Midnight twilight
In a magic hour
Portrait in the heart
Echoing through the nights
Eternity is believed to exist,
In the roots of Rose,
Life is a blessing, so is time
Death is inevitable, Gods die too
Beauty of life, we all die
Statue gets life, after that time

Light seems brighter in the darkest night
Dead are silence, let them RIP
Can’t explain life without death
Life is a blessing
Is this what love truly is?

Genre: Alternate Spiritual
Spiritual: faith is projected in focus.
Alternate Spiritual: Explores a science of faith.
Shared from my Anthology, Canvas: Echoes and Reflections, 2018.
Anaya c 6d

i can not write you into a poem
no matter how hard i try
my words fall too short
with every line i write
i cannot bring words
to their finest meaning
when the words alone
are inferior to you

its simply impossible
J Feb 9

I remember everything.
I’m not sure
if it is more
of a curse
than a blessing.

But I’m grateful.
Because of this,
I remember how
you made me feel;

like I can fight
a horde of monsters
and a legion of demons,
and I can win.

I remember.

A courageous warrior
That suffered a lot
But still stood strong
And never gave up

Despite the misunderstandings
Also the times we argued and shouted
She was still there
Watching me learn from my mistakes

You used to hold me close to your arms
With eyes full of love and care
Now you watch me from afar
Which strengthens me to continue

You gave my life meaning
I'm grateful for that
You do mean so much to me
Thank you, mother

To the strongest woman that I've ever known, thank you for your never-ending love for us your children. You've gone through a lot and even if I don't always say it out loud but I am truly proud to  have you and I love you with all my heart  ♡ Happy birthday, mom

it was love at first sight
the best version of love
your first horse
is your soul mate
her personality
is nothing but perfect
for you
she makes you whole
puts you back together
when you are broken
gives you the best reason
to keep going
her pearly white coat
that grows during the cold months
keeps you warm
her gray speckles
show uniqueness
her one blue eye
makes her one of a kind
when you hit the ground
she patiently waits for you to get back up
the complications you both had
made you even stronger
her leaving you
shattered your heart
the days turned long
you just wanted one last hug
one last goodbye
one last i love you
one big thank you
for making you
into the person you are today
for everything she has taught you
about strength
you wait for the day
that you will see her again
but until that day
waterfalls of tears
negative thoughts
of if something were to happen
something terrible
God was watching over both of you
saved you from despair
when the day came
it was a day with the warmest sunshine
you got your last hug
your final goodbye
to take a stroll
through fields of wildflowers
your growing old now
time has passed
your sick now
theres only so much you can do
your happy that you gave her the best life
she could of lived
new adventures
hundreds of treats
you will never forget her
she will always be
your guardian angel
and biggest blessing
you realize it was not a goodbye
but a see you later Maybelline i love you

-treasurable moments
Andrew Feb 2

They say it's too cold
Know how to put on a sweater?
You'll be fine

They say it's an obstacle
They hate this kind of weather
I think it's by design

Is it a nuisance or a blessing in disguise?
I've found the beauty in pausing our busy lives

I've felt the warmth of chilling out
and spending time with the people I care about

And I don't know
if you're in the know
but I'm into snow

SaWal Jan 30

You are the Sail, You are the Storm.
You are the Shore, You are the Sion

You are the Show, You are the Swan.
You are the Shine, You are the Shaun.

You are the Stitch, You are the Shorn.
You are the Story, You are the Scion.

You are the Symphony, You are the Song.
You are THE SOUL, You are the Strong....

So uhm.. I had a baby
I may be naïve
Newly graduated
Still asking my mom to make my doctor appointments
So I had.. a baby
In fact I was still a baby
I just got chewed up and spit out
Now I’m spitting out kids
Who would’ve guessed
So uhm yeah.. I had a baby
I met love in high school
They called him danger and he had blue eyes
Well danger and I uhm..
We kinda had a baby
It felt like the world was telling me this is it,
Welcome to your life
Well guess what world
I’m now invincible and a mom
I’m an invincible mom
I carried a human for nine months
Now I’m making appointments
Setting up schedules
Nothing is stopping me
Now let me repeat
A beautiful baby
A wonderful smart baby
I’m teaching him that
The littlest oops turns into
The biggest blessing In disguise
So I’ll tell you one more time
And my life has never been better

This is more of a slam poetry but written

I made it...
Though I haven't much of what it takes.
I certainly saw some pretty dark days
Though I  have had my fair share of heartbreaks,
The Lord has blessed me in many ways.

I  made it...
Even though I've waddled in emptiness
And had my share of disappointments
And my equal share of Loneliness
I have also had so many blessed moments.

I Made It...
Though  I had my share of sorrow
Despite all this and through it all,
God kept me here to see tomorrow
I know by grace I will not fall.

I Made it...
Even though I made it without any money
And have had my share of Troubles,
I know my joy will come in the morning
For my meals will be served on many tables.

I made it!

I made it..against all odds, in spite of all, I'm grateful to God for life and providence.

I'm not even a soldier, yet I have fought my own battles
Conquering some territories without a single commander
I'm not decorated, yet I have earned my very own titles
Enjoying all royalties, God Almighty has been my provider
I'm a man but beyond all measures, I'm mighty blessed.

I'm not even an astronaut, yet I have touched the deep skies
Soaring the galaxies and seeing beyond my very own dreams
I'm not even wealthy or connected, yet my needs God supplies
Touring many kingdoms and eating cakes topped with creams
I'm just a man but beyond all measures, I'm mighty blessed.

I wasn't considered a writer, yet I wrote inspirational quotes
Inspiring mortal souls to wake up, wise up and fight to the end
I'm not even a laureate, yet I produced classic iambic notes
Encouraging people to live on, move on and never ever bend
I'm just a man but beyond all measures, I'm mighty blessed.

I'm a man who writes not for glory, but for a very deep cause
Awaking the slumber souls of all faded dreams to take a flight
I am just a nomadic poet endeavoring to inspire without pause
Hoping to help those with aspirations and desires to just fight
I'm just a man but beyond all measures, I'm mighty blessed.

Ivan Brooks Sr©️

I'm grateful to God for my life and the numerous blessings...
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