The Jews
And the Palestinians
Finally gotten sick of  all the fighting.
They decided that the only way forward
Was to have a Mass Orgy in a Jerusalem Sports Stadium.
Prior to the event.
An Islamic Jihad Militant
Held  a News Conference
With the Sexy Female Israel Army Officer
He planned to fuck.
“We tried to obliterate these people
"With our Chinese-made Rockets"
"But they were  all defective"
"And many of them landed on our own heads."
"My cock  is much more reliable"
"Than all that  defective  military technology from China"
"That costs so much"
"I will most certainly be able"
"To reach the soul"
"Of this  Beautiful Lady"
If I strike her  hard!”
The Officer also spoke to News Reporters
As she eagerly tore off her off her Israeli Military Uniform.
“Hey, this Business of War is all fucked Up, people!” she proclaimed.
“We haven’t been able to eliminate the Islamic Jihad in 40 years.”
“But I’m going to completely eliminate”
“This man’s resistance in 40 minutes!”
“He won’t be able to live without me”
“For the Rest of His Life.”
“The Passion of Love is  much more Powerful than War!”
"She added”
“The Israeli Government  has used  my body”
“For the  Propaganda Purposes for years”
“But I haven’t even gotten laid"
“Thank God!”
“This so-called,”
“Is gonna’ make me feel like a Queen tonight!”
One very modest Palestinian woman spoke
Under the condition of anonymity
As she began  to release her hair
From  her hijab.
Before preparing for a  sexual encounter
With a Jewish Linguistics Professor named Moishe
“I only want to be impregnated by this man”
“Because I know he’s a Genius.”
“I want to have the most Intelligent Baby on Earth…….”
“A Boy who will Rule Palestine”
“When he becomes a man”.
“I have heard that  Jews are very intelligent.”
“So, I am willing to experience pleasure with him.”
“I want his genes.”
"I’m  not  really seeking Orgasmic Bliss,”
“But I know I will experience It”
“Because  Holy Sexual Pleasure"
"Is  a Blessing from  Allah!”
One Haifa  Hippy spoke directly to reporters.
"We’ve been fucking around for too long in the Middle East.”
“It’s time for us to get down and boogie for Peace!”
A Prominent Rabbi and an Imam
Came  together for a   Joint News Conference,
Covered by CNN, Al-Jazeera and the BBC
On International Satellited TV.
The Imam spoke first,
“Glory to Allah!"
“This Jewish/Palestinian Sex Extravaganza"
"Will be a bigger event”
“Than the Olympics in Brazil!”
“People throughout  the Globe”
“Will tune in”
“To see  all the  hot  action “
“Between the Palestinians and Jews”
“I feel so  blessed by Allah”
“To have the privilege”
“To be able to witness”
“Such a  Glorious Event!”
The Rabbi also spoke to the to the Microphone.
“This is the Greatest  Simcha"
"The Jewish People have  ever known!”
“We have all been"
"Created In the Image of God,”
“Jews and  Palestinians”
“Are finally going to show
“That  they are True Human  Beings”
“Rather than mere  Monsters or Dummies!”
“We're  really gonna’ get it on tonight.”
“By supporting  this wonderful,  Mass Orgy”
“For Middle East Peace,”
“We are showing our gratitude to our Creator,”
"We must now recite a Brakha."
"And show our thankfulness."
“Before  engaging"
"In all this hot sex."
The Rabbi continued to preach.
"We must cease to prostrate ourselves”
“To  the Golden Calf
"Of wasteful  Militarism.”
“We must now experience.”
“This Glorious  Dance of Love,
"Here in the Promised Land!”
“And let us all say,”
(The Imam joined in.)
That evening,
7 Billion People Viewed the Jewish/Palestinian Orgy of Love
On Live Television worldwide.
It was the Largest TV Audience for any pornographic event
Ever recorded in History.
One elderly Jewish Lady
In a Retirement Facility in Brooklyn, New York
Described her feelings of ecstasy
Upon viewing this Historical Burlesque.
"Oh, my GOD!“
“I have never seen anything so beautiful in my fucking  life!“
It makes  me want scream”
“At the top of my lungs!”
“The Beautiful, Glistening Bodies!“
”The Intense Eroticism”
“The Sweat!”
“The Passion!”
“It’s just STUNNING!”
“I feel so blessed”
“To have lived long enough”
“To Witness this Historic Event!”
“I felt inspired to Read the Song of Solomon”
“For the First time"
"Since I was a Romantic Teenage Girl,”
“High on Acid at Woodstock!”
A gentleman from Qatar
In his Mecca hotel,
Taking a break from the Haj Pilgrimage
Had some comments for local reporters.
“I knew the Palestinians could do it!”
“They’re the baddest Motherfuckers on Planet Earth!”
“Look at how they’re making the all those Sabras swoon.”
”This evening,”
“Palestine has   finally conquered Israeli resistance"
“With Love!”
“I will kiss the sacred stone of Hajar al-Aswad”
“In the Ka'aba”
“A Thousand times”
“To show  my Gratitude to Allah”
“For being able to witness”
"Such a Glorious Event"
Lyn-Purcell Aug 7
'Oh, when will you return, my love?' wondered Kourê,
