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Jana Pelzom May 26
There’s as much distance between you and me
As there are between two numbers
No matter how close we are
The space in-between is inevitably filled
By an unknown infinity
Maybe it means that after all odds
We’re even closer
Maybe it means i would rather be with you
Even through the indefinite
The distance that lay between us
Seems like nothing at all
Going from one to two,
The two of us.
A number apart ©️ 2021 Jana Pelzom
I was thinking about math which I’m actually not good at
xavier thomas Apr 24
Living in times
That’s the end of time
Black Lives Matters
Eola Feb 17
I learned how to count
Now I see the hurt it brought me
I obsess over numbers
I count these likes daily
Chad Young Jan 27
Numbers are arbitrary in a system that doesn't allow diversity.
The dream world - no,
As the universe as one body, it is beyond specialization, yet there are all specializations.
It is arbitrary to define something. What is, is.
The senses perceive it.
All language is a dormant faculty in meditation.
In fact, all senses are dormant faculties in meditation.

What's left is a doubt to need progress.
The head is held in vacua awaiting a placement from a source beyond the Self.
In meditation the head is as a ****** allowing the environment to enter it.
Progress graduates as a straight back -- free.

The deepest meditation is devoid of life.
I will not give up my meditation for any social undertaking, or any entertainment.
I leave my seat to relieve myself or to take up water, food, or a cigarette.
I become weary of stranger, friend, or family.
My heart has no capacity for interaction beyond silence.
The very esteem of any other man, I shrink from.
The very gaze of any woman, I am anxious of.
Animals laugh at my awkwardness.
My own groin, I am apprehensive of its use.
I do not wish to face my reflection in a mirror.
But what else is there but timid eyes?
Kingdom in Kingdom.

The heat from the vent keeping it 67 degrees is as a bath in the most royal palace.
Pain pulverizes me.
Thomas W Case Jan 19
After a tortuous hour of
math (algebra to be exact)
I start dinner, middle Eastern stew:
Cardamom, Coriander, and turmeric.
Cooking is a little like math, but
much more like art.My mind begins
to ease as Bach pumps out
one of his symphonies from
the CD player.The stew boils, and
I want to go outside and play,
chase windmills.Where's Sancho?
Dulcinea's here, frustrated by my inept
ability in the equation game.
I ******* despise algebra.
Where's the Bluebird, the Sunflower,
Bukowski or Eugene O'Neil?
I want to smell a six week old puppy,
taste Van Gogh yellow, **** until
I can't walk, and ease my
way into old age.
Vivaldi plays his victorious song.
And I know I'll conquer the
numbers game, but probably not
before it drives me crazy;
actually, it's a short putt.
Whether you know it or not
Whether you understand it or not
Whether you do it or not
Whether you speak truth or not
Whether you are logical or not
Whether you are justified or not
Whether you are competent or not
Whether you are honest or not
Whether you talk sense or not
Whether you are qualified or not
Whether you certify or not
Whether you verify or not
Whether you discriminate or not
Whether you decide or not
Whether you provide or not
Whether you believe or not
It's all immaterial
If you have numbers to support you
It's all a number game
You win!
xandra Dec 2020
the stinging settles and my heart becomes heavier,
with new lines on my soul that were probably ******* inevitable.
~when did i develop an affinity for odd numbers
Sarah Flynn Nov 2020
to cross the earth,
you'd need to travel
over 24,901 miles.

there are over
7,800,000,000 humans
in 193 countries
on 7 continents.

the average person meets
less than 80,000 people
during their lifetime.

statistically speaking,
you will meet less than
0.001% of the people
walking this planet.

I've always had trouble
believing in the things
that we cannot prove.

from mythical creatures
to certain phenomena to
bible stories and religion,

faith is something that
I can't seem to find.

but statistically speaking,
we should have never met.

statistically, we should still be
two strangers living our lives
thousands of miles apart.

right now, I am looking
over at you and realizing
just how ******* lucky I am.

there are over
7,800,000,000 humans
in 193 countries
on 7 continents.

yet somehow, we defied
those statistics and
we found each other.

maybe I won't ever
believe in religion
or phenomena or fate,

but I do believe that
sometimes miracles happen

and the most unexpected
feelings can become reality.

I believe that love
and happiness do exist,
and I believe that
all because of you.

this world is not
as bad as it may seem.

hope is not as dim
as it may appear.

sometimes, statistics
don't matter at all

and life gets better
even if you didn't
think that it could.

I believe that now,
and you are my proof.
Maria Mitea Nov 2020
When obscurity disguises itself in distinct knowledge,
And ignorance claims to be adequate intelligence,
Confusion conveniently establishing as the norm,
Excluding any possibility of contradiction, ...
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