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Philomena Sep 25
Looking back
When you said those words they held some weight
And I laughed it off at the time
But I went back to my bed that night
And my mind began to race
I know you've painted a target on my back
If I was more oblivious to people like you I would not have seen it
But it's bright red like blood
And rather noticeable

I should have known better
Every laugh and smile comes with a price
And it's never cheap
So when you said those words
All I heard was the price

I will not pay your ransom
I am not interested in those words
And while you were technically correct
You were also very wrong
So believe me when I say this
If you ever feel so bold as to use those words on me again
I'll make you eat them
They pretty
so msany
thix go
Na really
ligthen things


Adah Price
For all the
I feel
I can
I stop
I smell
The roses
Once I was an orphan
Now I see Mom in
Each tree I sit under
Or on, climbing to
See from higher
Perspectives than
Only one set of eyes
!!!Happy MOM Day!!!
Was the pretty one
The one with long hair

But I
Didn't see Ana
At first I just saw Mo

Moments unique to the
Flow of time

She felt
Like magic making me
Believe in fun

If nothing
Else you knew you were
Safe with her

Her calm
Had weathered storms
Enough to see

Hidden pearls
My eyes are only starting
To notice

I lost her to
The sea of time and
Travel yet

I know our
Compasses will cross
One another

Again cause
I see the star shining
Over again
Lingo but
Like less
I am the storm
You are the peace
Everything I do
Makes you go away

Alone I shed my tears
Among the battling winds
I mourn a dreadful loss
The price of you is death
Some days I awake fearing my own tears.
The price of admittance into my heart is:

One (1) smile
Two or more (2+) kind words
Three (3) words, said like they were meant
And an infinite amount of patience as I work through my problems.
All I want is a love that will last. But sometimes I feel like that's too much to ask.
Poetic T Jun 25
Every tear I shall collect,
     But not one shall taint
                    The earth.

For I will mould every shard
         In vengeance

of emotion.

And when enough pain
           is forged cold.

The blade frozen in segments
            Of woeful  agony,

Then I shall pearce you deeply,
     So you feel the coldness

Of every tear descending down
      Tarnished cheeks.

   And know that pain saved,

Has a price worse that what
              Was dealt before.

Because tears have a price,
       Are you doing to pay...
Johnny walker Jun 21
I had a life a loverly wife It had seemed to me that miracles did happen as I thought they did for me but sometimes a heavy price Is paid
due to a miracal as It was for me for I didn't know It Helen and I were living on borrowed time borrowed through our miracal losing Helen eventually
was the
for our miracal we only had a short time but that of corse Helen and I didn't know and In a way I'm glad we didn't know for that would hurt to much if I had known I'd lose
Johnny walker Jun 20
Still sat drinking my coffee and watching people pass
me by as If I'm not really there and In truth I'm probably
for I don't really mind I'm happy to be this way for If can't have my wife back
than I'm more than happy
to live this
Other people passing me by
so many different stories of where they come from and where are they heading so
its would be nice to
So I don't mind them passing me as If I'm not there for I have a freedom to do just what please with no pressure of life on me for I am
Through my loss I've gained a sort of freedom Its not the way I chose It to be but that's how how It Is
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