Diya 10h
A ghost destroyed everything in me!
Literally, it was  very eerie!
A peep into my mind will allow you to witness!
The thing that made my life a nuisance!
It's dark essence spread into my memories!
Causing my eyes to cry, losing my energies!
Even my reality was casted upon with black magic!
Which turned my life undeniably tragic!
Imagination was the only place that greeted me with infinite shelter!
My haunt that surrounded me with temporary but sweet nectar!
Oh Ghost!! Leave me alone !
Never in my life,for you I wanna moan!
I believe Almighty will make me strong!
And  that never for your presence I would long!
Give more power to the spark that's slowly igniting inside me!
So that it could transform into an inferno and set me free!
The unseen scars bleed in my heart till today!
Your impression is carved in my chamber in the most frightening way!
The cloud of sufferings may get heavy and pour down!
That day will be the one when lost happiness will be found!
I long for such future!
Which will be one of my life's precious treasure!
Beacon of hope in opposite direction gonna set my life free!!
Fictional or reality!;)
Thanks for reading :)
The surf gently strokes the shore
The sands reveal loving notes of
the sea's heart and soul
Shells that hold secrets and
songs of all wonders and
terrors that lay below
They glisten upon the golden
sands as a mere human like
me walks
How it soothes the soul.
I pick up the shells from
the sea's edge
They drink the sun's light on
my palm, so strange and beautiful
But nothing compared to when I
place the love's note to my ear
and hear the murmurs and
laughter of all it's creatures
How the sea's love notes
picks me off my feet
Drifting on the tide
of star-seed
I've always loved looking at seashells. There's something almost ethereal about collecting seashells and walking on the beach barefoot at sunset.
I hope to do this one day. A cheap thrill to most but I would treasure that moment.
A dream added onto my list of things to do before I die.
Be back soon!
Lyn xxx
You bruise my hips.
Lips tongue and skin collide.
Our skeletons dance together,
As the smoke of a cigarette
Clouds up the room.
Secrets between lovers
Shall never die.
Geanna 5d
The feeling of loneliness takes over once again. This is a bit different, I admit. Day and night I sit and cry, I've finally stopped asking why. I feel like I lost all my friends, I lost all my family. it's a mess, the thoughts in my head. I know they love me, I know they care. Otherwise I wouldn't be here. By here I mean home, the home that they own. No one else is around, in the cold dark water I forever drown. All I have left is my lover. No brothers, no sisters, no father, no mother. I blind them with a smile, the smile that they trust. Soon it'll bust. The secrets, the lies, they're gonna ask "why?". Why didn't I say, why didn't I tell, why didn't I go out looking for help. But I did mother, I did father, I did brothers and sisters and oh my lover, I tried, I tried with all my might. I fought, I cried, I just need to find out why.
~ G.P.O
This is obviously not the best, but I tried and i'm still learning .. i'd love to hear your guys thoughts :)
Martina 4d
It hurts to finally understand
that in order to keep someone in your life
you must never declare your love.
Everything inside is uncovered and laid bare.
A heart is spread wide to allow every eye to stare.
Every fear, every hope, your every disruption
is a single piece of your own unique dysfunction.
And it feels like every random person in your history conspires
to make you the kind of wreck someone else desires.
That’s why everything feels far more intense than words could ever explain,
as all the poets try to reveal every secret knowing their efforts are in vain.
Written on April 3, 2002
Composition number: 125
Geanna 5d
The secrets are out
It has been poisoned

Don't read it
        Don't look at it
          Don't touch it

                         What's done is done
~ G.P.O
Tonight let's get naked
And let our lips do the thing.
Time was limitless in my head
We can actually do anything.

Come on let's get naked
With the words we're trying to speak.
Who cares what has to be said?
We are stronger then we are weak.

Let me get on top of you
And tell you things I couldn't say.
If I tell you I'm in love with you
Would you tell me you feel the same?

The way our skin touches
And the way our bodies move,
Your answers leave me clueless,
Not wanting to tell me the truth.

Forever let's be naked
And tell each other things.
Enough with our little secrets.
Let's tell each other everything.
In between our kisses, lies most of our secrets.
In the dark of the night,
The secrets crawl
Out from their tombs.
Born into fright,
My heart calls
For the soul’s survival.
I want to tell you
It’s too dark at night.
It's too dark at night...
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