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Jaxey 5d
If love is a two way street
I'm the person on the sidewalk
the third wheel
I started walking
towards my destiny.

No.... ,

I did not take the wrong turn.
I just took the only path
that I had not known
I was meant to walk.

Little did I know,
I was destined for love.

On my way
I was given a gift.

I just chiseled it,
Contoured it...
And it took the
Shape of you.

You, my dear,
are my Haven.
And your love
is the only path
I travel.
FJ Davis Sep 25
The curse of being unloved
devastates. You are that person
with the useless heart; the one
for whom no other
ever yearns.
Anastasia Sep 24
walking with you
in the october air
colored leaves
swirling around us
the taste of pumpkin spice
and whipped cream
lingers on your lips
autumn hums
her pretty song
a hand in mine
stepping on leaves
i don't think
i'll ever leave
inspired by this song
Arden Sep 23
Maybe I can’t stop
The downpour But
I will always join you  
For a walk in the rain
Bhill Sep 22
What is a dogs life
Eating, pooping and barking
Waiting for you to arrive
Checking out the garbage cans
Hanging around on the couch
Sleeping, sleeping and sleeping
Asking you to please pet me
Can we go for a walk now
Answering the door with barks
A joyous FAMILY member
A beautiful soul

Dog backwards is God
Very appropriate name
Cherish your together time....!

Brian Hill - 2019 # 238
The memories that pets can give you are wonderful. Cherish them always!
Enas Sep 22
I’m at the river bank

drowning in your tears, Ophelia.

Why call for me?

Your soul rests in Rue.

Your Soliloquy lives in Aloe.

You’re a haunting echo.

I listen to your eulogy,

my heart is speechless

and wonders in a water dream-escape;

in remembrance it feels,

in freedom it breathes

and in love it lives.

A lotus blooms in my depths,

Lilies grow in my skin

and Roses bloom in my palms.

I wish you would see me walk on water, Ophelia.
She walking in the shadows.
She was naive and blind.
She walking in the shadows.
When sunshine brighten outside.
She walking in the shadows.
She scared to open eyes.
And see the life in full of colours.
She was naive and blind.
She walking in the shadows.
And saw one day a light.
A thin light ray was penetrate.
In coagulate of shadows.
She saw a brighten light.
She walking off of shadows.
She don't afraid of life.
Everything you do seems to be bad
From the way you walk and talk
I could tell you think your all that
I think I hate you
For hurting me a way no one has
But I know I love you
Invisible Sep 15
Looks like she has more power than the king,
But the king rules all,
She's just a doll.
Sit there, look pretty,
When he asks for it, lie.
Sit there, look pretty,
When they come for him, die.
She has more freedom than the king,
As well as less protection,
She's just a decoration.
Stand tall, talk short,
Let him make all the decisions.
Stand tall, talk short,
Wait for him to close the curtains.
Bound by her duty.
Can't escape the ruling.
By his side, or by his feet.
Doesn't matter, it's just meant to be.
She's going to sit there, look pretty,
She's going to stand tall, talk short,
But she's going to fight for them, walk freely,
Because she knows it's all for her to keep.
Said I would make more. And I did.
This one's longer.
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