I prayed to God for a new Sports Car
And I prayed to God for the Hurricanes to stop.
My house was leveled
I'm flat broke,
So, This must mean
That God doesn't love me any more.

I don't ask for sympathy.

I won't ask for love.

I'll wait until my judgement day to make peace with God above.

I don't take what isn't mine.

I won't kneel down to pray.

I've worked too hard for too damn long for far too shitty pay.

I don't know where this is going.

But I know, now, how it'll end.

I'll live, I'll work, I'll die and then-

I'll do it all again.

John is fifty five, Elizabeth - twenty three,
Peter - thirty three, Poppy - only ten,
but in death's black books they all are same age.

Patrick's very fat, Anna’s a plump girl,
Sarah - average size, Nick's thin as a rake,
but in death's black books they all have same weight.

Marlon wears blue jeans, Dani loves pink dresses,
Pablo - only suits, Hada is hat obsessed,
but in death's black books they’re all but a flesh.

Graham is a lawyer, Monica teaches kids,
Andy - taxi driver,  Eve - model-to-be,
but in death's black books they’re all bones and meat.

Meredith is a Christian, Yina - a buddhist.
Ahmed akbars Allah, William - atheist.
Meredith thinks Heaven is the place she'll go,
Yina says she will become a cat, or a dog.
Paradise for Ahmed, "If I'm good" - he says.
William doesn't know what is after life,
but in death's black books they’ll all go to ground.

Janice has quit smoking to live longer, a bit,
Stephen's life’s a struggle, day by day same shit.
Colin's fighting cancer, chained to hospital bed.
Lola's fan of Botox, she tries to not to age,
but in death's black books they all already dead.

slipping in and out of an unconscionable haze
but drawing back into the dark; one phone call away.
after escaping into the bathroom to cover up the red, my eyes stare back, out of apparently my own head
unrecognisable i stare at the girl
who just one more year ago was loved and unsure

two hours later another call becomes another wave,
i cater myself a slave,
to the sadness on the other line
in this together but 930 kilometers away
there's not much i can do than to sit here and pray

not quite religious and little if no hope for a chance, i pray for your little p* and heart,
to feel no pain for one more day.
i also pray for my message to reach you;
your incredible ways we couldn't have taught you

changes in the past year, tied together with the passing of a loved one

Dawn breaks,
Awaking me to our universe:
Ever expanding,
Into infinite space.

Billions of stars,
Planet and moons.
Countless possibilities,
Multiverse or not.
Too vast to comprehend.

Together we are
But a leaf in the forest,
Drop in the ocean,
Grain of sand on the beach.
Lost in orderly chaos.
One sparkle in a firework display.

Logically there should be higher powers
And maybe one supreme being, ruling all.
Call it Gods or God
Whatever you like.
Feel free to choose your own.

Select from the maelstrom of energy and life
That is out there.
Choose from intelligences way beyond our reckoning.

For names are nothing but convenience
For we ants
As we look up at the stars.

Paul Butters

This sprang to mind just before 8AM so I went downstairs and grabbed my notepad.......

He's drunk on dharma
and that's alright
Wouldn't want him to abuse
anything of substance anyway

The sun is eclipsed by the moon
The sun’s on the rise
It learns to shine through like a sea green sunny noon

The whispers of the mermaids in the sea
Seek ears of humans deep down in the water
Never hoping or wanting to pass on the lonesome egotistic plea

The swan drives away the ugliness away from the duckling
By exposing it to its cygnets who swim close to it to investigate
But the swan parents remain far and friendly afterwards hurriedly engage in beauteous bucolic buckling

The supernova explodes but leaves no more than gas
We humans lurch in overt fucked up obesity
And splutter plastic bags and corpulence and we think we still have space for inebriating grass

We are social animals but among us we have introverts
Tells us we aren’t just animals
But laughingly we believe what we are told by scientific and psychological adverts

We learn to believe in weather forecasts
But never learn to get wet in the predicted rain
Because we will carry umbrellas and raincoats in the face of the challenge of having to face our embarrassing pasts

