I will love you but not forever
Because time will not define a feeling so divine
But this is not the reason why

I will love you, but not as strongly
Because slowly and surely, commitment will be the key
But this is not the reason why

I will love you, but not as consistently
Because my eye cannot vye with two to compromise
But this is not the reason why

And the reason why must not shock you
It must not phase or break you, this is not to contain you
It will never mean to release you
But hope, to engage you

I will not love you forever
Because of another
And this is without hesitation, nonchalant
One who may be a little ignorant
But will always be more observant
Deserving, learning, and maybe even infinitely more important

Because as you will see,
And I hope you know what this means
Together we were never meant to be two souls in a constant tether;

I will love our child forever

"Why did you do it?"
"Why" I asked

Again I asked "Why?"
But... No answer

I asked
"Am I a toy for you to use?"
"Am I a toy?"
No answer

Again I asked "why?"
This time an answer

"Go to bed!"
He always said

Middy 3d

Mummy said bad things today
She screamed until she coughed and choked
I don't know why she does those things
And ignores her only child
Daddy hit me hard today
He send me stumbling to my bruised knees
I don't know why he does those things
And hurts his only child
Those kids hurt me at school and ripped my drawing of pain
Into tiny pieces
Why do they do those things
To a humble child?
The teacher never listen
They don't care if I'm dead or alive
I wonder how they'd feel
If their student shot themselves tonight?
If a child died they'd come running
But they'd never come running to me.

Emm 4d

This young man in front of me
Nor care nor hate
A sense of indifference
A sense of unfamiliarity
I don’t know him
He doesn’t know me
I don’t love him as much
I doubt he does as well
In my dreams
This young fragile baby in my cradle
The tiny tot,
grinning from ear to ear, an injection of innocence
Replaced with glum
How reality hits
How life hits hard
Carefree laughter
As replaced by swear words
Where did that little boy go?
I miss him dearly
Stroke his hair, watch him while he sleeps
I miss him dearly...
Keep coming to my dreams, little boy
That’s where you belong now

sharp blades
cut thin ice
I am wrapped in a cocoon
showered in unconditional light

pitch black, led by street lights
I'm interlacing my soul
across the rink of memories
deathly blades below my childish toes

make one false move
and I drown
between the cracking waters
as my mother is pulling me out
blanketing warmth distances me
from the paralysing thought of the world

They brought in from the sea
the dead child, the two men,
hard-faced, but moved
by what they have seen.

The mother in hysterics,
waving her arms about,
crying loudly,
the father stood dumb-struck,
watching the limp body
laid on the sand,
the two men working to revive,
all efforts,
but the child's face
remained unmoved,

A gull cried out,
the sea rushed.


How I wish I could make the world,
A happy place for you.
So no matter what you wished for,
Your dreams would all come true.

And how I wish I could make the world,
A safe one for you too.
So no matter where you went,
No harm would come to you.

How I would like to make the world,
A loving one for you.
So you were loved by those you love,
And they were forever true.

And if I could only mend each hurt,
With just a word or two.
I would mend them all so readily,
To make you good as new.

Now I wish that love was enough,
To make a wish come true.
Then all these things that I wish,
My love could bring to you.

Carson 5d

Peach juice dripping from the smile on my face
Strawberry locks masquerade with the wind
Still counting the cracks with laces untied

Weak like bird bones
Delicate like a daisy fresh plucked

I'm a dead girl
But I guess you had a thing for necrophilia

11 years young when I met the Devil
Milk teeth smile and baby blue eyes
You took a liking to that

They guide you to be prepared, but you guided your burned fingertips across my undeveloped velvet body

Did you like the taste of my innocence?

This is a small fragment of how I felt when this happened to me. Yes, this is a true story.

Heavenly father up above,
Please protect the boy I love.
Bless his eyes that shine so bright,
And help him to love more than any other.

Bless his find, blond, shiny hair,
Please protect him from bad girls.
Bless his hands,  so soft and small,
Help to keep them where they belong.

Grant,  Oh Lord,
Love to his content..
And thank you,
For this child you've sent.

This poem was written for my then 2 yr old little boy who was super sweet and kind yet a huge handful in himself.

Crying child,
Tears fell over milk spilled,
Upon tablecloths,
And packed,
With stains of picnics,
Showing memories of summers faded away,
And the child,
Who spilled milk,
Still crying,
Oven though he knows not,
Of summers end.

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