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there are nights where the rain's so heavy I could drown myself in it
the thunder's just as violent as my sadness
and I wonder why I feel guilty when you were the one who left
I met someone new but my heart was never meant to belong to anyone else
and I love him but I feel like he's only borrowing what's yours
your t-shirt is at the bottom of my junk drawer
and I think of how I could've done things differently
If I could, I'd do it all again
but if I'm being honest with myself I loved you the only way I knew how
with the kind of abundance that can suffocate
so I'll carry my heart like a weight and not an asset
because it will never be a blessing to feel this much
pk tunuri Apr 4
Every child is an artwork of God
He chose this world, as his canvas

Men & Women are his brushes
He painted with love, as his medium

Every child is special
Every special child is God's own child

Making a difference for such a child is a blessing
Making them smile may change your/their world

Let's aspire!
Let's inspire!!
Cal Ashiq Mar 29
The complexities she had showed the goddess she is
A divine majesty no one could just kiss
Her iridescent elegance no one has ever seen
Built from the painful past she have been

The universe doesn't compare to her beauty
She's the most fearless and gentle warrior you'll see
Her eyes carry galaxies and a thousand sunsets
You'd be dumbfounded as her gaze takes away all your breaths

Her smile dulled the stars' luster
That they fall just to catch a glimpse of her
Just as the sunflower reflects the glory of the sun
She rose from the ashes with a hope that will never be gone

She deserved more than the love she gave all away
A fathomless perennial amour that will stay
She was born from the perfection of the Almighty
Yet being convinced she's not, is her greatest tragedy
Zywa Mar 22
O sweet promise! I am childless
yet blessed forever

and threatened with eradication
of my descendants

if they become disobedient
and keep their *******

In the darkest nights
of my doubts, I lie down
on a warm stone under the stars

to see how innumerable
people will be born

I dream of one great nation
but my son is a wild ***

who fights against all
and all fight against him
Abram = Exalted father, High father
Abraham = Father of many nations (Genesis 15:5 and 17:5)
Ishmael is his eldest son, a wild man (Genesis 16:12)

Collection “From Sacred Scripts”
Same like

Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Growing one day at a time.
Dominique Feb 21
One blank look from him
And I'm hollow enough to write poetry again.

Should I send a thank-you note
Or crumple it and stuff it down his throat?
Not sure what's worse, writer's block or this void.
Penne Feb 19
Lay you
You, scent of miracle
Queen of purple
Dive with you
The lullness
The sweetness
The clouds
The home
Yet also the sting
Juice of youth sing
Not loud
Entangles me in waves
Indulge in the deluxe nature rave
Cool, mingling flame
Soothes my dame
As the mauve movement
Keep getting effervescent
The miss
The kiss
The mist
The rest
They dance and giggle freely
Fleetingly and sheepishly
Blushing as it brush against my flock of sheep
A sight of a paradox
A splash of silver fox
Comfy as its manes
Steadies my slumber
Even on a rocking lumber
With the breath of September
Keep making us enchanted under your spell
All will be swell
Thousand familiar but welcoming smell
To you I stay
We sway to heaven's way
May it turn us ***
Your nursing
Your care
Your play
It is our day
To blanket in your fields of saint
Lee Aaun Feb 12
It's not your fault
That you are born as a daughter.
Whether the whole world shouts
that being a daughter is curse.
Don't mind them.
They restrain conservative thoughts.
It's not their piece of cake
to understand what a blessing it is,
to hold a little fairy in their arms.
Don't worry that their is no one
to whom you should narrate your story.
Remember little fairy,
You have ALLAH
who belongs to you.
Tell your stories; he will listen.
Have faith in him,
he will make your life easier.
If it's not getting easy but difficult
then remember
he is the one who created you.
He knows best than anyone.
Who are you to question
that it's your fault,
that you are born as a daughter?.
He is the one who has written your fate,
whose known as Al-Rahman and Al-Rahim.
He is the sculpture of word " Justice ",
So how he can do injustice with you?
as giving you a body of women?..
Being born as a daughter is not your fault,
but considering yourself weak
in a feminine body
is your fault, little fairy.
Don't you remember;
when ALLAH is happy
he bestowed the couple
a token of strength
in the form of you; a little fairy.
You belong to that linkage
who was born strong,
who live strong.
So, how can be your birth
as a daughter can be fault?.
Don't suppress your strength
under the conservative talks of other.
Dogs just bark, that's their duty.
So, let them bark.
Release your soul from the chains of society.
Ask guidance from your Lord,
as he is waiting to answer your call.
A feminine body is the strength
that your body holds.
So, everyday go on a journey
to see the secrets hidden in your soul.
The warmness of tears that you will shed
when you endure the pain,
believe me little fairy it's worth it.
So, don't say it's your fault
that you are born as a daughter.
Cause their's no precious gift
which is given to you by your lord
as being a women.
Women's are the symbol of " Patience".
So, little fairy wait, have faith
and endure.
It's not a curse but a blessing,
keep it in your mind
little lost soul.
Biology TED talk, Ken Burns WWII
Multiple choice plus open response =
Teacher cares, out there among the English
Mathematics, fractions to imaginary i

Anything can happen any time, I mean
Mass killing--public school, movie theater,
Post office when every mother wears a gun
Yet happiness permeates like CO2 + sunlight

Photosynthesis + electricity = burning bush
Hot tea, hot shower pleasure perfect rest
Early to bed, no more lies, complexity
Poetry about history, i.e. Wolfowitz

As for non-fiction, most things qualify to know
Astrobiology, search for LUCA, FLO
Minerals on Titan, organisms on Enceladus
Divination on Iapetus, peace on Earth and Tethys

Volcanoes and tsunamis, Big Red One and Private Ryan
Don't stay up late, take yr vitamins
Sin and crime being nothing more than
Mental malaise, imbalance. Love and compromise

Tolerance, practice worksheets, brilliance
Prejudice and superstition, Tha's a wrap
Nothin doin, ain't gonna happen, freedom's when
Yes is mostly a blessing and No is always an option
Imagine happiness as the business
Let us wish them, happiness

Feel that blessing when
The whole world smile
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Just a smile is enough
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