KMH 19h
To all the girls
And all the boys
And all those in between

Who bleed the colors
Of all the lights
That no one’s ever seen.
For all my friends with a secret identity
vera 2d
You call me lover
for the first time
and I sigh,

You think that's charming
that my pupils are roses
Blooming with equal affection.

I push you then,
And you think I am coy,
Shy by the strength of your feeling.

I take a breath,
and taste the rejection
pooling in my mouth.

I want to tell you,
that I don't love you.
That you don't love me.

That we don't love each other,
or ourselves,
That there are empty spaces.

Holes within ourselves,
Caverns deep inside of me,
That I can't even begin to understand.

I want you to say that I am stranger,
Just another lost girl in your bed,
That I don't even know my own name.

But you would just call me,
"your rambling lover"
and so I close my mouth.

And kiss you.
green verdant prairies have no strength
one million animals cast about; graze and stamp
the sudden power of thundering heard
when grasses bend to appease
then unknown, spring back their secret kept
2016 © Christos Victor
People ask me if I'm that one boy,
Who writes poetry so often and quietly.
And I tell them no because quite frankly,
I don't want them to know unless they inspire me.

If my heart doesn't melt,
At the sight of their face,
If I don't realize I've never felt,
My emotions this way,
Then they shouldn't have to know,

Because I wish I could say I care,
But I ultimately don't.
Sorry if that's not fair,
But I still won't,

Reveal my own feelings,
To someone who can't understand.
They can't give me healing,
But they still lend their hand.

But they can't comprehend,
That's not what I need.
What I want is to end,
All the things,

Making me mad,
Turning me crazy.
Not things that are sad,
Just coping with waiting.
Thought I should try free-writing.  Truth is people can't know what I love because I'll never tell them...
I wonder
what secrets
strangers hold
in their hearts -

did he hold them
in his arms and
carry you off
the cliff too?

Or did he lay
you in bed
and cover you
with sheets?
hannah Mar 13
I know it's wrong to like u
When she likes u too
I don't want to be the person to hurt her
I will just keep it a secret forever
to protect her
It's crazy to I thought it would have worked out
It's crazy because she is all you need
she is crazy for you too
A secret is so precious
too delicate
It's too fragile for the light.
It needs to be nurtured in the dark,
and cuddled in midnight.
It must be told to the moon
and carried to the stars
taken home to Pluto, Jupiter and Mars.
Tom Mar 7
to the walls
you cling
scared you'll drown
if you reveal
your sin

so it crawls deeper
until it haunts you
no good came from bottling up your secrets and emotions
Lylock Mar 7
In the mood for love
But the current to fight
And I no longer hate the fire

In the mood for love
But I love solace
And the untouchable feeling

In the mood for love
But my disillusion
Keeps me company

In the mood for love
But I'm not one for
Showing you my secrets

In the mood for love
But years of closed doors
Make fresh ways hard to keep

In the mood for love
But I guess old habits die hard
And this is long overdue
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