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stardust fell down from her honey brown eyes
and kissed the neck of her wooden guitar
and inside her aquamarine gloom lies
truly the most ethereal gold by far
and for every single shaky breath
is worth one hundred dollars to a fool
and for every fragile thought of death
is cut exactly like a priceless jewel
her hurt worn like a 1950s fur
as she licks the rotten fruit of Eden
they rearrange her life all around her
into their own holy flower garden
she, seraph, looks up to the heavens gates
remembers how it felt, plummeting to hate
Haylin Jan 20
Time, kindness and knowledge
are above the price of
Osamase Ekhator Dec 2018
Whether it's an insult
or compliment,
their "two cents"
should never equal
your self worth.

Pay attention
to what makes you
                                                                                                        and realize
                                                      you are                                                      
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caroline Dec 2018
your smile, priceless.
your humor, divine.
but as for your temper,
that’ll be 75.99.
Ken Pepiton Dec 2018
yes, it did.
Just now

right now,
the now that was a moment ago and left a mark.

Beastly meme-ish mark, a consonant glyph or a ligature,

an umph!

Right between the eyes.

right between the --- fit any jective noise ---ooof!


no cursem
no sworn revenge, mere wind knocked
from my sail

a seen monster blocking my sail with the shadow of his storm

Float, still as a pond on the Albatross killer's sea of green.

there never was a yellow submarine,
The one Krasner sunk in central park was fake. That was in '68.

March, maybe, ides of March keep signaling meanings
I never knew were clues.

This just happened.
I was telling a friend about the effect of seeing my first man die,
as I set the scene, March, '68…

tellin' him, it was the next day,  the next day after
we met in a chow-line at Camp Freznell Jones,

You axed, whatchewdoin here? I rolled my eyes.

You were a medic, you said if I needed
hope, you had dope…
(we had first met on the first day of first grade.)

I had shot him in the belly with a bb gun, when we were twelve.
He slugged me in the mouth for Alice Jones, when we were fifteen.
(there's a story, but it angles away from what just happened.)

We remembered a time.

March 1968, about a week after My Lai,
we were
nineteen year olds, schooled together  in good citizenship,
since we were six,
in the year 1954. when
President Eisenhauer,

personally, we heard,

had added two words,
under and God,
to the good citizen allegiance pledge
all first grade good-citizens-to-be
were learning again,

because the new pledge meant more than the old pledge had.
That had needed to be done.

Or the commies were going to get a cobalt bomb
and blow the whole world to heck.
Per Boy's Life, the scouting mag.

This was explained by the fact that there were no escapes
from prisoner of war camps in Korea,
the commies were at
war against God,

that was explained when a captured secret brainwashing plan revealed:

the lack of knowing why America was worth dying for in Korea, among
the U.N. G.I.  little brothers and younger cousins

of the greatest generation's victorious G.I.
warrior heroes, every one,
so steeped in esprit dee corp,
the ones who could would march in Parades for fifty years.

tweener losers twixt the survivors of first
wave greatest generation warriors and  us
(Talkin' bout my generation, we didn't die before we got old),

those guys nee-cess-it-ated,

Purely from lack of knowing, never having been taught

the Uniform Code of Military Justice and that our
allegiance is and was pledged to a nation under God.

Both which were new information
maybe our moms and dads didn't know yet,
we could teach them for homework
the new pledge and ask for dimes
for the march of dimes
at the same time.

The boom of babes
just beginning citizenship training for the war
they would fight, but right,
they would know,
because the commies,
could not infiltrate our schools and teach lies…

The boom of babes
just beginning citizenship training for the war
they would fight, but right,

like all the men in town who served and survived the real war,
the world war,
not a Po-lease action,
and who,
if they were shot down (no fault of their own, ****** Red Baron)
they escaped
in movie quality dramatic ways
from prisoner of war camps in Germany,

(Not many escapes from Japanese
prisoner of war camps,
but Islands account for much of that. Sharks.)

the boom of babes
just beginning citizenship training for the war
they would fight, but right,
that boom of fresh new cannon fodder for the future,

we needed to know
we were pledging, promising to pay with our life, no lie,

I pledged, we all pledged knowing, no mistake,
God is on our side,
we are, as a nation, as a citizen of this nation,
under god.
From now on.

We all stand.

--- that was all flash back---
What just happened was Doc Musgrove stopped my tale,
my telling of the first death
I watched

He remembered
He was a medic
He cleaned the mess I watched that left this stain.
He carried the bodies.

I walked away.
Then fifty years later, I figured it wouldn't hurt to tell.
But it does.
You, generations after ours, remember war
does not make better people of good citizens who know

allegiance means allied with, not ruled by.

Liege lords are things of the past. That's why the statues always fall.

We are free because truth, when known, makes us free.
Wars make no man free.

If you can't love your enemy, that's no excuse.
Set a standard, high as you can imagine,
based on the good you know is good,

{no this is not preaching it is sharing, so you don't suffer from lack of knowing and say nobody shared what he learned after becoming the definition of a heretic.}

exercise your self, discipline your self
become a disciple of good
for goodness sake
do what you know is good
as if it were being done to you

and enemies become others who maybe
you could see things like, if

you looked from a higher plane.

Yes, I dare, I was dared. An Indian kid dared me to prove
I inherited the wind.
While planning a pod cast we realized we were speaking of the same incident, fifty years ago.
juliet Dec 2018
your prestige and glamour
have grown too much
so many people bow down to you but
you can’t see your own feet.
expect me unwelcome
to your golden throne
i’ll raise your prices
flat iron my tongue to make you happy
rhythmize my lips so they sway
to the beat of my hips,
to the music of love
Gabriel burnS Dec 2018
Reach out
To the moth-heart
Samuel Nov 2018
What is the price I pay for health
The price I pay for this is wealth
In the late night hours I think and dream
So that in pain I may not scream

What should I do with my precious life
Frought with pain; Fought in strife
I want to be the best I can
I want to be a better man

But how can I make my dream so
When all I know is what I'm told
Can I bring myself to live
Until I'm gray and old

I want to live; Don't want to die
I want to see ahead what lies
But can I with this awful style
I can't seem to even smile
Johnny walker Nov 2018
Whilst driving home today following another car noticed a slogan In the rear window, one of the best I've seen, and probably the most appropriate of the state of how our country Is run
I quote, Don't Need *** Any More The Government F** Me Every Day I how very true this to be In country that's has food banks, homeless on the street some poeple already died and  It's not even
full winter yet, kids homeless at Christmas It's makes me ashamed of the country I now live In, where wasn't I was so proud to live, but sadly no
People dying on the streets families  and children homeless at Christmas
There seems to be no compassion any more
I know first-hand life on the streets, for those who have never experienced this the feeling of loss wondering endlessly, walking cold damp
Streets, just to try to keep a warm, sense of not belonging a social outcast not wanted people stepping aside to avoid you, pretending you're not there
but at the end our days a lot of people who have caused all this misery will pay the price for there lack compassion and their disrespect for human
Martin Dove Oct 2018
How can you be sure that you even exist
When everything is wrapped in a perpetual mist
The truth out there that a human will never know
Makes a mockery of a man who thinks he has it under control
The shackles of love we hope to embrace
Wishing one day it all won't turn to waste
This is the folly why man turns to say grace
But it’s something we all have to embrace
That the universe itself will one day fall on its face
Will a sentient being ever escape this disgrace?
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