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You are like the Earth.
You're undeniably beautiful
and friendly on the outside.
Everyone loves you.
But the deeper you get,
the less people care.
They're afraid of what's
beneath the surface.
And so you were surprised
to find that I wanted to know
your secrets and share
with you my own.
I guess you and I weren't
so different.
Payton Feb 24
I dreamed you kissed me  and when I woke, I was unkissed, and alone.

So darling, kiss me now, kiss me like you did in that dream.

Kiss me with the lips you used to spit daggers and whisper secrets, and soothe souls.

Kiss me like the sky kisses the earth when the sun sets.
This poem was written in 2016.
Payton Feb 24
He sat at the edge of the Earth, and night after night, the moon told
secrets to his mocking blue eyes, secrets that no one else could ever, ever begin to understand.
This isn't really a poem. It's more of a pretty thought or piece of pretty prose. It was written in 2016.
Delyla Nunez Feb 21
If ever I was in trouble,
I could call you.
I was that day years ago,
In trouble waiting for you to rescue.

You never drove so fast in your life.
Even missed a couple classes with me.
We were mortified and I was devastated.

You held me while I cried.
You cleaned up the mess on the bathroom floor.
You put me to bed, literally.
You climb in my bed and held me more.

We never told a soul what happened that day.
Not even your cousin, my best friend.
We got caught by my dad,
Told him a complete lie.

We got lucky no one knew,
Yet I feel as it’s coming to haunt me.
My dreams are getting crazier and I’m hoping.
Hoping that who I’m seeing isn’t who I think it is.
miki Feb 13
you can trust me
all kept under my lock and key
they can’t hurt you
not unless they take my entry
and steal what was ours to keep
i would never betray my own word
only if you abandon me
the depths of my own knowledge
are often so bittersweet
filled with the voices of a thousand murmurs,
sayings that are mine to keep
admit it once,
i’ll lock it away
never for anyone to peek
RC Feb 13
I wore necklaces of bruises when you felt so prompted to gift them
slipped me into sleeves of black and blue
watched my skin turn every hue of human
I remember one night I got brave
and painted you too

There were times you'd say you loved my eyes
so much so
you could never look at the stains your anger left behind
Who knew familiar hands would create the very reasons
I had to hide

There were entire days you spent trying to wash away the colors
attempting to convince me of the superficiality of my wounds
as secrets added up between the four walls of your room
Mornings were for recovery
but you'd see red if I couldn't forget by afternoon
Mae Feb 12
This place is my secret
A world of words and angst,
Every exquisite emotion
Perpetually eluding capture,
A cacophany of thoughts in a crowded room, spilling out on our pages in a glorious,
thunderous chatter of
Love, anger, fear...
Bravely we expose them all
But this is not my only secret

Hidden in
Intimate wording that strips the
Meaning of truth


Oh so much love
   Verbosity bringing an
Escape in indulgent

Secrets within secrets
Sometimes we ‘hide’
Sometimes we bare ourselves for scrutiny
But the scrutiny remains within
Anyone else a secret writer?
JD Feb 9
I bared my heart and soul to you and you embraced my honesty.

You said it's a quality you love
but was not ready for the words you heard.
Everyone wants honesty but sometimes they cannot handle the truth.
Pink Palace, I’ll protect from the white fish
Satisfaction is sometimes a slippery *****.

Pink Palace, the wettest and darkest cave
Never exposed to sunshine
Hopefully never exposed to unwanted prey.

Pink Palace, fingers, toys, members
No need to feel guilt, girl, for being human.

Pink Palace, no matter what they say
“Shield... security” or “Expose... enjoy”
It’s my choice what I do with you
My Pink Palace.
A relationship I haven’t yet fully comprehend and understand. An object I’m proud to have
Tizzop Jan 30
in the middle of nirvana, ashima wakes up
she doesn't know how she reached this sphere
full of silver lights and black silhouettes
everyone she knows seems to be present

greyly shimmering leaflets are floating
through the air, gently, like mist
and red fireflies are clapping their wings
the crowd of shadows is starting to sing:

"ashima, you have come a long way to us
we are the voices of nirvana, listen
nirvana is the deep core of your soul
the land of your most secret wishes

sometimes, in your dreams, you reach out
when you are waiting for a train and the
rays of the sun are reflecting your thoughts
you never find us but we know where you are

you may call us your wishes, we belong to you
as ****, as branko and your mom do
are you the imitation of your dreams, ashima?
or do your dreams imitate you, our girl?

certainly, you will become the thing you dread
we know that you took revenge recently
when you were slashing the *******'s throat
as his blood was slowly flowing into the sheets"

in the middle of her apartment, ashima wakes up
she becomes aware of a crinkled and dark leaflet
it is more than twenty years old, informing about
something that ashima can not read anymore

the letters on the leaflet have become dust
ashima is taking a deep breath and sighs
her pitbull branko is strolling towards her
his wet tongue, ashima thinks, feels cute
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