   as she lays on the daybed, in the cradle of                        
          Spring's clime; how the nights and days make                        
her so weary, as the yellowed flames sway idle              
So many flowers sent,                                            
each rich with memory.      
Violets coiling around the triumphal arch;              
His smile after their first kiss under
the flushing dawn.
Starlings who sing ever so sweet;                              
the song of him preaching of her being
                       a bright glory before others.
Crystal chandeliar that hangs from the ceiling;
                            Her on a small bench, his hands massaging
                              warm oils between her fae-sculpted
      feet and toes.
The roses; a rouge kiss in the light of the shade
          The harp; a white daybed draped
                            with a scarlet sheet.
She yearns for a hug from him, bathing nude
          in light, as their hearts beat in sync
                              and reach the sky.
All she wants is a sweet rest, his hand on her
fine head;                                                
            stroking, sighing, eyes shining,              
                  water that trembles between fingers,
happiness linger!
A feather drifts earnest, the glittering of stars,
And now she cools, recalling their sweet        
goodbye as he rides his mare,
            snow cloak shines eternally.
'Yours is a beauty that will never wilt,' he cooes,
placing a rose in her hair.                  
A rose.                      
A rose...        
Her eyes falls on the white rose in the vase,
              lonesome, thornless proud...                  
We marvel its beauty, its earthbound performance                       
 She holds the rose in her hand, staring at its                    
its crowning glory; petalled virtue
By her ivory velveteen fingers                                          
long finger,
               slim thumb-
She plucks petal by petal by petal by petal
as she looks to the day-sky
                      with a dreaming mind
And when the crown is gone,                            
                       her face is touched by a frown                        
                and the naked stem,
                                    marred by her sensitivity-
                                            raped of its own beauty-
                                                    for her hand's sake,
her yearning for her lionesque lover,              
                                         and aurorian prayers?          
The stem falls, naked and bald on the ground
    as she closes her eyes, saddened...
She cannot bear the sight of snow-kissed            
flowered bays without the sun,
                   her hymn-
                                  her shield-
Know the true secret behind the red, red rose  
As none know of its venomous mantle    
this Rose lingered in the vase only to be
Taken advantage of only to
                            be dumped-
A laughing stock as another more beautiful
                            flower will take its place
Boiling with vengeance, the stem is hale,
jade with envy-
                                               barbed with thorns, a poisoned desire
                      to shield its body,
Its pride, its crown stolen-
                                     From snow to blood-
                                                    its pain turned crimson,
No longer will tears of dew fall!
'It matters not,' Kourê thinks, 'another rose will bud.'
For they, like many perennials and sentient life,
                          are conscious of its limited beauty!
'Mine own beauty and his will last forever.'
From the light beyond,
she sees him.
                                       Her sun that rides the mare!
She runs into his embrace- a pair of happy doves
Her fingers in his gold curls
as he bends the knee,
The air lovingly cold at this display!                  
Ever so content!
                                          Blessings upon the lily in the snow!
Upon her hands, the blood of a rose,
that swears vengeance upon her
for it will be the catalyst!
Blood for blood!
                                  The rose will rise and curse
them with pain ten-fold...
Final part of the free-verse!
Hope you enjoyed it!
I came up with a little sad myth behind why the rose has thorns. Why the white roses are truly red. What did you think? I have roses in my garden but I don't pick the petals, they're too pretty!
What did you think of Kourê? Do let me know!
Love you guys! Thanks so much!
Lyn xxx'
Akira Aug 3
It's so hard to be a teen.
You will never know what would you be.
Sometimes, you wanna be green,
sometimes, you want to be a bee.

