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andY Oct 5
let’s sit beneath wild flowers
on wooden stools
with a set of plates and cake
and you relate
to me and i to you

let’s breathe this life
and close our eyes
see more clearly
than we ever might

let’s chat this day away
and reveal the things
we’re scared to say

and when the sky will fade
we can claim:

we lived today.
Grace Haak Oct 5
cinnamon sugar
your hands mash the crumble cake
warmth fills the kitchen
Grace Haak Sep 27
hot butter strolls down my face
and rolls down my nose
dribbles down my chin
and spatters the floor
the lustrous linoleum

i cry tears of sugar
it tastes much too sweet
as they mix with my thoughts
and pour into the cracked bowl
the jaded green memory

my hands are matted with white
and caked with delight
but it's a less-than-pleasant mess
i've used too much
it called for just a teaspoon
Magic happens
In moments

A new story unfolding
Out from beneath the old mold
That served but never soared

Prince Metternich
Demanded a new desert
Fit for a prince's company

He commands his kitchen
"Let there be no shame on me tonight!"
This prince is not sweet

A sixteen-year old apprentice
Feels the heat of a palace kitchen
The stakes burning high

When the head chef finds himself ill
The palace's young apprentice,
Franz Sacher, greets his magic moment

With destiny
He cooks on the fly
A dense cake

Of dark chocolate,
apricot jam,
Unsweetened cream

That he'd never made before
Tasted before, imagined before
But that came to him

In a freak circumstance
But what is an accident?
To Him who has none
"Dass er mir aber keine Schand' macht, heut' Abend!"
("Let there be no shame on me tonight!")
I eat my morning cake of chocolate.
Mmmmm, delicious.
BoringBoy Aug 5
Plucked me from a pool of plenty,
Previewed perfect, sweet, and pretty,
Swallowed whole by a silhouette,
I'm not easy, but what a good guess,
Cracks upon the board you've set,
Not a pop of cake to digest,
Never was somebody's snack,
The addiction you've made because you're obsessed,
I am still a kind of treat,
Just not one that's sold, wrapped and made for your deceit.
I baked a cake,
For my boyfriend's  sake,
He never came,
His excuses always lame.
So I took it to old people's home,
With eager smiles we were welcomed.
The chocolate chip cake with biscuit,
Was a hit,
The oldies loved it.
The smiles and joy on their faces,
Soothed my disheartened  heart in several places.
There are many in this world who need me and appreciate my effort,
I decided to let go of the relationship,
The other could not keep.
Just because
You take precautions
Doesn't mean
I won't break
I probably will, to be honest.
Rammy Jul 20
I know not of the stars
but I know your face
I can gift you the moon
But I know you want that cake
Your round face
Staring at me
Your full lips
Trembling as you kiss my knee  
From the window 
The moon looked on eagerly 
as we joyfully devoured our cake.
Butterfly Jul 19
"When we marry I want a huge cake like that."

My heart skipped a beat.
I wanted to kiss her so badly.
I love you
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