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annh Apr 2019
I dream of you...on nights when the world has worn me out and boxed me in.

Snippets of reality snatched and shackled to tear-away shadows which claw at the fabric of my being. A monstrosity who closes my throat and strangles my peace; who herds my sleeping thoughts towards the abyss; who, with beastly intent, braids my tresses into a net from which I cannot escape.

And who are ‘you’ anyway - my nemesis, my reflection, or myself?

‘One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious.’
- Carl Jung
Em Feb 2019
I'm the theory in your head
I'm the theory that's painted red
Planted in your garden bed

The choir of furies in your stead
The pack of doubts that never fled
She's the monstrosity that tore you to shreds
And I'm the ghost that saw how you bled.
reposting cuz i want aTTENTION
sophia Aug 2018
to all those cruel monsters out there

be aware of the hearts

that so easily tear

like a glass prism

filled with color

and so much love

but with little effort

you can easily break them

to all those jealous lovers out there

first ask the other one in your pair

what had happened or what they'd done

don't let your red jealousy

blot out the yellow sun

to all those cruel monsters out there

don't be

a monstrosity to humanity

don't paint your lover red

because it might all be in your head

and you just might hurt them

if you turn your rationality away

and lead your heart astray

don't hurt an innocent

don't break your lover's heart

because by doing so

you tear yourself apart

maybe she's done a bad thing

and broke your valuable trust

but don't measure her faults

with a long string

if she apologizes,

forgive her

if she leaves,

just miss her

maybe he's not as good as you thought

but don't let yourself be bought

by pretty things and subtle things

you should only be sought

if he continues,

leave him

if he stops,

love, forgive, and forget

please, don't be

a monstrosity to humanity

don't have a jealous monster

living inside of you

like it lives inside of me
Santanu Apr 2018
"They" tore her apart
Her soul, screams were second to none,
Beasts are safer here
Because "They" stick to their kind...
AD Snail Jan 2017
My heart aches with agony.
Everything is spinning around me,
My mind is racing and my brain is being picked away by these thoughts.
Its troubling me terrible so.

My lover have I lost you to the monsters in your closet?

Why are you so willing to let me go,
And hurt all those innocent people?

I am diving in deep,
Scratches and bruises are appearing upon my tender skin,
But I am willing to dive deeper, and deeper,
Till I reach you even though I am in great discomfort.

The injuries to my heart never stop it from loving you so,
I never can despises you or think ill of you,
Even though you pass around that poison like its a medicine that will save.

It stings you know, my dear one.
I tear up every time I think of you and your twisted doings,
But I some how forgive you,
And fall into this fake mind set that you are truly a generous human being.

My troubled lover, please put your attention on the issues at hand,
Stop your foolish judging and giving everything the knowing glimpse.

You feel so superior to the rest, never looking back once at your destruction,
Calling it a master piece; a fine piece of art.
Please stop this ridiculous game and playing everyone like a pawn.

My troubled lover, oh how I wish you would notice how all these burns affect me.

I wish you would just glance back at least once,
And notice how much I love you so.

My troubled lover,
You are a monstrosity that brings depression and illness,
To those that already weak.

My lover you aren't the person I once loved,
You are now a troubled soul that spreads the infection to others.
Amber Oct 2014
The jabberwock is a monstrosity
Wings poised to fly
where its beauty might be appreciated better;
and I think all it needs to know is that there are people who love it, people it loved,
once upon a time
before time leaked
and reduced it to monstrosity.
[Poems for you] A collection of poems written for some of the people I hold dear to me.
Infinity Leander Sep 2014
look at you,
little selfish man.
is this what you want to be?
dismissing everyone and closing
yourself to help.
hiding behind big guns and words
with no meaning.

look at you,
little selfish man.
when will you understand
that it is not about you;
that your feelings do not matter
when there's a whole new world
to see

look at you,
little selfish man.
when will you learn
to show kindness
instead of judgement;
to be human
instead of this
you've become

look at you,
little selfish man,
and be ashamed.

— The End —