Its a full moon.
Its cold outside.
You walk in,
take a breathless step.
our eyes lock.
I try to mind my business
But you cant help yourself and approach me
The causal conversation begin.
We dance with our words,
Not trying to flirt while we do.
lust in the air.
Your drunk and I escort you home.
You push me against the wall and Kiss me?
I'm confused,
I don't push back.
I let this last for 10 more seconds.
You stole my kiss.
and I walk out the door saying goodbye after that.

such an unfathomable concept.
what lingers in
the blackness remains
a mystery.
yet beautiful.
it’s like
so many secrets
hiding in the
and anxiety
hidden from
because out of sight
out of mind,
if somebody cares
all that’s needed
is a candle
to brighten,
all of those secrets,
now exposed,
to anybody
who just bothers
to look.
although darkness
seems like
an ever-expanding
it’s easy
to figure out
if YOU just try.
such an unfathomable concept,
and yet i think
i know it better
than anybody.

once you know the truth there is no going back
you cannot unsee it
there is no longer a choice to stay oblivious to the unknown

all these answers you search for cannot be found for a reason
watch the show
stay in front of the curtains

don't look behind
for ignorance is bliss
and wisdom is prison

Father and I we just finished speaking
   of secrets and hidden things..

"Ah secrets, large secrets, small secrets.
and even smaller secrets haunt us so
Some secrets love, are so well hidden
and some were never hidden at all"

As I look at father quite inquisitively,
Father continues and I love him so..

"Some secrets darling child stay forever,
And some have feathered wings,
they fly away like birds in the spring"

JAC 5d

Your room has seen your secrets:
Your dangerous apathy
Your restless midnights
Your inviting sheets
Your missed mornings
Your tireless love
Your tired admiration
Your sore beauty
Your tentative bravery
Your half-awake kiss
Your sober frustration
Your wasted excitement
Your naked safety
Your thoughtless stresses
Your mind being torn apart
Your soft intakes of beautiful breath
And it will never, ever not want you.

Ekta Jain Apr 13

People like someone but secretly
They smile reading their message but secretly
They want to tell their hearts secrets but secretly
They want to cry very hard but secretly
Loving, crying, smile.. But Why secretly?
Open your heart guys and let the world know
Not your secrets but your courage and guts to tell that.
After all secret is your story which everyone wants to considerate
So let them.

Brianne Apr 11

It is amazing to see how ones eyes can portray so many emotions.
You can see the hurt in his eyes when you are crying because you are afraid to lose him.
You can see the way his eyes light up when the first " I love you" slips from your lips.
You can see the how much he cares when his eyes meet yours before a kiss.
Eyes reveal the biggest secrets.

Shanath Apr 9

I had too many things in boxes
Shut for too long.
I had the doubts hidden in the memories
And the faces I tried to recall.
I let them all sit in darkness
As they pounded my mind
Slowly I let go of it
And I preferred driven mad inside.
My heart was all I listened to,
I must have forgotten
How the beats were mine
and mine replied.
All the questions I repeated
But never asked you once,
Two possibilities I believe -
I thought I knew them all
Or that I was scared of what I didn't .
Now you have left my heart all empty
Too empty and I'm unable to have it shut.
The boxes have spilled over
And I stare at them
Strewn across my feet.
They are brown and bland and boring
As I used to be,
Insides are the truths
I denied my heart to see.
They lie so lifeless and dark
I am scared of its sight,
You have left me where I once had lived
But now I am scared of the things I see.
They are the remains of my heart
All broken and hidden for so long,
But they are the only truths of me
And I hid them from you, all.
My heart was a fool
Always have been,
It tried to win you over
But my mind was what stood of the truth.
Now you are gone
And the boxes have all fallen
Off the shelf and off the rack,
My mind is now all empty
And I can fill it with the world.
I should have shown you those
Maybe you would have been gone long ago
Now my heart is all vacant
It gave away echoes of your words.

I sit here now staring
Upon memories and memories
They resemble so much of the lies I know
I am almost afraid
Of the truth taking over.
I learnt my lesson
I learnt the truth ,
My mind has spilled over
And stained all that I knew.
I stuff my heart with boxes
Boxes I will never use,
They have your words and your promises
That you have kept
And my mind is now open
And harbors the truths I knew
-you would leave,
You would forget,
We will live as if we never met.

There is one box though
I don’t know what to do with
Whether to give you
Or have it hid,
It says the thing I never said ,
The one truth that overlaps doubts
And each and each possibility we would regret.

Taurus Apr 8

Secrets are not to be played with.
Yours, mine, ours, theirs -

Turn a stone over at your own risk, not mine
(nor my own expense),
nor anyone else's.

Prompt me to speak,
I won't if it's about a secret.
A lie, perhaps.
A yarn? Hell, yes, please!
But bury your secrets deeper than you do your dead.
Mine are deeper still.
Miners are still looking for my little diamonds,
rough as they may be.

Prompt 7 for National Poetry Month
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