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Raven Feels Jun 13
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, have a great summer:)

even a smile put to the price
life throws the jokes as a shield to dice

clean whole
times precious and sole

replace breezes to storms shun
a warning the car had to run

heartburn till the past chokes
moles on my hands seek an eye in the awoke

loyalty meant to break free back
some things for the sky electric an invisible lack

of this movie don't know the defending
even she can't offer that incredulous ending

                                                        ­                      ------ravenfeels
Hamna Jun 4
The elegance of an exquisite diamond,
Is priceless for the one who fathoms the price of the afterlife.
The ignorant will abandon everything except a thousand diamonds.
The wise will forsake everything except the dignified path of Allah.
Beckie Davies Apr 24
I tried to be perfect all of my life
Until the day that I realised
Perfection comes with a heavy price
perfection has a price
I am
the highway tunnels drilled in your gums
from when your baby teeth plucked themselves out.

I am
the **** rotting on the bed,
whose gelatin you flayed off with your rusted spoon.

I am
the accused with his bounty price
plastered across the billboard sign.

I am
the dying fetus
jutting her head outside the womb.

I am these tributaries — these waves that thirst — which, at first glance, don’t connect. In time, they will prove

that humanity has claimed territory in them.
I am the mouth, drooling forth my mountain water.

This larger lake! I shall never see beyond it.
I am not the fifth dimension, where the sky hangs its hook.

So what?
I have its might. I am the colonizer in its territory,
and I claim it.
Kenya83 Mar 9
Look nowhere but within, for your spiritual highs, forgiveness and sin.
The saddest truth there is, your a commodity.
You're a consumer to the holy man who put a price on his wisdom.
And the teachings of the earth are so lost
That we pay for courses in the innate.
To know what we thought we never needed. And become who we thought we'd never be.
Isn't that ironic?
We're lost.
This human being.
I was never told
To behold

The tears
Carrying all my fears

To let them flow
For the glow

To pay the price
For snatching the prize

To let someone die
On the mere roll of the die

I was never told
To behold

The dance of the fairies
Amongst fires in the prairies

Of the sacrifice
For the fool’s paradise

I was never told
To behold

The danseuse death
In her fight with fate

The glory bequeath
With the fory dead

I was never told

To prepare myself
To fight herself

To wrench my prize
From someone her size

I was never told
To behold

People’s fate
In someone’s gait

To let the decision
Be forsaken of vision

I was never told
To behold

The dance of the dead
As if they had never bled

Their waking up again
Out of deign not disdain

I was never told
To behold

The history being rewritten
And the mysteries being smitten..
I was never told.
For God So Loved the World
that He gave his one and only begotten son
For God so loved the World
that He saw our sins and didn’t call it “done”
For God so loved the world
that He sent a lamb to be grown for slaughter
For God so loved the world
and we chose to hate us… harder and harder

The Heaven rejoices, the night’s stars delight
The night runs gleefully in a bright satin light
The people around me, scurry with the customs.
The people around me, quaff honey and merry
The people around me, buried in delicatessens
The world reminiscing in carols with cake ‘n wine
But remember Christmas, not for its colour and pop
‘Tis the dawn of our deliverance by Love from atop

For God So Loved the World
that He gave his one and only begotten son
For God so loved the World,
that He paid a price in blood for us, bloodhounds
For God so loved the World,
and we chose to gracelessly trample our brothers
For God so loved the World.
and we chose to hate our kin, harder and harder.
Harder and harder.
Just a Christmas Rag but it speaks the truth. Christmas is Love. I hope you enjoy it.
karly codr Dec 2020
what is the price
of true happiness?
because at this point
i'd give my life
to be truly happy
Mose Nov 2020
I get paid by the hour.
Counting time by all the dollars.

Trading my life with every transaction.
Trying to catch my life before it loses traction.

All that my life is the seconds that descent.
How much money until my life is spent?
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