Mental stability
And complete adoration
Some things needed
To chase after God
Prayerful mind
Strong will
And complete trust in Him
To work things out
Just for you
Things needed
To chase after God
Loving Him through the bad
Honoring Him through the good
And leaning on His Word
To move you through worriness
Things ultimately
To chase after God
To love God
And to cherish every moment
I will allow myself
To chase after God


The strength in Him is amazing
So amazing that my spirit wants
To belong to him, but my mind
Keeps leading me in a different
Direction. Each day I battle with
Knowing more and wondering why
I'm still alone. Knowledge and my
Love for Him has become indifferent
When church comes into play. I've
Become uncomfortable in the place
And my eyes don't shut easily not because
Of the lack of sleep, but I've become
Confused with why things in my life
Are happening. He is the Son, but His father, can clean me, correct? Or can
He clean me? Or can both? i
believe in who He is., but why
Is it so hard to be His and
So easy to be a follower of the
Devil's work? I need answers.

The Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost

I love the way you
say my Christian name
without the faith

We'll fly to the tune
and dance on fresh graves

Play like frenzied baboons
in a natural display

Destroy cities and towns
like Gozdilla, King Kong

Wait for death to come round
and it shouldn't take long

Take away his sickle
remove his harp and/or lyre

Now he's in a pickle
we'll set him on fire

Wait for the Angels
they're bound to poke round

We'll gather wings and eat bagels
laughing, as now they're earthbound

The devil sends demons
he feels the time near

Revoking the summons
we'll steal all their gear

We've loosed all our passions
unchained at the feast

Taking crap not in fashion
from god(s) and/or beasts

Ever had one of those moments where ya just wanna tear everything down, and then, rip off it's head, and crap down it's neck?
I'm kinda there :D
Riot 2d

s-these aren't words to say in church.

A flower bloomed in your hair as I
told you
I loved you. your
chest rose up to my face as i lay,
you had taken my breath away.

The tattered book scattered through
my mind as you whisper
into the night’s ears.

I remember winning bible study challenge
in fifth grade
then losing my faith in eighth,
I can honestly now say,

jesus christ,

you calling out my name
you calling out his name
brought me back.

I can never sleep at night

How they fake
How they copy
How they fear
How they dream scared dreams in tears.

How they drink from bored mugs
How they live like slugs
How they make money cigarettes
How they pray for money bags

How they crave recognition
How they bend for the system
How they brag ignorance
How they weep romance

How they shove it up their asses
How they're continuously embarrassed
How they play the game
How they never blame

How they praise intuition
How they preach superstition
How they form their private cliques
How they corporate religion´

Will this joke ever end?
Sorry, no, I will not bend.


what was it?
who are they?

Not a bunch of crazy

Definitely not
a man
a hater
ploughing a van through
leaving them with an early encounter of

Absolutely not

That is the meaning of Jihad

Someone who struggles.

People Who Struggle

Who need to wake up for dawn prayers
Who struggle with school work
Who want to increase their faith
Who are terrified of being on another hater's hit list
Who walk around bearing the slurs about their religion
Who need to feed kids
Who want to go to school
Who have armslegskneesheartsfaces ------are human

do they sound like killers?

I'm muslim, do you think I'm a killer?

In news nowadays, you hear the term 'jihadi' quite a lot. I just thought that I would clear it up by explain 'Jihad' to you people who may be confused.

Jihad essentially means 'struggle' and the term jihadi essentially means 'struggler'. There are two main types of jihad: major and minor.

Major Jihad is struggle within oneself. Examples are, getting up early to fast, or praying that one extra prayer. In fact, even non-muslims commit jihad. A good example is 'struggling' to wake up for school/work. A lot of us do it even though its hard.

Minor jihad basically means the circumstances used to protect Islam against others if Islam is threatened. This jihad can only be done is there is no other peaceful alternatives. If military jihad is required to protect the faith against others, it can be performed using anything from legal, diplomatic and economic to political means. However, even to this there are rules.

During this Jihad, no minors, women, children, the elderly or innocents are allowed to be harmed. It is also forbidden to commit this jihad and hurt the environment and trees. This includes buildings as well. In addition to that, if there is a peace treaty, they must accept.

That's the rules.
Do you guys still think I'm a killer?

The world sang itself backwards and burned the light.
Twisted refrain of maverick sunshine,
Corner the gods in the chaplain's host of respite.

Pray my sin will loom over men of open doors;
Pray its mercy scarred course as papal herald died:
The world sang itself backwards and burned the light.

Cry for Gomorrah — He was just yearning fight,
Condemn Sodom, He to quell the beast of man,
Corner the gods in the chaplain's host of respite.

Ask what ash looks in the twisted duress of fated night,
Mary burned her child in shrouded breast of rite:
The world sang itself backwards and burned the light.

Infinite sky and souls pranced your salt sea,
Her mighty faith and righteous and virgin and free,
Corner the gods in the chaplain's host of respite.

Magdalene of cutthroat thunder and charcoal rosary beds,
Lonely daughter with rose and demon inside her head.
The world sang itself backwards and burned the light,
Corner the gods in the chaplain's host of respite.

It drives you mad, Eve,
that I won't eat your apple
(now hold your tongue and say it).

Anabel 5d

it’s not the same as your usual friday night. it never was. honestly i kept wishing that i could have that sort of connection, that sort of relation with someone like that. people said pray, He’ll hear; damn, I wish He was a Woman instead of some Man that I’ve got to refer to. Should’ve kneeled down with meaning on the benches back in ’05 and should’ve listened to them when they said pray. damn, I wish It would’ve helped me when I thought I needed help; I can never be sure of what qualifies for Him for me to get some sort of attention. damn, when will I see it? can i see it? can i believe in something i don’t feel? kneel down and pray kneel down and pray kneel down and pray will i see you knee l down and pray at nighttime when everyone but you and him are asleep and whisper slowly to yourself maybe you’ll make yourself believe that you believe maybe these placebo words will fulfill it enough for one night and maybe you’ll believe that you believe .

faith ramble
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