Don’t forget

To breathe
Genre: Clinical Abstract
Theme: Nothing else matters
Because I have enough
extra to eat,

Because I have
clean water
to clean with
and to drink,

Because I have
a roof over my head
and something
that makes heat,

Because I have a car
so, I don’t always
have to use my feat,
Because I have access
to the internet,
a world wide
web of knowledge,

Because I can dream,

Because I have seen,

Because I can read,

Because I have
family and friends.

Because I have known
grief and other forms
of suffering,

Because I know
that I will die
and only have
this one life.
Breon May 16
If I could bless you, yet to come,
If words could bear their power down
Through fretful days and fearful years,
Through all your mother's silent tears
Spent sparingly while dreaming you,
If I could press lips to your crown
And whisper wisdom, scraps held dear,
Preserved as desperation grew -
The memories, the failures, too -

I'd give them freely, every one.
I'd rob you of your first frontiers,
I'd slay your pains, as parents do...
Or as they wish, but that's no life.
I wish you joy, not absent strife.
I can't be kinder than the world,
Not if I have to leave you here.
It breaks my heart to be unkind,
To do you wrong, to harm you so...

But I will see you rise and shine,
And I will see you stand and grow,
I'll see you fight and try yourself,
I'll see your agonies and smile,
I'll try, I swear I'll try. I will.
But if I bless you, little one,
So far from here, still yet to come,
I can't give what I haven't found.
I can't wish what I haven't known.
Maybe it's the biological clock. Maybe all my excitement and hope that I'll be the parent my children deserve is a hopeful light in my life. Maybe that candle of hope can stand the midnight certainty that, when it matters, I won't have done enough. Maybe it's too quiet here and the cubicle doesn't do much to hide me.
lia jay May 4
i feel.
i feel everything,
so deeply.
on another level.

I was your fuel

You were my drain
I was your blessing
You were my lesson

I was your cure

You were my disease

I was saving you

You were killing me

- I was calming your soul, you were stirring mine
ShowYouLove Apr 22
Let my words fall like drops of rain upon the thirsty ground
Let the joy in my heart be felt for miles around
Let the song from my mouth be as sweet as wild honey
Let me give treasure more valuable than money
Let my praise fill the sky as beautiful as the morning birds
Let me paint a beautiful picture from the gift of my words
Let my prayers rise up like the sweetest perfume
Let my light pierce the night and the darkest gloom
justine grace Apr 16
It was beautiful getting to know you
I never saw any of this coming
You prove me wrong so many times
I lost count
You kept promises
That nobody would have
You supported me everyday
Through every decision I make
Even if it was bad
You opened my eyes
And showed me a different new world
Where not everything is rainbow and butterflies
But with the right people
I will be alright
You made it feel like home
Even when times were rough
Thank you just wouldn't cut it
Because you deserve so much
And I am absolutely blessed
To call you mine
Here and forevermore
Time flew by so fast, and I still remember the first day we met. The first date we went. You are the first of many things. All my crazy cafe addiction, our love for Kaison, and on the way of getting a pet fish (start small first, we - technically him, he killed our first plant) thank you for doing things with me. For bringing me out on adventures, and everything beyond that. I love you, I love the people you bring to my life and forever blessed for you. I love you from here to infinity. Happy anniversary, my love
She Writes Apr 9
It is both my biggest blessing
And my greatest curse
To feel everything
With such deep emotion
Cal Ashiq Mar 22
Those three words really make my heart ache
As if my world is going to break
It chains me in agony
Continuously missing you for eternity

I'll miss your smile and laughter
For i'll never see the likes of them in another
I'm ever grateful for the joy of meeting you
A blessing from God I knew
Not many, Lord
would consider me
successful. Yet, I know
joy; my triumph is real.
You have always granted
this poor fool
the profound blessing
of failing
at something he loves.
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