One can never be friends with the devil.
Just as he smiles easily, he can toss
you in the oven.
The wise words of my mother loool!
Lyn xxx
Tanaya 2d
I want to stay with the angels,
just a little bit longer.
Till I am one of them,
and they are one with me.
Till I teach them to write
their own destiny.
Till they hear me sing
the songs of the wild,
and twirl on the faraway tune,
write of the loss of a fire,
and fantasize of the sensuality
between my scars and the craters on the moon.

I want to nurture the angels,
to tantalize their demons,
spread their wings
and dance on the oceans,
to smile just right
and give the look half wrong,
I want to show them just for once
where they belong.

And once they start living their lives,
you shall see,
even the angels are but devils
like you and me.
Let me stay here,
and fuse into them my symphony.
Just a little bit longer,
It won't take time, I promise.
Give me a day,
I can make anybody get carried away,
I'm not proud of it.
Ilion gray Aug 10
Who are you?

There was a shaking of the universe

Out from the naked space

Fell everything dark

Down from the branch’s of heavens

Fell everything empty

Only one,

could name all of the

Dripping drops

That fell,


Every sort

Of stellar cloud

That day,

              The devil is a graviton,

He is inside of the air,

He is the whispering sound

That runs away to escape

the wind,

Then cowers and creeps,

Behind it.

The wind,

Who comes and goes at the will

Of god,

The devil is always there...


Shut up your ears,

And cover your eyes,

Say nothing,

And breathe quietly

                For, the devil is a graviton

And you are standing deep inside

his palm,

The sunken shadows shaking

Are his ancient fingertips

His swollen knuckles aching

Too weak to close his wicked fist,

Yet crumbling his cursed fingers come,

You must not wait any longer,

You must not fear,


Go out toward the crashing pieces of

The devils broken hand,

There where the ground is breaking

Where the living trees

and great grass fields that sway

Are eaten up

By relentless waves

Of vengeful flames as if

The Angel of God’s anger

Stood out, on the edge of the land

The strength of its wings

Ripping time

From space,

The presence of its being,

Like a lightning storm

Setting the spinning earth on fire,

And everything else was devoured

By oceans,

as if only for this day,

leviathan was starved for aeons

Yet his stomach never shrunk

And the wrathful waves

The teeth of the beast

Will eat you up.

              The devil is a graviton,

Run out toward the battle as the devil

Sends his sons to silence you

Into darkness  

Let your works reflect the

Light of the kingdom and

The glory of the  

True god!

And you shall have no fear!

For Jehovah your god,

Does not know fear!

Run out as the hand of the Devil

Collides with everything,

And if you die while reflecting

The last ray of light

As the sun is setting on

Life’s last day....

Then at that very moment..

You will never die again!

This is what Jehovah

Of Armies is giving,

A choice

To die, or live

A life,

Without ending!

Inspired by Jeremiah 21.

And Jeremiah 22:29.
read Jeremiah 21,. and Jeremiah 22:29
Chase S Aug 6
I loved how you were so full of shit
Your words overflowing your mouth
Like a waterfall falling into an abyss
Your eyes telling lies when you look into my eyes
Damn, I should've realized sooner

You would hug me from behind and tell me everything is alright
But telling me things are alright are the biggest lies used by mankind
Thoughts overflowing my brain saying "believe these words i promise things will be okay"
Fuck, I should've gone against my brain that day

I said i was done one day, done with all this shit
And thats when i realized that your eyes were full of sick
Feelings of disbelief because I said that I quit
The next day you found a new subject to invest in

I feel sorry for the subjects, your purchased souls
Trapped for your own amusement
What a fucking tortured soul
You say you love them, but as soon as their done
You lure in a new victim with your fallen angel eyes
Your just a devil in disguise

You cant handle your feelings
The depression within
So you take it out on your victims
Showing them feelings you cant even invest in
Showing them love and caring for their lives
But you cant do that if you hate your life

The line "you cant love others if you dont love yourself"
Comes true enough to a broken cell
Your soul is trapped behind bars you created
To repress the feelings your family created
This is about a shit head I had a thing with.
To construct wisdom requires fulfilling experiencing life,
without fear and obligation to humanity, musings end up,
caring and laying thought out for others to interrupt or to
disregard, only in boredom can desire happening, a life
without action results of constant yearnings, only hopeless
romantics die of a broken heart and those who had gone
out into the world with insecure intent and sinful manner
veiled over with ego live out remaining days with shame.
Larri Aug 7
She was the angel who got left behind
During the fall she wasted her time
Singing to the daisies, humming hem to sleep at night.
She watched as the devil, crept toward the innocent being.
She could've stopped him, but she laid down to sleep.
That was the day, daisies withered away.
A girl just like her, fooled by a snake.
She could only watch in, wishing to return.
To the time when she could reverse.
All the pain that would go on, the woman would die.
All because she needed and extra hour of sleeep that night.
Not saying somthing terrible happens if you don't do one little thing. But it's hard to find motivation sometimes, or all the time. Good luck c;
Kuvar Aug 4
reality is a devil’s lie
It sprouts questions hauling
“where is your God??? “
Job resisted those lies  
Lucifer fled away from him
So when the devils sows
realistic seeds in your life
Face him with the truth
Jesus is the truth
The devil will lie to you in the name of death of a loved one but this is the time you should hold on to the truth of this trials.. don’t let you faith shake.
Kit Aug 4
We truly did feel the devil inside

Old castles hold a beautifully dark aura that poisons the mind

with dark energy and the need to keep the pain alive that we caused in others

Never let that energy die and never surrender to the forces that want to hold you down,

but rather make them feel a bullet in the head

cause you can beat them down and break free

And in the end tell them I  wish you hell

because looking at you simply just makes me love the way you hate me

Make them feel the bitterness in your heart
and see the chaos that is dominating your mind like a storm
Based of one of my favourite bands, Like A Storm, check them out...
Kit Aug 4
Little broken home has lost me, small passions creeping over dusted skin like gritted teeth in a monsters maw.

I lost you long ago
and finding you was never an option and hell I know you don't even want me back, but baby situations have changed and certain desires need me and you to be together.

I felt a connection to you once, long ago in a passed lifetime and with hopes I can build it up again
to make this work.
Are you willing to try?
Are you willing to be mine?
Are you willing to find out if we can be united in a bond made for love but based on lethal bitterness?

I can't promise kindness,
but I'll promise to be fair,
I won't make you bleed for another man's crime.
Don't think you are better off dead, when it's my hand you are playing against, I am evil and you hate me, but face the devil to change it.

All hope is long lost, and bitter birds have left an empty nest with foul eggs and a golden promise to raise hell upon your face. I tell you, you are lost and not better off dead, but better off rotten in the ground with the skeletons dirty minds monsters.

It's not force, but still not a choice, just really bad opinions, and don't try to find out the glorious tragic pain in your heart that will be revealed at a refuse of this demand.
Don't know what made me write this. A surpressed inner crisis I guess...
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