AAA 1d

I saw tears in my mothers blue eyes, eyes oceans deep

but she was not sad today

she recently fell into a bad work situation and i see her drowning in fear and worry

She looked me in the eyes and explained why she had been crying

" I was in church today."

silence struck

" i was overwhelmed and heavy hearted. I tried to distract my mind from my struggles, i imaged floating in the ocean (this is my mother happy place due to her memories with her mom) and all i think about is the waves carrying me, and suddenly i thought about sharks and all the bad things in the ocean and i started to stress."

I stared at her with confusion

she noticed my concern

" See i felt God telling me that the sharks are evil, the devil, my stressful job, the arguments with the family. But God is the water he is the ocean surrounding me. no matter where you go in the ocean he is there, we can go absent but he can't"

everything become clear for me as mother looked at me choking on her tears

" every drop of rain is us, meaning less unless we are together all the raindrops become the ocean, we are the body of Christ."

My mother is wise

she is beautiful

God is working in her life

i began to cry much like her

not with sadness

but with relief


AAA 1d

people always love the sky
whether it's raining, storming, windy, sunny, bright, dark, day or night
people romanticize the sky
is it because when when are under the stars the moonlight reflects his brown eyes?
is it because when the sun is bright and loud you can see the way her freckles line up against her nose
is it because all those night were you feel powerless and you scream into the sky hoping God will hear you?
the truth about the sky is it makes us feel grounded, like this moment, this place is where i belong
everything you love is present under the sky
every good moment you have ever lived through happened under these stars
someone somewhere is staring into the same sky as me
we breathe the same air
we romanticize the same sky

Alex Fontaine Jul 10

Feeble opinions of cellphone zombie
Facebook philosophers perched
upon flaccid moral frameworks
like feeders upon which a sparrow
would hop from perch to perch,
nuggets, morsels, rules, restrictions,
convictions, insecurities falling
so conveniently down to make him
the master of his plastic choice
to be plucked like a cucumber
by the cold lonely wet hungry
hawk who provides his own sustenance.

Little sparrow not only do you not
matter some day soon you will
barely be matter molecules stacked
one by one a discoloration in a rock
formation waiting for the sun
to explode and make dust again
to be quiet until it all turns inside
out again to make new sparrows.
I will not waste the starlight glimmer
of consciousness joined to gross matter
for the briefest moment gasp in time
on your silly shit.

What to say when people try to talk to you about politics. They leave you alone.

Joe Schwartz had a great job at Goldman Sachs,
But he hadn't had  sex for a long time
He really  didn't believe  that Sexual Abstinence
Was too good for his health.
His wife, Marlene
Walked out on him
In favor of a Soho Artist name "Raul'
Who was 15 years her junior
Because she said that Joe had
"No imagination".
Joe was seeing a Psychiatrist,
Even when he talked to the psychiatrist,
He felt all
Many of his office mates,
Including Shlomo Silverstein,
An Orthodox Jew,
Had very high regard for a hooker named "Sheba".
So, Joe decided to check her out.
Her Studio was in a back alley
Perpendicular to another alley.
It was a bit hard  to find.
When he arrived, a friendly Black Woman
In a bright yellow dress opened the door.
It put Joe at ease
Because he had never solicited prostitution before.
Sheba sat down across from him
Just like any other Health Care Professional would.
"Now, Mr. Schwartz.'
"What brings you here today?" she asked.
Joe Schwartz had never been asked such a direct question
By a prostitute.
So, he felt a bit awkward.
"Well," he stammered.
"I think I need a release."
Sheba was a bit put off by this response.
"A release?"
"Do I look like a Chiropractor to you?" she asked Joe
Sheba smiled and continued to speak
"Mr. Schwartz, don't you have any fantasies about me?'
When Sheba smiled,
Joe could see that she had perfect teeth.....
Better than most of the guys in the Office.
"Ms. Sheba," Joe sighed.
"I don't have any fantasies about anyone right now."
"I just don't give a damn  about anything any more."
"That's why I'm here."
"Hmm," Sheba thought deeply/
"I'm not the type of girl to take advantage of my customers."
"I want you to read this book and see this doctor."
"He's a comrade of mine."
"Then, when you have a fantasy you can share with me,"
"Please return, and Mr. Shwartz,"
"And we can 'Do Business'"
"If you know what I'm saying?"
So, Joe Shwartz took the business card and the book
And walked back  out into the alley.
The business card was for
"Minh Nguyen D.C.",
And it said on it,
"I'll can give you a release!"
The book was the Jewish Study Bible
And a bookmark had already been placed in it
At the location of
The  Song of Songs.

