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One of my
earliest memories is
of afternoons in
the backyard, standing on
a wrought iron chair that
was painted
lime green.
My creativity was ferril.
The paint was peeling,
And the sun beat down
upon me.

I was 5 years old.
and the Genesis of my
writing career began.
Below my chair was a plastic
swimming pool filled with water.
I sang leaving on a jet plane  I
I understood pathos,
and plot, and melancholia.
In my mind, I was a man
leaving a woman.
As I jumped into the pool
I could smell loneliness.
And I understood the
descent, the separation,
the sadness.

And in my little life,
and in my big heart,
under that hot July sun,
The poet was born.
Andrew Layman Jun 11
Dear one:

You are a quiet conqueror
I know it
because your voice will make avalanches
and rouse the sleeping mountains
your words of kindness will heal others
and in doing so
it will break your own cycle.

I believe all these things
and in you so strongly
for I have seen it
in a future that presently waits for you
remain steadfast
and please realize
you will do many wonders
because you are one yourself.
you’re just my blessings in disguise but we’re
hiding from feelings that should be discussed
Everyone can see that there’s something there
But I shoot my shot ... it goes unnoticed by you. Every single time.
I’m just scared to find out the truth on.
Why everything is taken so long

Sometimes I leave myself to think about
A situation way too much and forget about life.
Feeling like I’m trapped. Running away from my thoughts. When all I want to do is talk to
You.But I can’t .
I wish I could just pick up the phone and talk to you.
I’m just hoping this thing we have can work out.
There’s only so much I can take before I’m done. In letting in some sort of love.
One for all, All with menace
Giver of life you've filled ours with Grace
Like sunshine leaving out no single face
Everlasting, you're the desire of ages
Early morning birds chirping
Singing melody’s of peace
Looking out into the forest
I see beauty in your face
Africa has a smell that no one can erase
A smell that echos love into your soul  
Life so simple, life so inspiring and incredible
Don’t believe what the discovery channel told you about a land that existed before any other
Africa the mother of the earth
Birthing billions of souls
who left it but still live in it
It’s blood runs deep in our souls
Skin shades might change
but our roots are deep Within
When Africa cries we feel it’s pain  
When Africa smiles we rejoice with pure joy
Colonizers tried to change it but it changed them
They stole its music, passion, material good, it’s minerals, traditions, and norms
Taking even its greatest queens and kings
Tribal men and women
They tried to **** its joy but it still smiled through the pain
Enslaving it’s people still couldn’t **** it existence
Birthed in resistance and molded by resilience, inspired by diligence, fueled by consistence
We are strong, powerful, and courageous  
Africa the birthplace of the human race
With our palms pressed let’s say Grace
As we pray for peace
What's with you?
Why does it Hurt you so much,
Let me find a way to help you...

Let me ease your pain...
"Sleep, my Child...
Find some time to rest...
It's the only way you can help...
You know it...
You thought it...
Others have preached it back to you...
You know this from so long ago... From your dreams and Sleepless nights of childhood...
Sleep, my Child.
It is time to have some rest...
Find a way to understand... this is your time
To rest. Your moment. "
Relativity and fun. We all play the role of a little saviour în our time due on Earth.
Mahima khatun Mar 28
Look outside,
It's a beautiful morning
The sun is shining so bright
Birds singing so sweet
Flowers blooming so beautiful
Butterflies flying so colorful.
Take a deep breath,
Put a smile on your face
Think how blessed you are.
You'll never have this day again.
Start this day with a new hope.
Leave every bad memories behind,
Live this day like its your last.
Make it incredible as far as you can
Smile, enjoy this least you can try.
And don't wait for a better tomorrow
Let's make a better today
Love was a story everyone told
A song everyone sang
A danger sign on the road and so when you saw it, you had to make a U-turn
And when I met you, it gave me everything
Loving you gave me everything I ever wished for
Today is a new day; a new promise wrapped with blessings and gifts.

Hussein Dekmak
Edited 2
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