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As the unraveled words slip through my thoughts into the universe.
Correcting imperfections.
Judging every woven threaded word.  
4,065 languages.

Intermingling words composing every thought as my own.
punctuation leads me not.
Grasping my  
Language(s): unknown


Yet once
with lack of punctuation seen not as a problem.
Yet seen for its purity.
That we the people could connect in understanding
The languages we combine.
Punctuation implies correct. Given to the word by man/women. In hopes, the world could connect with a better understanding of one.
Beautiful RIGHT?
World keep in mind we are no one.
are the great mystery of how I see the connection.
Judgment also will lay between the lines..  ......
Avestani Sep 9
The potential of disaster or perfect collision
Did we lose sight of the original mission
Are distance and status creating division?
Confidence wavers at the moment of decision
Hesitant to feel, give into the flow of unspoken words that seldom hold the feeling behind verbal contact, lost passion on the wind drifting off from our tongues and our eyes, watch the hands, does the longing drive you mad, sure of the reception knowing you'll be accepted, but both cowards at the apex not willing to indulge ourselves in the most harmless of risks, a moment, a loss, a potential bliss, knowing our worth, knowing each other, exchanging emotions as we find ourselves within each other's range but like magnets the attraction leads to repulsion, fueled by conceptual barriers constructed by the filth of the physical, calamity of humanity a fickle mind and frozen heart so much so that eagerness for light and love is masked by fear of pain and past, like walls that form between our dreams that petrify reality, the game is played until its done, until time has won, and we've never begun, but oh we dreamed of it with clarity, the love we'd have, if we were free, like the animals we are, indulging in carnality and hedonism, reject the will of civilization, concepts formed to dominate, put man above man, we could see the boundaries between us rent apart nothing more than empty words hinging on empty thoughts that mean nothing to the energy between us, a million reasons, a thousand rejections, thought if cards played right could be perfection, to bet some time, a move of faith, we could separate from the conscious of man, the weakness and lies it brings, accept the will of the spirits, immersed in the universe, heeding the call of nature we locked away in our own man made order, heeding spirits with wisdom beyond any man, creature, or beast, and see if our love was something God planned.
Tim Benjamin Sep 5
I've lived an ordinary life
I have never accomplished anything grand
I havnt climbed a mountain or seen the northern lights
I've never discovered land untouched by man
I've never gotten to walk the great wall of China or seen the pyramids of Egypt.
But in those moments laying in your bed, feeling the way you body fills with air while you sleep in my arms I know what extraordinary feels like.
I've had the joy of gazing into your eyes in those moments before they close as our lips inch closer and closer with every beat of our entangled hearts.
I've gotten to see your smile illuminate an entire world.
My world became as bright as the sunflowers you held in the hands that I grasp in fear of letting you slip through my fingers.
Because of you Gabrielle my ordinary life has been touched by the extraordinary and I have felt love pounding in my chest praying it could soar across the sky. Writing you name across every cloud.
I have felt the magical wonder of beauty that refuses to stay quiet. Whispering your beauty to every star that has the audacity to try and outshine you.
And what more can the ordinary ask for than a touch of the extraordinary.
Anna Alycia Aug 24
"who will love sad soul?"
she is just a broken poet
who writes bad poetry.

"who will like her poem?"
she uses her blood and tears
to write broken poem.

(deep down inside
she has known the answer)
Anna Alycia Aug 24
will I be the star?
who will continue to shine,
even if my light is dim.

will I be the moon?
who will share the light with night,
even if no sun is existed.

will I shinning true?
am I the brightest true?
or I'm waiting for the time to explore?

but, I still believe one day,
I'll show my light is brighter than the sun
brighter than you've seen before.
Anna Alycia Aug 24
I'm the moon
who's formed from debris.
without light of the sun,
I'm just a dark permanent natural satellite,
who give no light to people at night.
Anna Alycia Aug 24
when all my hopes are broken,
it turns myself into blue
and I'm feeling heartbroken,
this feeling is so true.

listen to the mournful melody
and all the tunes mock at me,
say "I'm not belong to this
as I will worse them all."

tell the stars about my story
and I say do not worry.
as I will be fine,
when the sun starts to shine.

I will wait on the bridge,
waiting to see the last sunrise
and I'll go somewhere sombre,
so I will always be fine.
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