Would you still write a poem
if you knew no one would like it?
would you still post a poem
if you knew no one would love it?

Do you write poetry for you
for your own satisfaction?
do you write  poetry specifically
for popularity and attraction?

Does your poetic head
rule your poetic heart?
Does your ego control your thoughts
from the very start?

Have you an angel on your shoulder
guiding your hand and loving mandate?
have you demons in your fingers
driving a devil's advocate?

Lo B 1d

The devil is inside us
First he crawls in our brains;
swims in our veins
Hides in the inner workings of your soul
Comes out to play at the times where
He smells the weakness of another pouring out of their skin
The scariest part about him isn’t the plan of attack
It’s how you never know when you’re dealing with him
He disguises himself as God
His goodness radiates from your pores letting the naive population
Become your personal disciples
Then it’s too late.
He has you in his fiery fists
But you don’t know that you’re burning until you’re crumbling out of his hands
Into a mound of black dust at his feet
Is it he who’s the devil?
Or is it me?

we all have a little evil in us...

A lurking butterfly in my breath wanders upon a cliff

Love curse stolen by the Devil’s muse ode to my veins

Coaxed in sobriety, affixed enchanting spells on wet paces

Itches a soul’s damp corners as hips sway for Thy grace

Quench the thirst of a thousand splendid dicks and clits on my belly

Tis’ tongue shatters my swollen pride or envelope my throbbing knight

Spoil me away in disgust of burning words, carve me in and out of clay

In between clenched thighs as I die and breathe your juices subtle play

Lick the musk off my neck and splatter across the stars for all see me slay

Devour my flesh and memory o’ the night God wasted me ruin to angels dismay

Hold still inside my belly, or let me faint as I drink your shame, dance on my face n dive

Hold me close till you break my bones, in the house of fire for you’re my master as demons finger me five

as old as dragon bones
the devil laughs without a smile
his silver eyes glint with deceit

an angel whispers a lullaby
her rose quarts eyes sparkle
with the dust of goddesses

as opposite as day and night
yet they sit atop familiar shoulders
and steal glances at one another
between protruding collarbones

misty Jul 14

straddling between heaven and hell
stood a tall figure - face sewn into a smile
he looked at me as chills danced down my spine
flummoxed, he told me
i'm taking you tonight

tonight, i wanted to die, just like he did, what was the point of being without him ?
CeilingStar Jul 9

the devil will drown you
dead before dawn

heart in your hand
hold it too tight

hurt shoots down your spine
love pools in your bones

the earth will hold you
squirm in the dirt
under its spell
cast by the devil

held in a

there you lay
beneath cold clammy earth

death cannot be undone
not unwritten
crawl or beg
but you cannot break the spell

from ashes of soil
my soul will rise
garden of decay
and mould my home

I have paid my price
shed my skin
died within


Seema Jul 9

If you rock me down from a mile,
I'll still be smiling like a crazy fool
It might hurt me for a while
Coz I am not made of sheep wool

The hatred you flare from your gaze
Shows your inner most reflection
The invisible flames that blaze
Has burnt all my forward affection

Chuckles a voice, only eyes could read
From behind the screen
Someone has planted a poisonous seed

I can feel the evil smiky grin, hissing
And your eyes fixed reading the fake
I purely feel your emotions, missing
For you've been long awake

The delicious words spoken in tongues
More like a psycho, pretending to be God
The enmity loads darkness in tonnes
And slithers you, with a lizard tongue sword

I've never seen you in such a state
It's now visible whose behind it all
You're just one of its bait
It's just fishing, from the otherside of the wall

The attraction is quite magnetic
As the devil now, sounds more like God
Making lives his slaves as pathetic
It doesn't seem, like it's bored...


DJ Jul 8

A man once approached a young girl,
She was 9 years old,
The man knelt down and handed her a flower,
"I will always be here for you," he says with a grin,
The little girl smiles her little girl grin.

The man approached her once again,
She was 13 years old,
Scared of being a disappointment
Feeling anxious,
The man walked over to the girl and took her hand,
"I will always be here for you," he said from deep within.
She smiled her happy grin.

A different man approached her,
She was 16 years old,
And dancing in her room,
He took her by the hand and grabbed her waist,
Leading her in a romantic dance,
"Just follow me, to feel romance," he said smirking,
She smiled an uncertain smile.

The devil approached her,
But he's visited her once before,
Leading her in a dance,
But left her heart tore,
She walked around with her devilish grin,
Breaking every guy's heart,
Not caring about within.

The strange man she met at 9,
Walked over to her and took her hand,
But the devil came as well and grabbed her other one,
Each one pulling hard until the man let go,
"I'm not fighting. For I am the Almighty. You must choose," he said,
The girl yanked her hand out of both of theirs,
The devil whispered in her ear,
"You can't fight this storm,"
The girl smirked and whispered in the devil's ear,
"I AM the storm," she said.
So she walks with God and
Dances with the devil,
Proving she is a storm with power.

Zan Balmore Jul 7

I don't even know what to say anymore
I've used the word word and words
too many times and I'm in
something of a rut
dominated by a state of nigh infinite flux
the problem is I'm aiming an empty gun
at yellow iron ducks, red horned devils
thinking the same few thoughts again, again,
again, stuck casting such dark spells
spinning the wheel, ever on the carousel
all i do is cast dark spells
all i do is tell true stories
as if they were tall tales
when i could scribe my life
as if it were fiction

common dark spells

Little lady, devil in her heart,
holding you tight
for a chance at a new life.
Until there was her,
there was no weaving
deception. Tricking,
trickling, dancing
winding around your lips
and drawing you in
with the current of her gaze.
No more death for her,
not a second time,
that's what she wants.
Theft, deft, sifting
through your mind
with trickster fingers
with desperation concealed
deep within her eyes,
always trying to find a way
to take one last breath.

~~ Inspired by The Beatles. ~~
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