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Only the walls know
What I do
In the dark
What darkness
Sleeps in my heart

The old walls
They know
Every dent in them
Is a memory
Curse and a blessing

And this night again
I bestow
My secrets to them
And hope
For loyalty
They are the only ones
So far
That hadn't betrayed me
There is no companion,
Only company.
There is no love but
They are lovely.
There is no curiosity to ask:
“What are your dreams?”
“Your secrets?”
“Your difficulties?”
There’s no desire to observe a legacy.

Maybe the protagonist is to blame.
Years were spent building
A foundation based on
Secrecy and mistrust
But I had no idea
People were happy and willing
To play along.
You or me

You then me

But never
You and me?

The more we walk together
The less we know one another
Diya 3d
The eyes
Little secrets
She tried to conceal
Within her
Oblivious world.
Just  tried to highlight the fact that no matter what one tries to hide, eyes always speaks a different story than what comes out of the mouth!'s just us who don't see it!
LRF 7d
This thing takes hold
a secret down deep.

It pushes up through
layers of rock,
sand, clay,
turning the earth
when it bursts
through its surface -
not the gasping
sudden push
of a sprinter,
but an over-days
quiet and unassuming -
surveying the world
before it unfurls
and shoots,
basking in the sun.
May 2020
Oh, sweetheart.
You're every star in the sky.
You remind me of a snowdrop encased in dark, cracked resin. Maybe frozen into the ice, then, deep beneath where the sun ever reached. The pride of the leviathan of the deep.
God, you're breathtaking.
Your eyes convey a thousand wishes, hope still glinting deep in there. You cultivate it like a small ember, a glowing shard of coal in the rain. It never goes out, not all the way. You can always blow it back to life.
You absolutely astound me.
Your bravery, your courage, your presence, it envelops me like the rumble of a thunderstorm deep within my chest. Your existence shines so bright it could light a path through Victorian London smog, your machinations a delightful enigma.
I cannot imagine not knowing you now.
Alabaster and deep azure, soot and iridescent verdant. I could get lost in your soul. Gazing into your mind feels like ****** of a secret, absolute ******. You make my blood boil. My veins are blue, bluest blue, thinking about you.
You're every book on the shelf.
You're every smile from a stranger.
You're every star in the sky.
Oh, sweetheart.
Boss Wretch May 17
So don't swear to God, He never asked you
It's not his heart you drove a knife through
It's not his world you turned inside out
Not his tears still rolling down
Jesus Christ, you're so **** cold
Don't you know you've lost control?
Forget about the things you think I know
No secrets, you can't keep me
Just a demonic poem from a demonic person to a demonic person too...
Madi Dinneen May 17
if i may be frank,
i’ll tell you a secret
for your eyes only

i want nothing more
than to sleep eternally
i’m tired of life
a series of haikus
Jade May 12
I fear
there will come a day
when he will use my
against me.

But then I remember:

I know all of his

{Try me, Darlin'}
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Heyaless May 8
She has those striking eyes of an Owl .

She observes, Her stare intense yet clam .
She can see through illusion , thrive beyond illusion .
She can see true self of others , their weakness , their strengths .

Do not scared with her stare but ,
Fear her wisdom , spoken by silence !
The more she sees ,the less she sound .

Her defense is her colours
She can blend into the surroundings ,
She's a nemesis
Difficult to spot even if visible .

If you are a threat to her territory
Better watch your back from her talons .
You surely don't want to be her prey

She is intense .
She will mantle you ,
Not to protect but to finish you off ,
Without leaving any trace behind .

Her keen hearing sense , you cannot escape .
She can hear you scuffling from outrun .
She can sense your decoy ,
Even if you're buried in snow .

So tell me how you will veil those eyes which can see through dark .
This poem is a indirect description of my unconscious self which is actually conscious but hidden from the world .
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