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Quinn Adaire Oct 5
What the heck is wrong with me?
Why can’t my problems just be fixed?
All of this seems like a sign
That I should just stop,
And think outside of my own self.


They go on and on.

An example of life?

In life, you can only count on yourself.
And when you take out all the
little factors
of your life,
you are the only

Count on yourself. Believe in yourself.

*Note: I've been thinking about prime numbers a lot recently, and so I decided to make something out of it. I know it's not really a poem, but here it is anyways.
I hope you enjoy.
Some strange arrangement
of molecules would make me?
When I am nothing more
than a temporary ripple in time and space
Just flickering impulses that,
allow me to perceive my
Simply a mass of messy wires
swimming in a cocktail of chemicals
that accounts for all I feel?

So I say, can science explain:
The depths of a poets words,
the burning desire for artists to
explode color into stationary life,
or the soulful dance of a melody merging
with ones very being?

Yes, well then

What of the hidden glimmer of life
sparkling in each creation's eyes?
What of the realms of things unseen
and so often only felt
for the faintest moments?

Would recycled carbon on its own,
that has drifted for eons, somehow
rearrange to form life?
Would billions of chaotically
                                    colliding particles
embrace so harmoniously that
the overly comedic conditions for life
would so seamlessly come together
that at this very moment
you and I,
two beings of impossible odds
could have our paths combine
that I could write these words
that they could wander there way to you
Behind the pain of
So Indigenous
This rage inside me
violent I become,

So Magnificent,
In this solitude
Inside the silence,
Beyond the veil a
Frailty does exist

A monopoly
the madness of it,
the excess of the
one divine prophet
His sum that divides

Him all things abide
All things right and wrong
And the Tendrils of
That Mislead my eye
That long to hold fast

Til the final note
This fear seizing me
When Two become Three
The rage will silence
Past, present, future

When Two become Three
When Two become Three
When Two become Three
From Three become Five,
Five beyond the void

The sins will align
Devoid of color
From the nothingness,
Comes sweet surrender,
Oh, the ******* bliss

Serried and forlorn
It Repeats a wail
The solitude now
Rendered silent by
The broken spire of

This immortal tale
This one eternal
Savage root of life
Now the echos clear
fading into lies

The void falls silent
The meek become wise
To challenge the Son
Who so left them here
To remain in fear

Cast aside all hope
Listen to my voice
Embrace this madness
Restore the balance
Give us now the peace

That you promised me
suffered and you died
For all of our sins
On day number three
Arise From your Death

Claim your destiny
And fulfill your oath
come again to bleed
All your wretched sins
Now fulfill your words

So we can all be
In death Committed  
To the loving arms
Of your majesty
The king of deceit
Jon Thenes Sep 1
Three is a crowd
Alone is a punishment
Two is partnership
until it’s criminally unbearable

Look at her ; she’s  in love with life
Look away ; it’s simply just embarrassing

It’s a merry go roundabout of battery

Look at him ; he has it together
Point and laugh ; those sleeves aren’t in fashion

Picture this ;
A World Unreined Of Thirst
A lost and found resolved
But then there’s a twist ;
We beg back the worst
We pup at Murders ***** teats
We’ve retreated
Shy from salvation
Summoned back on the coaxing cluft
Of our basic breeders feelings
A soul dehydrating salivation
Izzy Aug 31
Numb, I am so numb
Numb, I cannot feel
Numb, I am broken
Numb, What is pain?
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I am a product of my fAUltY programming
Em Jul 18
Isn't it funny
How you can get any word
And make it sound nice
By putting other words with it?
i dont know
Sarah Lunow Jul 6
When did numbers lose meaning?
When fifty-thousand started feeling small and
two million start feeling just right-
when one million is just the start and
infinity is the cusp of the end
the rim of a glass
too deep to drink yourself out of.

When did 10 feel small?
When we’re told at age 9 that
there’s numbers far greater than just “ten”
one-hundred, one-thousand, one hundred thousand,
the list goes on and on
so maybe that’s why 10 feels

When did numbers lose meaning?
Perhaps it was the moment
when we grow past single digits
learn of the world and its numbers;
crunched under the weight of
a billion numbered souls.
Has anyone else felt like the older you get, the smaller otherwise big numbers feel?
Four helping hands
Its two for two
The third to last
Is feeling blue

Let go, let go
Can't hold no more
Let go, let go
Now three not four

Three helping hands
Now all for one
The third to last
He's time is done
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