Imagine the embarrassment of being prone to embarrassment
Nothing to live for but we live to protect ourselves
How vain since never learn to open our hearts to anyone and we disobey the volatile tenements

Volatile since we have never learned to love people above our future
We always feel god but the joy of seeing him in his fake flesh is incomparable
We on the contrary are giving more credence to something intangible rather than something close to our own soul and nature

The deaf man isn’t heard after all he can’t hear
When will you learn to listen to the person representing him
When the earth shakes and you realize that your ears are nothing compared to THE ear

Because both of you will be equally aware
You may not help him but you will receive his help
Because of the hate and ostracization that he faced and in that time of sadness there was no façade that his sensitive self decided to wear

The blind man definitely hears on the radio when the revolution is through
And the last protest was wrapped up too
In that dystopia the blind man will still see what people do
When they apoplectically turn against the lot they will understand the psychological fallacy of survival of the fittest which forms a strange brew
Because the theory brings a superiority complex in those who believe they are the fittest whereas being neutral is closest you can get to God and inner peace too
Which is achieved naturally by a very few
The feeling of megalomania is quite widespread in antagonists and if you find one in a movie you in the face of your complex are mostly likely to sue

It's all in the title. It's surreal and satirical.

I can choose how heavily this weighs upon me

I can pick the weight pressing more and more upon my shoulders
Or I can pick feathers to carry

I can choose turmoil, churning me up from the inside
Or I can choose to walk in grace

I can pick minutes so long they never seem to end
Or I can pick days that slip through my fingers

I can choose a mind filled with a thousand games
Or I can choose saved brains

I can pick a heart heavy with all my cares
Or I can pick the promises of God.

I choose peace.

Carson 4d

Half dead slaves,
Gold infused pyramids,
and the crocodiles swimming in the lake of blood
His imprints were the scars,
the sweat,
and the stance of formation in the mud.
He explains Moses and Nile River  

Built with blood blistering splinters,
shadows of deep sea life,
and swift waves of animals of his creation
His anger casted the storm,
Gave the family a reason for determination,
and before all man binding extinction.
He explains Noah and his Arc

Corroded from rust is the nails,
millions of pounds weight at his chest,
and the darkness and light met
He gave us his only Holy son,
disgusting sins forgiven,
and a beautiful promise kept
He explains Jesus Christ and the Cross.

Broken buttons with loose string,
fog for what is clear sight,
and alcohol veins with smoke inflamed lungs
Deep with concentrated breaths,
A loving touch without a second glimpse,
and with act of forgiveness pouring from his tongue.
He explains Who he is and his love for us

A bite from the forbidden fruit,
hourglass sand starting for the first time,
and visions of unspeakable blaspheme,
The suffrage, the extinction, or the sacrifice
plaguing him more than the engulfing fire evil caused
and he opens his arms for his loving creation to live with him for Eternity
He explains no matter what, he is there, and this is not the end.

I cry myself to sleep night after night
In seek for a better life
One not so suborn and filled with love.
I drowned in my tears every night
Just like my ancestors have night after night
One’s that were less fortunate to live the life I am living today.
They would tell me to let things be
At least you have a place to sleep and food to eat
At least you have property you can own and an education you have grown.
But this is America, Home of the Brave
And if no one is going to be brave then it must be me
Someone needs to say it, someone needs to speak it
It’s not just for the black but for people who are different,
People with disabilities and people who fall under diversity.
We fight so many wars but yet we can’t tame the ones inside
If it’s not my country then it’s certainly not yours
We have to be bigger, we have to think greater
Then someone’s gender and always remember
Your religion is sacred and so is your history.
Night after night a soul dies
A life flies away into the unknown
Hoping that the children they left behind
Can have a better life then their own.

So I would really appreciate any feedback whether good or bad. I am currently adding this into my school contest paper in the category of poetry. It can only be this length as in no longer. But if any suggestion on word change or grammar/punctuation please do not hesitate.

This poem just kind of flowed out of me. And it's one of the realist pieces I have written in a long time.
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