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As Anyone Says "Thank You,"
I Feel, "I Am Made Unknown."
I Too Shrink At Such Formal Ways
Making Me Myself To Me Unknown.

Is It Necessary To Say "Thanks"
Or "Sorry" Between The Closest,
I  Feel Such Formalities
Throw Us Apart The Farthest.

Informal Ways Bring Us The Closest
Make Our Lives Simpler And Easier,
Remove The Pomp And Shows,
Bring Us To The Closest To Nature.
I Quite Often Listen "Thank You" And "Sorry" Which Look Very Odd. At Least I Feel As I Am Being Made A Stranger. Excess Of Everything Is Said To Be Bad. So Shun Excesses...
irinia May 15
Of patience, I know only
what sea turtles have taught me:
how they are born on lightless
beaches so the moon can serve
as a beacon to lure them
into the water; how they spend
their whole lives trying to swim
towards it, enamored, obsessed;
how they flap their forelimbs,
a vague recollection of flying -
the right movement in the wrong
medium, as if they knew how
to reach the moon in a former life
but now only remember the useless
persistent motions; how if you cut
one's heart out it would keep
beating in the pit of your palm,
recognizing the cold night air.

by Ariel Francisco from Best New Poets 2016 50 Poems from Emerging Writers
You have no sympathy
as rumours flee
Spotlight's on
and facts act accordingly

Simplicity shows less shadow

Is it more just to be
As the price for the free
holds levels of uncertainty
Value your integrity
It is more to be just
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Betty Apr 18
Salty old river

Flowing gently


In space

Running off

The waterfall

That is my face
Smiling softly at you,
Because you make me happy,
Laughing with you in the limber afternoon,
My deep dimples,
Enough to make you tumble and tumble again,
You grab my hand, grazing my ring,
And lead me through the flowers,
Our touch as meshed as cotton in my hair,
You’re whistling through the weeds,
A thousand thorns,
Spill off my shoulder,
Scoop the ground,
We walk and dandelions surround us
Krishnapriya Apr 17
I seek
Of my heart
My very Being

She smiles at me
As flowers
Calls me
With bird song
Cries with me
As raindrops
Hides from me
As rainbows

"I am as you
And always,"
She whispers
In love, as love

Amanda Apr 5
For things I'll never have in life
Fancy car
Designer Clothes
Neverending list
Never pay the price
Don't want them enough I suppose
I only desire the simple pleasures of life, not materialistic luxuries
JA Perkins Apr 4
"Just keep your love about you."
said the kettle to the ***.
"What you have, you have to give
and charity is all you've got."
"And keep yourself together."
said the kettle to the cup.
"Some day soon you'll find a spoon
that stirs your spirit up."
Keep your love about you
Betty Apr 3
I need you

Like a summer wind that needs the rain

I need you

Like the breath of life for pleasure and for pain

I need you

Like a ticking clock that marks the hours

I need you

Like a humming bird among the flowers

I am your slave
A very simple poem
I embrace the coming moment,
Open it to the surprise of the present.
The gift of life wrapped in the eternity of now.
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