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Lost. Where am I? Cold earth beneath me; bleak, vast, dripping darkness surrounding me. Alone, and lying at the bottom of the Devil's Kettle. I search inside of myself. I am empty. No mettle to stir, nothing inside myself to waken me from this darkness. Drip, drip, goes the saddening darkness enshrouding me. Once I had zeal. It is hard to imagine now. I am a shell, or not at all myself. There is no help. None who know of the black hole in which I lie. And if they did, how could one reach down a hand to lift me up? ***! ***! ***! The One who blessed me with strength, the One who took my strength. Cast me not headlong; lift me up with your victorious right hand. ***! ***! ***! Day upon day I cry out. Day upon day the earth beneath me lifts up.  Pain, pain, it washes away, weighted chains are falling loose, He elevates my sunken earth. Until the hole I lie in is no longer a hole, but is level earth in the light of day. Birds twitter, flowers are in bloom, the sun is shining through the trees. My world completely changed and better than last I was here. Life and new song are inside of me. ***! ***! ***! Out of the miry bog you have rescued me and strengthened me anew. Praise! Praise! Praise! Blessed be your name!
duncan 2d
i dont want to look at the
stars anymore.
the devil put them
on my ceiling
when ***
came to visit.

unlike most stars
the light wont make me
whole. i am so ******* empty
in this night sky. there is
so much open space and
i would fill it all
with these anchors
if i could.

you should never
trust anybody. except the sidewalk
it is there when you need it
it has YOU in mind.

people will find one
million ways to break your heart.
maybe a million and one
if you give them enough time.

my eyes burn so easy in the
light, it is so far from who
i am it is so alien.

dont ever trust a wolf
or a *****. they only
want food when you
are hungry. drugs when you are
dying. clothes when you are
freezing. love when you are

and if you show
an inch of flesh
she will smell the blood
beneath it. it is a
shallow tide in heaven
if *** is what youre after.
dairy 2d
a warm sheet to comfort
us from the cold
of the room

a sun kissed hair i smell
as we cuddle
through the night

to question what we are
to question where we'll be
you gave my heart a beating
adrenaline rushing

my poor eyesight
made it difficult to see
in the dark
but a foreign image
in my head
made it clear,
a neurotic blueprint

we were anxious
we are doubtful
but the moment we stopped
it all began

an angel in the night
a heaven in ****
now we bind
by the kiss
in the devil's hour
The simple life of pillows
Or clouds
Both being of stellar variety
the burning gasp of being saved
everything goes eventually
If  you leave the room
The space will be missing something;
When it is found
A trillion Seconds you
thought you lost
will catch up to you
All things return
To their someplace;
Now all that is earthly
around me
has begun to rustle
And wave
There is no other planet to go
There is no farther away
The machines are eating the child’s
The air is bleeding
It’s invisible hue
The earth in search
Desperate to borrow
pilfered from
Everything with an ending
The hour is coming,
You and I will seek
It to;
Just up that way
Then to the right
Through the frozen fields
of nimbus Pass
Just a horseshoe
toss from
the holy
Where nothing falls
While the drifting spritzes
Do not drip
But climb
The mountain staircase
Of night;
I will go.
Because the hour draws close;
And soon when the
Unending dusk grows
No road will be empty.

Perhaps I will
Return to someplace
That will only be a place
Once I’ve arrived
Perhaps a lost stone
I’ll build a throne and observe
The might of the almighty
The Strong roots of infinite
Shades of blackness
Where all creation
Here I stand on the shore,
slowly drifting into its endless

