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F A Pacelli Jun 26
we try to plan and calculate
all the twists and turns of life
as if we had a choice
on how our lives transpire
the arrogance
the foolishness
Ylzm Jun 18
As a Seed begets a forest,
so a Lie begets Nations.
Truth blinds, Freedom enslaves,
Wisdom, foolishness, and Money, real.
The poor in spirit is blessed
But the world calls it depression.
I ponder death often,
And he scoffs at my folly
Nour ElBorno Apr 12
Fire burning cold under the sky of her thoughts

As wind grabs her fiercely, and closely, and slightly 

Lets her go - 

When things are left unattended, uncared for 

They tend to find a way to grow. 

The crack in the window, the hole in the wall,

The endless voices that occupy her thoughts:

Everything points in one direction, 

But the fears outweighed her seeming bravado. 

What lies ahead had already lied beneath 

And nothing could scratch the feelings she no longer bore. 

It was an act of bravery - or foolishness, 

To fight her demons alone, 

Not that she lost the battle - or the war;

but she lost so much more.

Fighting the mayhem could not be done with warmth, 

And for that she had become cold.

Cold was her soul, 

Harsh was her path - 

And as her feet bled, 

Her heart could no longer bounce.
James LR Apr 10
We think that we are all unique,
yet none as good as Him.
We alone face trials deep
And dark and dank and grim.
Thinking ourselves so wise or strong
Thinking that we alone did fall.
Esteeming that we are alone,
Walking through life alone.

Yet truly we are all the same,
hypocritic fools: all men
and if in His image are made,
what does that say of Him?
mes Jan 31
My heart
Falls into foolishness
Your sweet smile
I wear it like perfume
I touch you like poetry
As you set ourselves on fire
Zachary J Jan 8
My days are long and lonely
For fault is all my own
My cloudy eyes and judgement
Have broken every tone

O willfulness bemoans me
Hard headed through and through
I’ve thrown it all away for pride
And now I long for you

If only I foresaw my heart
And felt this pain forecast
These cloudy days would be no more
But sunshine everlast

I hang with slightest bit of hope
That she may be my grace
Deserved surely not at all but mercy is thy race

If only I could be my best when she deserved it most
My selfish ways and hurtful mode are all I have to boast

These words are insufficient
If only for myself
But hope persist
And life reborn
When dispensation endowed

My heart is fleeting with my seed
All that I’ve loved is gone
O sacramental faith prevail
Be portent willing One
I seek your greatest intercession,
To make my family one!
For my wife & son
What wall is there that has never been breached?
No matter how thick, they’re just paper thin.
You think with your walls you’ll never be reached?
What are you keeping out? Or keeping in?

You put all your healing into that wall.
Each brick represents energy misplaced.
They will crush you when they crumble and fall.
What good are they then? What have they replaced?

Like Jericho, walls succumb to belief.
The walls you build are tools of betrayal.
Loving someone is your only relief.
What are you hiding from? To what avail?

Walls are remnants of cities forgotten,
Of cowards and failures long ago past,
Behind which dying cores have gone rotten.
Why guard your hurt? Do you want it to last?
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Kore Nov 2018
I will
         the sky

         just to

the stars
       your eyes
William Rhosyr Oct 2018
wisdom's voice rings out

she seeks fools to be made wise

yet her patience wanes
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