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Man Mar 17
you leave your home
because of oppression
and in your new country
you flourish, doing well in this life

generations on
they have forgotten your struggles
as they learned hate
they have forgotten their origins
as they learned what it is
to be the xenophobe
to be the oppressor

to see your triumphs tarnished

you begotten fortunates
taking all you have for granted
slanted views, courtesy of that you've been taught
so some say it isn't your fault
but we know better, eh?
all your wealth could not stuff the gaping maw
that your soul cries out to fill
and so this is what you reap
when seeds of suffering do you sow
Steve Page Jan 14
Seed and soil
Water and light
Toil included  
Day and night

Time and patience
Rise and repeat
Hope is planted
And Hope is reaped
You need a seed and you need to find good soil with toil
Carlo C Gomez Apr 2020
"she was weeping, banally, in the moonlight"

We, in some strange power’s employ, move on a rigorous line

Our thoughts broadcast in reverse of linear time

Laying down fresh electric cable so our minds can again spin webs and half-eaten threads

To stand ready for launch from
Cape Canaveral

Young astronauts, and cultural fallout, spun in exhilarating swirl of places and vividly half-described incidents

Experiments explored in zero gravity

Starlight, starbright
first time I apogee tonight

Impaled upon the high temples of Min
flowered in the sun

A collective come undone

Circumferencing quicksand
as worlds tilting badly off-center

In the death ovens  
they go spiraling down into driftglass
Let us sow in faith that we shall reap,
And reap in grace that we shall enjoy the sweat invested.
Of all the tools which I might use
To help my wealth to grow
My mind is first - it’s what I choose,
The best tool that I know

I can collect ideas from friends
Not “reinvent“ the wheel
I can reap wholesome dividends
Creating something real

This world will always gladly pay
For things which they desire
And my best tool provides a way
To “think” what they require

And with my mind I work to build
Increased life for every soul
With my best tool I will grow skilled
And reach my dreams and goals
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Anastasia Jun 2019
Underneath the surface
At the edge of the deep
Lie beasts and monsters
Ready to reap
Feeding on fear,
Flesh and blood
Just one taste
Is never enough
Inspired from a boy I knew named David. Hope you got through ❤
David Hasselblad Apr 2019
Latin Mortality

People coping carelessly,
Dissociating, crossly, staring crassly,
Stilled in fantasy and logic phallusies,
Yet time ticks and life leaks,

Money makes me more,
Under false guise of one who seeks,
Love, height, esteem, sight, seeking a dream,
Bulky bags, brimming bucks, books and buffets,

Broad, full or empty,
Doesn’t matter the stacked inventory,
It’s how the items are used,
Momento Mori,

Was your energy used efficiently?
Will you grow in elegance and prosperity?
Effortless legacies echoing down corridors of time,
What will you be remembered for?

Are you fine with what you’ve left unsaid?
Who you’ve led or wed?
Who you’ve fed a lie or made cry?
Always remember you will die,

Ten good deeds?
A score?
Does it outweigh the dark?
Do you care which heavenly bells hark?

Strong formidable, body healthy,
A traumatized mind stares at a reflection,
That of a skeleton,
Drained, caned, infamy preordained,

Bogged down by mental mortal chains,
Social strains, driving him insane,
Perspectively it will never end,
Even death is just another time encapsulated den,

Forever adding details,
To a undefined gory story,
Forever and always,
Momento Mori...
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