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dycarus Jun 19
i wanna write you
as much as you wanna
read me
Kassan Jahmal May 14
Reading the Bible, when Jesus died
Each time I was feeling suicidal. Grab onto the rifle,
Feeling ****** in those cycles. Who am I though, in the
These staying thoughts, wondering where to go?

Reading a newspaper, to impress the daily
Struggles of my neighbour. Asking for a teaspoon of cooking
Oil as a favour. We all bleed the same, but act as if we’re
Not made from the same creator?

Reading the comments, the racial barriers,
Looking black, but I was told I belonged to the coloureds.
White tongue speaking, too seem a little different, yet
I wasn’t regardless. A garden of people, but why did it feel
Like we weren’t any part of those pretty flowers?

Reading the gimmicks, the fake prophets, and
All of those acting religious. Irreligious, eerie thoughts
Of those seeing their own hate as a witness. Can you believe
This, or are we the generations just to repeat this?

Reading up on the icon, believing one could be my
Saviour while they’re well gone. I could remember all
Of the lyrics of a trendy song. But not enough verses of
My Bible with the dust on. Would I rise less to Heaven by
The next dawn?

Reading the tears of years, I’ve got the tragedy of
Losses to former peers. Not in death, but feels like it
When we haven’t spoken in years. It’s clear we weren’t
Here for too long, to relate on our greatest fears.

So I’m just reading, reading, reading,
Never to stop reading all that I see.
I’ve read into so much matters of this crazy world,
My eyes at times bleed.

I read on...
Nigdaw Apr 4
you can see the forward
in my eyes
skin lined with the people
to so far thank for the ride
if you delve into the chapters
there's a need to sit down
this is no fiction nobody's clown
the story will end
right in front of your eyes
where I am standing
without my disguise
Not specifically about me, I just feel there is so much more to people, never judge a book by it's cover.
Ylzm Mar 21
A mystery you can read and hear:
reading without understanding
and hearing without seeing

The wicked studied and searched diligently
to be on the right side at the right time
only revealing and judging themselves as evil

For without the Prophet's spirit
your interpretation reveals your spirit
oblivious to its grotesque nakedness

Only in private are mysteries explained
as parables were thousands of years ago
for you don't throw pearls to pigs

Then the mystery is as plain as the news
but not as the world count news
even as time is not as the world count time

Infuriatingly frustrating to speak plainly
it's obvious and inescapable as the sun
then your eyes open and you see the blind

Broken, stumbling, falling and crawling
proud of their wits, strength, and unity
I turn to see and touch the face of the sun
It's difficult to describe,
as if something your eyes
have never seen yet you
struggle to put iit into words.
It's like being melted into
one another, in the middle of the horizon’s beautiful swirling colors.

Time flies at ultrasonic speeds
  spent happily.
Each other putting their own
happiness and needs above
  their own, for their soulmate and yet it's not a sacrifice:
It makes you happy to be compelled
  in such a way.
There's no competition, you're as if
  one, and that makes a hell of a team
There's no fear in this true love.

It always adds to one’s life; it never “takes away” or brings pain or unhappiness. It is not one sided
nor can it ever be “lost”; hence, True Love is everlasting (just like it is in romance novels and fairy tales).
~Author Ven J Arnold
True love between two people that is totally selfless is rare. It's a rare gem and if you ever find it don't let it go.
I live in those dreams,
that are fairy tales,
and yet, because of you,
it's my real life.
Thank you for both.
My husband is my fairytale and real life love. For so many years, I was with a narcissistic except at that time I didn't know what it was or his diagnosis. I barley got out alive. I was fatally injured many.times within that 20 years. You don't understand why I stayed. I didn't either not until I finally gout our for the last time, for good. I woke up one day and told myself. That I was going to put myself into counseling because I needed to understand what was so wrong with me and why or how I became such a monster that set him up and I learned a lot for the better. So this short poem comes from that kind if. The man I finally married that O swore to him that I'd never date him or anyone else much less get married and God only know I didn't want to love him after all those years ×th my ex. And honestly I finally was on my own with my youngest son, felt free except for tormenting myself over the past. So I wrote him a poem that went something lie... most women marry the man of their dream.... I married you but you were never the man of my dreams....because the only dreams ai had were nightmares and night terrors... something like that with more words.
There's a thin line
between loving yourself
putting yourself on a
Respect yourself without
becoming your own idol.
~ Author Ven J Arnold
There's a lot of thin lines such as they there's a thin line between love & hate. For me this is another this line that I've known people who have crossed. That's a very dangerous one. See :
der kuss Nov 2021
sing or read, we play to **** time
you want to go through the day
when you have time to miss me
sing or read, and the game is just silly

take this rule:
we don’t even need to tell nobody when it begins
just like a gist of feeling, you just know it,
also when it ends, you know it ends
(and i quietly hope you won’t go when it does)

how come you read my mind, or so i imagine it,
blue is the color of the shirt of the man i love
sing i said, i laughed and won,
long live our love and reign

do you think you will remember these days?
you have to look it up on google and it’s nowhere
sometimes i look at you and wish you’d listen and understand more, like i hope you’d be - a man in mind

i said it’s a read, i thought you lost the game
(you lose the game and i’m the one who feels defeated)
and you say, it’s just a game
and i think you’d forget these days
Hi Nov 2021
“I don’t think
Understand how
It is to explain
What’s going on
In your head
When you don’t
Even understand
It yourself..”
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Hi Nov 2021
You can do it.
Even though sometimes you doubt yourself . Even though at times it can feel so overwhelming.
Do not worry.
Trust yourself. Know that you are capable and you are going to absolutely smash it!
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