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Steeled by the sense of ire unmerited,
Half-eased in that a Powerfuller than I
Has willed and meted me the tears I've shed,
I clench my fist and shake it at the sky

And at the vengeful God who hammers me,
Delivering the blows that break my brain;
The God who finds his deepest ecstasy
In violencing my life with blinding pain;

Who laughs and says, "Thou suffering thing, declare
If thou hast understanding: Who hath laid
The measures of the earth's foundations?  Where
O where wast thou, O man, whenas I made
The cloud the garment of the sea?  How dare
Thou, foolish man, thy maker to upbraid?"
Compare "Hap" by Thomas Hardy
I know the guiltiness of a dusty Bible
Brown specks slipping off my *******
Diminishing into my morning coffee,
To make the blend taste a whole lot bitter

Empty sentiments; too deep to be openly cast-off,
Once of someone who had the heart to their devotion
Nowadays it had proved heartless;- so fruitless:

Still a tree is judged by its fruits.
Traveler Jul 6
I don’t believe in the Bible
But I do believe in God
I won’t throw God away with the Bible,
nor the baby with the bathwater.

The Bible teaches judgement and separation…
I believe in forgiveness and togetherness!
My love has no restraints..
Scripture is something I ain’t.
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Traveler Jun 24
Sure, there is scripture that backs genocide.
Do us all a favor,
close that book and throw it away!
Traveler 🧳 Tim

Where in scrip you ask, in the book of Samuel who anointed Saul as Israel's first king. But Saul proved unworthy
I read it at least seven times when I was young and impressionable.
(Saul wouldn’t complete the genocide correctly)
P.s Don’t throw god away with the book!
Or the baby with the bathwater.
Zoe Holden Jun 16
Put me in Adam's place between
The lonely grove of sweet bliss
Or her love in the abyss
I'll lick the forbidden fruit clean
Eat from the palm of her hand

No gift to tie me to this land
But my shameful baby
By my God, I'll go banned
Only blessed by my baby

When she's already gone to sin
There'd be nothing else to do
But look in snake's eyes and grin
And take the original fall
All's well as long as I have you

Towards hell's fire, I'd crawl
Swim through the flames of the pyres
Sleep upside down with the liars
All for my baby's love in the fire
Feedback would be greatly appreciated.
From when I wake to when I wincke,
The word of God I'le chew like meate;
I'le give Him ev'rie thought I thincke
From when I wake to when I wincke,
And eate the meate, and drinke the drincke,
And thanke my God for what I eate;
From when I wake to when I wincke
The word of God I'le chew like meate.
Quhat doe yowe call a king that's first and sixt?
Yow call him Gods appointed King; King James;
The King of Ireland, Scotland, and England, mixt;
The King of riuers Shannon, Tay, and Thames.
God saue the King, the faithfull King who claimes
For Christ the King the Ingliche written word
And lifts the name aboue all other names
VVho is the Lord of euery other lord.
The King of kings, the word that's als a sword
Diuiding soule from spirite as flesh from bone,
Hath made himselfe with James of one accord
And plac'd the monarch James upon his throne.
The booke of James by God is avthoriz'd
And hath no neede to euer be reviz'd.
The saga has ended
Im sorry ladies an gentlemen
I do love you
I been saying this for years
It has to end for us to begin
To ascend
2024 Im taking over the world
Your favorite stars
They ****** **** an torture
I know 1st hand
I **** Mariah asleep
I built Earth
The King has returned
Im closing all borders
Grounding all flights
Building camps
Unloading munitions
Then showing you God
No amount of power can save you
I will crush resistence
Jesus Christ will reighn again
In my name this is not a joke
You will pray before the gospel
The word of God
Will hold you accountable
Im waking from my sleep
Fire will bellow from the heavens
The only way you will survive
Is if you repent
Pray to the lord to be forgiven
You think a gangster scary
What about no food or water
No bunker can protect you
Im heir by blood this all mine
All you ****** gonna fry
You try an hold me back
I wrote it 1st like Pac an Bigg
East vs West
Death after death
Ill say this 1 more time
I seen the beginning
I created you
I placed you here
I am not from here
You are aliens
Im human
Pure and a God
I control this **** *****
You can **** me
But you cant stop Gods work
All you Dupris
All you Combs
All you Jays
All you Kims
All you Winfreys
All you Bamas
There is no escape
I am calling upon all people who believe
Its time we take back our holy lands
Destory the disease and prevail
If you choose the other side
You will be eradicated
I will save all of us
Even if it cost me my life
To many have sinned
Its spattering out of control
This ends now
In my name
Our father shall guide us
Finding truth in all these lies
Fake media
Fake people
Fake denominations
You hide behind darkness
Its time
Time we take arms
Rejoice an confront our demons
Haunting us in our shadow
Free ourselves from redemption
You will be held accountable
Blood will spill
You must suffer to understand
I have been abused my whole life
I will never again be touched
Or you will be bombarded
Atleast i die believing
I dont feel sorry for you
You dug your own hole
So deep you cant escape
Then when the tears flood
You will drown in your own sorrow
The hunt begins
Do you feel safe?
I dont but atleast i know
I know its all your fault
So i can rest peacefully
Knowing i warned you
Only the holy spirit can save you
Beaver Meadow Mar 25
I love and hate to see her when she cries:
It breaks my heart like a pane of stained glass.
But having washed the windows of her eyes,
I better see her soul's amazing grace.  
And seeing me through wet-washed window panes,
She better sees my faithful love for her.
So all her tears (that fall like summer rains)
Reveal us heart and soul and make us sure.
Thanks be to God for tender-hearted tears
That speak a deeper truth than truthful words.
Though truthful words are health to hearing ears,
Tears speak the truth that yokes us, two lovebirds.
Thanks be to God for truth that's so conveyed.  
She's fearfully and wonderfully made.
Robert Ronnow Mar 19
Books to the library
photos to family.
Paint cans and lumber
from renovations years ago.
Most of the furniture
including the piano.
Fastest way to do this
is rent a dumpster.

On the internet
nothing’s permanent.
I like that.
Photosynthesis, evaporation
as if your spirit disappears
when the sun appears.
It’s a burden lifted
not to have to persevere.

for clarity
and brevity.
One owes the reader
a respite from
the tonnage of
fructifying English.
To drown one’s book is devoutly to be wished.

Coupla trumpets,
big comfy couch,
four beds and dressers
and the contents of closets.
Tools we don’t use,
surge protectors and chargers,
lawn and patio accoutrements,
table settings for ten.

Lamplit underground,
the stray branch,
synchronized chaos,
a red fez.
One canary,
map of Antarctica,
three deaf little otoliths,
six or seven sybils.

Extra salt and pepper shakers,
sharpies and crayons,
a printer and a scanner,
the Bible and Koran.
Kaput calculators and computers,
subscriptions and prescriptions,
a host of vitamins
and the ghosts of ancestors.

Time itself
but not nature.
and most of culture
but not my health.
That I’ll keep,
and sleep—practice
for perfect rest.
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