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Yemaya Jun 18
The devil is knockin'
cracking up whilst you're talking
all your words are gettin' slurred
too bad your pleas of mercy shall not be heard

You'll pay for all the hurt
you'll sink down in the dirt

"Curse you devil!"

down with you
down to the herd
of all the other evils hell bears
She has the spirit of a wolf that belongs to every man
Built a pack and conquered all crowns
Hides silently in every closet, worn as dress exquisitely covered with thorns
She gathers all with just a whisper, and rules over with a simple tug of the string

As passing mist;
smoke and mirrors of devil's
magic red right hand.
Under his ******* hanging coat;
hangs speculated thoughts and myth.


Is all to self.
Thanks be unto God,
For every good and perfect gift
Comes down from the Father of lights
Who causes us in Christ
The world to overcome
And to joyfully sing.  

I am a man flawed,
A Christian the Devil will sift
For a season.  But the serpent bites
His own tongue, in time; and I, imparadised,
Will ask him when he's dumb,
Death where is thy sting?
Broken Pieces Jan 11
I didn't it until it was too late,
Who knew that this would be my fate.
Looking in those eyes I can't turn away,
Seeing that smile and I want to stay.

You are so beautiful in every single way,
You make me smile and brighten up my day,
You see me and make me feel special,
Who knew you were my deal with the devil
Crucifix Oct 2021
The streets have begun to settle, the lights are getting dim. The clouds roll in like shadows, the songs have turned to sin.
Where were the heroes on high? Where were the stories they told? The sun has sank into the graves with the heroes of old.
Snipes Oct 2021
Beautiful Soul tunes booming
A dance with the devil looming
****** tendencies, stop assuming
Only one way to bring me down
Is with hex bags, have them drag me around
Hell on Earth by my 22 piece bringing peace
A paradox, a pair of docs couldn’t pick up on
Point blank piercing ears, hiding wounds tear
I point blanks just to introduce fear
I shoot rounds just to step with the devil’s snare
Conjure up the hellhounds for this is their heaven here
The good Lord and his reverend
An a irrelevant justice for revenge ends
I’m hell bound, show me the hellhounds
I can’t let these last few rounds go to waste now
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