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Ornaments and lights decorate trees
Traditions that we've made this to be
Presents are generous, but to be alive

Is the gift that continues to give
Because your presence
Is a present

Focus energy not on tensions
Or frustrations, but realizing
Appreciations for each lesson
Blessing, and silver lining

For Christmas cheer, is to be kind
To unite love like peace signs
And as we celebrate his birthday
To keep the good faith in mind.
I wrote this poem in honor of Christmas, last year. It's my first Christmas poem that I can remember dedicating to the holiday. I had also written a song about Christmas, but I'm pretty sure this was my first poem about it. I hope you find something to like. ^^
JDL Dec 2018
Sometimes it takes a great fall to realize that you are already at the top.
It’s easy to take what we have for granted and sometimes it takes a sizeable event to boil away all other distractions to reveal your greatest blessings that you have had all along.
This year I hope you will...
Read the best book of your life.
Be kissed by someone who thinks you are wonderful.
Enjoy the peace of sitting outside on a beautiful day.
Make or find great music.
Visit somewhere you've never been.
Have days when you are neither haunted by the past nor worried about the future.
Purchase a product that lives up to the advertisement.
Feel the warmth from a genuine compliment.
Accomplish something important only to you.
Discover a great new restaurant.
Laugh out loud at an unexpected joke.
And finally...
Have a year of health, wealth and peace.
Ilunga Mutombo Dec 2018
She wore a mask to hide her personality
It took her lovers heart to unlock her true beauty
Behind the mask, she was who she thought she wanted to be
Running away from her reality
Just so she could feel free
Behind the mask she cropped and edited herself
Only to end up losing her true self
Her value laid in the mouths of insecure men
Calling her names with no substance
Social pages full of likes and compliments
They desired the image she painted of herself  
Never acknowledging that she had a personality  
But He loved her so much
that he took away her mask
Now she smiles a smile so beautiful it can make pain leave the broken heart
She is her and she is you when you found you
Amanda Dec 2018
Every day you are given is a blessing
Whether you crawl through or sprint full speed
Not one single thing is greater than the gift of life

That sounds clique

I know this positive outlook isn't sustainable
Regardless, I will express this significant message because I yearn for it to ring true
Every given day is a blessing
The past is history, the future is a mystery, but today is a gift. That's why it's called the present.
Evelyn Ann Nov 2018
Formed out of anger and pain
You are my Sinful Blessing

You grew inside of me
and made us a collection
of recurring nightmares
You are my Sinful Blessing

You are my Blood Sweat and Tears
Both my Hate and my faith
You are me Sinful Blessing

Deeper and Deeper my Wounds get
And slowly the truth was no longer untold

I'm sorry
I'm Sory

But how long do I have to wait?
How many sleepless nights do I have to spend?

The truth untold is no longer mask

Drink up

Will I see you tomorrow?

Will I miss you?
Diána Bósa Nov 2018
When the noise makes sense
and the malediction feels like a blessing;
the hunger turns into a fullness
as the defloration becomes efflorescence.

Only then will I know...

That relinquishment is just another offering,
that falling is just going upward;
the opposite is the way ahead to the straightforward.

Only then will I know,
by the true learning of loving you,
who I am.
Cisco James Nov 2018
An almost ancient Korean woman once
repaid my kindness by pointing at me
and, in broken English, solemnly reciting
these words: "Grandparents die; parents die
you die." As anger reddened the faces
of my friends, I motioned for them to relax.
Being familiar with her culture, I understood
the meaning of this seeming curse. The old
woman had intended it as a kind of prayer--
that parents in my family should never know
the profoundly bitter sorrow
of outliving their own children.
I bowed my head in thanks.
Karijinbba Oct 2018
"Yesterday, love was such an easy game to play."
said John Lennon in his song
and my love to me a long time ago.
I believe its better if
"when we love someone,
we do so unconditionaly, without any expectations in riddles or fill in the blank games on a cold computer screen -maleffic- mirror- button- pushing disaster!

Nothing beats the face to face
embrace a hug and a passionate kiss an " I love you"
of a true love
lost and~~~~?


By: Karijinbba.
Lets see how many people can solve this cross word puzzle!!
please fill in the blanks
Mystic Ink Plus Oct 2018
Look at that queue

That is the queue
To empower the soul
With a faith in life

Never heard it before
Why I’m here?
Genre: Spiritual
Theme:Blessing Seeds
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