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A wise man
Once was a fool

Realize that
In case
Noone has told

When did you meet him?
That matters
If still not clear

Read that again
Genre: Rational
Theme: The very moment
Carmen Jane Sep 10
What can fit inside the outline of your soul
Do the rivers fit, with their ripples of love?
How about the trees, that always reach the skies
All of this can fit or does your soul just tries?

Can you say that Earth fits inside your soul
Loving all on it , can that be your goal?
How about the moon, the sun and the stars
How about my soul, does it fit 'n your arms?
Erenn Sep 5
Clenched fists armouring this will
Thoughts inverse with no given time
Etched to seek this onus regime-
Of clouded fears of clouded minds
Manifested dreams into demise
Yet pretense lure out what is candor
Pain was imminent to forsee
But truth remains the same
Pure of innocence hemmed
Heart of steel mettled with will
Burning the hays of shame
no longer needing the anchor
In darkness reign wars will end
The spark will flame again
That goal you given up before. It will happen again.
Mari Aug 13
high up in the

Bhill Aug 10
The hole to heaven is a place here on earth
It’s filled with color and all things of worth

To see it at all, you at least have to look
It’s right there in the front, not behind that old nook

Open up and imagine what it all seems to mean
If it's not quite in focus, is it really unseen

Birds, clouds, and rain could be the real hole
Mountains, cars and planes are a few more I’m sure

I believe it's important to try, try, and try
It's not a belief, or up in the sky

It's not what you see that makes up the hole
It's how you see it that creates the pure goal

Brian Hill - 2019 # 201
What and where is yours?
Bhill Jul 24
Do you find yourself needing
Needing things that don't make sense
Sensical things that don't need to be needed
Needing is a human need I think
Thinking of things to un-need is a goal
A goal that I shouldn't need....

Here is the time where my brain exploded AGAIN!

Brian Hill - 2019 # 184
lake Jul 22
i'm writing this down so i won't forget
so that this hobby won't be a cause of regret
what am i doing this for? what's the bottom line?
is it to settle a score or just to waste time
am i writing for myself or somebody else
not really, i'm just writing to write
my mind feels better when there's a bit of light
and i really just want to create
at least then i won't procrastinate
that's not a promise i can keep
but this is one seed i'll be sure to reap
and if i am known for this that's a bonus
we're all trying to curb our loneliness
so i guess that's where my goal is
trying to stop myself from being complacent
in the end, that's my mission statement
raquezha Jun 21
goal of a picture
is to capture
a moment in time
that takes you back
to a spiral journey
freezing everything
portraying nothing
just an imagery
of a timeless memory
stuck between
seconds and minutes
hours and days
here and everywhere
it's not just a picture
it's also about you
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