitting the gym, I had no trainer, friends and what not. Today I laughed how flustered I was when this other gentleman came up to me to give me advice.
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