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Summer Oct 2020
I’m a ghost,
peering at my physical body down below—
there but not really there
I’m a stranger
looking on the burning world
with cold, unseeing eyes
I’m the haze, the curtain
veiling the living and the dead
I’m alone
Ylzm Apr 2019
word to us speak
words cannot say
ancient fragments scattered
word in words embedded
craft by spirit and intuition moved
faint and fleeting echoes conjured
strange voices awakened soul
word unspeakable spoken
Charlotte Dec 2017
I have the mouth of a sailor
Yet there are
still words that are
Unspeakable to me
Yusof Asnan Aug 2016
She sits there in the corner,
All torn and broken,
Afraid of who might come through the door,
Trembling to even the slightest sound,
Terrified of world behind the door.

She would stay wake,
Maybe days; perhaps weeks;
Might even get to months,
Worried that they would take her,
If she falls asleep.

A figure came running through the door on a silent night,
Saying that there's a way out,
While pointing at the windows,
He said jump,
He said now.

She ran crashing through the windows,
Falling through the 6 floors apartment,
Face first to the concrete,
Head smashed like a rotten fruit,
And that was the end of her.

The figure was only in her head, the voice was only her own. Desperation calls out the deepest desire, in a way that could push you out of your fear.
Candiese Jul 2015
I fell asleep on you, one night, I regret.
And now I fret..
In my slumber you did unspeakable things to me
And now I wonder
How can I get over what took place?
I knew better than to trust you
Knew better than to be with you
And yet I did it
I slept.
Fell asleep on you .. Lay naked with you
And now I wonder how can I undo what's already been done
how could I enjoy such an awful song.

For I was wrong...
You see,
I knew better and so did he
HRTsOnFyR May 2015
For Tyson, My Love

Never will I meet another like you
Your light shone brighter than the Sun.
Your coo was as beautiful as a robin's song
carried on the wind.
Your smile was unfathomably contagious.
The way you would cut your eyes
and smile so knowingly...
As if you held a secret
Just between you and me...
and when you smiled,
I felt I knew it too.
There will never be an answer.
No reason could ever be sufficient.
You came here as an Angel,
and as an Angel you did leave us.
I am honored to have known you
For even a short while.
You may have only been a baby
But your spirit felt 100 years old...
And although your time here seemed limited,
the imprint you left is infinite.
You are ageless.
You are the embodiment of love.
You are my Guardian.
My Angel Elite.
My watchtower.
My lighthouse.
My baby. Forever.
Mine Grumble Grumble
Mine Squishee Man.
Mine Love.
Until my last breathe.
And even after...
My 6 month old son passed from SIDS 2 days ago. There are no words.
cole May 2015
There are brief moments in time when I can almost hear you thinking of me. I can feel each thought enter and leave your mind. On some nights these thoughts end quickly, but oh how I cherish the nights in which they last for hours. It almost feels like you miss me. I relish in your absence. How I contradict myself, my thoughts sway between my mind and my heart. But at times, they are lost deep within my chest.

Your eyes haunt me in every single dream. They wake me, slithering between reality and a dark fantasy. I can almost taste the scent which clings onto your body. My body bathes in it whenever you come near. The truth lies deep within the confines of my mind, it sits there, waiting to be played with. It hangs a lock of salmon for my prying teeth to taste.

The truth of, what exactly? How much I care about you? How I wish my name would roll off your lips in the same way your hands touch my body? Can’t you see, with those dreadfully devious eyes, how my heart longs to be in the palm of your hand? Why can’t you feel my soul and not the outer exterior of existence? Am I too rugged? Are you afraid of glass?

Now, I will sit here and allow you to escape your demons through me. I can stand the half-hearted kiss in which you seek. I will reciprocate the way your body moves along mine. I could always scream a word out or two, but never that lovely “I love you.”

— The End —