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Sometimes hearts meet
Sometimes hearts break
Relations are at stake
When they carry price tags
Put 'Not for Sale' plaque
Bring the relations on track
Ellesora Rue Sep 13
green hedges tower over,
grey stone boxes in.
there is no way back home:
this is the price of sin.
we are all lost in the maze of life
all around us are the sounds of strife
Jewel Aug 11
you are
capable of so much more
than just some being


you are deserving of so much more
than what you are receiving
to witness the worst
is the worst
but continuing to inhabit
is robbing the
of life.
Ken Pepiton Jul 25
One words worth of attention, prepaid. Free.

What is the value in fame?
What is the ranking on the spectrum of good better best?

No losers, doerdiedoerdiedoerdie try
a ah ahhh
shew, a reeely big shewbread sword of Goliath, by golly,
weapons for pullin' down strong
holds, hordes of dragon lies,
and deadly fears

for your attention to this word from my sponsor,
Attention paid appreciates as an asset on the spectrum. Thank you for what you do, no poet forms where no readers pay attention to free treasures once fed swine.
Amanda Hawk Jul 8
Worth is your weight in gold

shine you up, so sparkle

then throw you into my collection

I need more, so much more

gather up in handfuls, wondering

how much I can sell the human body for?

your only value

is the price tag around your wrist
This Poem May 28
You’re entitled to a fresh loaf of bread,
But you’ll end up served crumbs, if you’re lucky.

A FEAST of crumbs, if you’re in luck,
Crumbs if you’ve bled,
If you’ve SHOUTED at the sky and CURSED GOD,
Crumbs if you’ve SUFFERED,
And crumbs if you’ve mourned, a friend(ship).

If you’re lucky you’ll SAVER EVERY crumb,
For lost youth,
For thick skin,
For words and ink,
For, those, little things.
In this murky sand of fury my breath sank
Behold the birds fluttering while Birdie's swirl,
God alone owns victory's pride seen perky and scraggly.

Neglecting my Nunu to wither in glomy pale
The saying like a gauzy year celebration in the North-east
At home chicken out were chicken s in mirth
Where do I pelt in this abyss of religious wealth?
Mau mau combing God crest
They have cursed the sea and churn out desert

Putting me to race like a griming wave worshipping Sirocco
If we children were to blame for our father fro,
The magpie won't puke the corpulent cordite eating our corns
Leah puke to the incurious birds preen their horns
Who would smirk at this defiolating bird dance?

Is Haram in the cradence of my price?
Now refusing the bride to see the priest baptizing monks
On to vandalizing faith of 300 Chibok virgins.
Dapchi was in no story a better take
Who cares if tomorrow light would be a friend.

Tell the birds our home is gleeful with apprehension
If they can't fly then let us cry and try
Let our sweet sweat slump with honor
Will your camps and aids price my bride?
Father come and reap your bounty harvest of shame.
The poem depicts and portray the agony of one of the 300 Chibok girls that were kidnapped by Boko Haram. She blames the Nigerian government and felt the Nigerian armed forces have failed her,thus refered to them as "chickens". She also refered to them as birdies , meaning children of the government that are weak and not well equipped to protect her.
Ties that bind are not easily broken.
What did you inherit in your bloodline?
For the fruit is a product of the vine.
We are the consequences of words spoken.
Our Ancestors sin is not forgotten,
planting seeds that grew into bitter wine.
They may have passed but we still pay the fines.
Their silence left us nothing but tokens.

The curses may last four generations,
but the blessings endure for a thousand.
We want to leave a good inheritance.
Elders to fight we need your confessions.
To dig and allow the cycle to end,
in order to give the next ones a chance.
What are things ? that you got honest from your family tree? the bigger the tree the deeper the roots
Nandini yadav Apr 19
पूँछ बैठा आज मेरा साया मुझसे
साथ हूँ मैं तेरे जबसे
देखा नहीं कभी तुझे मुस्कुराते हुए
क्या राज़ है आज बता दे मुझे,,
मैनें अपनी झुकी हुई नज़रें उठाते हुए कहा,,
सुन,मैं भी मुस्कुराना चाहती हूँ
फूलों की तरह खिलखिलाना चाहती हूँ
चाहत है खुले आसमां में उड़ने की
अपनी बेरंग ज़िन्दगी में रंग भरने की
अरमां हैं मेरे भी कुछ अपने
खुली आँखों से देखे मैनें न जाने कितने सपने
वो नन्हे-नन्हे बच्चे जब बस्ता लेकर निकलते हैं
उन्हें देख कर मेरे क़दम भी आगे बढ़ते हैं
थाम लूँ इन नन्हे हाथों से कलम आज मैं भी
लिख दूँ एक नई दास्तां आज मैं भी
किन्तु रोक लेती हूँ फिर खुद को
ज़रा जोर से झकझोर लेती हूँ खुद को
फिर याद आता है कलम नहीं झाडू है हाथ में
और मुझे तो जीना है बस इसी के साथ मैं
जन्म लेते ही भुला दिया था मुस्कुराना मैंने
एक बेटी होने की यही कीमत अदा की है मैंने
एक बेटी होने की यही कीमत अदा की है मैंने,,

Price ... to have a daughter

..Tail sat today my shadow from me
I am with you since
Never seen you smiling
Tell me what is the secret today
I raised my bowed eyes and said,
Hey, i want to smile too
Wanna blossom like flowers
Want to fly in open air
To color in your colorless life
Armaan is mine too few
I don't know how many dreams
I can see with open eyes
When those little ones get out of the bag
Seeing them, my steps also move forward
Take hold of these small hands with pen today
May I write a new story today as well
But I stop myself then
Just shake myself hard
Remember again the pen is not in the hand
And i want to live with it
I forgot to smile at birth
I paid the same price for having a daughter
I have paid the same price to have a daughter,
Hi friends..I want to dedicate my new poem to all the daughters ...
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Amanda Apr 24
Poor people have different perception than rich people

A big understanding of value of things
We are affected by the cost of things

Rich people pay for cable TV
Watch only three channels a couple times a week

Have pools maintained year-round so it can be swam in twice
Laid next to bikini-clad Barbies on the handful of days their social calendar falls empty
With a temperature range of 68°-72°F
Bragged about in casual conversations just enough
So that every ear in a five-mile radius knows the cute Puerto Rican pool boys name

A mistake to them nothing more than an apology with a price tag attached
No problem is too big to bribe away

But less privileged folk know all too well how cause and effect work
Because we face the consequences of our actions

We go to libraries for entertainment

We do not cook more than we can eat
Because groceries cost too much money to waste

Wealth does not necessarily make you an ignorant or bad person
I think poverty does help make you a more conscientious person
Rich people have big TVs
Poor people have big libraries
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