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I miss the friend that kept me safe,
it kept me warm in my fragile state.
I now walk proudly and without hesitation,
knowing the friend that became my saviour
is thriving surrounded by its fellow nature.
Do you wonder, like me, if fawns miss the warmth of the grass that protected them before their legs could carry their weight?
rig Apr 17
as little butterflies block an astronomical path
                         to draw fleeting halfshadows on the tar
as i scrape the salt from my flushed cheeks
                    with my trembling sugarspoon fingernails
as the way all things~oh hi love of my life
               lessness check out this here xylophone
wanna play old cartoon jingles with
          me i’ll join in sure haha this is fun
right right okaylaterthenbyebye
     hmm wherewasi oh right the thing…

as foreignhome landscapes are looked
                                        upon by me i ponder
                                                     and poorly breathe.

funny dreams. yeah.
           funny dreams.
Ylzm Apr 11
there are questions I can't ask
for I speak a strange tongue
and walk in a land desolate

but they will be answered
as I walk, as they were behind me
in surprising places and unseen light

the burden's easy, the walk's a delight
gladly I bear the gift, precious and life itself
Shofi Ahmed Apr 10
One step walk
thousands of smiles.
One rose flower
sing tons of birds.
Bask in pop out
first thing at the sunrise!
Ylzm Apr 9
we each walk our paths, many did not find theirs
rushing here and there, heeding voices and examples
the company of others comforting but void
and without you becoming the whole is marred
Devin Ortiz Apr 7
The current of clouds flowed above in a stream of darkness on top of the deep violet vignette's of sky.

In opposition of this, a defiant sickle of moonlight joined the scattered street lamps.

Their small chorus of light illuminated the early morning for the wanderers .

It is a quiet time, before the Sun gives breathe to life.

Before dawn, serenity walks all the winding ways.

Eternity lives within these moments.
Raven Feels Apr 6
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, let them talk---not even hearing;->

as if they talk

like to a fault they swirl to get a may

as if they walk the walk

like its not in me for this day

I'll try walking tonight
In the forest
Without A flashlight
Without any fire
Let the soft moonlight,
The sound of the wind,
The wave of the trees
Be My guide
Let me hear the hoot
Of the owls
The dance of cicadas
See the fireflies
In all its purity

That I may find
Another way
Of being
In the darkness
My body devoured
Without the glory
It had in daylight
The skills useful
During the day
Found useless
Taking the risk
Of a lifetime
To feel a truth
A truth to be
Found only
In the night

I want to be
Found by God
Like a child
Outside the house
For the first time
I shall be
A philosopher who
Rejects reason
But loves unknowing
I shall be the poet
Who revels
In the dark of metaphor
Without interpretation
Or like a saint
Without trust
In the senses

There is a chance
I may get lost
In the forest
Or meet
A fatal injury
Like those who live
In the slopes of volcanoes
I will take the chance
For the sake
Of understanding
For the sake
Of my...
Nylee Mar 30
My lonely field
no one to accompany,
there are weeds growing
high up till my chin.
I am barefoot,
walking around aimlessly
my feet are bleeding
many pebbles beneath my feet
I am searching for the sun
hiding behind the clouds
the colours are sepia
black, brown, yellow
soon there is rain
pouring over my face
the scene goes muddy
then moon follows
and the night conquers
and till when it is dawn
I am long gone.

a walk in my field,
a walk into my life
it is how it is
stay where you are
scenery is not pretty
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