Tim Mahon Jun 13
“The world and its desires shall surely pass away, but the whoever does the will of God lives forever”
-1 John 2:17

The deep dark tangle of our societies history,
Leads me to believe we should be more than enemies.
Leading me to bleed the lonely path of the ministry
And leads others to see the sinful life of their misery.
Prophetsee! Did you see, what that sinner said to me,
I might be the only bee fleeing ever so peacefully,
As I sting your heart and did so ever intentionally
As I say my part of this play I joined creationally.

If every man is a player and this world's a stage,
I would rather join the crowd conform like the latter days,
Wake up sober but I still see all hazed,
Because I was just to scared to play the part that i was gave.
Let this be a lesson to all of you whether
You were hazed or praised,
Whether you were shot or grazed,
Crying on the ground sleepless for like 40 days,

There is only one thing that hasn't given up on you and it's the God who saves,
Because the world and it’s desires shall surely pass away.
read between the lines, don't take any line at face value
Joshua Nai Jun 10
Please help the hurt, the broken, the shattered the sick.
Please don't leave them, ignore them and crush them to smithereens.
Even a weakly burning wick, I pray please don't quench it. There's still some life left in that weak frame of a body.
Please don't break even the weakest branch, they're fragile, please handle with care.

Even the "fortunate" ones, give something.
Do something.
Don't just sit down all day being sad for the people who are hurting.
Get up and do something.
They will continue to rot, to wither if someone doesn't come and give them a hug, a smile, to know that someone cares for them.
Loves them despite their weaknesses.
Who loves them despite being outcast of society.
i hate that.

"outcast" of society.
just my thoughts.
and a part of it was actually inspired by a Bible verse!
Isaiah 42:3
a bruised reed he will not break, and a faintly burning wick he will not quench; he will faithfully bring forth justice.
Joshua Nai Jun 11
Simply hearing is not enough.
Simply reading is not enough.
If you don't do it, what is the point?
If you don't act out what you hear or read, what is the point?
The knowledge you gained would just be sitting in your mind,
rotting away, and soon, forgotten.
Simply reading the Word,
Simply hearing the Word of God would not help.
Maybe for a day, it would.
Maybe it will help but not on its full power.
and Forgotten if you don't act and be doers of what you hear, what you read.
Especially in God's Word...
i don't know. I would probably write another one based on this title. Not sure yet. Please give me feedback!
Joshua Nai Jun 9
You have the power to heal wounds.
You have the power to heal the sick.
You have the power to cast out demons.
You have the power to speak in tongues.
You have the power to fight against evil.
You have the power to hold serpents in your hands and not get hurt.
You have the power to drink poisons and not get hurt.

You can do the same things as God can do.
Because he lives in you.
As long as you believe him,
you can surely do all those things.
Mark 16:17-18
And these signs will accompany those who believe: in my name they will cast out demons; they will speak in new tongues; 18 they will pick up serpents with their hands; and if they drink any deadly poison, it will not hurt them; they will lay their hands on the sick, and they will recover.''
"You know how I know God exists?"


"...Because I challenge him to prove it."
and he does
Amanda May 26
Everyone I am surrounded by believes
There is someone up above
I cannot and will not believe
In a god that has shown no love

Where was he when I needed a friend to hug?
I have spent countless hours in prayer
Not once have I heard or seen
A sign to signal he was there

I have wailed out to him in agony
Pain reflected in loud cry
Waited for an answer
Silence was my only reply

I have thanked him for the good things
Worshipped him singing songs
Asked to cleanse me of my sins
Forgive me for my wrongs

What have I got in return
Nothing that i have seen so far
So how come i am the only one
Who sees you, what you truly are?

False figment of imagination
You were invented by a book
Sold to humans who were too foolish
To bother with a second glance or look

They say God loves each one of his children
Its clear he only loves a portion
He despises all homosexuals
And every girl who has had an abortion

It seems every Christian I meet
Forces conservative agenda on me
Shove beliefs down my throat
I hate Christianity!

Answers I seek cannot be found there
Not in search of some holier light
Moral compass I stand behind is sound
Hesitation is what I am hoping to incite

The word of god is abused as a weapon
A tool to inflict suffering, pain
It is an excuse to use, torment and wound
When they do it for personal gain

Religion filled with hypocrites
Sinners playing the part of saints
This short list I have compiled
The start of many complaints

Bible's presence found in hotel rooms and court hearings
The "good" books appearance is why my arguement rages
Old testament, new testamant, it doesn't really matter
It's all simply words on ancient pages
Yes I am an athiest
Lord God Almighty
which was, and is, and is to come

is the Lord of hosts
the whole earth is full of his glory

We give thee thanks
O Lord God Almighty
which art, and wast, and art to come
because thou hast taken to thee thy great power
and hast reigned

Great and marvelous
are thy works,
Lord God Almighty
just and true
are thy ways
thou King of saints

Who shall not fear thee
O Lord
and glorify thy name?
for thou only art holy
for all nations shall come and worship before thee
for thy judgments are made manifest

Holiness to the Lord
Holiness to the Lord
Holiness unto the Lord
Revelation 4:8, Isaiah 6:3, Revelation 11:17, Revelation 15:13, Revelation 15:4, Exodus 28:36, Exodus 39:30, Zechariah 14:20

