PrttyBrd 16h

the holes run together to make nothing
                                                          that consumes everything

torn to bits with nothing left to rebuild
                            pulling threads from passersby
                                                      gluing them in spit and sparkles

      forming the fabric of a frayed future
hidden behind that toothy grin that blinds the best of 'em

                              a bit of accidental charm and sparkles turn gems
  catching the moon you just hung

besotted sot
    truth like poison thick on spirited tongue

                                    can't believe what the bottles tout
can't  trust liquid truth in ashen breath

dragons of legend breathe Fireball lies
                      that smell of candy and taste like the death
                      of tomorrow's enamoration


I am the dragon
I breath flaming, scalding ink
onto blank pages

just a dumb and random idea but i thought id share it anyway
V Jan 14

I love my morning coffee,
It is hot and strong,
Like a firm handshake or a warm hug first thing in the morning,
It gives me the masculine strength to start the day and venture into the life of a parent raising a son.

The aroma is familiar and friendly,
One that takes me back to my days at university – the first round I mean.
When time was flexible, and it was ok to live on porridge and rice for five days, and then smoked salmon and cadbury’s chocolate on when I got paid, because there was always someone to buy the next beer.
In that four bedroom shared house, with guests every night, I drank my coffee black, because the milk was always out. Come to think of it, the toilet paper was often out too… so I kept a secret stash.

These days, I add a dollop of thick cream to my coffee in the morning for richness and indulgence,
It whisks me off to a place of my dreams – Pari
Where I imagine myself in flowing skirts, and bright red lipstick
As I laugh loudly to jokes spoken in beautiful sexy French by tall handsome men,
Here I can speak French, laugh in French, make love in French and I am honoured as the beautiful Aussie goddess I am.

I’m not sure where said 8 year old is whilst I am in France … I guess he is there riding his bike with the locals and whatever 8 year olds do… but he is not sipping my coffee.

I drink my morning coffee from a great big mug with painted dragon flys on it,
The dragon flys reminds me, everyday is new beginnings,
A chance to transform what was before,
To sore high and far,
And that nothing is ever stuck in one place.

As I towards the end of my cup,
I swirl the coffee and the cream back together,
The temperature has dropped,
The taste is not as strong,
But the impact on my day is for ever, as I return to my place and my life to hear the words ‘mum, what’s for breakfast’.

I love my morning coffee.

Sydney Scott Jan 11

The feeling inside me
Was not with me at birth
But instead a gift
From the one who loved me
The most

At ten years old
With a kiss to the cheek
That burned like fire;
A hatred seeped into me
And set me ablaze

In the most painful way its
Smoke billowed out of me
With every breathe I took
While scorching my mouth
On its way out

Until the day
My throat callused over
Leaving me able to breathe
Sweet fire like crisp autumn air

Allowing a dragon
To be reborn
From the scorched pain
Left by its creator

Cat Lynn Dec 2017

"A Monster!!! A Monster!!!" That is what they all shouted and proclaimed...

But even the wickedness of such a beauty can be tamed...

"It's Coming!!! It's Coming!!!" They screamed as they ran for shelter and protection, fearing it's flame...

But even the most fearsome indestructible beast can be put to great shame...

"Run!!! Run!! It's furry heart can never be softened nor can it's reckless body ever be contained!!!"

But even a retched immoral monster filled with corrupted plots can have a new name...

                             We Can Be Beautiful Monsters...

Never say never... (oh wait I just did... XD)
Anyways the Lord has given so many retched sinful sinners a new life. We are rebellious people who have failed a holy perfect God... We deserve to be beast and monsters... but the Lord, with her grace and mercy and love, has given us an opportunity to be saved. We have fallen so short of the glory of God... and he gives us the free gift of eternal life... how amazing is that?And we can be made perfect in his sight. Our sins are washed away. We are still sinners and still will make mistakes but our payment has been paid and we can live forever and live for Christ!!!!

This is what I mean by Beautiful Monsters, We are monsters because we are sinners, we are beautiful because of Christ Sacrifice on the cross
Lauren Johnson Dec 2017

a fire starts to build in my stomach
igniting the words that i swallow every time i see you
the flames lick my lips every time i open to speak
can you see them?
they crave skin to sear and bone to melt
my body grows scales to cover the lacerations you left
and my arms dissipate into leathered wings so they can no longer hold you
can you see how you’ve changed me?
wait, you didn’t change me
you just unleashed me

Star BG Nov 2017

With speed from dragon wings I glide,
catching a breeze aligning with self.

Spiraling air combusts into atmosphere.
Clouds separate to make way for divine form.

I'm all powerful,
as breath expands heart to move gracefully.
As expanded self celebrates the moment.

A moment where I can shape-shift
into anything my heart desires.

Self inspired. LOL
morseismyjam Dec 2017

"you be the princess and ill be the hero
and i will rescue you from the dragon" he says
she stands confused because she is the princess
but she is also the hero and the dragon is
hers and she doesn't see how he can help

"the spell will be broken by your true loves kiss"
they promised but she knows true love is
a lie and though she's kissed many her dragon stays
and stays and when she takes up
her sword she only hurts herself and the ones she loves

"you should give up" says the dragon
and she almost agrees the hero cannot save even herself
but she puts on her crown drops her sword
and casts a spell she didnt know she had
and the dragon falls to the ground asleep

"she lived happily-ever-after,"
the story says and she knows
not everyone can and that there are more
dragons out there but she has learned
and she is waiting and she will conquer

I wanted to criticize the trope "true love will fix everything." Ya gotta fix your own problems, and sometimes that means finding a new solution. Self-sufficient princesses are life.
M Ann Murray Nov 2017

My heart wasn’t worn on my sleeve;
It was dangling in front of me, on a string.
I used it as bait for strangers and passers-by;
She caught it then, in the middle of my Hurricane.

I was dangling in front of Her, on a string.
So She locked me in a tower, but let me keep the key.
She had caught me then, in the middle of my Hurricane,
As I was waiting for someone to rescue me.

A Princess locked in a tower, but still I kept the key.
Instead of giving my heart to the prince, I fell for the Dragon.
While waiting for someone to rescue me,
I should have been saving myself.

Instead of giving my heart to the prince, I stayed true to the Dragon:
Destructive addiction, so sweet going down.
When I should have been saving myself,
I climbed on the Dragon and we, together, flew away.

November 15, 2017
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