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raen May 5
My hands are cold, too cold
the wind burning my nose,
as it pushes me across the road,
hitting me with the reality
that I'm not there where the sun is

Numbers jump out at me
Splashing my face
with their significance

Buses meeting trains and hotel rooms never did leave, did you?

It was I who left.

Hours, numbers
Days, years
A decade and 3 years
and this is the first
but hopefully the last

Magnified void that clenches me

I get lost most times
but those numbers again,
Always coming up to remind me...

reflective tears
as the clock ticks past
to the past

and I am left with my hands
on my face and the clock's face

Trembling fingers touching keys

Chilled by so many reasons--
Emptied by the sighing seasons

I remind myself to smile,
amidst these blurry letters

Your laughter
resonating in my heart

Never leaving me
Phoebe Woods May 4
Dear five, without you
I would not be here.
For my mom was born
In your month of May.
And my dad was born
On the fifth of June.
Both of my siblings
And I make a five
Person family crew.
My bank account would
Be empty, but for
Five random dollars
I’ve managed to save.
Would you consider
Inspiring more than
Just me? With your great
Set of multiples?
Without ten, fifteen,
Twenty-five, oh where
Would we be? Dear five,
You’re so important
To all, not just me.
Broken Pieces Apr 28
I count each number,
The calories drowning me.
And I just can’t float.
Steve Page Apr 12
How much do you value
weight loss on a scale
of 1 to 20?

Apparently we should aim to have a waist measurement half our height.  That makes me 7' 6".
Kassan Jahmal Sep 2021
One and two;
Those days so unlikely for you,
Three and four;
Lost the keys to lock my pride's door,
So by five and six;
Felt like I was looking for a fix,
Because seven and eight;
I was only filled with hate.

Tried my best to;
smile with all my fake friends,
Probably why I was so depressed
by just nine and ten.
Eleven elevated tears,
that never met the ground;
Twelve years of screaming to myself,
but without a sound.

Making up for time;
making thirteen daily mistakes,
And fourteen identities;
To mask away this face.
With fifteen reasons for me,
To hate living in such a lonesome way.
Being sixteen gets you so excited;
For being an adult some day.

So I skipped through seventeen;
So by eighteen I could be going out,
In this crazy world for an escaping.
Not to mention,
Nineteen was just the oddest;
And running me down out of my patience.

Twenty was only a bonus round;
Straight after I lost more than I could gain,
By the time twenty-one came around.

But at this current age,
I gained Hope for a better sense of life;
Living through daily troubles,
trying my best to be focused on His light.
Guess at twenty-two;
I gained some wisdom and better insight.

And truly numbers don't lie.
xavier thomas Apr 2021
Living in times
That’s the end of time
Black Lives Matters
Eola Feb 2021
I learned how to count
Now I see the hurt it brought me
I obsess over numbers
I count these likes daily
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