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I dreamt of tiny footprints in the sand
I dreamt of hugs performed by teeny hands
I dreamt of laughter that melts hearts that hear it
I dreamt of eyes that see colours I haven't seen yet
I dreamt of tears that could be stopped by my presence
I dreamt of seeing your joyous effervescence
I dreamt of reading stories about fairies
I dreamt of tired bundle being carried
I dreamt of looks by which I will be charmed
I dreamt of you sleeping in my arms
Kassan Jahmal Jun 23
A tackle with the wind, a tackle with
these modern day kids. Good grief,
as I used to be; childish cares gone in the wind.

A mud crack on a leaf, to leave a
sound of mud cakes I'd make. Under the sun,
till dusk had set; using it's heat to bake.

A first kiss by a door, both parents a few
rooms away to get caught. Curiosity gained
from movie love scenes; tasting the worth.

A bicycle pedal, cycling carelessly. So freeing
to be allowed to ride up and down streets. But
we were young boys of trouble; disturbing the peace.

A stanza getting longer, words can't fit. And like
my mother buying oversize clothing. Barely fitting
in; whether in crowds or clothes in the surrounding.

A procrastinator, in doing first good. Lazy to decisions
of no self benefits. At a time only wanting a final gain
in rewards; you'd expect from growing a little penniless.

A grown boy now, a man faced in the mirror. A face of time
and the lessons experienced. Truly I've seen how much I've
grown; I've grown so much to shed a tear.

A story of growth as you read.
Leah Carr Jun 12
"No more heartbreak poems
No more mourning the person
who's undoubtedly forgotten me, and all that we had
I've laid on the ground for long enough now
It's time to get up

I still love you
And I won't forget you
But I can't let this pain rule my life anymore"

It's easy to say the words
They're just words

But will I ever be able to
move on?
Khoi May 24
Great catch full of regret
you are iron clad
with disrespect
and here I am smiling
to the sound of my wailing
hiding your face
behind the walls
of your heartless making.
Break the silence
Jay M May 23
Child of light, child of night
Graceful and kind
Tender and mild
But do not anger them
No, don’t you dare
For their fury, their wrath
Is mighty as a forest fire
Wild as the wind

Hear the call, echoing out
Call of the night
Follow into the dark
Embrace the shadows
To bask in moonlight
Dance beneath the stars

Flow in the midnight breeze
Deepest blues, dampened hues
Curving shapes, shift in time
Around they surely go
In truth, or in mind.

- Jay M
May 19th, 2022
How did this become a prophecy of dreams?
Lacey Clark May 19
With long ash blonde hair
freckles dotting my face and shoulders
rosy lips and cheeks from the sun
I am a young girl again
Laying on the Atlantic ocean shore
my back pressing into the soft sand
Letting the waves roll over me
laughing hysterically
as the salt water tickles my tummy
and I plug my nose

It was at this age I smiled cheek to cheek
without worrying about the layout of my teeth
I didn’t consider myself lonely
I had quite a lot of fun with my imagination
Not yet the age where I was preoccupied
with image or my emotions
Just living like the waves crashing over me
This is a real dram I had, I think about it all the time.
elle jaxsun May 18
i’d really love to thank her
for being so, so strong.
for not taking our life
when everything was wrong.
i don’t know how she did it,
the flashbacks paralyze me still.
must have been nothing
less than strength of will.
even sometimes now
i’d really like to back out
but i hear that small girl screaming,
“we can’t just give up now!”
Andrew M Bell May 15
Radio news bulletin in the car
the last item read in those mellifluous tones
is about a seven-year-old boy
struck and killed by a car
in a poor suburb of Wellington.

The protocol around the legal and privacy issues
means it’s “no name, no pack drill”,
but he was someone,
someone’s son, grandson
perhaps even great-grandson.
He had probably had siblings,
definitely friends and playmates.

Somewhere in a house with
inadequate winter heating,
where the household income is
constantly under siege
and life never rises above a struggle,
there is a mother and a father
who bear this greatest grief.

 Andrew M. Bell
The poet acknowledges "The Typewriter", the online literary journal in which this poem was first published.
You always have my heart in your heart
Don’t be scared if we sometimes have to be apart
I’m always with you in your eyes and your smile
In your feet and your toes
In your ears
In your soul
I’ve loved you even before I knew you
When you were just forming inside
I’ll love you forever ‘til I’m no longer
I’ll love you beyond space and time
You have my heart with you always
You are never alone
Smile when you think of me, my love
I will always be your home
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