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Focus on your end result
To feel more energetic
And engage your inner powers
From your system cybernetic

Yes, seek for goals and targets
You are built to be magnetic
As a self-correcting expert
When you act more cybernetic

Cybernetics helps you truly aim
But only if you have a goal
So don’t go with the current
But grab your life and take control

Do those actions that truly count
Stay calm and not frenetic
Keep your eyes upon your dream
Use your system cybernetic
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When still in high school I read Pscycho-Cybernetics, by Maxwell Maltz.  That book changed my life for the better in a huge way!  If I remember correctly, it was recommended by my High School wrestling coach, Mr. Hale.

Maxwell Maltz was a plastic surgeon, and he came up with an amazing discovery.  We have an inner world or image, which is as "real" as the outer world.  In fact, when we create something in detail in our mind (a blueprint), this attracts physical matter to it and it "Manifests" in what we call our outer reality.

So I would play out certain wrestling moves in my mind, as instructed in the book, and I got better at those moves!  So I also used the process for test taking, dating, running, giving talks, and much more.  

The official definition of Cybernetics is below, but it leaves out the most important part.  It's the science of communications and control mechanisms IN ORDER TO ACHIEVE A SPECIFIED TARGET.  

the science of communications and automatic control systems in both machines and living things.

So the thermostat in your house is a cybernetic system - when the temperature it low, it kicks on the heater to bring the temperature back to the target level.  A heat seeking missile is programmed for a specific target.  You need a target or goal.  A "nothing-seeking" missile achieves nothing.

There are thousands of machine examples, but more important for our success is using Cybernetics to achieve what we want.
Sakura 5d
When I open a door with  eyes closed it always take me by surprises
I either fall down in a deep pit or i fly high in the sky
I might not know
Until i open the door
Until i open my eyes
But I wonder....
I wonder..
Would i be able to open the door with my eyes wide open
Would i be able to take a step ahead with my eyes wide open
Would i be able to enjoy those surprises
Would i be able to know if  i were going to fall down or fly high
Would i be able to know what do i like more
Whether it's falling down or flying high
I might not know
Until i .......
Until i take first step
if i am scared to open the door
I close my eyes
Open the door
Don't step back
Go ahead and enjoy the surprises life has to offer me
I tried to walk along the sands of time
Wishing my footprints would one day be seen
But I got lost in the uphill climb
Consumed by a dream of what could have been
Struggling to breathe in the thin air of hope
I'm looking for a clear path ahead
There's no way back down this slippery *****
All that I see are illusions instead.
Are there signs that will tell me where to go?
I'm tired of waiting for them to arrive
If this is what it means to learn and grow
I'll make a move, aiming to stay alive.
Stalwart Dull Sep 30
Hey! I just wanted to say goodnight
Wishing someday I could hug you tight
Then wake up with the sun shines so bright
It's the new beginning I'm ready to fight!
Gi Sep 20
Sleep, timer, wake.
What more is left to take?
Say it once, say it once more.
Listen and don’t ignore what all of this is meant for.
3.44 -19
Alex Sep 12
Achievement; You've managed to post a selfie!
Somebody might think its funny considering it as one of your goals,
Somebody refers it a piece of cake,
Like every morning til afternoon,
A quick snap wont bite them,
But for you?
There's nothing greater than you're proudest moments,
Building you're self - confidence,
Positivity, throwing off anxiety out of your roof,
After somebody already ruined it for you,
But congratulations!
You're step ahead of becoming yourself,
You've been on a deep snooze,
Living in you're comfort zone,
And now you've managed to showed a self portrait,
Without hesitations,
Or doubts,
Just a bold smile,
And a bravery of not giving a f*ck.
You want to fly
So far away

A fluttering bee
Take me too
Own way
Genre: Minimalist
Theme: Be kind
You and I together
Make more than one plus one
As our efforts meld and join
The synergy grows fun

When we focus on a goal
Our purposes entwine
And lead to increased life
In both your world and mine

The synergy works magic
Spreading blessings all around
More smiles flash on faces
Where synergy abounds

So always act with synergy
As you go about your day
Yes, synergize with pleasure
In the most effective way
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I do use the word Synergize in the poem, and I give credit to Stephen Covey for first coining that word in his amazing book, "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People". I recommend the book.

You can use Synergy in your life in so many ways!

When you have sixteen things to do, see how you can combine two or three. Also, synergize with people in creative ways. Two are better than one.
Every day
I run boxes
To the doorsteps of -
Magnificent houses
With stone porches
And towering windows
That smell like wood fires
During the winter
And flowers during the summers
With driveways that stretch nearly a mile
Down hills
To overlook acres, many acres
Of land
They are materialized dreams

And on every
mountainous stone porch
Or tree trunk of a door
Or posted at the very bottom of the endless winding drive-
There is a doormat
Or a plaque
A cut metal sign
"The Miller's"
"Kate & Rex"

And I am momentarily so sad
So jealous
Because that is all I want

The woman inside has a husband
With a good job
And a big smile
And her parents love him
And he is nice to her
And he built her a PALACE
And that's all I want
Is OUR last name on a plaque beside the door
But I may never have that
No matter how hard I work
Comes from
Not giving up
Soldering on
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