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Martin Dove Nov 7
*** doesn’t care
Is what you need to understand
He set the world in motion
Not hoping for your petty devotion
So don't get this false notion
That he loves you as a person
We follow the same rules as other life
We are ants on a higher level of complexity

If you die in a car crash
If you get cancer
If your daughter jumps in front of a train
If your children burn in ****
He does not care.

Or at least he certainly does not cry about it
Its how he made the world
So what can he say about it?
I'm sorry?
I didn't mean to?
That's not the right answer.
He knew what he was doing
And now we eat his pudding

(Creating laws for selection
And effective strategies for a positive outcome
Suffering is one of them -
The reason it hurts is why it ******* works!)

We are meaningless pieces of functional matter
Wandering the world
Hoping to find love and peace
Just so that we could **** and raise children with ease.

Where is this all going?
Making it way too confusing.
Is there meaning to the Anthropocene
Or is it just another random biological flourish
Like the dinosaurs who so helplessly perished

No one knows
We will have to wait and see
Until then I think its best
To try and enjoy the scene
Just how *** intended it to be
Let's just hope he doesn't make it too obscene...
What a different world
this would be If people
spent more of there time
writing poetry than their
time spent killing each
other In the name of
so much can said
through poetry than any
speech by a
There Is no lying In poetry the
words can travel and reach
the very corners of the
Earth I've found my place
of peace within reading and
writing poetry

More poetry writing stop the killing In the name of religion more kindness begin to think the hippies had the right maybe If we had followed their example we have world of love and happiness
Jenny 1d
“and he will rule over you.”

I am not ready to release my religion
the consistency of it has grown with me
i am afraid
if i unleash it from my soul
the preached darkness will consume it
i am afraid
that the possibility of its factuality and actuality
will hover in the atmosphere at noon
i am afraid
that by dismissing *** too soon
he will dismiss me

Ironically, with my gaining of knowledge,
i have come to begrudge the man in the sky
who has cursed my *** to serve man
to be taken out of man, to exist only within man
he has given a text for those to quote
when arguing the entrapment of women
how am i to recognize the being
when he has ****** me
to be at the elbow of an entire gender
has blamed my kind for the original sin of sins
The Bible has shaped the complications of communities
it has manipulated the societies that barely function
it has forced people to fight for the basic rights all should hold
how am i to forgive such sins committed against my kind?
to accept the influences of a book that is hundreds of years old
that still governs my everyday life?
the separation of church and state has been ignored
Ndumbi 1d
Ever felt
Slowly, quietly
Sinking deeper
Inescapable quicksand
Swallowing you up
A whole?
I have, Same case
Felt demons raging
In legions and millions
Inside of me
Each night devouring
A piece of my dignity
My beauty diminished
Yet the answer, O so clear!
Why, O , why Lord-
Do I choose the Bible to fear?
My only glimmer of hope-
In a vast sea of shadows!
Slowly reaching out
Swallowing so hard-
It feels I might go numb.
But only until I skim
Through psalms
Or acts
Or proverbs
Does a tear srteak me cheek
As light unveils
And darkness just fades.
Went through a ghastly cycle that neither the internet nor the world was able to break.
A random word from the Bible did!
As your eyes
dance across mine
our irises bounce light
off the other's glare.
I understand —
finally —
where people find gods
create altars
build temples
give sacrifice

how they devote
entire lives
to things unseen

only felt.
The once great temple
Is now decayed and turned green
Where did the people go?
I'll rip off your face like the mask of Majora
And smite you with lightning like tales from the Torah,
I'll tap into vain
With a hit to the brain
Of poetic *******, like the drug only purer,

You can't run and hide behind psalm, behind surah,
Beeseching your *** or your guide or your fuhrer,
On scripture I feast
Like a scholarly beast
And I radiate rhyme with a lyrical aura,

Confessions are good for the penitent pious
To purchase forgiveness for ignorant bias,
We sing out our thanks
To morality banks
And we see what our heavenly credit can buy us,

Elaborate shackles of surrogate need
Are the appetites sought by the creatures that feed
Our obsessive reliance
On comfort and science-
They walk us like dogs on a corporate lead.
if i ever stop loving you
it will be the day the world crumbles at my tongue
it will be because of utter chaos in my bones
and my tangled veins that stop my heart
if i ever stop loving you
it must be because my brain went dancing out side my head
or my heart was filled with tar
or my lungs grew flowers you gave me for my birthday
if i ever stop loving you
i would have to be in the grave
with dirt as my blanket
so deep in the ground i become a tree
but even that tree would carry leaves with your name engraved
and every branch would mumble your name in the wind
if i ever stop loving you
it would have to be the end of the world
or the second coming of Christ
i would have to watch a Crucifixion of our affection
and still my heart would beat for you
because every nail that is drilled into it
would bleed for you.
because i could never stop loving you
Gracie 6d
i like to think of goddesses.
they're pretty cool if you ask me.
i'm obsessed with three main ones in particular:

nyx- goddess of the night.
selene- goddess of the moon.
asteria- goddess of the stars.

and yes, they are from Greek 'mythology'.
but i don't see anything mythological about them.

so maybe you might think that Asteria riding across the sky with a chariot of the moon is a little, unusual.
and maybe you think that it's weird how there are different beings controlling different things.
perhaps it's the idea that history has told you that all of this ideology is made up.

and you can think that.
but i don't want to.

because i find safety in the fact that i have my full devotion in several beings, all taking charge of all aspects of my life.

it's quite liberating actually.
not a poem, but more like a little rant about what i believe in, and how i don't care how strange it sounds to anyone else.
we missed you friend
come see everyone
come back and begin
your journey done
come tell the years
of a world corrupt
leave behind your fears
your faith well put
the search make strong
your belief has stood
*** always along
he said he would
we welcome you
and all you have found
the one thing you know
your faith still sound
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