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gracie May 13
i don’t want to fall in love
i want to step into it, slowly
like a shower on monday
morning. warm, easy-on-the
the bones; softness, two hands
to hold and a mouth to tell me
stories. someone to whisper
what-ifs across the wire and
fill the kitchen with kisses
and strawberry cake
i don’t want to fall in love

i want to make it.
polka Apr 1
if I popped a balloon for every time I felt
black sludge in place of where serotonin should be,

I'll have ruined my own birthday party.
...oh, where are the guests?
did I cancel on them or did they cancel on me?

oh well. I still have my cake.
my black, sludge cake.
my cool new thing is not bothering with the titles anymore
Life's too short
To sit and cry
So here's a cake
My good man

Do me a favor
Wear your best smile
The light is coming
For you and I
In this piece, light represents "hope" and "good life". Life may seem harsh, and the road may be dark, but don't worry, we'll make it.
Skywlkr Mar 2
Why my still Awake,
Dreams I Would Take,
I'm tired of Not Sleeping,
He tells Me it's Not God's Sake,
Its the Liberties of Life I Take,
So I suffer and Stay Awake,
One Day when I Hit That Gate I will Hand him A Slice Of this Cake,
I have no idea where this came from my Anxietys cause me insomnia but this is taking the cake hahahhahahahhaba
Rana DiOrio Feb 24
My therapist once told me I turn crumbs into a cake,
a shortcoming for me to address.

Like when he visits for a day
after committing to two.

Or when he sends a heartfelt text
to cancel the next trip.

But is this such a bad thing?
Why not treat every small act of kindness as a meaningful gift?

Why not expect little and be surprised when you receive more?
Why not be grateful instead of hopeful?

Less is more.
Grace is amazing.

So if and when he brings me a cake,
I will radiate even more love and light.
Every time
We kissed
I wanted to
Her face
She was as appetizing
As golden yellow cake
With butter cream frosting
Nomkhumbulwa Jan 30
It wasn't the best birthday,
Not that 39 is exciting anyway,
But I wasn't quite prepared
For what my brain threw my way today

What is even the point?
In turning 39?
Next year Clare and I are going to Ethiopia
- to sneakily go back in time ;)

38 was old enough
But still not quite that bad
39 is a lot more daunting
For there are no more "30's" to be had

But a few days ago I met a friend
Who just turned 70 last week
What was even more shocking
- she is still much fitter than me!

Her grandson is now 17
I once taught him to bake cakes
Back when I shared her house
Duncan was at primary school for goodness sake!

I don't know if Clare feels the same
About this weird age to become
Or whether as some say its just a number
My 70yr old friends are forever young

I have so much admiration for Clare
With her determination to succeed,
She does make me feel younger
Although turning 39 is still **** - it must be agreed :/

But I was determined to make the best
Of the last year beginning with "3"
Although I dramatically failed
Got dressed, panicked, then ate grapes until tea...

I did let down Teresa
I admire her so much too
We were supposed to eat cake
And how I miss our conversations about poo..

But here I still am
Dressed for both Africa and the North Pole
Required a walking pole to get to the pub
With snow turned to ice - it wouldn't be pretty to fall...

But I finished my day with a whisky
A wee dram to still being 30 something
A single malt Aberlour came to my rescue
To compliment the huge amount of Diazepam

I shall try again tomorrow
Looking forward to seeing Carryn again
So I officially cancelled my birthday
And tomorrow I will try again

But my goodness how Im so grateful
To some very special friends
Here in Aberdeen,
Mary and Glyn are those friends

My brain tortures me frequently
And today we had so many plans
They all went down the toilet
Quite literally (!) but gladly from the right end..

So generous are my adopted family
I can never be grateful enough
For putting up with my panic
Understanding my brain says its "had enough"

It might have been a ****** birthday
But I don't know where i'd have been
If it were not for Glyn and Mary
And their endless compassion and understanding.

To all my friends - sorry for being "weird", and I really do appreciate all your kindness with all my heart.. ❤️
Well - it kind of says it all really :/ Wrote this as I come to the end of a difficult birthday which I shall attempt again tomorrow!   But also to show my deep appreciation for such good friends.
The moon is a cake,
Gnawed by the rats of darkness;
Floats on the sky lake!
Daisy Jan 1
Dance to death,
Love and hate,
Lost faith,
Peace and wrath,
**** is what we make,
Heaven is cake,
Everything else is fake,
And Life is Black.

Give **** a chance,
Oh lord, create a spot where both demons and angels can dance.
She was in the state of trance,
When they were trying to do a seance.

**** is a new heaven,
Paradise of Sin seven,
Home to a demon,
Is it really unpleasant?
Sky color Raven,
Only hellfire but no light from the sun,
I'm burning like a beacon
And I know nothing to learn,
All I know is to burn.

Heaven is the new ****,
It's the paradise from where the fallen Angel fell,
No one can tell,
All we know is from the tale,
Funeral, roses, and farewell,
Going round and round like a carousel,
Rock your coffin well,
And I need a soul for sale.

Dance to death,
Love and hate,
Lost faith,
Peace and wrath,
**** is what we make,
Heaven is cake,
Everything else is fake,
And Life is Black.
Estelle Dec 2018
I just want you to choose me first

I just ******* want you to pay attention

I know I'm needy, but it's me you chose

Or is it?

I don't want anyone else

I don't give a **** about what they all do

Just choose me and nothing else

And I'll do the same

Even amethyst knows how soft you can be when you love me

It makes me scream

But it's so good, the way you love me.

As long as it's only me

Because I'm not a piece of cake for you to destroy while you walk away with frosting in your grasp.
Sorry if this doesn't really make sense...well it does to me so :)
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