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Renae May 6
I've seen the news
seen what's on TV
Listened to music
looked at you, looked at me
I learned
all about our history
The only light I see
is in the books,
songs &  letters
written to you and me
They've survived
through centuries
telling us what's to be
No, anxiety can't get to me
I rest peacefully
my mind is at ease
for the illumination is
brighter than it used to be
The writings on the wall
the picture is clear
It's never been easier to see
He cannot cheat,
he will not lie
There's no more time to cry
he will wipe every tear from our eyes
SS Mar 24
they say i came from Adams rib
I am a woman of mud and marrow
God told you
She will leave a scar
God told you
She will not come cleanly
You told me
Fold nice  
You told me
Fold neat and
Be mine
I took my clay ribs and
made them my home  
I prayed to the divine and
the oh so ungodly
Until the Serpent came
Adam do you know that
I won’t let you eat my
Heart in full unless
I’m sure the taste of sin
Will forever stain your lips
I love you,
For thy love stands firm
Upon the summit of grace
Unbent to fickle nature, burning
In vain to defile that which makes
Altogether ideal I Instinctively,
Fall short to mirror.

While I was drowning in
Mine sins you stretched
Out thy right hand unto me,
Unbinding her age-old grip
Over me, for good.
Thank you.

Her scent is forgotten,
Mine flesh made clean,
How warming to
He deems me family.
God's word is not always clear
We may doubt or be confused
Strain our brains or miss the point
Yet the answer is often near

Ridiculous riddles baffle our minds
With complex teachings and words
We grasp for footholds in the text
Yet a persistent follower always finds...

Finds the will and is not deterred
That is a true follower of Christ
©️ 2021 Joshua Reece Wylie. All rights reserved.
Inspired by my faith in Jesus
God's love endures,
Remember this when you're feeling glum.
God's love endures,
Through the rising and setting of the sun.
God's love endures,
Like a candle which never burns out.
God's love endures,
An unwavering love we cannot do without.
©️ 2021 Joshua Reece Wylie. All rights reserved.
Inspired by my faith in Jesus
Laokos Mar 14
a shake weight table steak
powdered sugar cigarette
break burning in alcohol
and corn flakes

a big ******* cluster-****
of broken noses and carefully
crafted poses posting pictures
of processed hipster's and blisters,
****-stirrers and culture twisters
jockeying for a spot
all melting in the ***

quiz show **** beads and
fleshlight teenage dreams
soaking through entitled
suburban screens choking
on plastic screams

chocolate dipped cancer fingers

city bus exhaust lingers

prescription bottle salvation bringers

and underneath it all the bible
belt girdles the gurgling masses
of glazed diabetes and frosted
faith pooling in the belly of

a fat flabby mess of
snake oil boiling
in stomach acid
and pesticide

"welcome, honey! grab a seat
anywhere you'd like --I'll be
right with you!"
Brian Yule Mar 5
Evil I did?
Maid I am
Adam mine
Denied is one man
I lived dogma
I am god?
I name no side in Eden
I'm mad?
A maid I am
Did I live?
This is a palindromic poem inspired by the "madam, I'm Adam" palindrome. The individual parts of the poem are in common circulation, all I've done is to weave them together into a narrative.
kian Mar 4
Defiled, I
Lay my battered bloodied body at your doorstep.
You cut my heart into 12 pieces,
Perfectly precise.
Am I to be happy that you went to war over me?
Plodding me deeper into the ground with your step.
A cold body isn’t warmed by happiness.
Or by the flickering flames of Gibeah.
No, I remember it was you who threw me out.
I remember. It was you.
My mother gave me a dowry
a brimming chest of treasures
a heart of rare and precious gems
she collected long ago

She filled it with her words, her thoughts
and things she knew I'd need
she piled high with hopes and dreams
priceless trinkets all for me
and topped it off with years of love
and a life of merry traditions

Then knowing that I'd need a map
by which to guide my life
she gave to me a legacy
my Bible, pure and right
and taught to me the art of prayer
a rare and genuine gift she shared

I am blessed to be a mother now
with a daughter of my own
and I can't wait to share with her
the love that I have known
Written for my mother in November 2004
Louise Jan 24
According to the bible;
"Love is kind,
Love is patient,
Love is not jealous."

So I ask myself;

Am I kind to myself?
Do I show myself the affection the bible speaks of?

Am I patient with myself?
Do I speak to myself with patience and honesty as the bible speaks of?

What is it about jealousy that I feel in my heart?
Is that not an act of lack of love within me?

So I wonder why I do not love myself in the way my Creator had intended me to love others?

The bible Goes on to say;

"It does not take into account a wrong suffered."

So I ask myself, why do I constantly beat myself up about the mistakes I make in my life?

"Believes all things, hopes all things..."
Why do I not believe in myself and hope for the best for myself?

"Love never fails"

Have I failed in loving myself?
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