As we fell,
Into those depths I proceed to dwell,

The devil emerges from your delicate shell,

Only to maliciously tell,
This world to endure would become my hell.

He smiled the way lucifer did when he fell
Becoming part of hell
He laughed the way a witch would cackle
Leaving my heart in a ramshackle
Taking souls to the inferno
Your touch as cold a inverno
All quiver and wonder what nightmare you came from
Thinking about you makes me squirm
You are lucifer formly known as my lust lover
You have too many secrets to uncover
What a tragic tale of pain
For a world so mundane
Every crime you commit makes you sicker
You are my sinful lust lover , known as  Lucifer

Just a little tale of the hearts sinful desires, I hope one person can understand.

Tick. Tock. Two hundred down.
Swindled minds flock
so easily into their cages,
sealed vents pushing gas into their lungs.
Carpenter's masterpiece.
Hooks hanging from walls,
bloodied chains supporting old bones.
Mirror image rooms kept secret, filled
with decay and trapped ghosts. The neon
sign flickering. 'Hotel'.
Pulling the moths in with its fire,
ready to burn them.  

Tick. Tock. Twenty seven around.
The drugs were inefficient -
they never slept forever.
I had to help them get there. I was born
with the devil in me
and he sings like a poet in the shadow of evil.
I feel their blood on my hands and I enjoy it.

Tick. Tock. Nine were found.
"Satan corrupted me, controlled me."
"I am imprisoned within myself, I swear."
"He made me."
The lever is flipped, I fall.
My neck does not snap.
Instead, I struggle, the air being forced
from my body. Darkness comes
after the fond memory of a knife in my hand
and blood on the walls of my murder castle.

~~ Grim inspiration taken from a serial killer. ~~

Men loves to play god; but if you are to play God; you must acquaint yourself with the Devil.
As for ever man who plays God, must also play the Devil too

I hope you wern't planning on recinding or otherwise negating
Any sort of promise or promises you may have made
It would be a shame if you came out all this way
Just to find that I take great pains in the protection of my name

Or more likely you'll be the one in pain

Offered to hell as an infant I was born admist flame
Knocking down doors with each new refrain
Quick wit and free form thought
Fought off devil after monster every cut or wound a stain

You've no idea just how much I stand to gain

Tempt fate
Take that jump
You'll need a name change, and multiple states
Later I'll still find out
Treck though death itself, and
I'll teach you what my lifes about

Make your call, and make it now

I'm getting really fucking bored


I've never felt anything so pure that the texture of your skin.
I've never saw anything as malefic as your eyes on me.
I've never felt something as delicious as your tongue between my legs, possessing my whole body.
I'v never felt anything as painful as when you throw away after.
I never felt so good as when I understood that the devil had just licked me.

geeqii Apr 20

You've won.
Successfully ruling my mind
Preoccupying my time
Rewinding, this space I live in.

Old thoughts
Constantly re-found.
Re-hashed, what a sick blend.

Similar memories
Getting the best of me.
As I find nothing of value.
Only used temptations
Bending toward aggravation.

With this
Single expression
Tells the story of my current state.
Written blankly upon my face.
It's obvious, of course, my hatred toward you.
You crooked tooth'd devil you.

Thigh high boots.
Cruel rules.

..How foolish I was.

Disheveled, I'll go.
Spiraling forward.
Toward my willed interaction with you.
Just a reflection of separate truths.
One Evil.
One Good.

Alva Cardona Apr 16

Revenge is a demon that’s hard to exorcise,
and forgiveness, an angel sent by the god of Mercy.
The devil hovers on my left shoulder, the seraph lies
on the right, and each one is the purest expression
of love and hate, temptation and conscience.

They both whisper sweet nothings in my ears,
trying to comfort me, to free me from the loud
thoughts in my head and the torture of silence,
while the smells of heaven and hell surround
me and hang heavy in the air

like sulfur and petrichor,
like fire and rain

that excite and soothe
my spirit,
that consume and flood
my mind.

They’re both
looking out for me.

They both
want my happiness.

They’re both protective and want
to sate me and save my soul in
their own righteous ways;

to take me by the hand
and walk by my side
on whatever path
I choose.

Dark Delusion Apr 14

From the aesthetic paint on her face,
To the long black dress taunting all her flaws.
From the start of her dangerous locks,
To the sharp high heels.

Her expression shows her interest in you,
Before hunting down another prey.
Her voice like an angel sent from hell,
Her existence is flaming hot and not as innocent as it seems.

She locked eyes with you,
With a smirk so playful.
She tore her gaze away just to look at your lips,
you licked your lips provocating her urge to kiss you.

She stood up and smoothed her deep black dress,
Before making her way to the empty seat besides you.
She licks her lips in a lustful manner,
As she stares teasingly into your warm brown eyes.

You leaned in for a quick kiss,
Before smiling with an I-want-more expression.
Your smile turned into a frown,
And you noticed what you've done.

The pleasure to you,
Turned into a disgusting displeasure.
You abruptly stood up,
And fastened your gaze onto her evil smirk.

You made your way away from her,
As she saw you fell to the ground like dead weight.
She smirked at your stupid body,
As she laughed loudly.

You just made a deal with the devil,
By kissing her poisonous lips.

saranade Apr 8

My freedom of expression,
Or, freedom to exist...
I've had to suppress, any implication,
That I was free, IT was free,
Or that I could rest.
My obligations became innovations,
My "freedom" was a serious test.

Shut my mouth.
Silence my thought.
Burn holes in my own sky...
To survive,
Just to... Get by.

There's no blood on the hand
of the devil begging for a gun...
But, the blood of my son,
My thoughts, my thighs,
My sun, my sky...
I'm paralyzed.
I idealized and fantasised
...a metaphor...
Something in-between dead and alive.

But this is literal.

Cry freedom for a body that fails.
An existing breath that bent steel.
Locked in the prison with 10 wardens.
Slave to a super power.
And I'm furious you sent me a bill.
I ate your currency.
I'm... Fed... Up.

Your devil is free to stare,
poke fun and share
...the misery... suffering...
I'm paralyzed.

This is literal.

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