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why blame the devil
for the actions that were made
in the name of your creator

listening to your scriptures and parables
has only lead me astray

only those who cause harm
cause harm for those who don’t

lock away your worries
ascension is near
Beneath the soothing suns feet
Where the border of heaven and earth kiss;
Encircled by the sons of El,
Dwelt our great ancestors,
Grooving to an
Ancient dance
Orchestrated by our grand director.

Peculiar attributes but identical in nature,
Complementary mates crowned to embody
His majesty's ordained purpose;
Real marriage.

Out from the gates of their innocence
Came forth an
Uncut black opal,
Dazzling above the
Filthy garments that we are.

But pityness overcame him
When he beheld
Our ill-fated doom,
For his advisor is justice.

So He descended to
Cement his undying will
By issuing out a certificate of
Divorce to sin and her spouse death;
Bringing their capital to his knees and
Printing a salvific
Covenant to taste our quill
Before this rarity takes leave
Empty handed.
All of this pleasure
Surely by sunrise, we will be poor
The thief comes At midnight
Crouching at our door

While our ears listen to Sweet delight
Our eyes bask in fluorescent lights
Our ears have music playing loud
We boast when we walk proud
One wish do i beseech thee.
When i wither, sprinkle fine roses upon my carcass
As i dream a dreamless sleep with a frail smile
In my marble tomb
Where a framed severed head called sin,
Hangs above my bed,
For she could not hold me nor pierce my armor
coated in faith in Yeshua.

Shed no tears.
I leave thou with gifts wrapped in fond memories
For thee to hold dear,
To hath on repeat,
Whenever thou ache my absent.

I pray thy days become ancient;
Planting seeds after thy kind,
For this rotten slum yearns
Selfless sunshines to shine their sanguine beams
Unto the lost,
Imprinting he who saves
Unto their shattered vases,
Mending their fragments
Dashed by the serpent
Whole again.
I have become drunk from the chalice of worldly cravings;
An ancient thorn, familiar to man indeed.

Deep hath sins hands pulled me into her brothel,
Where her offsprings bathe in debauchery
As to who deemed fit shalt mold me;
After their likeness, after their ways.

Pull my wreckage from this great sea of abomination
Before their behaviour becomes my second nature,
And dry me with thy towel of scold,
For surely i reek disdain;
An unnatural aroma which vexes thee i know.

But thy grace will forever remain steadfast;
An ageless gift, Bestowed upon generation and generations,
Only granted to descendants from dust.
Every time I read your book,
its as if its the first time
like a wife looking over at her husband
after many years of marriage
and her heart skipping a beat
time after time after time

no matter how long it has been
the impact of his love still rings true
his undying commitment to her remains
their story sweeter with each passing year
and deeper than the one before
the power behind the unyielding loyalty
that it takes to make a marriage work
because nothing worth having will come easy
but the fidelity and allegiance all the same
the dedication remains in tact
with an unwavering devotion of love
a dedication to a life lasting bond
and beyond

so is it when I read your Words
your power rings true
your holiness prevails
and never ceases to amaze me
the words jump off the page
into the realm of my own reality
i see you at work beyond the book
beyond the words that come to life
that move me to action
that must be taken
if i sit still, it must not be true
because i would not be concerned
with the death that will surely come
for those that never know You
mark soltero Sep 29
searching for a door
to the forest
i can’t seem to find the way
the crickets echoing cry
can be heard in the halls of this sprawl
what will become of me?
is the envisioning of the murky waters
behind the woods going to give way or
will we ever overcome the weight of the greed around us?
will the pits filled with cellophane and bisphenol break hold of gravity
can the earth fall to the bottom of the universe?
will we feel the blow of the astronomical damage that we have done?
can the money you paid to wipe away your sins truly be forgotten of?
when the world begets its metamorphosis
to the hell it’s always meant to become
you won’t see me
your money will be gone
i’ve always been meant to see the inferno
but this is your doing not mine
Moomin Sep 28
She was the most beautiful one
She could take the breath away and leave you without words  
From sunrise to sunset, she sparkled and mesmerized
She was a Princess, of royal lineage
Bedecked in multi colours
Her flowing gown was the brightest, purest azure
Sprinkled with precious stones of diamond and Amethyst
Her touch was soft and sensual
When she sang, the birds listened and the storms abated
And her heart, her pure heart, encompassed all who dwelled with her
She opened her house to nourish strangers  
And fed the poor with rich delicasies
She poured cool water into the parched mouths of the weary
And joyous wine into the cups of the downtrodden
Her own ******* gently suckled orphans
She made her scented gardens available to those who roam
And prepared the softest beds for those who were without abode
She never stopped giving
Yet, this world and strangers did not value her, did not love her
They were not grateful
They used her for their own ends
And plundered her belongings, even her own heart
Men were not content to gaze upon her loveliness
But siezed her violently with soiled sinews
They tore her adornment from her body
And leered greedily at her nakedness
They beat her prettiness into blood and smears
And burned her skin with torches
They mauled her ******* and drained them dry
They penetrated her and violated her
Leaving her in shame and degradation
And when they were satisfied, and their vile ***** had taken root
They left her **** and weeping
In anguish and near death  
And in her agony and death throes
She cried out for her Father
This world has come full circle
From darkness and watery surface
To darkness and smoke
This home which we call earth
Has filled our every need
This luxurious dwelling place, alone in the vast cosmos
Was perfect and pure  
It was a residence unmatched in the known universe
A home with all we need
The Landlord prepared it well
Built to the highest standards
With all amenities
And so many desirable things to please
And some of us tenants complied with it's demise in ignorance
While others, daring and arrogant
Used it, abused it and vandalized it
We have sullied the neighbourhood
And disrupted the peace
We have let it run into disrepair
The greatest property neglect of all time
We have gorged ourselves on the feasts that were left in the home
And tore up the fruit gardens and flower beds
We have turned it's garden into a ******* tip
But our tenancy is about to end
The lease has run out
And we failed in our stewardship of this beautiful world
For this pretty planet cries out for justice
For restoration
Who will save our earth?
Will the great and wise men of politics take a moment from their lunch meetings to act instead of speak?
Or will the gods of science humble themselves and refrain from tampering with nature,
Finding ever new ways to produce new things?
Do the entrepeneurs and mass producers still have conscience in their soul?
Or will they forge ahead advertizing yet more junk that we “need”?
Can protesters and hate-mongers breath new life into our world's lungs?
And will we accept our complicity, and repent?
Will the childen see tommorow, through the smoke and ash?
The earth cires out
She languishes and weeps glaciers that flood our lives
Her spine snaps with violent thud of explosion and shaft
And finally, she calls His name
For the “Ancient of days” has not forgotten
The benevolent Landlord is watching, waiting
His fury is restrained, for now
To allow us one more chance to change
He saw this all from afar, from far back in history
And he warned us all
He knew what the tenants might do  
And he has sworn
“He will bring to ruin those ruining the earth”
And He promises that some of us will be innocent
“Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth”

All quotations from the Holy Bible
Carlo C Gomez Sep 27
Shine like it does

You set the sun against me

And here I fell

Only to find my feet

Along the blinding path

To dust, the persecuting heart returned

So too, the spirit flew

And like scales

The veil lifted

And I caught sight

Of something quite intangible

Yet, therein I found true freedom

In slaving for you

As a fisher of men
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