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Prince Rin Apr 5
A body bigger than anything we've seen before
Wings longer than a bus and wider than a house
Teeth sharp and point like looking in a alligators mouth!

Scales shining like a ruby in the light
A tail swaying so hard it hit most rocks

Leg's that crushes the ground beneath it's feet
Claws to ripped fresh meat

A roar so loud
It pierced the clouds

Elements of all sorts
Fire, Earth, Air Wind, Metal
So much more

A beast with such power
Sure to make you cowered
Only the bravest dare go against it

Sleeping in caves
Protecting the treasure

So will guide you and some will ****
It's all up to their will

Facing a creature so intelligent
It's would cause fear and worry
But also worship and love

We all know the beast i speak of
The dragon! It goes by many names

The thing we all grew to love
A dragon, More like a god from above

A blessing and A Curse
That's the best way to put it
A Dragon i bet you can't wait to see it

To see it in the sky
Flying high over the town

Hearing roars the sound so close yet so far
Wishing to be blessed

We all know what a dragon is capable of
But see we will risk everything just to get near

A dragon
Something we both love and Fear
Aa Harvey Nov 2020

We need magic in our lives.
Imagine a world without it.
I still dream of dragon’s fire.
I have since I was a kid.
There are many worlds, somewhere out there,
And they all need the stars to shine.
Every kingdom needs an heir.
I wish I had a fantastical mind,
Which could easily speak of fantasy more readily,
But I am all I am.
It is not enough, as it should be,
For fantasies do not happen every day…
But stories must be told,
So I had to say.

(C)2020 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
rig Oct 2020
a flash of darkness cuts the sky gray;
the rain paints a trail so slight of smoke,
and gone: in the beat of a scaled heart.
inside the cave there is a storm outside:
the beast: regal, amongst crushing rocks;
the night: celebrating an absence.
time will ease the return of the fire;
turn a watered down death into life.
gods reborn astride the dragon: fly!
Raven Woodfort Sep 2020
Dragon in my Closet

I should write a poem
today. Now. But
I just don't feel like doing so.
Instead, I'm going to write
a story
about why. About the Dragon.
And that'll do.

Once upon a time,
there was a To Do List
that needed to be Done.
It had items and points
and notes and scribbles;
she was absolutely the most
prettiest thing.

This beauty belonged to a Knight,
a pilgrim in the Land of Adulthood.
And I'm about to tell you
why, though he wanted,
and tried and tried
he never could
get the stupid List Done.

So, one day while
he was wooing Lady List,
a thunderous roar stopped him
in the middle of his speech.
He smelled the sulphur before
he saw the shadow fly over,
but it was too late
and the dragon grabbed his Lady lover.

The List yelled for help,
but what could Knight have done?
Before him stood the vicious
Merciless Procrastination Dragon!
With a slice of its claws
and just one breath of flames,
the poor List was done for
and could nevermore be Done.

Well, you can imagine
the scenario that now unfolded:
List gargling on the floor,
Knight screaming like a toddler.
The Dragon wasn't done yet, though,
he still had one more goal:
Keeping the Knight busy all day
so he won't rescue List with CPR.

This was the easy part,
and loads of fun too.
Knight had snapped out of his shock,
but the dragon just had to
keep his paw on the Knight's head
and hold it there until
the Knight got tired of fighting air
and became very still.

Then the Dragon lifted his paw.
Knight fell on the floor with a
Dragon flew off with a smile on his face,
happy with the fun he'd had.
The Knight scrambled the strength together
to crawl on all fours to his List -
or rather, what remained of her -
and pretended she still exists.

(But she was dead,
and the Knight was broken.
He would never even look
at another List again.
Until he gets lonely and
tired of Nothing,
then another To Do List pops up
that's in need of Doing...)

This tale is true,
believe me, 'tis so.
I have met the very Knight
and greeted the Lady too.
And the Malicious
Procrastination Dragon
made its nest in
my closet.

And that's why
I'm not writing a poem.
If you find the dragon, tell me. It's gone, out of my closet...

Inktober 2019.
Kara Shirlene Aug 2020
Woman or Dragon?
Some could claim one in the same.
When a fire-breathing Being is met with the winds of a Goddess,
And the flames of passion are fueled with raging love and fury.
When the beat of the heart and the blood of the womb
Ignites the rhythms of Dance and Flight and Life.
When the soar in the Soul is as mighty as the roar of madness,
And then the wings take control.
When the skin and the scales become tough as nails
Because walking through fire is all that's ever been known.
When resilience is more than folklore,
And grace rests upon weary shoulders.
When the embers remain after the flame consumes
And gentleness remains there too?
Only then can one begin to understand the meaning of both-
Dragon and Woman.
©KSS 6/2019
This poem was originally written as an ode to the Yin Yoga pose Dragon. It's purpose was to highlight the fierceness of women, and how dragon pose feels in the body. I also wanted to capture the gentleness that remains when we surrender into the embers and flames of life, fury, and love. That we, as women, are fierce, gentle, brave, and much like a dragon- breathe flames.
Savio Fonseca Aug 2020
The Dragons took a Bat,
in their Hands and out fell,
the ****** Virus.
I wonder, what would fall out.
If each one of them,
had their......*****
in their Hands.
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