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And yet despite the reciprocities of man, we are still at war.
Not at war with other nations,
Not at war with our governments,
Not at war with our neighbors,
But at war with ourselves.
The war that never ends is the war that is fought inside ourselves.
We all know that this is something that exists,
We all know that this is something that shouldn’t change,
We all know that sometimes war is too great for ourselves and we seek help.
But the war is something that we all agree should remain.
Why I ask of you,
Why must this war remain?  
Is it so that we can constantly better ourselves through repeated questioning?
Is it so we can work to create turmoil in our minds in which we must struggle through?
Or is it so we have a reason to perpetually push ourselves to improve so that we may reach a certain goal?
This is an answer that will forever remain for it is different for the individual.
But it is my belief that thanks to these inner wars, we may improve as a society, no, more so improve as a species.
Through self improvement, through self turmoil, through self questioning, we may force ourselves to change, to become the person or entity in which we wish to become,
And if everyone was able to achieve this goal,
Either it be through our own desires, or the desires of our circumstance,
We can improve others, thanks to the experience one gains, and due to the natural human desire for social contact.
But not all inner wars lead to this outcome,
Many of them lead to selfishness, entitlement, or even apathy for their fellow people.
Saying that we should leave behind our earthly values, or a physical addiction is not what I’m implying here.
I believe that we are all allowed to have some selfishness, some amount of self entitlement, and even a small amount of apathy for people.
We do not need to feel empathy for the people who have wronged us, but we shouldn’t ignore the reasoning for them doing so, we can learn from their mistakes and teach it to others.
Being too selfless leads to self destruction due to giving too much of yourself away for the sake of others, this leads to a mind that will sooner than later crumble under the stress of pleasing those around them, and even sooner a body that will start to fall apart from beneath them.
A small amount of self entitlement leads to knowing one's self worth, if you have no entitlement then you lead to being too selfless, and leads you to become used by those around you.
By allowing yourself to do the tasks or the jobs that nobody else wishes to do, yes it's good that someone does those things, but letting someone do it for too long and their mind too will lower itself to the trash tasks and will become trash itself due to repeated exposure.
The inner war that we all face, that we all have, and that we can all see,
It should be discussed,
It should be allowed to be seen by others,
It should be a way for self improvement.
It should always remain.
Just started typing whatever came to mind, apologies if it seems like a jumbled mess.
Andy Chunn Jun 2022
It’s not easy to be a bee
Our crowded view of life
Sometimes the only thing I see
Are trouble, toil and strife

We search to find the source of food
Then hurry to the hive
We hype the others in the mood
With waggle dance and jive

The queen, protected and aloof
Not like all the others
She is the sign and living proof
When smoke comes and smothers

Work and waggle, my daily chore
Then search a place to hide
Being a bee is so much more
When dodging pesticide

I’m a worker, and not a drone
I hope that you can see
When you harvest sweet honeycomb
It tough being a bee
shilha madhuri Apr 2022
🍀After 20yrs , Scrat finally got his nut.. but still don't know what exactly to do with it ... He's happy & he own but it's all about the  story that has no end & no boundaries ... just like our lives Do not  give up on dream of goals until your dreams give up on you ...🍀
🍀 Iceage is not a movie material ...just Change the view and see it's all about our life's..🍀The thing's which i learnt is lesser than explain beyond than thoughts... Change the view & Feel yourself 🍀i Dont know exactly what i said but hope not it goes bad.. thankyou...🍀
Zack Ripley Mar 2022
the goal was to survive.
but the dream was to live.
I was ready to give it my all.
I just had to stay alive.
then, one day, my whole world came crashing down.
first, I lost someone I loved.
then, I lost myself.
cutting through my grief,
the demons in my head suggested I was better off dead.
but another voice said "you know that's not true."
that's when I remembered.
she always told me
"the goal is to survive but the dream is to live."
I was ready to give up.
but if it means I can keep her dream alive,
I will live. I will survive.
Ren Sturgis Jan 2022
It takes time to erase
the mistakes
that I've put in my soul.
But to take one mistake at a time
is to make me whole.
To play a part in this game
is to play a role.
But to remove all my mistakes
is my ultimate goal.
I am aware now that making mistakes allow you to be human and to learn and grow.
Brumous Oct 2021


walking in the path of enlightenment,
I choose to change;
not for my satisfaction
but for your very smile.

one step at a time.
Karijinbba Aug 2021
Love In person now required?
Love is omnipresent relax🐝📬
💌Transcends time and space.
without a goal a plan of action,
the chasm, the gap, the miles
🦋am I only doomed, in hope?
In cell computer, song what's up
call phone voice love in heart
Phone E-mail photo lyric poem
dance video these cards allies
Where there's a will 🦋
🦋there's a way.🐝✈️

Not our last dance love.
By Karijinbba.8-21
Left To Rot Jul 2021
There it is, in the back of my mind,
gagged and handcuffed to a pipe,
covered in bruises and scars,
the long forgotten meaning of my life.
                               Humming a melody of hope,
                               stripped of dignity, insane,
                               beaten, mocked, almost tamed,
                               hoping to be rescued someday.
While you strive toward lofty goals
And work on them each day
Don’t ignore another’s need
But help along the way

While you journey on your path
Don’t be afraid to stray
Or tarry when a friend could use
Some help along the way

As you focus on your dreams
And try to shun delay
Stay open - with a loving heart
To needs along the way

Achievement and ambition
Are noble - yet I say
It may yet help another more
To serve along the way

So in our life of “end results”
Let’s not forget to pray
That we might see with open eyes
And help along the way
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A few days ago, Kim I were driving back from a trip to Colorado, and I asked her for poem ideas.  She said something about taking joy in the journey.  
She said the journey is part of life, and sometimes we hurry so much to get to our destination, that we miss the opportunities along the way.  We love our little hiking trips, and we always try to find new places to explore on the way to our destination.

In your life, look for the people who need your help along the way to where you are going (literally and figuratively).
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