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Khoisan 1d
Zywa 7d
My teacher hits me:

remember, blows, time and time --

poor people get hit.
Novel "Victory City" [Vijayanagar >> Bisnaga] (2023, Salman Rushdie), part 3: Glory, chapter 14

Collection "Low gear"
Bansi Adroja Jun 16
I'm just a shell

Made up of components that sound pleasing to the ears

Sweet words scribbled on napkins in cafes
Fleeting memories in photographs hidden away

Small enough to keep in your back pocket

Small enough to disappear

Never one to stick around
No reason to stay
Bea Rae Jun 11
Fate has decided

To make us nothing more than

A distant memory
Bea Rae Jun 10
Loving you broken me
Yet I still find myself
Missing you
Bea Rae Jun 9
Maybe, you are right.
Maybe, I am why you cannot love yourself.
Maybe, I am the problem.
Karijinbba Jun 8
If you feel sad depressed anxious breathe walk drink water, squeeze lemon in it bit honey relax. Ask the universe creating powers to show you what you cannot see and what it wants you to see to understand.

Just repeat: "This too shall pass, "rejoice true love never really leaves us it bonds with us if we let it and keep doors open.
Be thankful for what it is there's always a karmic reason for the pain a loss causes. Opportunity arises though when least you expect it.
Only make sure you know what you want for yourself, present and future.
If you fail to visualize the future and write it down,make goals, check points crossroads avert slippery ***** if it drags along.
Do not despair. If you feel threatened
You are a winner if aware if such evil lurking.
.how do I know this !? Because I didn't understand the warning signs and lost it all slippery ***** style. Don't let it happen to you..
I've never owned a house but made a home for my girls and me nothing though had permanence but one can build bonds in heart mind and spirit soul that last a lifetime.

The dangers of possible slippery ***** for my life was once upon a time fortold in our book of my true love warnings about it.
I was just too naive and young to avert such tragedy..
I was saved by my Photographic memory chip; reading all the love bestoad to me did keep me safe.

Love feeling loved, stopped my slippery ***** even though all that's saved is my life,as  everyone else faded away.
Like a candle light are our dreams and in the vast universe we are but candles in the wind spelling Love.

Beware if you notice your life is being robbed by jealousy envy and greedy entities. Turn the tables.Do something do move, fly away, don't be a sitting duck, for those who envy you wish to destroy you. Don't wait for evildoers culprits yo change by your loving them in their wrong doings
Lead loved one but leave them to choose their path.
Awareness action correct speech and understanding with comoassion is key..
Moral lesson: For all us heartbroken,-Choose a heart of gold a forgiving heart for a lifetime mate beware of kind men many are there but are evil within. The unkind ride playing hard to be are the real ones owning a heart of gold they hide. Fight for love inside your heart & understand who left you behind and why, so you can fix it, and don't sing like me,  "Fall to pieces."
By: Karijinbba 🌲🗽👪💔🛸🗿
Mark Wanless Jun 7
no awareness time
is meaningless as i think
random perceptions
Bea Rae Jun 6
I pray that you get

Everything you want in life

And heal your toxic traits
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