All quotations from the KJV
I thought to myself
"Oh, the places I could be!"
And the Lord said,
"Behold, there is a place by me…"

Exodus 33:21
Benjamin May 16
I'm tired of this shit
Seeing screens in all aspects of my life
Wanting internal seductions to be satisfied
Lust is killing me from the inside
God, help me from my own mind
I don't want my mind to be between my own thighs
I want to be liberated from this tie
James Khan May 12
A marketplace; Jerusalem,
I lingered by a garment-stall
And even with no use for them,
I bought and wore a tallit-shawl,

Across the road, a group of men
Lay begging alms beneath the Wall,
They had no rebate due to them
So I, the Levite spurned their call,

From nowhere, like an ardent ghost
A man in robes deterred my path
And when I tried to pass, reposed
He hindered me and paused to laugh,

"I fear, my friend your heart is closed
To those who incubate your wrath
But there you stand in martyrs clothes,
As suave as Satan, sifting chaff!",

His volatile soliloquy
Enraged my pride, the salted kind,
How dare this fiend speak ill of me,
Presuming now to know my mind,

His eyes betrayed humility,
He wore the bandage of the blind
Yet with this disability,
He read my motives, well-defined,

"What man are you to judge and blame,
To cast aspersions based on nought
When God, your Father struck you lame?"
I said, my temper growing short.

To this, the man revealed his name
And robbed my mind of conscious thought,
I swooned, I fell in guilt and shame
And in his arms was deftly caught,

"It cannot be... it's just a poem!"
I cried as tears began to well,
"For if you are King Jeraboam
Then I am dead and this is Hell!"

I heard my heart, the metronome,
My spinning head, the carousel,
The dead King whispered "Welcome home"
And into darkness, reason fell,

Awakening with fluttered eyes,
I stood in that bazaar again
But Jeraboam had grown in size
A blade replaced that blind-man's cane,

"My life was rife with greed and lies,
My children, brutalised and slain
And in the end, I got my prize,
An empty kingdom, empty reign",

"I spurned the knowledge of our Lord
I fraternised with sloth and pride,
I praised my fealty to the sword,
And took the lands that God denied",

"I beg you not to follow me
In ignorance and blind regret,
You must denounce idolatry
Of Ba'al Hammon and Baphomet",

Too stunned to make apology,
I stood aghast and drenched in sweat,
These gods of old mythology
Were names a sinner should forget,

"You must have got it wrong, my friend,
I do not pray to gods of yore,
I see no point in prayers to send
As gods will answer prayers no more",

"I hope my words will not offend,
I mean it as a metaphor
For all the grief we must contend
And all the pain that flays us raw"

I said my piece and looked away,
Across the barren marketplace,
The vista now, insipid grey
As twilight showed its dusky face,

"You pray, my child- oh yes, you pray
To fashion-trends, to cyberspace
And in your own neglectful way,
You think it's really God you praise",

"Your hubris makes your heart resigned
And warps your morals; skewed, oblique,
You judge the rest of humankind,
Humility, in you is weak."

The revenant had made his case,
A blighting curse upon my traits
That put me in a mournful phase
Of conscience, crushed by moral weights,

"I know, my King I fell from grace
And all the scorn that incubates
Is levied on the human race,
The poor, the sick, the reprobates,"

My words felt hollow, tense and taut
In self-delusion, self-disgust,
I heard the revenant retort
And knew he spoke of death and lust,

"I roam the realms of Minos' court,
You know the King of Hell, I trust?
I languish as the 'vivant mort'
So join me now! - you will, you must!"

I scurried on my sinners' knees,
Imploring for a last reprieve:
"Oh, spare my life, I beg you, please!,
I love my world, I cannot leave!"

But Jeraboam, that dark disease
Just shook his head and showed his teeth:
"It's all the same, you pharisees,
You prize your pride with God beneath"

As if to make this point more clear,
The damned cadaver raised his fist,
I cried aloud in abject fear
And hid my eyes behind my wrist,

A finger brushed against my hair,
Against my hand the tallit kissed,
I felt the beads that dangled there
And saw the light the dead King missed,

"Thou shalt not kill!" I said in haste,
"And Yaweh is our only guide",
I saw the phantom's ire replaced
By comprehension, pupils wide

And in a voice now bold and chaste,
I let the ten commandments glide,
For every bead my fingers traced
I spoke the edicts once denied,

"You know this yet you choose to turn
Away toward an idol's light?
I see your willingness to learn,
I see, my boy you stand contrite",

With this, he nodded in concern
And struck the earth with fierce might,
His contours glowed, I watched him burn
Into a mound of anthracite,

I felt afraid and still harassed,
They marketplace was thronged with folk
For only seconds here had passed
Since Jeraboam had stood and spoke,

The implications here were vast,
The knowledge took its time to soak
Into my mind and tether fast,
Becoming more than ash and smoke,

I saw the brooding Western Wall,
Alive with worship, heads a-nod,
I saw the bustling market thrall
And recognised the signs of God

That animated one and all,
This precious life, this seedling pod,
From primal birth, that screaming squall,
To child, to man; that path untrod,

Those beggars' with no alibi,
I saw them lying still and prone,
I dropped them coins and asked if I
Might sit with you them and thus atone,

I filled their cups that now ran dry
And told them what I had been shown,
In rhyme, described the how and why
And sang this song of Jeraboam.
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