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If I would whisper you
I could melt your soul
The words that I can see
Are connected through feelings
And if we stare for to long
More of south than north
But, I will dream about you
Dress with full lust
As equal as we are
420 as flowers
Lets stalk about the sun, while we watch it under
a blanket.
Anna Sep 8
Vast night above me
Dark and deep sky
The light of more than billion
Dead stars
Was just a normal night
I had you on my arms
Lord knows how I need it again
I miss the normal.

Now all I have
Is the light of more than billion
Alight candles
Dancing like ghosts in the light
They made on my walls
The wind could come in
Whispering like an ancient
Trying to blow my candle's light
It didn't matter
I would grab my old match
And light it again.

The love felt on me
Like a lullaby melody
And as the light of my billion and more candles
I couldn't stop dancing
I had it on my tongue
On my arms and foot
I had the la la la going down my hips
And the warm feeling just made me
Want to dance more.

And my lips could tell
What I feel in my soul
Neither you can deny
We had on us, the glory
Glory over the past
And as the time goes by
I see the glory burning in your eyes.

The sound of more than billion violins
And the whispery wind
I had on my ears
Smell of old ink
On a random jornal
It is what was bringing me back to the
Night's simplicity.
M Solav Jul 16
I wanna make it simple
But it ain't
Though it is.

I thought it'd be easier
If I stopped
But I kept going.

I tried to correct the course
But no excuse
Could be admitted.

So I keep on writing
Just to seem
Like I knew it all along.
Written in July 2019
Her elegant gaze
the wicked souls
of desire.  

Her simplicity
the beauty
of a goddess.

And yet
she offers
her nakedness.

Not her body
but her
authentic soul
for me to write on.
I wrote this poem to feed the notion that simplicity beats perfection.
Greg Piegari Jun 18
Keep it simple stupid. I keep telling myself this everyday and it’s’s ******* working.....why in the hell do we make things so much more difficult for ourselves than it has to be? It’s because we are human. We **** up, we hurt, we cry, we laugh, we live, we love, but in the end we learn we will always learn. Stop giving yourself so much ****....the world is doing enough of that for you already. So just put up your ******* and yell *******! Because you are more important and the way you feel is ******* valid that’s the simplicity of the matter.

Learning is the hard part but it’s the necessary step and if you are accepting to learn than you just figured out how to K.I.S.S
Your simplicity
is like
a flame.

That's why
them moths
are drawn
to you.

They honor
and adore
your name.

A memento
that natural
is true.
A simple poem for Mary Joy Salutin.
"Simplicity always wins."
Nathalie Jun 15
I hear the rain as it
trickles down the
side of the window
I close my eyes to
capture the sound
that soothes
my wandering soul
There is gratitude
in this simple
moment filled
with promise
A new begining
into a world full of
flowering meadows
and ever lasting love

Josh Jun 6
I ask her how do I recognize her beauty?

Do I stare until you see me and then look away?

Do I stare until you see me and never look away?

Your flows and grace catch my eye from far away.

I carefully inspect your curves until your gone.

Should I not look your way?  It would be easier for me.  

I ask her how should I recognize her beauty.

She says, A simple smile will do.
JT Nelson Jun 2
These shoes are worn
This soul is torn

My empty glass
Was once half full

But as Mondays wear me down
Fridays don’t come fast enough

I tune one string
Five more go flat

I whittle my stuff down
To things that matter

A simpler life, a happier life
I love what I have around me

Even if it’s worn shoes, an empty glass
And a guitar that’s out of tune.
Lillian May May 28
she walks with grace
and a deep, earned sense of place
she smiles
and as laughs tickle at her waist
others around can't help but follow in haste

she has no nickname,
no joke or snicker surrounding her frame
no clever breadcrumbs
to tell the story of how she became
she simply is, and exists as a flame

she has an air of peace,
and a soft, subtle feeling of ease
she opens her lips
and as she speaks
tears from his eyes begin their leaks.
I wonder what or who you picture.
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