written with Mohamed Nasir
please check him out he is such a talented peot

As I was young running underneath the shower
Droplets speckling my face Ike water freckles
I ran across the watery lane in the fountain of
My youth

I ran naked wet under the sprinkler's arches
Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! I shouted
Joyfully as Archimedes found truth and naked
He ran down the street of Athens
Eurica! Eurica! Eurica! He shouted

Then I heard someone call my name
And shake me up
"Get up," my mother said
"You wet your bed again," she said
I was dreaming in my wet dreams again

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Ame Agami 19h

A memory so dear to my heart
From the time when I was five
Playing where the river was nearby
Watching the moon with my mom

I was more than sure
That running around the river will get me to the moon
For it seemed so close
My mother laughed and handed me an ice cream cone
Saying lets watch it together some more

The moon looked like it was tagging along
" look mom the moon is walking us home "
With the most beautiful smile on her face
My mother said
"I'm glad you have a friend who'll forever look after you"
© Ame Agami

I’m not six anymore
I am not six anymore

Every time someone touches me
I’m back
In my room
On my bed
And so are you

I’m not six  
Am I not six?

My pants are off
I don’t want them off
Your pants are off
Please put your pants back on

I’m not six anymore
How old am I again?

You touch
I freeze
You moan
My tears stream

It’s a game you say
I don’t like this game
Please stop

I’m only six
I am only six
I am only six years old

mythie 3d

Where do babies come from?
Do they come from the bright blue sky up above?
Up where the doves sing and shout?

Do they come from a bright world full of hope?
Do they come from angels in love?
Saints blessing the world?

They come from tobacco-ridden men,
They come from girls who want to grow up too fast,
They come from demons in lust,
They come from broken homes.

They come from broke dads in debt,
They come from girls who beg to be left alone,
They come from pleading, screaming,
They're an accident, from centuries ago.

But in this day and age, aren't we all birthing addicts?

I have very sad eyes and white hands.
My child will be born happy.

Over the earthen bread the napkin of the sky will fall,
the baptism of my son among the men who, just like me, love
their land and their work, the joy of giving, the beauty of being human,
the tall firs’ grace, the murmuring waters, the living seed within the ground.
Upon the teardrops of bodily pain a song will fall,
that unseen song that was written on a starlit staff.

For us it’s raining too much, too often,
someone gathers all cornflowers and scatters them on our bed.
When I look into my child’s eyes I am smaller and smaller,
I am warmer and warmer and I have a house of my own
with fireplace and toys,
with simple windows that let the clear sky come in entirely
after my child wipes off the steam of his breath.

All those flowers between us and we stay together.
My child plays with my fingers without counting them.
For him they are more and more as he touches them.
Just like me, he was born happy.

my child does not exist, here I see his birth as a symbol

a child yearning for their parent’s touch, flinching at the grasp of anyone else’s

never introduced to kindness nor stability --- a child will seek comfort in forms outside human possibility

the bottom of a bottle, the inscription on a pill, the smoke of a substance

people never wanted a child and the child does not need people


The sunflower's shimmer
As the sun hits the droplets
Of water, which were drying
Due to the sun, causing it to simmer

A child leans down
Staring in awe
At the sunflower
And the small water crowns

"Momma, look!"
The child cries
The mother looks, asks the boy "Why don't you take it?"
"Because momma, I don't want to be a crook!"

The mother throws her head back and laughs
"To whom would you be a crook to?"
The boy frowns at her
"Nature and it's crafts!"

JBH Nov 11


You forced me to become a man when I wanted to stay a child and I am thankful

You told that life is hard and no one cares if you suffer and if you struggle
And I am

You showed me life is a dark and unforgiving place and you thought me about heartbreak and loss
And I am

You also showed me the countless mistakes I have made and are probably going to make so that I may learn from them and for that I am thankful

You protected my childhood innocentness when all of the world grew up and I  am

You comforted me when the tuff Times stood outside the door and I am thankful

You were my light when dark thoughts  and heartbreak filled my mind I am

You showed me all the good things I did in my life and you showed me all the things I still may do and I am thankful

Together you showed me in two very different ways how to not only survive but thrive in this fucked up place called life

You showed me how to keep my hands and feet inside at all time and just enjoy the ride the ride of life and for that I am not just thankful but

It's for that,that
                  I love you with all

Dedicated to my mom and dad
She Writes Nov 10

Something felt wrong
I told you no
But you were so strong
I had no choice

I was only five years old
When all this began
How could you be so cold
You were supposed to protect me

Let’s play a game, hide and seek
I was to hide
I wasn’t to speak
You always found me

Hunted me like prey
Ripped off my clothes
As I began to pray
Clenching my eyes

Singing songs in my brain
Keeping my mouth shut
Pretending not to feel any pain
To scared to do anything more

For years you abused me
Until one day you were caught
I was finally free
Or so I thought

The memories of what you’ve done
Haunt me every time darkness replaces the sun

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