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Zywa Apr 5
Automatic belts

work without having to switch --

Are they analogue?
There are also automatic belts that do switch though, in a rack

Collection "Half The Work"
Mark Toney Nov 2021
lovely wallflower
what you see is what you get
~ sheer simplicity

Mark Toney ©️ 2021
11/4/2021 - Poetry form: Haiku (for you) - Mark Toney ©️ 2021
James Oct 2021
They say you don't gain anything
From being humble;
That life doesn't find you
Hiding behind closed curtains.

I think that's the problem:
It doesn't need to find you
Because you've already been found.

Just because you weren't met
With the grandeur of "success"
It doesn't mean you haven't lived.

It's the simple things in life
That are truly the finest.
Don't vie... you're already there.
Luna Sep 2021
she's exalted by those who seek validation
lost in a world in fear of transformations
enduring a cycle of lust in translation
she needs a deeper tonic for stimulation
share the love // posting future content on IG@FROMME.TOWHOEVER
would appreciate the support, hope everyone has a blessed day
peace, love, & light
Betty Jul 2021
Bottled words boiled down
Haiku pan bubbles over
Leaving the meaning
Zywa Jul 2021
I came for you, not for the wood
that you make me touch, polished
with a gold-jointed split here and there --

the simplicity-beauty
of the song of time on the lute
of life, your life

You show me the snaps
and stretch the evening, you stretch yourself
to the goodnight in the hallway

In the guest bed, I caress the wood
of your heart, so much do I want
to make it burn

not to sleep alone, not patiently
wait, but start the future
which you are now dreaming

great, not patiently wait
until you want me, I want to love you
at first sight
"Norwegian Wood" (This Bird Has Flown)   (John Lennon, The Beatles, 1965, album "Rubber Soul”)
Wabi-sabi = Simplicity-beauty, namely of wear and tear; acceptance of transience; you can safely show the scars of your life
Al-'Oed = the wood, the lute

Collection "Lilith's Powers" #113
ChinHooi Ng Jul 2021
Purity of water
blended in
rusticity of soybeans too
so that's why tofu
ordinary yet noble
no comparison
no stooping down
always keeps a good attitude
soft delicate and smooth
the taste is praiseworthy
add a little scallion
it gets more stylish
more elegant
that's what people call standards
of life
tofu plus shallots
clean and righteous.
Reuben F Apr 2021
There's the seer of frolicking clouds posed:
Suddenly, the sky's streams -
Made of melt that the sun creams,
They gloom her dull eyes with dreams
While the umbrella relinquishes closed.

There's the little gyre of a colour:
She'd made the choice of shade -
Brought, no silence, no parade
Or a lively barricade,
While she lived in natural poise, solar.
Zane Smith Jan 2021
with someone to have a good time.

Romanticize simplicity with yourself

Go to the grocery store
Get some coffee
Go to a view
Find a new place you've never been
Buy art supplies
Get lunch
Find a recipe
Go thrifting
Hang out at a park
Watch a movie
Read a book
Listen to music
Go somewhere you haven't in awhile
Feel the energy in a metaphysical shop
Doodle on something random
Wake up early
Make a charcuterie board
Light a candle
You attract what you put forward to the universe.
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