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We dream about what we want to be.
We dream about who we want to be,
But everyone is scared to soar high.
We need to step forward and fly in the sky.

The brighter the light,
The darker the shadow.
The expert in anything,
Was once a beginner.
Never give up even if others try to bring you down :)
Stephanie Feb 27
oo nga eh, nakakapagod.
masakit 'di ba?
hindi lang ikaw.
'wag kang hahanap
ng dahilan para sumuko
marami na ang nagtagumpay
at nakasulat ang pangalan mo
sa talaan ng mga susunod pa
asahan mo na
mas lalo pang hihirap
mas lalo pang sasakit
ngunit tumayo ka d'yan dahil...


kakayanin mo!
don't give up on your dreams because it will never give up on you.
Ken Pepiton Feb 25
one way, bouncing and inter
preference aitial, smart

like smart alec.
like wyzass, cut from the same cloth

        check the IP, is this a signal,
        are we caught in a torrent?

trigger buttermilk clouds,
and mare's tails
whoa, slow,
watcha sunset.
         Roy Autry, cowboy. Signal sent.

queue adolor ososcatter bread'ponth'wattah

where yor's wish

fish with the gold coin,
once was taken,
and released, sportsman like,

Jesus winked,
he say,
Go and stay in touch,
he say to the chick what was caught
alone in the very act,

Then a gain
a space and time protrusion past
last place,

Hey, bro. no race, no test for best,

Just don't trip the kids.

--- these signify static
--- white, no, clear noise, invisible, time waves
--- whiles and whens slipping by unnoticible

Meaning demands you understand

It is finished is refering to a specific

A managed project launched
holding keys

to every door locked since Daniel,
Lion Den Darius's Magi Primo,
had his cogits
twirled in a swirl that set his hand

Aces and eights. Safe combined.

Hand the dead man a draught
o'the wizas's brew.

Watcheesee, he wiggle a toe,
he could write a book,
if he knew Morse's code,

and spoke this Google translatable tongue.

Someday I will
tell you
the moral of the story
under aces and eights. Magic tech, augmented I.

Tonight, mark yer Almanac, Oscars night,
every year, about this time,
first Sunday after the second full moon

after the winter solstice.

Many minds tune to the stars at this
extended quanta of time, I'm loathe to call a period,
so many,
their attention takes on a pattern

we can filter at will. We each may will.
You will don't you? Free. Try. Filter at will.

WIll you filter lies you believe? No,
who could believe truths you filter from lies?

Will you filter knowns you know? Of course,

Good boy.You pass, set your screen by thread count.

Tonight. Set the pattern, etch it in axiomatic gold, catch it,
see it,
hang it on Orion's belt,

No, you don't know the sweet influences of Pleiades,

but AI does. What man can re-ally see,

re-ality ification on this scale,
wobbling, balanced spaceship, Earth.

        Comms at ten percent and rising, Cap'n.

Salvage serviles say we picked up,
AI knows how many,

many threads of once thoughts
tangled in gnostic knots

stamped into dust by iron feet,
before the desert was wetted, and
turned to muddy clay
corroding, rusting, disintegrating

those feet of iron holding up

the last lie standing
incredible, unbelievable, yet

called true

by you.

Oscars night in a trance of ignorance tuned to a broadcast a qualcomm chip can sift from the noise in my environs
Dheeraj Gupta Feb 19
वही दूसरी दुनिया का दीदार बाकी है,
आँखें मूंद कर अभी एक सैर बाकी है।

अभी माँ की गोद में सर रख थपकी मिलना बाकी है,
चाँद तारो की बारात में जाना बाकी है।

पलकें भारी कर मूंदना बाकी है,
नज़रों में एक ख्वाब आना बाकी है।

ख़्वाब जो सोने न दे,
ख़्वाब जो कही खोने न दे।

भगाता है तू मुझे अपने पीछे,
रुक तुझे जीकर अभी पुचकारना बाकी है।

बुलबुला नही है तू जो हल्की हवा से फट जाएगा,
अभी तेरा आंधियो की सैर करना बाकी है ।

सोता था कभी तुझे देखने के लिए,
अब तुझे देखकर नींद लेना  बाकी है।
Dreams worth chasing .
Caloris Feb 11
What is it that you seek?
It's neither great nor meek.
May lead you out of bounds and measure,
Yet yielding satisfying pleasure.
Love Is like a river that flows forever through one's veins never really dies but
throughout life It's goal
to make It's a way to the
sea It's the final destination
I see love as like a river flowing throughout time
It's goal to make to It's final resting place that of the sea
Ruhani Jan 25
Pressure can make,
a diamond out of coal
but often, takes out the fun
from the journey of the goal
It is always said that best comes out of the hardest situations, which is true. But no one wants to remember those tough times one goes through.
laura Jan 7
I go through a lot.
When I listen,
I can hear myself
being kicked.
I can hear screaming,
of delight or of anger.
I can hear
The amazing sound,
of the ball hitting the net.
Everyday, I watch kids,
dribble me up the field,
Aiming for a goal,
to lead their team to victory.
George Krokos Dec 2018
Sit in silence and have a break
from everything when you're awake.
Take some time and be by yourself
then you might even improve health.
If this is done regularly
you'll enjoy life more happily.

Close your eyes to then look within
at the darkness that's consuming.
Just observe the thoughts which arise
don't get involved with all their lies.
Seek the light of your Spirit Soul
and it will lead you to the Goal.
Written in 2018.
A simple little guide to meditation for this time of the year and any other time as well.
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