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Ok apparently I didn't get a chance talk to  you in person , so Imma just text you abt it.//I had/have a crush on you(explains the panda picture) . I had a crush on you like way before we ever talked, it was like the start of 1st semester and I used to hangout with Bhanu and Laxman. Acha ok so these guys were talking ABT who they like in class and Bhanu said 'aniketha' and then they asked me I didn't know your name back then but I told "the girl with the specs" and I pointed at you , idk why I had a crush on you it's prolly cause of your vibe and  you were kinda cute.Acha ok so I had made up my mind to like try to avoid you and like never talk to you to you
Opening the book
I do more than read
I expand
the borders
of my perception
with the thoughts
of others
Reading is lifegiving.
Aditya Roy Feb 8
This' heart's a jukebox
Darling buds of may
If you love him
Clap your hands
If you know you hate him too
You love him
Clap your hands
If you can't get enough
There'll nothing left share
If you don't love him
Then dump him
If you can, Polly...

Polly (The Poem)

Love can be annoying
But, annoying can be lovely
You are beautiful
Look at a mirror
Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards. That's a true reflection.
A clock tells you the time.
A poem tells you the rhyme.
A ladder of poetry tells you to climb
Tanya Feb 7
I’ve always been mindful of
the food that enters my body.

I should have read the label
before consuming Your lies.

Maria Etre Feb 7
I just
Britni Ann Feb 5
I didn’t want this.
I didn’t want him to leave but he did.
I didn’t want her to break me but she did.
I didn’t want him to take advantage of me but he did.

What I wanted was a dad who would stay.
What I wanted was a friend who would be there for me no matter what.
What I wanted was a man I could trust to keep his hands away from me.  

I am afraid of getting my hopes up.
And yet I still feel saddened when people don’t come through.
I’m so tired of living in fear.
But my mind revolves around what ifs,
And memories,
And brokenness.
And what if, when I try to think differently, and I get my hopes up, it’s all for nothing? And I am left alone again?
I feel empty again
Poetic T Feb 3
I don't sludge through
Through the tripe

          Of others..    

I'm no **** to another's words.

     I only like what is pleasing to my

       I'll never sleep upon another's words      
        to gain syllable reflections...

If you write in manners of worth,
       I'll read every word.  

But I'm no where of vocal stares,
       If you read me it's cos you gain
                   Something from my words .

If you only came here for pity reads...

       Well guess what.
               This isn't a pity stop.

Read me for my worth because
       I'm the better view.
            No pity view i'm
The words who you,d  wish
                                you'd read.
kaitlyn Feb 3
I’m not sure what to do. I lost you. you were all mine this morning and then by the time the stars were out it was like everything that happened between was erased from your mind, and I was nothing to you. I hate this feeling. I hate being alive, but I am forcing myself to see through the pain. for. you. this is all for you.

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