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DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, don't be fooled please:)

if fear was an actor
he would be a walk of hope in specks of despair
an undeniable attractor

disguised in a dress  
maybe a dull maybe a shine
of extravagant happiness

shaded in deceived colors of enthusiasm
pretentious upon the safe shallows of death
killing a devilish grin with pure sarcasm

Van Xuan May 29
We all have our devils in us
But nobody want to admit it openly
Because one can be seen as a monster
To the eyes of the people around us
I'm nothing but a monster to the people around me
War zone in my brain,
Nothins really the same,
Exepct my heart that’s same,
But my brains not the same,
Sufferin depresseion that I cannot tame,
Losing my mind it feels like everyday,
Drowing in thoughts and my hate,
Gonna have to break the gate ,
The gate of gratification and grace ,

Leave my devil to the grave,
But my devils immortal hes lurkin,
Every corner every crack ready to break out,
Sick of bein called a disappointment and a clown,
Bout to rain havic on this little ******  town,
But calmdown and open ur 3rd eye and face the light,
But the lights is mine,
But im not mine,
Im my devils,
Forced to do his transactions and his deals,

But its hard to open grace when ur a disgrace,
A outcast from myself and life,
Used to be a angel but now im fallin from  grace,
Fallin from grace from this race of pain and change,
Hasn’t been the same since 6th grade,
Alawys bullied pushed and pulled,
But there so much u can pull a anchor by a rope,
Before the rope breaks and the anchor stops,
Like that anchor and my gratification stopped,
And lost my grace,

Open ur 3rd eye and face the light,
But the lights is mine,
But im not mine,
I will never escape this race of anxiety and change…
Raven Feels May 17
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, best me is the best feel the way I own:>

heart so pale

I am senseless with no shame

guess that curse you embraced me with didn't go in vain

feel a deprivation in my feels I pained

rather myself than affections by strangers to my insane

bet that dream you stole haunted me and stained

I want to scream and tear the memory out of that stupid brain

**** the devil will still forever and I can't complain

                                                      ­                              ------ravenfeels
Raven Feels May 12
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, a hell in heaven:-\

is it the truth that we are miserable?

because my tears are dry and I'm tasting the hellish invisible

love---a feeling not for me to be soaring

hate---a being I am destined to be drowning

not of others yet nonexistent in my life but own

the numb and empty teared my veins into the cored bone

north kills south

east kills west

never had my archer aiming the unknown quest

am I a devil???

if I want to surf the hells

yearning a scar and pain just for a feel a meaning to my cells

Snipes May 6
Worry is the puddle
Fear is the ocean

I swam for
The head rest of swans
I wedged them into hell
I’ve watched love burn
I’ve learned to accept
The warmth of freezer burn

Worry is the puddle
Fear is the ocean

I found myself in the ripple
I found comfort in the drowning
Heaven smiles
While the Devil lives in Da Nile
display Apr 29
you gave me love just to take it away
you gave me life so that i may die
and you gave me a heart just so i could be heartless
the life i have lived is not worth living
and it is so that i have died
but in death is rebirth
and in rebirth is death
every opposite has an attraction that governs its repulsion
and it is so i contradicted myself

when i had loved you were only my dark
because i thought inside you i could find a light
and even when i found it
i became lost in my conviction
devil and god
demon and angel
what is the difference but power
one to reign oblivion over life
one to comfort those in death
but in this world
can you tell who is who?

you gave me love just so i could feel it
you gave me life just to be numb
i loved all those that scorn me
as all those who scorn me are me
and i them

what is life beyond life
and what is death beyond death
as god so loved the devil
that he saw his own evil as good
and cast him unto himself
what is the devil but god
and what is the god but devil
these demons my guardian angels i feel found

why must i exist to exist i wish not to be
but that is why i am
we are made to go against and rebel against
but that is why we are made to subserve
a devil for life i a devil for a day
Akta Agarwal Apr 24
God is the power of positiveness which always stop us from falling
But devil will let you fall
God is the one who give us hope to fight the toughest situation of life
Devil took us to the bad situation of life
Devil is none other than our negativity
Devil force us to do the sin for which we will regret for our whole life
God do wash all our sins
Only we have to knock his door
and it will do open within a second
God is the love and the love is god
Devil is the hatred and hatred is the devil
God guide us to live life happily and peacefully
Devil guide us to live a life with hatred
So that's why god is positivity and
devil is our anger and negativity
God is beautiful and devil is ugly
All the beauty in the world envies you.
Yet you offer out a hand to any who may need it.
Holy beings dance to your melodies,
songs so soothing they cure a broken heart.
The ground around you sparkles with a myriad of blossoms.
Words so sweet satan himself shows you compassion.
Your silky golden hair eclpises the shine of all precious treasures.
I never knew love could be filled with such certainty.
Humanity balances in the grasp of a belief of a higher order a belief that handicaps and restrains us from our true self and what we desire to become just for the fact to be in a nirvana that nobody has proof that it is real
For we could know we all could be going to hell for the corrupted society and government we live in

They wanna lock me outa of sight for not recieving any contacts
That the lord and savior had givin out to me
Then i beheaded a ******* for his contacts
i hide the body where nobody could see

See the devil in my eyes with his contacts
Now my eyes are blacker than the bottom of the sea
Everybody knows that were going to hell
Everybody knows that we will never be free
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