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To the sunshine in my day. The stars on a lonely night. Her voice is the only vaccine by which my boredom is cured. She fuels gleeful moments in my life. My dreams easily became true having found her earned me the most precious goal. To me she's worth beyond any diamond nor gold. She's my whole life my wife.

Got different encounter of this life. Different beliefs, different perspectives with diverse mindset towards it. But not anyone not a single soul even the sages of earth known enough. Man perish for fortune birds yet search for feeds. Life is really encounter. If you haven't feel you hadn't have life  lived to the fullest. He rode an horse wisdom back chasing, racing, a dream to caught. Ambition high way focus juncture off determination, goal lane destination.
What's happiness?
Happiness is elemental
Neither sentimental
Nor detrimental
Beyond definition
Undefinable term of utmost importance
A feeling of a state of mind
You find other feelings, experiences closer to it
Subtle differences
For subtler minds
Joy, pleasure, ecstacy, ******, bliss, ananda
Close relatives to happiness
No nested sequence
Of concepts
Indicating comparative closeness
True mental state of happiness
Excludes all negativities
Feelings of thrill, excitement, enthusiasm, sensations etc.
May accompany it
Happiness may be alloyed with negative feelings, thoughts towards someone
Satanic happiness it would be
Happiness is there to experience
What's the use to define it
Never give importance
To whys and whats
Concentrate on how
To achieve it
Healthy body pre-requisite
To attain happiness
To proceed and follow methods
Religious or spiritual discourses often tell
Strive to achieve and experience happiness
The way it suits you
Happiness is there to experience
Elusive though it is!
Prompted by a one-liner question poem. Hope readers may find it useful.
kevin wright Jan 21
So stressed out
Must go for a walk
A hill might sort it out

The path is getting steep
The clouds are so much closer
I see not where I go

The test is hard
My mind now aimed
I have reached my summit

Is this not a mountain
Its now plain to see
My verb was missing

In this sleep
I will remember this place
In there I see what I should be
Insomnia and dealing with stress is sometimes more than a mine field, finding the path out may not be easy. Take your sleeping self and the dormant self for a walk with  a goal to achieve. Tuning the two 'selves'  and bring together essentials and reality. Dreams need some assistance as they are our dormant selves place of wonder into which our sleeping self can explore.
[Offical Full Poetry]

My screams were cutting my ears
Those walls were teetering my fears
Could not stand to near or here's
Wanted to show my heroes.

Lost my innocent dreams when listening
to everyone else, what they've been saying.

They threw up on me their bullets.
Then they threw me into the holes.

Tried to breathe but I was under the ocean
The voice I heard told me "That's impossible."
Something in me was becoming invisible
That's how I lost myself in the last battle.

Lost hope and a vast amount of friends
They were influencing all the weekends
Days weren't including any happy ends
They took something in me till it ends.

Wanted to escape from this maze.
Locked into the prison of mind
Started looking to the beginning.

Suddenly the fears stopped when
I realized that I wasn't injured
I was not broken, faded inside.

They will always be there
Promised me not to hear
What they add more to my fear.

© Muhammed Emin KUŞASLAN
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im tired of being ridiculed
and not taken seriously
these are my goals
not just another fantasy
George Krokos Dec 2020
(A Reality Check)

Who are you?
Who am I?
How could we
know and why?

Each day comes
and then goes
but it seems
no one knows.

If you knew
you would tell
who you are
and do well.

When you know
who you are
you will shine
like a star.

And the world
that you see
has the key.

In your mind
with closed eyes
if you see
you'll be wise.

When your thoughts
are all still
then that time
you'll fulfil.

Keep away
from those who
only know
what's not true.

Pray for help
as you live
and have faith
that He'll give.

Be aware
words you speak
that with no
malice reek.

Also watch
what you eat
and consume
no old meat.

Any drink
that you crave
should be pure
for thirst wave.

Breathe clean air
where you stay
and sunshine
get each day.

your body
and keep it
all tidy.

Then the love
in your heart
that you'll feel
plays its part.

And the light
that you'll see
there within
sets you free.

Know yourself
and take care
on that path
getting there.

Humbly bow
to the One
who will show
you the Sun.

For that time
out of grace
due to come
you must face.

On the path
you will learn
who you are
and discern.

And the Truth
you will know
'ere that time
when you go.
Written in Oct 2020 and extended to its current length as the inspiration came.
Holographic time
Awareness of the whole
The wrapping of
Into a single goal

Clear for me to see
Look, so I’ll feel free

Experience as ONE -
Not points along a line
Joyful and
The choice is ever mine

Accepting of the now
Relaxing in the flow
Allows the truth to show
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I read a book in college called Time and Free Will, by Henri Bergson.  This book expanded my mind and life in a huge way!  The idea of "Linear time" is simply that - an idea.  It's not the way life is.

However, if you think of time as linear, it actually fragments your experience.  I wrote an entire book on Holographic Time, and it's quite the concept to put into a few poetic lines.  You can read above to see how I did.  By the way, the book is called "Realms of Joy - Time of Light", and you can get it along with my book on Holographic Creation (I Create Reality)
Kyle Dec 2020
The sun rises;
The stars surprises;
Evening's glowing light;
Gardenias growing right.
Not really sure if this is about dreams.
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