If I die tomorrow,
why not today?
If I play in snow,
what would people say?

No matter how hard the situation,
I won't give up and drained.
As long as I give action,
I won't be pained.

It's a blessing if no one will leave.
Staying faithful and naive.
This poem is for the people who leave me hanging, criticize me and doesn't believe me.
sweet trinity,
how songs adventure.
hand's culture
in generational pass.

emerging emergencies
fondling core,
the schema's of God
could I afford?
PandaPao Jul 30
Found ya!
Told myself
Did I really found you?
Did I? or did we?
Have we really found what we're looking for?
I hope so..
Coz now, all I know is I love you
And I'm dreaming that this will last forever
From the moment I dug you out of that mess
I fell..
When I thought it's just a normal routine
Helping a friend
Getting them out of their sadness
I didn't expect to find a treasure
I've found my dream
I've found someone I prayed for
I've found someone to love
When all I know is that I'm lifting you
Out of that hole you put yourself in
I was wrong...
Coz I felt that you're a blessing from above
When I didn't hope anyone to love me anymore
God reminded this arrogant son of his
That I still deserve to be loved
That I'm still capable of loving
I never found you..
Coz my love,
You're a God given gift
I love you..
PandaPao Jul 29
Love, I know you worry about how this journey will be.
But can I ask you a favor?
Can we just cherish each passing days?
Can we just be thankful that maybe finally destiny had smiled on us?
Can we just treat each other as blessings given from up above?
Can we just appreciate each others' company?
Can we just savor the moment?
Can we just live it up?
Can we just revel on our feelings?
Can we just dig in on this fancy stage of our life?
Can we just enjoy the ride?
Coz honey I also worry as much as you,
But I don't wanna let it stop me from relishing the present
Love, can we just love each others' beauties and uglies?
I will always love you anyway
So be still my love, I'm here to stay
I love you
Beauty is a blessing and a curse
For both you and I

Whenever I see you utilising your curse
I can only sit and comply

I can become so distracted by your blessing
That I can't unfix my eyes

When I see your entire blessing
I feel the need to have you in my life

Beauty is a curse to me
It is my weakness

It takes over everything within me
Then all I see is your evoking bliss

It is a catalyst to my thoughts and actions,
But negatively effects my loyalty

Then my actions lead to insanity
Rebecca Scull Jul 17
I know her eyes, I know her eyes, I know her eyes.
I've stared into them for every hour of every day, I've carried her in my heart, in my soul.
I know her eyes.
They aren't the same.
They aren't ablaze.
They are not her eyes.
I've stared at the glassy exterior that covers her eyes, I've stared at the round cheeks and the thin hands. I've stared at the soft appearance of her skin and I regret every hour of every day for all the moments I lose not being able to hold her.
I carried her for months, supporting her until she could breathe and once she started taking those breaths, everything went wrong.

And she was gone.

I stare into the pictures of her for hours every moment that I can but still, it's not enough. it's never enough.
And I regret each and every day that I can't hold her, that I can't stare into her big, round, hazel eyes; and there's a new she now, one who's eyes aren't hazel, one who's skin doesn't look as soft, one who was able to breathe right and still continues to. And I guess it's a blessing but it feels like a curse, because I know her eyes and they are not the same.
Imperfection is a blessing
Imperfection allows us to be better
Every single day

So be better
Azumi Rabulan Jun 28
I opened my eyes

and opened two gifts

in front of me is a blessing;

in front of me was you.
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