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Mikaela L Oct 14
You made me,
I am you,
More than you are yourself,
I want you,
To see me,
I'm breaking,
No, I don't want cake,
I want cold cake,
I want ice in my mouth,
Cool down,
I'm falling,
Can't smile,
It's all ice here.
Beulin S S Sep 24
Fighting for the biggest piece of cake...

Yet, the cake is on the plate;

From the morning to evening...

Cause, we are still arguing;

With measurements - I think

I should abduct the cake...

Or else my cake may dry;

But our siblings fight never ends...
siblings argument
Chris Saitta Aug 17
The horse breathes in the city, the world of unrelenting pistons
And steam from the jingling harness, and the jangling windows
That reflect the bolting sparrows like fire arrows in the coming night,
Viennese darkness is like the smell of the chocolatier mixed with snow,
Sealed in a sachertorte with the alley-crack of the riding whip on coach,
Viennese sunshine is like the baker’s soul, rising on flashing coppers and tins.
Sachertorte is the famed dark chocolate Viennese cake.
Alina Aug 16
Slowly suffocating in ink
Thinking this will somehow make
living life any easier

Thinking and thinking
And eating and eating
Cake at 2 o’clock in the morning
Trying to forget

Cloud over my head
Pouring out blood,
sweat and tears
from the days of
Helping you survive

Head held up high
in desperation
Praying and praying
that I don’t drown

Slowly suffocating
And restricting any other love
for my mind, body and soul
Putting you first was the
Utmost worse decision I have
ever made in my life.

Because years later
I’m still drowning in my own sorrows
from back in those days
When I loved you.
Someone asked me
"What does happiness feel like?"
and it took me a while
to answer.

then I said,
"I'm not sure but
I hope happiness feels
like what a fat kid feels
when eating cake"
my feelings are contained in lines of words
filled in a gas balloon
Fluffy in a sweet cake
depicted in a beautiful painting
don't you realize?
my feelings continue to grow and inflate
Steve Page Apr 25
Steve Page the elder
Sat with real pleasure
Eating his birthday cake
He took a large bite
And got a great fright
He'd swallowed his tongue by mistake.
A response to Little Jack Horner.
skyy omalley Apr 23
I want chocolate cake.
Creamy frosting, and moist dough.
Oh yes! I’m drooling now!
Without cake, this life is useless.
Mustering up the money, I buy a tasty looking, chocolate cake.
I take a bite.
It’s not as good as I hoped it'd be.
I want strawberry ice cream.
Poetic T Apr 21
It was my birthday, the year
   of a curse I never asked for..

         ****** from the temple
of solitude.

Now I just breath
that every 365 days I'm meant
                to celebrate the
incarceration of life..

Its overrated..

Blowing out memories,
       smouldering resentment
Inhaled when I've lived another
                   moment to the finish line..

Why is it taking so long..

Happy Birthday Day to me,
          I'm another year older
                       of my lame existence ...

I'm the candle burning out,
my breath smouldering as I
                   hold my chest..

Oh' well least I don't have to wait
another year..

My only regret...
                          I didn't get a slice of cake..
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