If my path be nirvana,
and you, the

Then lay waste to the shore,
and let reality be,
Megan 6d
Angel littered with scars, her halo askew above her head. Worn wings turned black and blue, *****. No longer white and pure; she's seen too much to remain white and pure.
Poor angel girl.
Poor angel girl with trauma igniting her senses. Rain soaked hair, mascara paints her eyes black, smudged crimson lipstick resembling the blood she plans to spill.
Angry angel girl.
Angry angel girl with boiling blood and fingertips of venom. Touching lives and turning them to ash. Falling asleep to the screams of those who hurt her.
Angel turned devil.
Angel turned devil with sunken in eyes, pain hidden behind the blue. White knuckles gripping onto reality, she doesn't want to be alive anymore. Losing control, losing control, losing control.
Devil girl.
Devil girl with no soul, spitting on the lives of those who wronged her. Pulling strings like a puppet master, karma at work. No-one hurts an angel girl and gets away with it.
I dance with the devil,
sheathed in a red satin dress.
A most nefarious yearning,
will soon give birth to,
an irrational fixation.
My carnal desires finally assuaged.
Caution thrown to the wind,
in the name of gratification.
How does it feel to be free at last?
Soaring above the constraints of society.
Breaking free from the shackles I once wore.
I tenderly embrace what some would condemn.
I dance with the devil,
and I feel no shame.
Accepting yourself as you are
Nyx 6d
Photographs of ***** bodies
Positioned across a bed
Seducing one other
By the gleam in our eyes
Dressed with the desirable color of red
Our lips dripping with pure ****
Forever but a mere inch away
Eternally unreachable
As pretend is what we like to play
Trace the outline of my body
Feel the softness of my skin
Dine upon the devils wishes
Give in to this lustful sin
Embrace the coldness of the night
Be intoxicated by our heat
Eyes glazed over from this dream
Slowly lose your willingness to fight
Taste the sweetness upon your tongue
Allow us to quench your thirst
But once you taste heaven gates
You will eternally be cursed
Drunken off the beating sound
Of our hearts within perfect synch
Pleasure induced by feeling Pain
Holding on tighter to that chain
Bruises and bite marks
Littering the skin
Relinquish your demons
Fall captive to that sinners grin
Harsh whispers in the dark
Lips pressed against your neck
Tempt me with such sins
my darling

My dear the night has only begun
Decipher what you truly want
As it seems our game of play is done
Both lost within an ecstatic dream
It appears that neither of us have won
Dirtied souls are all that are left
Without meaning or for reason
What have we done?
an echoing question
The devil replies with a taunting voice
My darling you have become undone
With a sly grin he walks away
Eroding into the dark of night
While the tainted souls
Together with their hands holding tight
A game that they were destined to lose
We have danced with the devil tonight
And it appears he has won.

It was a late night and the words were just coming to mind
So I ended up stringing this odd piece together
Daisy Marrow May 2014
I'm bleeding out
and all you do is watch me drain.
I gave you my heart
but you've got the devil in your soul,
so you tore it apart,
piece by piece.
I'm left with nothing but the stars
So I drink to wash away the pain it brings.

I'm your **** of the night,
but not if this drink does it first.
I'm already half drained.
All I ever gave you was everything
from the very beginning
and now you've thrown it all away.

You were once my brother
and I still believe underneath that skin,
and all your sins you're still human.
You were once holy and sane
but it's hidden somewhere lost in the dark.

All I do is drink your poison.
I let it consume me.
Every inch of my body
until I'm finally able to feel nothing.
Only then will my heart stop aching
and my body stops bleeding.
I greet the dark like it's a friend
that helped me escape.
I'm no longer here to see what happens next.
I'm gone and buried away.
My last drink was the most bitter
but it was such a relief.
Dean Winchester & Soulless!Sam Winchester
Bullet 7d
I'm drowning in the falls
While I have these angels
Who sing so well
But I know their sirens  
Are just the serpents tongue twisted
They say this is a revenge for a Poet
But I'm just not for-showing it
The warning could be
To look in the devils eyes
N' see how dark the world is
How really it can be filled with these demons

I've honestly never been afraid
Until I've seen where the granite path leads
To these burning bedded plates laid
Each step is a wise one
Thinking of a chip on the shoulder
Never gets you ahead
I'm leading to wake up at the end
Of the waters one day
The shattered pieces of love sending me down

Falling from Heaven and living on ****
Angel casted but now can tell
Sowed the grace to the soul
Ready to die for an entirety
She gotta know how it feels

I've entered a void to bring me to
An Adam n' Eve garden
Wondering around can't learn
Where to meet such light eyes
Demons have me playing their dance
But an Angel is out there
Wishing a piece of grace would grace her

I'm still walking with demons
Devilishly dressed but coating
A layer that can not be detailed
So whats my route to derail
Live while you can no longer live it
But will your soul be up lifted

Im ******* the way she feels
Thats just the heart pouring out
Love toxins for the siren to bring
The heart beat with each step
To the music
Makes you sway in between
Feeling the curves to
Where you should've been

Falling down hasn't reach the level
To where sanity is found
Waking up seeing **** or love
No longer laying around
Graced without a soul
I need someone majestic
Angelic loved like a lost relic
I want heaven love thats outta this real iced fall world
Falling out of love is some tough ****.
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