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Oh! I will not stop
I still think at that
She salutes me

With a word
With a promise
With a look

Every bone
Makes the sun

At the foggy days
At the dark night
As the moon comes
No the sun

And I will travel
By the train
The rocket
fast and speed
the love is the deal between two hearts.
Nichole Sep 21
hindi ko na lalagyan ng title to
para san pa
wala na din naman tayong titulo

Naranasan mo ba ?
Yung biglang may lalabas
Pangalan mula sa nakalipas
Nakakagulat diba

Kasi ang alam mo tapos na
Naka move on ka na
pero heto nanaman ba ?
Babalik ka kasi di ka na masaya sa kanya

Minsan ako'y napapaisip kung ako'y minahal mo,
At lalong kung ang nararamdaman mo ay totoo.
Higit pa nga ito sa iniisip ko.
pero pinutol ko kasi ano na ba tayo?

Alam ko sa sarili kong pampalipas lang ako ng oras mo
Na diyan ako magaling ang maging past time sa tulad mo
Tinanong ko nga sarili ko?
Sino ba talaga ko sayo?

Oo heto tayo naging masaya sa sandaling panahon
pero ako ay unti unti ng bumabangon
subalit nung nagparadam ka na naman
pinaalala mo na naman na dapat wag kitang makalimutan

Sorry na
Eto kasing tulad ko
Naging loyal sa isa
kahit wala na ikaw pa din ang sinisinta

Wag ka magalala
Darating yung panahon na
Masaya na ko sa iba
At kaya ko ng tignan ka sa mata
at ipamukha kung gaano na ako kasaya sa kanya

Siya na nagpapangiti
ng mga panahong sawing sawi
Bumangon ako
Kasama siya na bumuo sa pagkatao ko

Magiging masaya ako kahit wala ka
dahil eto siya
siya na akin talaga
Faizel Farzee Sep 19
Humming along to the beat of life as i sing along to the music of my heart.
The melody of you tapping enchantingly through my mind.
Notes composed by your fingers strumming every part of my quivering soul.

       Your love my song to life
You my melody, my music to life,
You eliminate all strife, you smile takes me high, losing you, would be falling on knife.
Butterfly Sep 18
My words make sense in my head.
But not on paper
I'm crying because of some serie AND I NEED TO STOP ****
head on the floor
to be less notorious I ask
laughing in the record

absurd mind
petty voices
welcome, home they said.
I was bad ...guess still
Anna Sep 17
It's funny-how one word can change everything.
One word can make the good memories fade away.
One word can hurt more than a physical blow.
One word can overtake your every thought.
One word can consume you.
One word can break you.
It's funny how one word can destroy you, but one word can also set you free.
I would rather be hit with sticks and stones- then ever have to hear that one word.
the saying "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me" is a lie. It is something we say to gather strength and dignity after the words have already done their damage.
Faizel Farzee Sep 14
Eyes getting lost in the night sky, a silhouette of your heavenly body I clearly envision in the stars,
Your eyes alluminate like the sun, flowing hair as red as mars.

A smile that lights the milky way.
A wish on a shooting star,
Is that I never betray,
The love you have given me, this love I'll repay.

Morning light infused with the night sky, this has just dawned on me.
You light my darkened soul, through the darkness I see.
This air that I breathe, without choking on oxygen, your kisses reborn, is the life that I need.

Your lips is my wine, forever drunk I will be.
Getting lost in this everlasting vacuum of hope, in infinite space we'll be free.

These words i bequeath,
Is simply to convey
Our love is everlasting, constantly expanding
Looking at the night sky
On your silhouette I still feast.
Word play between meaning of words, is a trip,
trying to covey a story with out having to flip. Capturing feelings to add to this quip
It's a mountain to climb, one day I'll get to the tip
Amulya Sep 10
So, yeah,
I'm not like the rest of the heard.
I'm Different.
Thank you for spreading the word.
Panashe Sep 8
She dressed up into her best smile
But it was one size too small
For it failed to cover the broken lines
That ran down her light skinned youthful cheeks
As they uncovered the darkness that lingered within.
Drowned by her own despair
She broke down bit by bit until one day she began to wreak
She wreaked of bad decisions and daring adventures.
She became a blank portrait of uncertainty
Unformed and misunderstood, an empty void of utter lack of ardour
Consumed by her silence and yet so loud in the way she walked.
For she had become obvious to the world.
She uttered, "if only the smile was one size fits all."
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