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In somber atrophy
Stale breath beckons truth

The heart dwindled
I choke on your words
Nat Feb 2
The skylight tints the afternoon grey
And some dull, dusty oranges
Perhaps there's fire, somewhere far away
Somewhere far beyond the creaking shelves
The time-varnished brown, rusty door hinges

The air is thicker than the oldest tomes
Sticky as the darkest aisle
Where long-dead spiders once made their homes
Minds caught in paper, minds caught in webs
I think, if I think, I'll sleep for awhile
Nat Lipstadt Jul 2020
we write now past anger,
but nearer to the closing

the period of our lives, here,
at the end of this poem

and with every day,
every word, every look,

is now redefined as:


(a state of complete emptiness or destruction barrenness bleakness starkness misery melancholy gloom bareness dismalness grimness aridity sterility wildness anguished misery loneliness despondency despair distress)

now, it too is redefined as:

we can no longer look at our children faces...
old willow Jun 2020
Without past, without intervention,
it is spectating.
Memories are few,
present is new,
none can see, and none can hear,
the role of a spectator.
To see yet not do,
to hear yet not say,
spectator are lonely beings.
old willow Jun 2020
A single step feels like thousand leaps.
The people are near,
yet sounds are not here.
Fear is near,
but people are nowhere here.
Alone, the fear is severe,
with no one here,
how can I cheer?
The Foodie One May 2020
I've got
no Roots -

They've been ripped
of me;

my Being,
a wandering Soul
sailing across
Seas of Desolation.
© 06/05/20
Axion Prelude Mar 2020
You found peace among the storm
I sought blindly in the distance
Once, our eyes met; no more
Forlorn, begotten, but misplaced
Regret is my eternal lover
We will never be that sultry fate
One missed opportunity at a time, I disgrace my life through incessant mistakes which rue the chance, lost to misguided nature and abhorrent misreprepresentation.

A prisoner to the mistakes and judgment of others, my heart wilts fervently, and forever now.

I lost.
insane Mar 2020
let the pain and hurt
overtake everything
until you are left alone with
the numbness ;
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