The unforgiving grasp tightens on our minds, and sinks faster than an anchor.

The unrecognizable emotions rip and tear the morality of even our best thinker.

The unjustifiable nonsense occurring has a globalized society acting consistently "faker".

The mind and reality can be united, finally at peace, if we only knew the truth behind our creator.

Our true maker.

The answer is simple.

The answer creates a giant ripple.

The answer of our creator would allow everyone to sprint, even the cripple.
A poem on how simple and united our world could be if religion were eliminated through the irrefutable discovery of how we truly came to be.
Each time a dark thought to sin gleefully entered me
Every one of those days blurred into one another that were tinged with blue
All those nights insomnia took hold, and I wished to end my life
Well, I'm glad I didn't

I'm glad because I was waiting for the day
The day the sun bursts into a kaleidoscope of light
The day the sky quickly parts itself, making a path
The day the clouds willingly sacrifice themselves to hold a gleaming white horse
And on the horse's back, sits The King
Holding a sword that shines magnificently
Wearing a crown that dazzles for all to see
I can't wait to see Jesus
Still I wait for that day
Still I wait
Sarah 17h
My body is a temple
Worshiping inner demons and external pleasures
The pursuit of glory through the forbidden fruit
A blood sacrifice is demanded
By a god at the altar
But there is nothing holy about this
The only heaven I will ever find
Is in beaded red lines
I confess my sins to thee
But there are no answers to my prayers
There is no one to answer to
Higher powers have forgotten me
I have forsaken me
And there is no grace in pain
No forgiveness in punishment
And no God to blame for my sins
As I kneel adorned with my own crown of thorns
Constructed from my own deceptions and faults
I wonder why the only person willing to die for my sins
Is me
Caio Consoli Mar 10
I bring Vitality
That who Faint
And in Jollity
The war Acquaint
They can Understand
My whole Night
For the Land
Thou shall Fight
With my Light
Have no Fear
Future is Bright
Trust my Dear
You have Lead
Not for Long
There are Greed
For the Wrong

Odin is Proud
Valhalla waits You
In a Crowd
Sees the True
With no Flu
We will Feast
Hint a Clue
For the East
Be the Fist
Of the Lust
Make a List
For the Just
Do not Entrust
Be in Despair
Is a Must
To be Fair
With a Flair
They will Lose
Show no Care
Red and Blues.
The smell of bleach is overwhelming,
but my mother always liked the smell.
She would mix bleach with a splash of lemon and the smell of sickly citrus would
drift through the house.
She would spend hours on the floor, scrubbing
each baseboard and kitchen tile.
Each swish of the mop would bring my mother
closer to God.
But for me, the fumes seemed to shake my mind and cause each ridge in my brain
to sweat.
My head succumbing to the pressure of finding my home
like some hospital.

Bleach burns. Once I let my hand slip into that lemon-scented pail,
feeling the itch rise up my wrist.
It felt similar to the Holy Spirit rising through my
chest during each Sunday service.
An antiseptic,
a decontaminate, something that desensitized and purified.
So, I began to rub my hands, with a spiritual fever,
letting my skin flake from each coat of
lemon-scented cleanliness.
But somehow, I never felt clean enough.

I never felt sanctified.
two lives
two moralities
two vices i can’t give up

two bottles
two pound entry
two am and i’m stumbling home

two bodies
two moans
two people trying to feel alive

too broken
too chaotic
too hard to make this choice
i just feel like im being pulled between two lifestyles and i have to choose which to follow. im called to surrender everything but i just cant give it up. im cloning myself, creating two different personalities which i can switch between, given the situation. and now i dont know which one is the real me.
Of course I have beef with Christianity,
for all it seems to be is a glossed up industry
full of fear and hate and hypocrisy.

Embellished bibles and diamond purity rings,
where is the meaning in these earthly things?
Where is the love we’re supposed to bring
to this broken world of foolish kings?

We are so quick to condemn
those who turn away from Him
because of our raging hate towards them.
Can’t you show some love again?

If it’s their hearts we want to change
let us first change ourselves
and in turn change the game
for if love is our first attack and defense
maybe God will make a little more sense.
Kay P 3d
My last long distance relationship was with YaHWeH
And we’re on break
But when I can’t help myself
I drunk text him
Thumbs fumbling like they’ve forgotten
Keys I used to know with eyes closed

“Why do you give me emotions
If they are only going to be doubted?
Invalidated continuously?
What would it be like to feel something
Without being punished?
Prayer emoji, prayer emoji,
Cry emoji, upside down smile.”

And when the emotional puking is done
And I’ve resigned myself to silence
And acid green Listerine
The universe chimes
“One new message.”

Taking a deep breath,
Pushing down apprehension
And the nauseous excitement
Of a boy texting back

“They are not always thus.
Each time someone was there
In your corner,
Maybe not the most voices
Maybe not the loudest
But there.

You are the master of your destiny, Love
The master of your punishment
You do not have to feel punished
You are rejoice made flesh.”
Peaceful smile, peaceful smile
Kiss emoji.”

I pause, reading it once,
Then twice,
Swallowing then nodding
Keys now vaguely familiar.

“Sometimes I forget.
Shy emoji, shrug emoji,
Monkey covering eyes.”

“God is typing……”

“That is what I’m here for.”
Kiss emoji, smile emoji
Blushing beaming smile.”
December 6th, 2017
Gemma 3d
Sick of you respecting the flower but not the
wind,  the rain , the mud
that caused it to grow.
Sick of you longing for talent
Yet spending
your "precious" time sobbing , alone at home .
My patience is waring as thin as my frame  
believe in life before death    &
try , then try again .
Holy vortex
Which rests under our knees
Bring us closer
To the final disease
In which we realize
Life is nothing
But a sweet, sad dream
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