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"Where have all the narwhals gone?"
queried the Dodo to the Dragon
"wallowing in never more"
thoughts and words unspoken

Walking the beach large and small
with conversation strange, philosophical
the Dodo dull and not that bright
the Dragon old and mythological

Questions asked answered returned
the last Dragon and Dodo stroll
the Dodo one last question burned
as the Dragon ate him
Hey, it's what dragons do ;D
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If tender hearts unfolded wings,
what breeze would light our choices.
We'd fall on high into the sky,
and watch as day rejoices.

No scaly soul, or fears unrolled,
or claws which tend our fears.
No age old fire, burning mind so dire,
to grow us aged before our years.

So fly on high, my earthly friend,
unto the moon and back.
Climb towers broad, and breeze which flowed
and watch our evils *****.

Our darkness fades,  whilst in the glades
of evening we do wander.
We see the walls, the wholesome falls,
and stop to let our minds ponder.

If we were a dragon, oh just imagine,
what boundaries we could climb.
But it's all such a waste, for inside our dreams,
our fantasy belongs only in rhyme.
Deniz Eilmore Nov 24
Just because you faced the dragon
Doesn’t mean the princess is yours
A small  dragonfly,
Prepares to land on my nose;
Karmic conundrum !
Anne J Nov 12
Tilted sword please spare my bow and arrow
I beg you not to throw your violet venom unto my wings of sparrow
Have mercy on my slicked backed and chipped horns
Less I throw my guardian and with him my thorns
Another poem made based on a character of mine, who's called Ryoko. Her ancestor was a Japanese swordsman most famous for slaying a dragon, on the request of angels, that was affecting the Asian parts of Heaven. He got to take the dragon as a trophy, and decided to put the dead monster locked away in his house, where magic let its blood flow, so he could put the blood into weapons for his descendants. Lol, guess this poem is more about him than Ryoko.
Athena Nov 12
Amber eyes
Warm caverns and mountaintop kingdoms
filled to the brim with the treasures of man
and the roaring of beasts
Wings stir the air and bend petrified trees
Grand plumes of fire
reflect in opaline scales
The dragon soars into the heart of the sun
the metro is a dream machine,
lights pulse through dark windows;
colours stretch, tangle,
till they break, phase, fade out.
those high pitched squeals,
squeaks of wheels, wind tunnel
rush and hum of pushing against time.

gliding underground, electric eel,
growls like a metal dragon,
tail bending around corners,
weaving the bends,
hisses like a snake.
jumping out in the half second
before it exhales to a stop.
Written June 2018
((hidden track))

No right
                  No right?

All right
                  All right?

Ever      felt      cursed      before?
                 ­ You kidding me?      I was cursed at birth.
                  You kidding me?      I was cursed at birth.
Ever      felt      cursed      before?

                 ­ All right?
All right

                  No right?
No right

I'm gonna burn up, baby.
And ya gonna burn up, too.
We all gonna end some time,   that's the rule.
And we gonna go enjoy.
Ya gonna burn up, baby.
But ya gonna burn it true.
I'm gonna burn up, baby.
And I gonna burn so free.
I'm gonna burn so free.
Shna Oct 25
It burns in my chest
this desire fuelled passion,
like a dragon's breath.
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