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Iska 7d
Today a devil
crept from the shadows
and whispered in my ear
“you are simply not strong enough to survive the storm.”
So I looked her in the eyes
with a set jaw and steel for eyes and whispered back
“darling can’t you tell? I am made of stars and storms and you are simply not strong enough to survive ME”
The devil on my shoulder
is here again,
his words echo in my ears,
trapping me in his petty lies.
I’m sinking deep into
his blue eyes,
luring me through his seductive
slowly but steadily
he is erasing my
until there is nothing left
except emptiness inside my soul.
A collab writing I did with a photographer
UA Slam Sep 16
Anxiety creeps on you in the night with no warning through light
It follows you everywhere like a shadow in darkness and light
It covers you up like a devil on your shoulder every time
He sticks on you like Velcro and you don’t notice because he is light
It whispers and sometimes screams in your ear words you don’t want to hear
It drowns you, overcomes you and you just want to swim to the light
It is in these troubled times you need a friend to help you through it
Trust me it helps to have a friend by your side, let them be your light
It’s in these times, it attacks you. You want to scream for it to go
Though fight it and challenge it with all your might. Darkness vs. Light.
~ Soph Buenviaje
Horrid actions
Lives lived for lives
Hapless people living
Caved in throats
With words unspoken.
Hurting era of
Lost desire;
Hateful speakers,
Smoldering fires;
Storms that threaten,
Not just the weather;
People that won't work together.
Hate and anger
Running free-
and twisting me.
In this world
That speaks of doom,
Living, trapped, inside our rooms;
Every day, the news gone bad-
Needling us,
To make us mad;
A thousand things,
The disaster
In which we are participating.
I cant unsee
Or deny
These things, events
That make me cry-
But I wont give in,
And thusly lie;
That its all ok,
Everything is fine.
Shea Sep 15
A questionable cause,
conformed in my mind
Poisoned solutions
And pollution behind my eyes
Behind those eyes
I used to know
What I was like

A scratch to see what's underneath
A familiar smell
Of bleak recollections

Wish life repeated level headed

The devil's armada
Subliminal poison
I've never once met the devil
Although I've felt his presence
Inside my cavernous skull
After torch extinguished
A couple of licked fingers
Linger in smokey darkness

I've never once met the devil
But I believe I've seen him before
Among dust in the history books
Captured in stills on a film reel
Hollywood crooks misunderstood
The good die when earth is shook

I've never once met the devil
So how will I know I've found him?
Will weapons be pointed?
Will garments be square?
Maybe I'll test the milky waters
See which army drowns me there
Poem #10 from my collection 'A Shropshire Grad' assesses evil and darkness in the world. Originally inspired by Nigel Farage.
Hatred  dies
At love's spell
That's why
Love is devil's peril
Love believes
In common weal
Devil believes
In underhand deals
Love is creative
Devil is destructive
Love is divine
Devil is crime
Love, love
All the time
To tread
The path divine
In writing
What's the harm
I shall practice
If I find time
May be some
Get enlightened
By the spirituality
I betray

Put Satan in his place
or he'll find a place


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