The Monotheistic gods
Got into a rumble.
The Female deities just stood there and watched,
Wondering which god would be left standing
At the end of the brawl?

you are my church,
you are my kingdom hall,
you are my place of worship.
i pray that we stay together,
on every bead that is on this elastic.
you're like my incense and my candle light --
smiling lightens up this room,
adding a never before smelled aroma.
my god, you've got me daisy eyed,
and by god you are the holiest thing i've ever seen --
divinity in its purest form.

youve got me melting like an ice cream.

i hydrate your soul,
i planted the seed, Apollos watered;
He gave the growth --
aquatic meditation.
constant continuity and grief
has drowned me out;
preparing for eternal drought.

ignoring the truth of the supreme one

By Arcassin Burnham

Soon enough,
When the wind blows soon,
In all its Glory and all it's Faith.
When it happens,
Where do we go?
Yeah pretty soon,
The'll be men coming to,
Take you out of town.
A light ahead awaits and waits for no man just to be found.

Waits for no man,
When love is around,
That's why we cheat and we lose our crowns,
Keep your guard up in this savage town,
There's gonna be a whole lot of people fallen down.
Prayers are to the people out on the street,
With at least no minimum wage and ain't got nowhere to sleep,
Not Judging by the action but the company you keep,
Judging on how harsh it is , you'll be lucky to speak.

I feel for joy , Happiness , redemption , relief , clarity , empathy , spirituality,
In the lords arms.


Don't you say that Love's the only thing you're looking for,
Trying to claim you know me, when I don't have your number anymore,
Don't you say you know my name when you forgot me awhile back,
Confusing my brain don't try to throw me off track,
Sort of like an outcast where you and your friends didn't wanna be,
Bullied by the same old kids in school,they couldn't handle me,

When it was time,
I got tired of the old shit and made it new every time,
Use to make Love to a chick that never claimed that she was mine,
Bad days in past,
And future past days will fade away,
I'll live my life how I want , til it's time to pass away.

Don't you smile in my face and say it's byegones,
Symbolically so inclined to turn trust to stone,
I feel so bad for the normal​ kids that stay the quiet ones,
Cyber attacking on social media thinking it's fun,
You play with someone's life,that's on your hands,
Nothing you can do,
You should have already grown up into a man and paid your dues,
I don't know how long I've made it in this condition now,
I should have done right in life and would have lived it down,

When it was time,
I got tired of the old shit and made it new every time,
Use to make Love to a chick that never claimed that she was mine,
Bad days in past,
And future past days will fade away,
I'll live my life how I want , til it's time to pass away.

Lisa 5d

The tips of my toes curl
fold inwardly like noisemaker blowouts
like the feet of the wicked witch of the east
I was always envious of the tongue flicker her feet took
the slug slithering into its’ shell
my hands are always sweating pools into a liver shaped pond
and this is where I lie
in the altar of altruism
into the bucket womb of the dark
where I prop myself against the saints I’ve collected
each one with hands clasped
each one never saying the prayers I want to hear
the one that will console me
the one that will suck my pupils dry
I think I hear it
but it’s time to dust the pagan guardians again
it’s time to light the candle
the flame licking my hair
sending it into a sizzle that smells
like a butcher’s shop
my eyes the color of kidney beans splitting
I want the angels to help
to promise me that I won’t be bad again
that the good in me is the good
in those that never get sick during the flu season
I am eternity stuck underneath lamplight
waiting for that bell to toll
to announce the coming of the
moment where I will
more monk than human
more enlightened than domestic cat
more blissful contemplation than damnation

Oh thou lord, he that calmeth the seas, yea he that hast triumphed over death. Thou hast freed me from the bonds and bands of sin.

Yea tho I was in the depths of despair, yea almost swallowed in the midst of the adversary, yet thou hast rescued me from bondage.

Thou art the savior of me oh lord. Yea there be no pain nor trouble nor trial nor tribulation on earth that the sweet ambrosia of heaven cannot overcome.

Yea lord, we submit our wills unto thee, yet we know that therein find we our freedom. Thou proclaimest that whosoever shall lose their life in service therein shall find, and yea how much have we served thee lord? How much have we prostrated unto thee lord? Have we not cried unto thee in the night? Begging, oh lord, unto thee for thy embrace? Have we not called out to thee savior? That we might feel thy love and thy peace? Thou savior of mankind, thou hast rescued me and therefore have we been snatched from the adversary of mankind.

Lord we humble ourselves before thee. We know that thou hast power to do all things, yet submit our will under thy own. Lord we ask thee this day that thou might show us thy mercy and give unto us thy spirit that we may feel thy love.

Yea lord shew unto us thy blessings and we shall shew unto thee our works, notwithstanding we know thou canst all things do, and if thou givest not unto us thy blessings then shall we call and prostrate and cry unto thee lord, and then shall we shew twice our works unto thee lord.

For we pray not to supersede our will over thine oh lord. Nay we pray to bring retribution to our wonts and draw ourselves into thy arms and under thy merciful protection. And we know that our salvation is borne on the backs of thy grace and on thy atonement.  And our salvation is borne on the backs of eagles that heavenward do fly.

Therefore, I, Thy humble servant, do humble myself unto Thee. This day shall I follow thee, and love thee, and forever sustain thee.
To Thee, Oh Saviour of Mankind.

Something religious I wrote in church the other week
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