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Midge 2d
Lost, alone and terrified
In solitude I forever will confide
Maybe I will just end it with suicide
Everything will be better if I just died

All those voices in my head
All the tears I may have shed
I’ve got fear and anxiety, disgust and dread
I sank in darkness while I lay in bed

I just can’t take it anymore
This uneasy feeling, I never can ignore
Go back to the corner with pain and sore
Enticing myself with blood and gore

My soul corrupted, my faith all gone
It’s too late to save me, I am done
What weather is it?
When the grass is monochrome brown
and the skies are poly-chrome purple,
when swings squeaking in the wind
are empty and loud.
Has everyone left,
and everything gone?
Why am i soaked,
when there's no rain?
What weather is it?

..of desolation, of doom
and disdain.
Ormond Jan 4
In order the heart, keep running without knowledge
Of the living torch, of the soiling fires that wipe
Hopes memory, the boiled blood must breathe
In a sea of borders, of waves and rushing tides.

In order the heart, beats time, though it knocks,
Near breaks, as the wind that swoons is divining
Treasure, the jewel in the box of flesh must hold,
Must shore the rivers of the branching bleed.

In order the heart, is closed, and dry of touches
Towering keep, let the eye know mercy, let the seas
That travel with the bones never feel the marching
Desert, the hollow caves of the discarded lovers.
8M Dec 2018
One, two, three, four, five, six.
Six fireflies were in my jar.
Smiling, I ran to the arch.

I told him, "The bugs will make you happy."
The arch didn't move.
I tilted my head.
"****** arch, be happy."
The arch still didn't move.
I stomped my foot in rage.

"Be happy!"
I looked down and saw some pretty flowers.
I picked them up and threw them at the arch.
"Arch, please be happy."
Arch, please move.

Please, please be happy.

I knelt down and sobbed.

My life was never the same since the fall.
I lost everything.
My house, my parents, my friends.
Now this arch is all I have.

And even then, I don't think it'll be enough.
May or may not be connected to this:
8M Dec 2018
The gray arch stayed, broken
It could not survive the fall
Now it's here; in ruin
If only I could've saved it.

I've seen this arch a thousand times
Been here before I was born
Civilization loved the arch
But now, they're gone.

I did not know where they went
I hope it was somewhere nice.

Wildflowers grew near the arch
Yellow, orange and green
I picked them up; then dropped them
Now's not the time for flowers, I thought
Then walked away.

The fall was devastating
I did not know what happened, but
Destruction lay in its wake.

And desolation was born.
I am sorry if this made you sad.
Jude Isaac Lobo Nov 2018
Nobody's home,
In this heart of mine.
Nobody lives,
In the thoughts of mind.

Desolation can be a contended life,
The emptiness of loneliness is kind.
Ken Voltaire Nov 2018
Dark have been the days of late.
Feasting upon the rotting flesh of suns past,
None shall be delivered.
Grown too tall,
Hungered far in excess of what any stomach could carry,
Carried farther than any man dareth venture.
A ceaseless machine,
Cries out in smoke,
The ghastly thing spews,
Waste, lies, misery,
Upon those unknowing folk who drinketh from deceiving waters.
Strong trees stand no longer,
Delicate flowers of darkened shades,
Pilfer the landscape.
Intoxicating petals, formerly fair,
Trigger a grand collapse of the self.
Birds flutter hastily,
Stars spin before wide eyes,
A veil unending shields against the truth.
Many fear I hath become a madman.
The last star fades behind the peak,
The valley grows dark,
‘Tis the fate of I to fall into oblivion.
Methinks that sheep are blind, yet loyal,
Holding course without falter,
Keeping pace with the masses.
I apologize, dear listener,
For I fall into old cliches.
The stone that breaketh herds,
With force unmoving yet natural,
I stand before thee as a lone stranger,
Plowing against trivial time.
Betrayed by my own kin,
Great hammers are forced upon delicate fingers,
Hand over hand climbing ever onward,
With mangled digits.
My palms very nearly caress the precipice,
Idle hope keeps legs steady,
Mind weary,
Soul ever searching.
Sean Devlin Oct 2018
The mountain looks down on me
Smiling sinner
Drop your sunshine around me
Im drowning
Theres anger in the earth now
Time to give birth now
My child has died
Silver lake swimming
Nothing means anything
I threw her face against
The wall
I slept in the yard
With the dogs dancing on my chest
Empty nest
Leaving them all behind
Ribbons spill out of me
My arms are dangling
Useless from carrying
Look down at me mountain man
share with me gods plan
Tell her that I died
Im just a husk of a human hide
How can I explain my
Simple situation
If you’ve never felt a thing
Ormond Oct 2018
Here I tread on a woodland promontory—
With wings and wind conjuring the rains,
All is vastness and shroud, open, empty,
Even the light is carried away in silence,
My flesh all but smearings on the tableau,
Foothold of dream within disrupted dream,
Our hands once reached out into forever,
Now my soul is seeping from veined cairns,
Cut chains, mist, rains hollowing the wind.
Axion Prelude Dec 2014
planted seed; they let it grow
through much defeat, it’s never known
a smile's disguise seethes bated breath
my sole escape be only death
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