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Ash 57m
Father, forgive me for dressing myself in the shackles that you tore off.
Father, forgive me for trying to bear past burdens along with your cross.
Father, forgive me for breaking waves when you asked me to tread water.
Father, forgive me for wearing Shame when you already bought her.
Where life exists
You often find a carpet
Of grass or moss or whatever.
And in sacred groves and forests
You will find
The tree.

The tree: nature’s skyscraper,
Deep roots, hard bark and leafy canopy:
Linking the Underworld to The Heavens.
Looming beauty my words can but strive
To describe.

A tree can live for many an age,
Legends about it, even longer.
Since ancient times the tree has been revered.
The Norse People had Yggdrasil:
A cosmic tree linking many worlds.
Comprehend the Eastern Indian Kalpavriksha –
A jewel of a wish fulfilling tree.
The Peace Tree of the American Iroquois,
And many more.

In West Africa the Oubangui People plant a tree
Whenever a child is born.
The Bible tells of the Tree of Life
And the Tree of Knowledge
Growing there
In The Garden of Eden.

Bow to the Tree Goddess.
Bow to The Tree
Bow to its sturdy bough.

Our tree is home
To many a creature
Nymphs and Dryads too

A skyscraper indeed,
Full of life
Safe in its shade
Some behind walls
Of solid wood.

We lose ourselves
Just looking
At that tangle
Of twisting branches
Spiny twigs and clouds of leaves.
Will it stoop over
And pick us up
With its enormous

Or will it just keep playing us
A lullaby
With that whistling wind?  

Oh Tree,
You show such grandeur,
Goddess-like indeed:
Shaken by gales
Yet not disturbed
We trust.

Long Live The Tree –
Even giving us
The air we breathe.
Let your branches spread
While you reach ever upward –
A towering spire.

Paul Butters

© PB 26\5\2020. With due credit to Wikipedia.
I love trees.
We all just long for peace at heart
And for life to allow us a restart
With gazing eyes we start dreaming
Reminiscing times when our cheeks were beaming

The weather outside is a distinct drizzle
Making the world appear like a single grizzle
And you just stand there waiting
Because nothing else seems to be more fascinating

Than the rain drops and their continuous sounds
That just makes you feel so inexplicably profound
And you breath deeply through this moment
Thinking about nothing less but gods dethronement
a golden stage of holy voices
hide us all from  the rain
a pastor, fulfilled by the holy spirit
today we are forgiven, forgiven

a young male in the audience, dancing
god is mighty, god is mighty, god is mighty
a sturdy background singer, grateful
today we are forgiven, forgiven

our god is awesome and he will be
our god is awesome and he will be
walls, decorated with kindness
today we are forgiven, forgiven

love is in the air like lights, lights
love is in the air like lights, lights
a pastor, fulfilled by the holy spirit
today we are forgiven, forgiven
Today is a holy day.

Much Love to:

YouTube: My God Is Awesome Charles Jenkins

May God bless all of you poets, poetesses and readers.
Our God is awesome.

This poem is dedicated to all of you, it's dedicated to Charles Jenkins and his amazing team of background singers, it's dedicated to my family, my wife and to my children.

Heaven yeah!
have you ever looked up and wondered
what's above?
not the sky, nor the stars,
nor even the outer layers we've yet to explore

no science involved
unless it is being backed up by religion

have you ever looked up and wondered
how God does it all?
or how Jesus always has on a smile
even when he knows it's a thin, thin line
between life and death...

an empty cup that is never to be filled up completely
one forced into the hands and into working for everyone else

The golden pieces of hope
pushing one so far, as to the ends of the earth;
just to fall off.
Happy Christmas to me
War is over(But only if you want it)
All I want for Christmas is war to be over
War is over(If you so desire)
War is under(If you dream it)
War is love(If you think it)

War is over(If you want it)
She says(Happy Xmas to you, she says)
War is war is war is war is war is war is over
If you is you is you is you is God is all is love
Want it to be
Kat Schaefer Apr 17
I’ve never met God but I want him to be kind
To be cradled in his warmth
To be the center of his adoration

I want a wave of reassurance
To collapse onto my sinking body
As I tell him of all the times
That I had forgotten how to swim

He will laugh and nod his head
Wipe my glossy eyes and remind me
That swimming isn’t always so easy

Especially when the tide picks up
The water gets deeper
And you are left gasping for air
While desperately clinging
Onto anything that will keep you anchored

Despite my doubts, his love for me is not lessened
His impression of me remains unchanged
And because of that I remain loyal

For there is nothing more appealing
Than an unadulterated love
By a creature of such divinity and grace
Dream May 20
Strip me to my core. Without laying your hands on me. And watch me be your, devotee.
Kat Schaefer May 20
Mama tells me you’ve been at night school
You make your living from 9 to 5
I know you like to burn the midnight oil
You study physics just to feel alive

Daddy says you spend too much time
Trying to prove that you’re above this town
He says education won’t get you nothing
Except a mortarboard and a gown

But I say forget mama and daddy
I love to see you sparkle and shine
How you talk about dystopian literature
When you come home for Scrabble and wine

Miss Carol says you’re wasting your energy
That an education won’t bring you a man
But if you live your life like Miss Carol
Being alone is part of the plan

Pastor Jenkins warns you of temptation
How knowledge often leads men astray
But I know God wouldn’t have made the path
If it meant you couldn’t walk your way
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