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Jo Swan 1h
Mum plays a game of hide and seek!
A dangerous game of survival
Where she can not show she is weak,
Even though there’s blood on saliva.
She carries me to a safe house
to flee from an abusive spouse.

In her arms, I sense her despair
For we live in uncertainty.
Must this be the burden we bare?
Always running in urgency
to avoid mum being a battered wife.
Must this be the game of our life
When we play hide and seek!

(c) Jo Swan
Why should I hold it in?
Is my heart an inn?
Why should I not say when I have been hurt?
Will you only learn the evil your shunning made me do when I become a member of the dreaded cults?

Why can I not cry too?
Why does my pains have to be kept mute?
Will you only see the pain in my perforated heart after I go home
Beyond this phase, transcendence into the metaphysical zone?

I am human,
Born of skin and bone
Not made of rocks and stones
I have a right to be sad.

So why will you tell me to hide my face,
Beneath the dwellings of the bed sheet
And under the railing of my own skin
Why, I still wonder why?

If you can tell me your pain
Maybe I can ease you by telling you the shame coming out to tell the world what boys suffer brings to my name.

From your friend that cares,
©Emmiasky Ojex
Your words will either mar or heal someone.

We are boys, not stones.
She was forgiven
Yet forsaken by the unknown
She had flaunted
The deepest wounds of her soul
She saw the moon
Whilst passing scintillate memories
She is the lost child
Wandering through the pain
She loved everybody
So as an exception for herself
There it is,
A blank piece of paper
Looking at me like a homeless child
Asking me to fill it up
With love and care.
But I have got nothing.
Words lost, feelings deaden.
Eyes dry and heart frozen.
Sitting here, hopeless
Looking back, speechless
I Feel its pain and heart break
But I couldn't do anything
Except for thinking
How could i be this gruesome?
How could world be this gruesome?
After all those years
I've found a voice
from within the
poems I
A voice for all those
who suffer afraid
to speak
For fear of reprisal
from there abusers
as I was
If you can find a way
speak then don't
suffer In
Nearly 65 years old
when I finally faced
my Demons did so
through the poems
I write
Abused as kid took me nearly 60 years to
face my demons did so through the poems I write
DG 2d
I hope that even when you’re old and gray
You’ll remember how much your aunt loves you
And I hope that at the end of the day
You’ll remember each and every little kiss I placed on your forehead
So pure, so gentle
I give you more love than the world contains
If one can’t
Make a child to smile

My apology

That life needs
Some editing
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Vibration never deceive
JDL 3d
With a crown made of perfect pearls of achievement

Tears made of perfection’s unmet attainment

Wrapped in golden robes woven with high expectations, their trophy

Placed on a throne pedestal, an example of myself feeling like a phony

Sat inside the trophy case of high potential to collect dust

To whom shall I look up to and trust,

If I am held so high I can’t even see the ground?

I must climb back down if I am to be found
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