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Reuben F Apr 28
There's the seer of frolicking clouds posed:
Suddenly, the sky's streams -
Made of melt that the sun creams,
They gloom her dull eyes with dreams
While the umbrella relinquishes closed.

There's the little gyre of a colour:
She'd made the choice of shade -
Brought, no silence, no parade
Or a lively barricade,
While she lived in natural poise, solar.
rumin8 Apr 14
leave your skin by the door,
it's okay now,
you're home.

let your guard down,
slack your shoulders,
unclench your jaw.

drink and taste,
quench and eat,
don't hesitate.

the outside is far now,
reward yourself,
the warmth of lethargy.
the simple things in life are free.
Zane Smith Jan 5
with someone to have a good time.

Romanticize simplicity with yourself

Go to the grocery store
Get some coffee
Go to a view
Find a new place you've never been
Buy art supplies
Get lunch
Find a recipe
Go thrifting
Hang out at a park
Watch a movie
Read a book
Listen to music
Go somewhere you haven't in awhile
Feel the energy in a metaphysical shop
Doodle on something random
Wake up early
Make a charcuterie board
Light a candle
You attract what you put forward to the universe.
Breathe so deep
Rest in sleep
Promises keep
Rediscover simplicity

Help a friend
Kind thoughts send
Families blend
Rediscover harmony

Dig the ground
Let plants abound
Listen for every sound
Rediscover nature

Orange sunrise
Brightening skies
Peace for mind and eyes
Rediscover mornings

Simple needs met
A day well spent
Children heaven sent
Rediscover prosperity
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I heard the word rediscover the other day and it sparked my mind. Particularly, I think it's helpful to re-adopt some attitudes and perspectives that children have. Our little two year old granddaughter is a great inspiration!

So I described in each paragraph (stanza) some ways and images - some ways we can rediscover some of these simple refreshing views.
Mia J Aug 2020
Take me back to the times when I didn’t know what I know now.
Take me back to the days where I didn’t know that I existed in a cruel world.
Take me back to where the only faces I naturally smiled at were the people
who truly loved me.
Take me back to the days when my Queen-sized bed was a white crib
and slept for as long as I wanted.
My parents did everything for me while I just smiled and giggled.
Take me back to the times when my car was a stroller and the gas that
kept it going was my parent’s arms.
Take me back to the time when having fun meant riding my bike or scooter
around the park.
Take me back to the days when the only things worth chasing were bubbles
before they got away.
Take me back to the times where the only games I was used to was Dragon Ball Z or Tekken
or Mortal Kombat.
Or games on the websites of Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, or Nickelodeon.
Take me back to the days when the only words to describe boys were annoying or cute.
Take me back to the days when the only friends I knew I had was my teddy bear
or my blanket.
Take me back to the days when the only color I was concerned about was the my favorite one.
Take me back to the days when my devices of entertainment were dolls, toy cars, and
an easy bake oven.
Take me back to the days when the only puzzle pieces to put together were ones my
parents purchased for me.
Take me back to the days where my thoughts were what was for dinner or what I was
going to wear the next day.
Take me back to the days of nap time.
Take me back to the days where the only stories I enjoyed hearing were from Dr. Suess or Eric Carle.

I know I couldn’t wait to grow up.
But I’d give anything for one day of the simplicity I wasn’t thankful enough for.
Seranaea Jones Jul 2020
my ears soak inside-out in a seltzer
filled glass on my bedroom nightstand
each evening so that the ringing will
hopefully dissolve and settle to the bottom

they dream of wingtips that the
maple can hear through the leaves
as they stir the breeze upon landing,
the patter of avian claws gripping
the bark in short scoots,

the stretch of a twig bending downward
with the slightest brush of a feather, the
splitting noises of a newborn’s egg,
and even the breath taken before
the whoosh of a dive—

they awaken this morning with
words and imagination bringing
forth a new voice,

one which reads aloud to them
about the simple sounds
that birds can make...

"a whoosh unheard"
© 2020 by Seranaea Jones
all rights reserved
originally posted 29 March 2008
on MySpace

i sleep with a fan on each
night to drown out
the ringing in
my ears
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