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You think you know me
A river that runs deep
I am an ocean of secrets
A sailors retreat

You think you know me
Tears fall down my cheeks
You only see the delta
Not the frozen mountain peaks

You think you know me
The moons silver light
You expect an angel
I am the darkness of the night
LadyRavenhill 2021
Kicking up the dust,
learnt about married life
from the prostitutes, I never
touched the flesh of
****** beauty that the flesh itself
is poetry & when
you grow for the better is when
their devils come to get you
& when I die, know that I never
wanted anything else
besides the company of your presence,
heartless when I saw
them bugging out, hard lessons
taught when you’re aware of how easy it
is to be ease
when there is suffering,
I saw them coming &  I put up my hands,
‘I was only looking for love,
I hope you understand’.
They’re become crack, like the time
before that. One of them said, ‘don’t you
dare say a word, you’re giving us
your right hand, don’t you dare cry wolf’.
Afterall the growth, beating real good,
poetry was made
for attention, Heavens gates are inside
their smiles, it put me ahead of the
pack, on track, but I
promises those aren’t your friends,
now don’t hate,
reality has decided for you to wait,
but couldn’t handle the
Bongani G-kay Aug 30
paint on paint...
dark melanin the skin

deeper the cave....

caskets they bury the truth

be careful
of those you eat with....

don't taste the fruit....

they say....
knowledge is pain....

they locked us in  cage

media paint me insane

for sharing the good news
like Jesus

they nail me....
Judas my friend...

look they cross me

Caves secrets...

the Scripture please....
my verse teach's....

listen... listen...
fill the missing....

like its comprehension

before their History....

we are the one...
who android it
Cave secrets
Estelline Aug 27
Can’t it just be us
Cause I need you close
When I can’t stand on my own

I’d like to sit with you
tucked away in the shadows
Hidden from outside eyes
Feeling the warmth of blankets
Piled high against the wall
Blocking out the cold

I’ll tell you my secrets
And you can tell me yours
Along with your hopes and dreams
No, I won’t judge

In fact we have all night
So take your time
Till it feels just right
While we wait
I have some ice cream and fudge
My Dear Poet Aug 19
Between the beautiful chaos and confusion
among the truth and the illusion
She only allows you up her sleeve
TheBlackBird Aug 11
Blue velvet flowers
born prisoners in the window
listen to your delicious
candy secrets and
breath them to the universe

You are haunted by
perfume and concrete
slow, lingering kisses
and the salt of her
soft wet lips
WistfulHope Jul 25
When I close my eyes...

I see sunrise on the water
Or a hazy morning on 495 driving blind
I see a gun aimed but not fired
Or waves lapping over head with lungs screaming
I see a fractured reflection staring back of a girl who threw herself at walls, out windows, at people as lonely as she was
Or a toilet with a silhouette draped over it hiding the evidence inside
I see the worms in my mind
Or what it felt like to die

I see a writhing den of snakes cocooning a half buried body
Or a heart once stepped on and shattered, by the shoes you hide in your closet, stained in blood
Inspired by Gavin Barnard's poem from 7/25/2021

Sorry Josh.
Tiny secrets grow in size
The longer you hide them
They multiply
The more that you lie
What once was tiny
Is now a gigantic army
An army of secrets
Preparing to fight
an army of secrets
preparing to fight
Zack Ripley May 30
You can keep your secrets.
You can keep the past in the past.
Just tell me what you need.
Because I think we have something
That can last.
All it takes is your smile
to make me smile too.
All I need to be happy
is to see you happy too
Juju Jul 7
We built a home
made of lies,
A room
filled with secrets,
The walls
witnessed our highs,
And sighs
That silenced the crickets.

- Juju
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